Becoming Joshua Aaron - chapter 5

By pizzadaddy
published May 14, 2013
1980 words

small college gay nerd wakes in the body of beefy allstar quarterback

It was cool outside, but the sun felt nice over my big exposed arms. I had the shades handy, so tried them on, not knowing how exactly I looked. Was a good sight, evidence of lasting looks from the few pedestrians and drivers… or was it my shirt? My walk, my confidence? Never thought in my life I would develop such a way of behaving, nothing like my former self. Perhaps it was something I dreamed of since so long, it just came natural now, effing through my now imposing muscular self? You can’t just avoid walking like a stud with a body like Joshua’s.

Everyone who happened to stumble a look kept it locked in me. The fraternity district was significantly silent, nothing like other residences on a Saturday morning. Vague smell of alcohol and weed near the party houses, I knew this was somewhere guys like Josh felt at home. Somehow, I had a hunch that he had an apartment, a lone dorm kind of guy who didn’t fuse party and privacy. Not that you could, the apartment complex was as hangovered as everything else. The five floor building was wide along the street side, with balconies for each of the dorm units. Slid my wide body by its side while going in, the entrance door was a bit too narrow for a guy like me.

The student mailboxes where fixed to the wall. Not an official part of residence, they all had a more permanent housing feel. Each had a name, but most where scribbled over or missing. Luckily, his was not. On the fourth row, near the middle of the grid, a faint sticker read “Josh Aaron” written with typewriter. It looked fairly intact compared to the others, as if he didn’t want to be contacted unless it was an important matter. Apartment 426, I was glad everything was working smoothly. Settled my bag over my other shoulder and headed to the dorm through the stairs.

I’m a virgin. It was a thought triggered by the atmosphere of the place. The residences in this district screamed sex, and the stairs and halls of this building where drenched with history of lovers, affairs and fucking. The irony was that my dick was obviously not a virgin, but the person inhabiting it is. Joshua Aaron got laid like a champion, but now he is a virgin. It made me horny, merely breathing with his lungs did. I walked down the long fourth floor hallway to settle in my new place.

How many girls had walked through door 426? I grabbed the door handle and almost broke it, for I assumed it would be unlocked. Took my shades off, left my bag on the floor, and kneeled to inspect the lock. Just needed a replacement key, sure there was one inside. I sighed, jerking the handle in hopes it would lose open. Although I could, I didn’t want to break the door. Would be a scandal and didn’t want to call much attention and question-

“Hi” A handsome guy stood by the door beside me. “H-Hey Josh”

He was certainly my type, and never saw him before on campus. Tall, but not nearly as me, he stood there holding his schoolbag with one arm. With a lean athletic build, he could clearly defend himself, but I got on him easily over a hundred pounds of muscle. He seemed artistic, probably a theatre major or writer, concerned about his looks. Long blond hair combed back at shoulder length, tucked behind ears, masculine, nicely kept short beard, very goodlooking. I would have mumbled and be ridiculously nervous with this kind of guy in front of me before, but now he was the one who seemed to be trembling. While very attractive, I felt fine with him there. Didn’t see him appear, he probably came from the other staircase, which I missed as I took the long route.

“Hey man” I said, as he stood back and stared up, for I recovered to my full posture and towered over him. “I… eh, I forgot my keys” Fuck, this guy was shaking… aren’t we neighbours? I figured he’d be used to seeing me around. “Think I could climb into my dorm through your balcony?” Don’t know why I said that, I enjoyed him right there.

Silence. “I like your hair man, looks like Thor” Honestly complimented his looks, both broke the brief silence and gave him some confidence. He swallowed heavily and smiled at me. “Thanks… Thanks Josh… I eh, sure I can help” He motioned to the side and grabbed his keys. “Matt by the way… case you forgot… and eh… sorry just, I mean you…” Damn this guy was nervous. Did we have an awkward moment days before? He had a hard time opening the 427 door.

He looked at me quickly “Nice haircut too… marine look, nice” He was flirting back. This hot guy actually wanted me. He unlocked the door, but just paused there. “Look mate, I’m sorry if was awkward around you before, let’s just start over and” I interrupted him by stepping closer, hand on his shoulder. “Man, it is all fine, no worries” I noticed his watch, similar to mine. “Ha, look at that” I said smiling “stylish watch Matt, I like it”. He looked down and moved his long sleeve up, it looked nice on him. “Yeah but yours is bigger, plus you can rock it better… I mean… check those arms” Yeah, he was all excited with me there.

