The Alignment - Part 6

By rubbrsome
published January 20, 2014
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Shawn’s mind is reprogrammed and Adam takes a turn for the worse.

For Adam, the reprogramming of Shawn came easily and naturally to him. He had waited months for Shawn to appear. He knew he would arrive in the Alignment Room eventually. As the Aligned processed all the male population, they had begun with those in the highest chain of command: private citizens, men in power and influence (the military high command, politicians, company CEOs), then working their way down to civil servants, engineers and scientists. Eventually, all the males would be aligned.

Adam could see Shawn’s potential in recruiting new men. As a FedEx employee, he came into constant and random contact with the surrounding population. He would be able to infiltrate and begin indoctrinating unaligned men. Shawn would be valuable.

Adam shook his head. No, he thought to himself. That’s not my programming anymore. But Adam knew he was lying to himself. He hadn’t been able to fully eradicate his programming. The Aligned had indoctrinated him too well. Instead of deleting or altering his programming, the most Adam could do was “tweak” it … or add to it.

For the last several months, he had tried rewrite the programming, given to him by the Aligned. But it hadn’t worked. The only thing that proved a success was adding a directive into his primary goal. His primary goal had been to conquer the unaligned. He wasn’t able to delete or alter that. But he was able to make one simple addition. How his primary focus was: to conquer the unaligned and the aligned. And he was now adding this new programming into Shawn’s directives.

This was easy. He approached the reprogramming of Shawn with complete dispassionate interest. His emotions were there, just below the surface. It frustrated him, even now, that he sometimes lost control over them. It was so much easier when he had been aligned. His emotions had been forced into … what? Some kind of hibernation? It was like the Aligned had switched his emotions off just at the height when he had become his most primal, animalistic self. At that point, the feeling of deactivating his emotions had made him feel his most powerful. Like he was completely and totally in control of both his mind and body. Total freedom. Complete liberation.

It was strange. Becoming completely submissive and compliant and ultimately freed and liberated him. Adam shook his head at the irony.

But every now and then, he could feel his control over his emotions slipping. It unbalanced him. And he didn’t like that feeling. He almost lost complete control when Shawn had recognized him. Just as he had taken control of Shawn and fucked him into submission, the young man had called him: “Dad.” Just that single word had almost jeopardized his entire plan. It brought back all the years of Shawn’s childhood, and with it … all the emotional attachments and baggage. If he was to fulfill his new objective, he would have to pursue it with complete unemotional detachment.

The only thing that had saved Adam’s plan, and keeping his detachment in check, was the knowing that he wasn’t Shawn’s father. By knowing that, he had repeated to himself over and over: “He’s not my son. He’s only a tool. He’s only a tool. Mine to use. He is mine. My weapon. I will shape my weapon. It is my weapon.” Adam was completely unaware that he had just dehumanized Shawn; reducing the man into an object rather than a person. As he did this, Adam’s own programming almost heightened. His “aligned” programming began to resurface. It caused his black energy field to increase in potency. Adam directed it like a battering ram into Shawn’s brain, shattering the boy’s mental defenses and asserted his complete will over him.

From there, it was simple. Copy and paste really. Adam basically copied his own directive and implanted it into Shawn’s mind. There really wasn’t much he could do than that. If he tried to erase or modify the Aligned’s basic programming, Shawn’s entire mind would come crashing down. When the Aligned captured men, they built a basic programming foundation in their minds. Adam couldn’t tear down that foundation. But he could build a new structure on top of it. Adam began to build. But deep down, he knew that foundation would remain.

So copy and paste would have to do. The new directive was implanted. Adam watched as the programming began to root itself in Shawn’s mind. It looked good. Shawn would accept his new programming. Now … Adam needed to simply reboot Shawn. The young man wasn’t even aware of it. It was so strange to realize that men could be programmed and rebooted. Shawn had no idea what was being done to him. His mind and consciousness was in perfect suspension. It had taken Adam almost twenty minutes to complete his work, but for Shawn, all of this felt like only a few seconds. He had no idea that he was about to nod off, close his eyes and reboot. He felt the body go limp in his arms. His head hung and his entire body was slack. There were several involuntary twitches as the last electrical impulses coursed through his body.

