Becoming Joshua Aaron - chapter 3

By pizzadaddy
published May 12, 2013
1567 words

small college gay nerd wakes in the body of beefy allstar quarterback

Fuck… I’m Hot. It resounded on my mind. I’ve never heard his voice before, a deep masculine baritone speech. An authoritative but soothing sound, nothing like my former voice… I could tell how the cords were carved and tutored by testosterone. The energy of the recent orgasm was still there, I panted against the wall while slightly moaning to hear my vocals. As overwhelming as it already was, this newly found trait just added into the impossible attractiveness of what Joshua Aaron is… or was.

I opened my eyes. There I was; a wide muscular torso with bulgy shoulders, a tense neck and arching heroic pose against the wall, while sturdy powerful arms frame the look, as they grasp my throbbing dick. My abs never lost definition; just enhance or condense their arrangement as I breathe. A mild brown stubble covers my pectorals, thin hairs of smooth unnoticeable texture… and a trail made alike, flowing between my rocky abs towards the flawless pelvic belt. Letting go of my calming cock leaves the wide open, tapered form and brawny arms look almost menacing. This guy is the perfect alpha male specimen. How Josh treated his looks until now… I can tell he had been ridiculously straight… to the point of not caring much of his insane handsome goodlooks. Somehow he still managed, probably unknowingly, with football and lifestyle, to develop into the hottest guy in existence. A testimony of how amazing his genes are. Now under new management, a gay boy lusting every edge of the looks, ready to not just enjoy the perfection, but to devotedly worship every inch of it.

The exhilarating events left me ignorant of the demands of this body. I was somewhat hungry, dirty and actually tired. Not exhausted in the way I was used to; I could sense it’s a version of tiredness as experienced by huge football players. It is an aftergame feel, a pumped cockiness mixed with energized accomplishment, a wholesome sensation of manly action. He was in a football game and deployed most to earn glory, with a body up to the task, a feeling select few can experience. Feels good, aftergame good, intoxicating. I can’t believe I’m actually feeling it. I’m living a dream, a fantasy. Never want to go back. I worship myself, my rock hard body. Shirtless and sweaty, brawny and dirty, I slowly go from slow touching to actual flexing. Never tried it before, never saw it so close. After a while, I catch myself in my own reflection and snap a powerful double bicep pose. Great mounds of strength, bulginess everywhere, intimidating power, a man tall and heavy… watching from the inside, feeling every thing. I could hear it stretch like leather, my back arch strong, heavy prime musclemass under my command. My cock pulsed again. In a quick move I almost tear apart my sweatpants, as both my powerful grip and incredibly broad thighs were too much for the already constrained fabric of the pants.

Naked. I breathed deeply, now inhabiting every fingertip and core of this musclebound sanctuary. I am Joshua Aaron, I know myself and seen completely, I’ve conquered and prevailed. By now, my height feels natural, my muscles still mouthwater me, but I’m accustomed. Completely naked, I am the master commander. I put my hand on my hips, along a relaxed imperative pose, while giving my reflection a sexy smirk. “Hey handsome… I see you lift”… damn, that was good… “Oh man… You in the football team?” I laughed at myself, my dick got harder just to hear my own chest rebound with the hot sound. “Yeah dude” I answer to myself, getting swaggered “Star quarterback, like what you see?” I take one arm off my hips and flex a bicep. A bulgy sphere fights for space with the brawny forearms and shoulders. I bit my lower lip a bit, still watching myself. “Fuck, you’re handsome as fuck man… Can I get a closer look?” Strolling while playing with myself near the counter, I rest my powerful self on my arms and stare at my face.

