The Alignment - Part 2

By rubbrsome
published December 14, 2013
5377 words

A man witness the capture of men around him, and fears that he may be next.

Shawn couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but something wasn’t right. All day long, something kept nagging him at the back of his mind.

Shawn Morris’s life was a routine. Every day, he would wake up, go to work, come home, enjoy the company of his wife, and then go to bed. Then the whole process would be repeated the following day. Live life, repeat, live life and repeat. And all throughout the days, there were even smaller routines … little details that Shawn could expect. And that suited him just fine. Because it told him that the day was going just like any other.

But this day was different.

His day usually began with a morning bike ride into work. It was Shawn’s way of exercising, plus there was the fact that he also enjoyed it. On his ride in, he thought of his wife’s sudden trip to Palm Springs. She had been surprised by winning an all-expense paid trip to a resort/spa getaway. And the prize had to be claimed this weekend, otherwise her winnings would be forfeited.

Shawn was frustrated in the way his wife had left. She hadn’t even consulted him. He had come home the night before and discovered her bags already loaded in the trunk of the car. There was no hug, no kiss … nothing as he watched her back out of the driveway and disappear around the corner. Well fuck that! As he pedaled, he began making plans to corral some of his buddies together. There was a game this weekend. He could pick up some beers and steaks … no … not steaks. Ribs. And he would be sure to leave some nice barbecue fingerprints somewhere and a nice pile of dirty dishes in the sink.

He was feeling much better as he coasted into the FedEx station, and locked his bike up. The routine continued up until the locker room. He had slipped out of his cycling gear and proceeded into the shower. Because it had still been an hour before the morning shift, he hadn’t expected much activity. But as he showered, he suddenly felt the presence of eyes on him. Rinsing the soap out of his eyes, he turned around and saw a couple managers standing just at the door of the shower. The two men were watching him with intense interest.

It caught him off guard. Occasionally somebody would wander into the shower. But it was definitely odd to have … not one … but two men staring at another naked man.

It was Jeff Troutman and Rick Haynes. Shawn knew both of them. But there was something about both of them that had set his senses on high alert. Then he saw how Rick had put his hands on the side of Jeff’s head. No … that wasn’t exactly right. Rick had actually cupped his hand over Jeff’s ear. And he could have sworn he saw Jeff’s index finger actual enter the man’s ear. Jeff slowly closed his eyes and then reopened them. They both kept staring at Shawn with that strange intensity. And then, at the same time, as if their movement was rehearsed, they both nodded their heads toward Shawn and spoke in unison: “We’ll see you out on the belt.”

After that, work had eventually got started. He sorted through all the boxes that were to be delivered. He then placed them inside his truck on the shelves and ordered them in sequence of delivery. During this part, he again was nagged about what had happened in the shower room. He had noticed something else. Besides the strangeness of two guys staring at him shower, he had actually seen something else. He could have sworn that both been were sporting raging hard-ons underneath their suit pants. But that was ridiculous. Both of those men were married. Perhaps his eyes were playing tricks on him. He wanted to tell somebody else, but he didn’t dare bring it up with the other guys. Stuff like that just wasn’t shared; it was just too weird to talk about. He looked around at his normal buddies making their normal morning conversations. And that’s when it hit him.

They weren’t making normal morning conversation. They were standing at the sides of the conveyor belt staring straight ahead. They weren’t even looking down at the boxes passing by. Just standing silently and staring straight ahead. Like statues. No … like robots. And when a particular box passed by. One of his friends would suddenly react and move. He would grab the box, pivot a perfect one hundred eighty degrees and put the box inside his truck. It was so weird watching them.

“What’s with them today?” a voice said from behind him.

Shawn jumped and spun around. It was Dan, another friend of his. He looked back at the other five friends, still standing silently next to the belt. “What do you mean?”

“Come on,” Dan scoffed. “Something’s up with them. They haven’t said a thing all morning. It’s like their fucking zombies or something. I mean … it’s not like it’s a Monday. It’s Friday and we got the whole weekend ahead.” And then Dan’s eyes lit up. “Hey! That reminds me. I was thinking of having you and the guys over for a barbecue or something. The wife went out of town and I got the whole place to myself.”

“Yeah? I was thinking of doing the same thing. There’s a game on too. You up for it?” The two men began to make plans for the following day. After a few minutes, everything seemed set. And both men seemed genuinely excited about getting together tomorrow.

“Shit yeah!” he said with an infectious grin. “Hey! I got to run. Sorts almost over, and I got a fuckload of deliveries to make. Plan on coming over around three. And don’t forget the beers.”