And then Shawn rebooted.

Shawn opened his eyes. As he awakened, he clenched his fists and flexed his massive muscles. All the primal rage and urges flooded back into him with raw fury. As his mind began to resurface, a new purpose took hold and began to focus his mind.


It was the only thoughts he had. It felt like an insatiable hunger. And there was nobody more that he wanted to conquer than the Aligned.

As he moved, he realized that there was somebody on top of him. No. More than that. There was somebody in him. In his ass. He could feel their cock in him. And then he felt this man’s rubbery hand and the reality caused his pupils to contract into pinpoint: this man is Aligned!

His new programming took over. He reacted on pure instinct. Within seconds, he had maneuvered out of the Aligned’s grip, and was able to reverse positions until he was literally on top of the black rubberized body. There was a voice. It seemed to be coming from the Aligned man, but the black featureless face had no mouth. But the Aligned seemed to be yelling at Shawn.

“Shawn! Stop!”

Adam yelled but he could see Shawn’s vacant eyes. At this moment, he literally wasn’t thinking. And deep down, Adam knew the cruel irony: this was his fault. Adam knew what was going to happen next. Shawn was already mounting him. And Adam only had a few seconds before he was going to feel this boy’s cock pressing into his ass. If that happened, Adam knew that his own programming would take over his mind, forcing him to submit to Shawn’s will. If that happened, he might lose his Alpha’s role.

But Adam felt so weak. It had taken up just about all his willpower and the last reserves of his strength to reprogram his son’s mind. He just didn’t have the muscle power to overcome his Shawn again. He would have to use a different tact.

It happened in seconds. Shawn forced himself on the Aligned’s back. And his cock was already rock-hard and ready to conquer this asshole. Just as he was positioning himself at the port of entry, Shawn was momentarily surprised that the Aligned slipped his arm downwards underneath him. He couldn’t see what the Aligned was doing. But then there was the most explosive and incredible pain that Shawn had ever felt.

Adam’s rubber arms were slippery and fast. The young man never saw it coming. Even though he was weak, he was able to get his arm down in front of him, reaching past his balls and underneath his crotch. He felt Shawn’s cock just near his ass and ignored it. Instead, he reached for the boy’s baseball sized balls, grabbed them and starting crushing them within his vice-like fist.

Shawn screamed. His eyes, whose pupils had contracted into programmed pinpoints, widened in horror as the pain slammed into his body. His stomach cramped as if he had been punched with a battering ram. But no matter how much he screamed, his balls continued to be crushed within the monstrous grip.

Adam’s grip over Shawn’s balls tightened as he emphasized each word: “GET … THE … FUCK … OFF … ME!”

Shawn’s hands had been holding Adam at the hip, while the other hand gripped him at the back of the neck. But now, hearing the man’s words, he let go and tried to pull his body backwards. Adam released the boy’s balls, and Shawn fell back and crumbled into a pathetic heap. The two men curled up their bodies, each of them exhausted over what just happened. Shawn cradled his bruised balls and began to recover. Adam however, having spent more of his precious energy, began to hover on the brink of unconsciousness.

Shawn, with his balls still throbbing in time with his heartbeat, quickly recovered his own thoughts. He didn’t understand what had just happened. He rolled over and saw what appeared to be his father. But it was so strange. The man’s body seemed to ripple. There were patches of his body that appeared to have normal, human flesh. But it was as if the illusion was evaporating. He watched as the image of his father quickly dissolved and was replaced by a rubberized Aligned body. And then he understood. His programming … it had been his programming. He had just tried to fuck and conquer his father.

Oh my God, he thought. What had he done? Shawn’s body was still aching over what had just happened. But he slowly rose on all fours and crawled over to his father.

“Dad?” Shawn whispered. He crawled upward, still holding one of his balls in his hand, and nuzzled his face up against his dad’s side. Somehow, the close proximity felt good. There was a manly musk, mixed with rubber, coming off his father. It was intoxicating. His father flinched as Shawn pressed up harder against his body.

