Becoming Joshua Aaron - chapter 2

By pizzadaddy
published May 8, 2013
1226 words

small college gay nerd wakes in the body of beefy allstar quarterback

So Josh did get a serious head injury. Is he in some sort of coma? He has to, inside my body. What on Earth can get a man like Josh Aaron knocked out? Not that he can do much, they took him away… they took him while trapped in me… is he going to get better? Will we go back? What if… he dies… if my body dies with him… am I… is Gregory gone then? Am I?

I am Gregory. Small, wimpy kid who aspires to climb outside the pit of his past. I don’t have many friends, or family. I struggled towards college as I struggled from orphanage to foster homes. Scholarships; saw a future at a prestigious Texan college. Hard to admit that nobody will miss me, I was on the road towards becoming someone. Now, I died on that road without getting anywhere… and took Josh with me… somehow. Should I feel guilt? For the world I just died. I was Gregory.

I am Joshua Aaron now. That is all there is.

It sounds horrible, but becoming him it’s something I’d trade my life for. Somehow, I did. Abruptly woke into this very real fantasy. Standing outside the empty campus, I thought of the situation. My old life is gone. The old Josh is gone. What am I now? I’m a nerdy gay lad inhabiting the body of an allstar college quarterback… and enjoying every breath of it. I got to hold it, keep calm and firm grasp of it. To the world Josh has not changed. At least, it’s not ready for an altered Josh. Not yet.

My impressive shadow was casted on the walls of the sciences building as I walked to its entrance. It was almost emptied from the ambulance hype. Found the storage lockers by the room where the test was being held. Can’t believe I was here time ago, doing a boring exam. Wasn’t hard to open my combination lock to retrieve my backpack, but the size difference was staggering – the lock seemed so small now. I notice some people look at me while walking towards the exit. Before I would have been paranoid about it… but they looked at me because I’m Joshua now. And that is all there is.

Since I know nothing about Josh’s life, it is only safe to return to my own dorm. My huge brawny legs take me quickly up the residence park stairs, towards my dorm. Fuck I’m powerful; I can’t wait to explore myself once I’m completely alone. Can’t wait to be alone. This has been a gay thing I’ve done since long ago. Not a fetish guy, but I’m mad about muscled guys being hot on their trade. Secretly, I bought jockstraps and apparel shirts for myself, to feel a bit like the jock I would never be. Now, I’m so insanely ripped even with this loose dirty practice clothing got my dick rock solid. I walk up the stairs, two steps at a time. Im eager, my height, the weight, my size… I feel what a handsome beast I’ve suddenly become, overwhelming the aisles of the residence hall that seemed so wide before. Looking down, I slid the key, watching with anticipation the brawny fibers of my arm and the big pectorals move as I open the door. Finally alone, I go to my small bathroom and turn on the lights.

I creamed myself a bit.

Standing before me, in the big bathroom wall mirror, was Joshua Aaron. The poor grey cotton shirt had to be XXL, still stretched and sweaty over my impossibly wide frame. Anchored to my rugged handsome face was my big neck, guarded by two arching traps that merged into my wide shoulders. Standing with an overall heroic posture, straight back and commanding looks… and I wasn’t even trying. Nervously smiled, this was amazing. Big shadows framed my pectorals, showing round nipples under the fabric, while struggling the space against my wide lats. A big drenched musky stain covered my abs, revealing their summits under the cloth. The long sleeves hardly contained my arms complex. Solid muscular spherical muscle protruded from shoulder through forearm, through massive triceps that demanded loads of space. Biceps round and rocky complete the bulgy taper down my impossibly virile attractive form.

After minutes of contemplation, I check my side profile. What a man. Great handsome nose above a big manly jaw, a wide chest that stretch with bulging pectorals, with the ridged shoulders rippling by every move. Moving my big muscly arm beyond me and its buff nearside, I get a glimpse of my back. Two big major slabs of muscle taper down, a bumpy hind shows off with several shadows of valleys and mounds. And my lastname, printed in bold white over these hills and lost in part on the deep valley down my spine. I see my arm on its side; I see my chest on its side. I’ve never seen such a powerful human before, and my cock is eager with equal thrill.

Standing in front again, practically ripped the shirt as I took it off. Watching a glimpse of my bare torso, hardly containing my cum, I snake my powerful arm under my sweatpants and lower the waistband. My new tool emerged, twice as big as I’m used to, swollen with expectation. My gay cock now inhabited this 9 inch manhood, which I held with my big strong grip as I looked at my own shirtless image.

There I was, a gorgeous 6’4 and 260 pound muscular gay man, holding his dick with his mighty clutch. As I rode my new body, I saw the colossal muscles inflate with action and vascularity. Perfect abs under shelving pecs, tensing huge arms and bulging shoulders – I was growing inside him; into his height, into his bulk. My arms fought for space, my muscle compressed each other, my skin exuded manliness. I saw myself, my own reflection, the content of all my fantasies. And I came like never before. Jerked a silver stream over the bathroom cupboard and mirror. My whole body stepped back with pleasure, and hit the wall behind, as I collapsed in ecstasy. The whole dorm resounded as my body flops, as if a small quake happened as the god relieved himself in absolute pleasure. I stood there against the wall, gasping, touching the wall in two points due to my massive muscly back. My head moved back, swelling my neck. I saw myself from the rear of my closing eyes.

“Fuck… I’m Hot” I said in Joshua’s voice… for the first time.

(to be continued)

Thanks for the support guys… I have a relative idea of how to continue the story, but I’ve noticed you got awesome suggestions so please if you come up with anything interesting don’t hesitate and comment it. Ill try to merge some of the ideas into the thread of the story… because I’m not sure where it is going yet.

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