“My arms, huh?” I like him a lot, love the flatter. “Well you’re fucking huge man, look at you… muscles everywhere… and that shirt, well just… Uff man” He said nervously. “Ha yeah? Wanna touch?” With a quick motion I took my hand off from my waist and bulged a solid flex, a great meaty peak rose around my quarterback arm, to his amazement. “I… eh… Josh, wow” Trying to silence his moaning, touched me slightly but surely. He breathed rapidly, while his hands worshiped my rock compact muscular arm and forearm. He squeezed but my arm didn’t react, even unflexed it was a brawny solid mass. He was ecstatic. I was pleased that he loved the worship, because I was all over him too.

I wanted to fuck Matt, fuck for the first time. With this body I can get anything, do anything. Turned my arm from his shoulder to his lower back, while the arm he was worshiping is tucked behind him now. So close, he was engulfed in my muscular torso. I felt his hard on with my bulgy thigh. He felt mine with his abs. He tried to hug me back; my rearside was too massive and wide for him. Effortlessly, I lifted him to be closer to me, our hearts racing.

“Josh… are you gay?” He said without trusting his own words.

“Yeah” He moaned and I kissed and sunk into his lips. My big hand was holding his head, around hot messy golden hair, lifted by me and held in place by my muscular body. He kissed me back, our beards met and softly scratched, while my imposing neck further kissed and claimed Matt for myself, and he wanted that. He stood tall; I bent over slightly, both of us embracing each other with lust. Opened the door hurriedly, boomed it behind me and collapsed Matt into his bed.

He saw me tower over him, a walking muscular athlete lusting every inch of him, getting closer. I was over him, tucked my arms under him, and the bed screamed with our weights. “Fuck man, you look hot in that shirt” He tried to push his arms under the sleeveless shirt though my shoulders, and be trapped between my big self and the layer of spandex. I took his pants off with so much strength they ripped a bit. He liked that, and tried the same with mine, but needed my help due to my massive legs. After playing with my muscles and my shirt, he resolved to take it off and his, awkwardly breaking our kissing. Naked with me all around him, surrounded by big powerful muscle he lusted, he signaled me to switch over and be below him.

Both naked, the cocks met the other’s hardons while embracing each other. After a while of kissing, Josh began to handjob Matt with his mighty grip, standing from the bed towards the wall. While wanting to be fucked, Joshua could control everything now. The guy who decides, the guy in control. Held Matt strongly and stood him against the wall, facing it, the muscular man behind him. “You’re the hottest man… fuck you’re hot” Matt felt the gay quarterback on his back, while his massive arms held him strong against him. Without seeing him because he stared at the wall, he could draw the big pectorals and abs as they touched his back, and the pronounced cock pulsing below them. Josh began to jerk Matt’s cock with his strong hand, while Matt worshipped the rippling solid forearm and bicep over his chest as he did so. The angular anvil jaw scratched his neck, as Josh raised his arm to the wall for support; he was going in. Matt saw the massive fibers of metallic strength, bulgy biceps and triceps, and a glistening

watch that gave the athlete an incredible hot ruggedness. Holding to this mast of strength, while still feeling Joshua’s grip on his cock while jerking him, he felt his spine adjust towards penetration.

Josh went in with the aid of his strong back and ass, so decisive and solid it held Matt off the ground. The gay quarterback moaned a roar of baritone pleasure, as he completely held his handsome lover. Matt was immobile with muscles all around him, a wide 9 inch cock embedded deep within him. He felt that nothing could move under that much pressure, but Joshua’s strength was immense, he could handle himself and everything with ease, no matter anything. Stepping back and into the bed again, Josh jerked Matts cock as if it was his own, while arching his back to fuck him powerfully. Matt was euphoric in erotic pleasure, lying over a huge quarterback that had his powerful limbs snaking all over him, rocky hard muscles with warm sweaty skin. Josh was dominating with his prime alpha male body, closing towards an orgasm worthy of gods.

Another stallion roar from the gay musclebound athlete, and Matt released a silvery puddle of cum over his slim abs. At the same time, Josh throbbed his massive cock inside Matt and released a tenfold amount of manly ooze, which Matt felt from his core to his teeth. Trembling over, the quarterback felt how his lover faded into a deep orgasm as he did so too, releasing him with a slight moan and cuddling him on his chest.

“Fuck man” said Josh breathing powerfully “That was the best shit I’ve ever felt”

Matt turned over, feeling the roaring heart of Josh as he used his massive pectoral as a pillow “Josh… fuck man, was that real… never thought… you’re the hottest man in existence” He felt a great muscly arm warp around him, as he saw the handsome athlete’s eyes and smile. The best fuck he ever had, by far, and he had a lot.

“Get used to me” said Josh with a handsome smirk. I’m here to stay.

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