“It’s okay,” Shawn reassured him. “Sorry.” Shawn took a moment and examined Adam. He didn’t appear human anymore. He looked just like the Aligned. He had lost his illusion that disguised him as a normal man. “Dad? Are you okay?”

Shawn rolled over slowly, looking up into Shawn. Just the smallest movement took so much energy. “No. Fading …. Fast. Must align.”

“What?” Shawn felt horrified and thrilled. “I don’t understand. I thought we’re going to conquer the aligned?”

“Yes. Will … conquer.” Adam tried to explain. “But … must align. Cum … is energy.”

It all made sense to Shawn. Afterall, he had eaten the black cum. His own father had shot this cum into his ass. And every time he had come into contact with this black cum, his body had absorbed it and felt amazingly renewed. It was like the ultimate stimulant. Even now, just thinking about it, Shawn still wanted this cum despite wanting to conquer the Aligned.

He had an idea of what to do. He lifted his father up. Shawn’s body had been enhanced. His new muscles were able to pick up his father’s body with relative ease. He draped one of his father’s arms across his shoulder and half-carried him through the room. All throughout them, various Aligned men were still merging into the bodies of their counterparts. Shawn meant to intercept one of these Aligned. As he neared, his pupils began to contract again. His programming began to take over. He realized he was breathing hard. It was taking all his willpower not to drop his father, lunge at the Aligned and attack.

The Aligned and the targeted human was in the final stages of merger. Their bodies will almost fully integrated, and only the heads remained. But finally, the black faceless head sunk easily through the back of the human, completing the Alignment. The man sank until he was on all fours, as his balls suddenly swelled and nearly touched the floor. And then the Aligned exploded a massive ribbon of black cum. It looked like a faucet had been turned on. The new man’s body convulsed as he unloaded nearly a gallon of his cum out onto the floor. The whole process took nearly a minute as his overly enlarged balls emptied.

Shawn didn’t wait. He kept moving forward. He dropped his father just near the edge of the black puddle, rolling his head towards its liquid edge. The newly Aligned seemed to ignore their presence. Instead, he rose to his feet and was facing the other direction. As he stood, a dark cloud seemed to emerge out of his body. It expanded and began to pulse as if the energy field could breathe. Expand .. contract. Expand … contract. With each passing second, the dark field gained strength. The newly Aligned man was learning and gaining perfect control over his field. As he stood, the air around him seemed to ripple. And then his black, rubbery body shimmered as his human illusion began to manifest. His black, glossy skin lightened a few shades. The flesh turned into a rich chocolate as the Aligned took the form of a young African American man. His physique was perfect; his abdominal muscles appeared to be chiseled from stone. As he stood, he flexed both his pectorals and arms.

Shawn wanted to stare at this naked man. Even though his own body had been perfected, his programming forced to him be in awe of this naked man. But he shook his head. No … not now. Shawn had to be fast before the other men ate the black cum. He got down on his knees, cupped his hands and tried to feed the cum to his father. But just as his cupped hands pressed against the faceless father, he realized that his dad didn’t have a mouth. Not knowing what else to do, he opened up his hands and let the black cum splash down on the black rubber body. He began to smear it into his father’s rubbery flesh.

At first, there was no reaction. Shawn could see that his father’s field had almost totally disappeared. More than that, his father’s glossy rubber skin had begun to turn into a dull black. Almost as if (strange as to describe it this way) … almost as if the rubber flesh was dying. It frightened Shawn. But then his father began to move slowly. There even seemed to be a soft moan escaping. “More … need more.”

Shawn was just about to give Adam more but then something happened. The newly created Aligned had turned its head and saw Adam so close to him. Its enhanced vision immediately understood what Adam was and his critical situation. In a flat, robotic-like voice, the Aligned spoke: “This Unit needs Alignment. Energy levels are at critical. Prepare to receive Alignment.”

It was so strange. To Shawn, this man was a naked African American. But that voice had been so cold and emotionless. The man’s eyes appeared almost lifeless. Shawn watched as the black man reached down and seized his father. The man picked up Adam’s body as if he weighed nothing. As he did so, he seemed to need the assistance of his energy field because it suddenly reappeared. Shawn watched as the dark energy surround the two men in some kind of protective bubble.