Shawn watched his buddy amble away down the box sort. He was much more willing to go over to Dan’s place. Perhaps it wouldn’t be so good to leave a mess and dishes. And besides, Dan had a much bigger TV than him, and the sound system was phenomenal. And then something else occurred to him. He shouted: “Hey Dan? Where’d your wife go?”

Turning back, Dan yelled: “She’s in Palm Springs. Won some spa / massage thing. She’s gone all weekend. Hey, see you later.”

That was weird, Shawn thought. And a little creepy too. All day long, he kept thinking about the odds that two women, the wives of two FedEx couriers winning the same exact spa package, in the same exact resort. And come to think of it, he could have sworn that Craig, the courier a couple trucks over, had mentioned his wife going to Palm Springs last weekend. Maybe it was some sort of company perk, or benefit that he didn’t know about. After he got done with the morning’s priority deliveries, he even tried to call his wife. But there was no answer. He even sent a text but never heard back.

He was so preoccupied with what Dan had said about the Palm Springs spa, that he didn’t fully notice some of the things happening around him. At one stop, he delivered a package to City Hall. When he handed the electronic PowerPad to the security clerk, the officer silently took the device. Normally, a person would sign their signature using the stylus. But Shawn didn’t notice that that the clerk, stuck his index finger on the touchscreen. There was faint click and his signature suddenly appeared on the screen.

But Shawn did notice other things. Like many of his business were unusually quiet. Nobody seemed to up for that usual, everyday banter. At an auto parts store, he usually chatted it up with one of the salesman, Steve. But only the manager seemed to be in today. And he was helping a customer out with something. And that’s when Shawn’s mind began to register that something really weird was going on.

The manager was helping another man out. He seemed to be holding a vehicle’s diagnostic tool, one of those machines that jack into a car’s computer and tell you if something wrong. But the manager was holding the device’s display just inches away from the man’s face. A normal person probably would’ve felt their personal space being invaded and would’ve stepped back. But this man was standing perfectly still. And then Shawn watched as the manager carefully cupped his hand over the customer’s ear and inserted his index finger. The man shivered. As Shawn watched, the manager seemed aware of the delivery driver’s presence and turned. “I’ll be with you next, Sir.”

Shawn placed the deliveries on the counter. “Nah, man. It’s alright. I gotta run.” And he turned to leave. As he walked through the doors, the manager was still holding his finger in the customer’s ear. But that’s not what caught Shawn’s eye. It was so strange, and it happened so quick, that Shawn wasn’t even sure of what he saw. But it seemed that as the glass door closed, there was some sort of brief reflection of both the manager and customer in the glass. And what Shawn saw looked all dark, like some kind of black cloud instead of two people.

But he couldn’t think much more on it. He had more stops and more boxes to deliver. But very quickly, he was paying more attention to his driving more than anything. The cops today definitely seemed to be out in force. Everywhere he turned, there seemed to be a cop pulling somebody over. Shawn just happened to be making a delivery to a house, and he parked right next to one of these police cars. As Shawn took the box to the front door, he couldn’t help but want to spy on the cop arresting somebody. He wasn’t quite sure the man had done, but he definitely seemed to be protesting.

It was some college kid. But at least the young man was being respectful. “I don’t understand, Sir. I’m not sure what I did wrong.”


Shawn watched as the cop flashed his badge directly in the college kid’s face, and held it there for a few moments. The kid’s eye went wide and his mouth seemed to hang open as if caught in mid-word. Then the partner grabbed the kid and led him towards the squad car. But then Shawn thought it strange that the two cops hadn’t cuffed the kid. Didn’t even read him his Miranda rights. And the final strange thing he saw was that after the kid was placed in the squad car, one of the cops climbed in the back seat with him. It was hard to see because the inside of the police car was so dark, but he was sure that he saw the cop put his arm around the young man’s neck and pull him in close.

Shawn was so focused on watching what was happening inside the car that he didn’t see the other police officer silent walk up behind him. The police officer extended is right hand with his fingers splayed apart. With his palms out, the police officer lowered his hand until it was just millimeters from the back of Shawn’s head. All Shawn noticed was that everything around him seemed to get cold, and his vision seemed to blur. One moment, he was staring at a police officer begin to undress the college kid, and then his vision momentarily darkened. Shawn rubbed his eyes, and his vision cleared.

As he looked around, he noticed that although the police car was still there, the college kid’s car had somehow gone. One of the police officers was standing beside him, looking at him with a serious expression.