Rugged, hot, handsome, dreamy, masculine, attractive, gorgeous… I got lost into my own features, further pulled into the blue of my oceanic eyes. My nice lips made a little smirk, while a tightened jaw enhanced the angularity of my skull. Slightly prominent ears, faultlessly sexy and symmetric frame my head. A noble nose, perfectly imperfect with unnoticeable scars evidence of a life of action. Expressive eyebrows of light brown color, under a nice angular forehead. Light brown hair with natural blond highlights, short in style while a bit messy, just further prompted the idea of manliness. And the auburn scruff, covering the anvil shaped jawbone. A jaw so manly and defined it gave license to the rest of the rugged goodlooks to remain, as a mast of masculinity. “Oh… fuuuck… I’m hot as hell” I just couldn’t believe it, so close there, while touching my features, feeling the strong sculpted bones behind them. Maybe this guy is harder to tame… just a quick look and I lost myself completely.

I stepped back, my cock was mid-erect. Hands on my hips, lowering them now, I checked my legs. Meaty masses of beef, a complex powerful system made for speed and supremacy on the field. Cables of rocky fibers rippled under the smooth skin, while the mild cover of thin brown hairs glistened about the bathroom light. Huge calves, as I saw them on my back, under a nice round muscular ass. My body had the perfect proportion of healthy lipid, present in the exact locations to enhance an insanely perfect shape, an epitome of human excellence. Big feet, several sizes bigger than my old ones, and very nice feet indeed. I stand while watching them, as the hills of muscle eclipse the sight as I rise to my full posture. Big calves, big quads, an army of rocky abs guarding above my erecting cock, big slabs of protruding pectorals, the close thin fur below my neck… the feet look far away now, I’m so tall. My hands ride this topography and secure once again an erection.

Pivoting swiftly I turn on the shower, as warm water quickly pours into the now really small space. I step in, my head touches the showerhead and the curtain doesn’t close. I don’t bother, I watch myself in the mirror, while it gets steadily foggy. I’m so big water doesn’t even pour outside, it runs warm from head to toes, covering all my body, hugging and wetting all of Joshua Aaron. Curling ripples over my pectorals, rainy drops on my bulgy arms and shoulders, cleansing feeling as the quarterback takes the sweat from the field off his body. A brief washing turns erotic, as a rear sight of my huge body further hardens my manhood. I grab once again my gay cock and jerk it with my powerful arm, while my other hand massages my perfect ballsack.

The gay athlete is lost in himself once again, huge cables of muscle throb inside the forearms as the jock whacks off in ecstasy. Vascular trails emerge while his hot body moves, as the water washes away the sweat of the game. “Fuck this is good! Oh man… Fuck I’m strong” The football player roars in his deep baritone voice, as he punches the side of the shower with his free arm, cracking and almost breaking the wall. “Oh, damn… Fuck Yeah!” The shower can hardly contain the power of a gay man 6’4 in height and of 260 pounds of raw muscle. His abdomen contracts close to a massive orgasm, as the huge bulging muscles move in command of the attractive stud. “Yes! FUCK YEAH!” With his dominant arm clutching his aching cock, Josh released a load of cum worthy of a sexual musclebound stallion. While doing so, he stepped drenched off the shower and flexed several times his impressive muscles, while touching himself. Cumming all over his hand and the shower, the gay hunk moans a powerful roar of overbearing nature. The roar of Joshua Aaron.

Dripping wet and satisfied with the intense shower, Josh steps off and curls a red towel over his waist. With his big had, he wipes the fog off the mirror. “Yeah… glad you liked it. Joshua Aaron, nice to meet you” The stud smiles at himself, arches his back while combing his hair back, and steps off the bathroom.

The dark dorm is cool, now getting warmer with the presence of a steamy massive quarterback. After a small time of worship and flexing, the big athlete feels dry enough and collapses on the bed. The bed cracks threatening to break apart. Towel still over his hips, he stares at the ceiling. He pats his stony belly with one hand, while tucks his other under his head. Couldn’t avoid flexing his big bicep, now bulging meat centimeters away from his ear. Running the hand up and down the great muscular torso, the bed crooked while supporting the amounts of heavy mass. Josh smiles and falls asleep, the end of his first day.

(to be continued)

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