Shawn watched. The African American began to darken and revert back into his Aligned form. And as he reappeared, Shawn’s pupils contracted once again. His breathing became erratic and he felt the need to charge and conquer. The Aligned was aware of Shawn’s presence. His eyes detected the human’s accelerated heartbeat and erratic physiological patterns.


Shawn felt himself readying to leap. But just as he was about to charge, he felt himself get tackled. Several of the surrounding naked men had seized him. They wrestled him to the ground. Shawn’s own enhanced strength did nothing, because these men were also enhanced. He had completely forgotten that he was in a room of thousands of super men.

Shawn struggled. He wouldn’t give up. He wouldn’t let his father down. He was able to pull one of his arms free, swing it back and violently struck one of the men in the jaw. The man crumpled to the floor. But he had only taken one man out. They was a horde of men to replace him. They jumped on him, and the weight of them flattened him down to the floor. Then Shawn felt their massive hands on him. They flipped him over causing him to lay face first on the floor.

Shawn felt the horde of naked men on him. But his mind and view was perfectly centered on what the Aligned was doing to his father. The two men was still inside the black energy field. The Aligned was holding his father, who appeared to be completely unconscious. Adam’s body was now completely dull and almost seemed to be withering. But Shawn watched as the Aligned reached down with a cupped hand and scoop some of his own black cum off the floor. Shawn thought the Aligned was going to feed his father with the cum. But that’s not what happened.

Instead, the Aligned began to lather his own cock and balls with his cum. The effect was immediate. The black cum absorbed into the Aligned. His cock swelled and thickened to the size of a beer can. But the effect on the balls was greater. The Aligned’s balls swelled. It was like watching a water balloon being filled. This Aligned had just cummed no more than a few minutes ago. His balls should have been emptied. But Shawn watched as the rubbered man’s balls filled and swelled. Within seconds, his balls hung low as if weighted by two massive grapefruits.

The Aligned didn’t wait any longer. With his massive cock already lubed by his own cum, the Aligned picked Adam up and lowered him backwards and downward onto his cock. Adam’s body squirmed as his asshole was forced to accept the intrusion. The Aligned didn’t seem to want to wait for Adam to grow accustomed to his massive cock. He began to pump and fuck immediately. The two men lowered to the floor, with the Aligned riding Adam’s back. The Aligned continued to fuck hard. And underneath him, Adam squirmed and was forced into submission.

Shawn’s rage began to build again. He watched as the black energy field seemed to darken. The bubble surrounding both the Aligned and his father darkened so much, that it was becoming hard to see them. He wanted to lunge and stop what was happening to his father. But he felt the weight of the men on him. They were holding down every part of his body: his legs, arms, torso. One of them even had him gripped by the back of the neck and kept his head flat on the floor.

And then something new happened. It took Shawn a moment to realize it. He felt the men, holding him down, suddenly shift and move slightly. They spread his legs apart, forcing Shawn’s ass to become exposed. Shawn had forgotten that a new cycle had begun. After a men was aligned, the horde of men would wrestle and fuck. And that’s what was happening now.

Shawn could feel several of the men fighting to mount his back. They were wrestling on top of him. He felt their naked bodies. He tried to get up but he couldn’t. And then there was an arm around his neck. A man was laying on him, and his hot breath was hard against his ear.

“You’re mine!”

And then there was something pushing up against his asshole. Shawn tried to clench his ass muscles but it didn’t work. The man’s cock slowly forced his way into Shawn’s ass. As Shawn felt his sphincter wide and accept the cock, a blissful peace suddenly swept over him. His programming took over.

“That’s it, buddy,” said the man. “Nothing you can do now. Relax and accept it.” And he began to thrust his cock back and forth. Back and forth, while Shawn’s body relaxed underneath him.

Shawn’s mind began to shut down. His programmed asserted itself over his mind. His vision began to fade. Directly in front him, he saw the dark energy bubble. The last thing Shawn saw, before he slipped into programming mode, was his father’s field suddenly reemerge, and his father’s body turn back into his highly glossed black rubber. And then everything went dark and peaceful.

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