It was so strange for Shawn. His mind seemed sluggish. Everything within his field of view seemed to ripple. It reminded him of that effect when on a hot summer’s day, there’s a shimmer of heat, the bending of light just above the surface of hot asphalt. He watched as the police officer placed one of his gloved hands on his shoulders. But somehow, in Shawn’s mind, he didn’t feel the officer hand on his shoulder. But he could’ve sworn that something had just entered his ear.

Shawn felt an overwhelming need to continue his job. There was nothing here for him now, and he suddenly had no interest in remaining at this location. He nodded his head slowly, and looked into the officer’s eyes. “I will proceed with my assignment.”


Again, Shawn nodded and repeated the command. The air around the cop darkened, and for the tiniest fraction of a second, Shawn saw that he wasn’t talking to a cop at all. The man that stood before him morphed into a dark, featureless man. But then just as quickly, the cop’s face reemerged. And then something slippery withdrew out of his ear.

Shawn’s body shuddered involuntarily. He then turned toward his FedEx truck, and never looked back at the squad car with the college kid now fully naked in the back seat. He never saw the officer, the one that just stood beside him, turn mechanically and enter the back seat from the other side. The young man was now trapped in the car with the officer’s pinning him from both sides.

With that last command, Shawn continued his day in ignorance. His mind wouldn’t allow him to focus fully on his surroundings anymore. And yet he continued to think something very strange was going on. Just as he tried to pin down what was happening around him, the thoughts would slip away. The process repeated over and over for the remainder of his shift.

As he pulled into the station, he no longer seemed bothered by his wife’s sudden trip to Palm Springs, the strange behavior of his coworkers and customers and the strange encounter with the police officers. He followed his normal routine by parking his truck and closing out his work day. As he walked into the locker room, his thoughts began to turn towards the weekend that lay before him. He remembered that he was going to Dan’s house tomorrow. He would have to go to the supermarket and pick up a case of beer.

But when Shawn entered the locker room, he was completely taken by surprise. There was a group of men, all of whom stood naked. He immediately noticed that his buddy Dan was standing there, and the other naked men seemed to have converged on him by encircling themselves around him. There appeared to be no fewer than eight men, each of which seemed to be touching a part of Dan’s naked body with right hand, while holding the shoulder of the man with the left hand. With their hands on the shoulders of the men to their left, they formed a tight circle with Dan in the center.

Again though, Shawn’s eyes noticed something even more strange. All around the group of naked men, a darkness seemed to hang in the air. Shawn had never seen anything like it before. But, as he tried to comprehend it, the only way he could describe it was like seeing some kind of black steam. It was a locker room. And it was like when the showers are on, and hot white seem seems to hang heavy in the air. But instead of white steam, it was black. It swirled around the group of naked men, and permeate the air.

Shawn froze as he began to comprehend what he was witnessing. At first, none of them seemed to register his entrance. But just as he was about to turn around and get the hell out of there, a hand clamped down on his shoulder and gave him a friendly squeeze. Another hand grabbed him by the bicep, and he felt the presence of two guys on either side of him. “YOU WILL COME WITH US.” The voice seemed to be Doug Hastings, another courier he had known for years. But the voice seemed strange. It reverberated and almost seemed monotone.


“What? Uh … what’s … going on guys?” Shawn was trying to keep his cool, but his heart was already beginning to pound.

The two guys didn’t answer him. Instead, they lead him into the locker room. Their strength was incredible. Shawn practically felt himself lifted up, and almost carried in. As they stepped in closer, several of the men that encircled Dan detached themselves and turned towards Shawn. As the naked men began to move, for a brief second, he finally saw Dan who had been hidden at the center of the circle.

Dan stood ramrod straight, and fully naked. His cock, which was fully erect, stood straight out like a flagpole. Thick droplets of cum hung from the tip of his cock almost like icicles. Several of the men still kept their hands on various parts of Dan’s body. And Shawn could have sworn that the black mist appeared strongest at these points of contact. A hand was firmly gripping Dan around the shaft of his cock, and black vapors seemed to swirl out and enter his pisshole. Another hand was over his ear, and the finger inserted. But through all of this, the thing that scared Shawn the most was looking into Dan’s eyes. His eyes were open and there were completely white. No pupils at all. And although they appeared white, that black mist appeared to be swirling just in front of his vision, or maybe even behind his eyeballs.

But before Shawn could think more, the circle of men closed in on him. He didn’t understand what was happening. But whatever it was, it happened fast. He felt a hand cup him gently at the ear, and a finger forced its way down his ear canal. Everything seemed to freeze in place. It was like time suddenly came to a braking halt. All around him, the naked men seemed to freeze in place as if frozen in ice.

And the next instant later, and completely unaware of how it had happened, Shawn was suddenly and completely naked. He felt a suddenly whiplash as if time had suddenly and violently sped up, and he had just lost the last five minutes of his life. He tried to move, but he stood rooted to the spot. The only thing he felt was the hand still cupping him at the ear, and the sudden chill as the air touched his naked body.

But then the air got colder. One by one, the men that encircled him reached out and placed their hands on various points of Shawn’s body. As they made contact, he was aware of two things. The first was that their hands didn’t feel normal. It wasn’t skin. It felt like when a doctor touched him. Like when the doctor put on his latex gloves. Like rubber.

And the other thing was a coldness. It wasn’t just on the area of the body that got touched. It was more than that. The chill seemed to penetrate him. Like his entire body was becoming numb. Numb … that was the right word. Like he was becoming indifferent to what was happening to him. The feeling of fear and terror evaporated and a blissful peace began to settle over him. And very slowly, he began to feel that he was standing exactly where he belonged.

Then the naked men that encircled him each raised their left hand and placed it on the shoulder of the men to their left. They formed a circle. And as the circle completed, the air suddenly darkened. As the blackness fell over him, Shawn began to see the men for what they really were. The men that he had worked with for years dissolved and morphed into featureless shadowy men. And although they appeared to be dark shapes, he knew they were in fact those men that he had known for years: his friends.

Shawn wasn’t aware that he was already beginning his own transformation. The energy field, generated by the aligned men, had caused Shawn’s body hair to detach. Very quickly, every strand of hair on his body began to wither and fall. As it fell, it quickly turned to dust and almost seemed to melt into the black mist that continued to swirl around him.

But the biggest transformation was happening inside his body. They aligned men entered into Shawn brain, and connected to him on the deepest level possible. They shared with him their desires. They desire to be one unit, one connection and to be perfect aligned. That connection of becoming one being.




Their powerful need to align with Shawn overpowered him. And Shawn more than anything wanted to feel that connection. He felt what they felt.

The Aligned felt pleased. They had connected with their brother. As their connection grew, each of their cocks hardened, and in turn, Shawn was suddenly aroused by the power of that connection. All around him, almost a dozen black, rubberized cocks stood straight out, each of them pointed at the pink, human body. And very quickly, Shawn’s own human cock harden and stood out like a flagpole.

Shawn began to lose all awareness of who he was. In front of his eyes, the black mist seemed to thicken. The dark cloud became so thick, that the shadowed men seemed to disappear. And suddenly, it was as if he was looking at himself through another person’s eyes. But no … he was looking at himself through the eyes of a dozen different men.

Shawn wasn’t even aware of it. Not really. His mind simply drifted and aligned with the men that had trapped him. It was like slipping into a warm bath. One second, he was Shawn Miller. And now, he was one of the Aligned. He no longer existed as an independent thinking person. He understood their thoughts perfectly, and in fact, encouraged it.

He watched and understood as they began to rewire and reprogram his brain. He actually helped them navigate his own thoughts and memories, pointing them to different areas of his mind to subjugate. He understood that the quickest way to subjugate a prisoner was through pleasure. And with that knowledge, he willing told his captors this human’s deepest and most secret fantasies. Shawn had no idea that he was giving away his own mind and soul. As they probed his mind more, Shawn’s eyes closed.

As the Aligned discovered Shawn’s desires, they began to reprogram and modify his fantasy. In Shawn’s mind, the image of his wife was erased. Her image was replaced with a featureless naked man. A shadowed man that stood naked and fully black. As if he was made of black, glossy rubber. One by one, every memory that gave Shawn the slightest sense of pleasure was either erased, modified or altered. It was all replaced until the only pleasure Shawn sought was from the Aligned.


Shawn opened his eyes. They were a dull white. The pupils were gone. And as he looked at the men that encircled him, his reprogrammed brain suddenly saw what it now desired. He was completely unaware that they had reprogrammed him. As far as he was concerned, the Aligned was what he had always desired.

Through their eyes and perspective, Shawn watched his own body react. He watched as his body’s posture suddenly stood ramrod straight. His back almost wanted to arch backwards. And all the time, his cock had become so hard. And as the blood began to stiffen his cock harder, each of the Aligns’ cocks also hardened further. Shawn felt the human’s pleasure, and not really understood that it was his own body. From his perspective, this was an aligned human … he didn’t know it was his own body he was subjugating.

His cock began to leak precum. White drops began to ooze out of his cock. And Shawn could feel the intense swelling of his balls. No … it was all of their balls. What one of them felt, all of them felt. All of their balls swelled and ached for release. As Shawn’s cock leaked white precum, each of theirs leaked black.




Each of the men, through their connected minds repeated this mantra over and over. Shawn repeated it with them, completely unaware of his own identity. As far as his mind was concerned, he was now one of the Aligned. It would have been impossible for him to consider thinking or existing without them. His mind was literally not his own anymore.




The mantra was repeated. The mantra was engrained and reinforced into Shawn’s brain over and over again. Their thoughts were now his thoughts.


The desire for alignment was the ultimate fantasy. The ultimate pleasure. As the mantra was repeated, their balls swelled more. Their cocks hardened. Every time they said their mantra, the pleasure continued to grow inside them like a wave.




It became too much for all of them to hold. It had to break eventually. Their balls had swelled so much that the cum had to go somewhere. At the same time, Shawn and every of the Aligned (that encircled him) arched their backs slightly and cum at the exact same time. All at once, black cum sprayed out and showered the lower half of Shawn’s body. Shawn’s own cock exploded, sending a ribbon of white cum onto the Aligned that stood in front of him.

It took several moments for them all to finish. By the end, each of them stood still and silent. Shawn’s mind was still fully aligned.



Shawn thought their thoughts, and was completely unaware that they were talking about him. Through their eyes, he watched as one of the Aligned grabbed the human by the arm, and walk him out of the room. Outside, the other human .. the one named Daniel Evans stood waiting. This human had accepted Alignment too.

Dan and Shawn were escorted out of the FedEx station. One of the Aligned men held each of them by the arms as they walked. As they moved, other naked humans joined them. And like Dan and Shawn, each of them were also held at the arms by an Aligned individual. By the time they exited the station, fifty human males had been collected and would proceed to final Alignment. Although Shawn wasn’t aware of it, some of them were men he had seen collected during his workday.

None of the humans or the Aligned spoke as they entered the warehouse. None of the humans seemed aware of the strange glass-like tubes that had been stood on end along the wall. Each of the tubes were a little over two meters in height, and all were identical. As the humans approached the tubes, the Aligned escorts suddenly let go of their arms.

When the Aligned let go of the human’s arm, the connection was suddenly broken. The black mist stayed with the Aligned man and no longer clung to the human’s body. But Shawn continued to walk to the tube on his own. For the next several seconds, Shawn’s brain continued to follow his programming as if he were still Aligned. But then … suddenly, his mind began to reassert his identity and individuality. Shawn’s white eyes disappeared and his brown eyes came back.

But by then it was too late. By then, Shawn and all the other men had already stepped into their respective tubes. By then, the tubes’ doors had slid shut and sealed their naked bodies inside. Shawn knew what was going to happen to him. It was like waking from a dream, only to find yourself now in a nightmare.

All of the men began to pound on the inside of the tubes. They hit with their bare fist, and kicked with the legs. But the tubes were tight like coffins, and they couldn’t move that much inside them.

As they pounded on the inside, each of the Aligned escorts walked up to the tube in front of them, and keyed a panel on what had been the door. Inside the tube, a sudden white mist appeared and then there was a brilliant flash of light. And the light disappeared, the naked bodies of the men inside the tubes appeared perfectly frozen and suspended. Some of the men appeared to be in either mid-punch or kick on the tube’s interior surface. Shawn’s own mouth was wide open as if caught in a silent scream.

Without a word, each of the Aligned keyed another entry into the tube’s panel. All of the tubes tipped over until they were hovering horizontal above the floor. Despite the weight of the men inside the tubes, they floated weightless in the air. Each of the Aligned placed their black, rubberized hands on the tubes and began to push them through the air. A cargo transport had backed up to the loading dock. The door was already opened and ready to receive this batch of tubes. As Shawn’s tube was pushed inside, it was joined among the thousand already stacked and ready to go.

Inside his tube, Shawn’s mind was fully alert and active. He knew what was going to happen to him. But there was nothing he could do about it. He couldn’t move his body. His arms and legs were frozen. His eyes stared out wide. He watched as he was stacked inside the truck. And then suddenly there were thousands of naked bodies stacked on top of him. He knew each of them were proceeding to Alignment. As more and more tubes were stacked, the transport suddenly roared to life. There was a deep rumble as the engine idled and waited. He could do nothing but stare as more and more naked men were stacked on top of him and around him. But then the door shut. And then suddenly he was lost in the darkness.

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