Becoming Joshua Aaron - chapter 4

By pizzadaddy
published May 13, 2013
1296 words

small college gay nerd wakes in the body of beefy allstar quarterback

Warm sunlight from a gap in the window annoys my face. Completely still, I wake slowly without even opening my eyes. I’m lying face down on my bed, cuddling my pillow. Opening my eyes slightly; I observe the sunbathed cloth of the pillow, the yellow colored light flooding the otherwise dark dorm. Immobile, my body is slightly covered by a messy towel, I’m lying down naked. I open my eyes, blink some times, and move my head searching drowsily for comfort. The heavy scruff rakes like a smooth sandpaper the fabric of the pillow, a feeling I’m not used to. A sense of my newly huge body falls over me, my feet are now extremely far away and my massive weight stresses the mattress. Still moving my head searching for a neat comfy spot, I realize it cannot be done. My beefy arms are tucked under the pillow; rocky muscles felt hard as steel under the fabric. Now cuddling it better, I raise an arm from under it and place it over the pillow, in front of my gaze. What a perfect arm, a wide girth of cabled muscle covers my huge forearm, securing the thickness of my wrist. Under the thin brown hairs run veiny trails into my hand and up my arm. Over my bulgy spherical bicep a single nice vein stretches the already tight skin, loosing itself into the muscle of my brawny shoulder. Moving it about, I see the amazing muscularity of my enormous arm. The most beautiful arm I have ever seen. Here, watching it from inches away, all mine.

On my nightstand there’s a clock. It reads 10:42 AM of Saturday. Did I sleep a whole Friday? I stood amazingly quick with the power of my abdominal muscles, sitting on the bed after it crooked loudly under the gravity of my mass. “A whole day” whispered to myself. Did I require that much time to adjust? I stood. Now everything felt fine, I settled into it during my sleep. Height, weight, proportions and control; as I woke into the day, I woke into this body with a solid claim of ownership. It is more mine now than ever, I could sense the permanence of it.

Adjusted to the dim warm light filtering from the curtains, I inspect my dorm. What a nerd Gregory Walker was. Books piled, papers scattered and pencil sawdust over the desk. Nothing on the walls, but some scribbled reminders and charts. Hardly any smell, some piled clothing on the floor, mostly everything tidy, for a college student. No signs of fun, no signs of life besides academics. I look at my old life from above, as if recalling a recent memory. The dorm of a nerdy gay guy.

I crouch near the drawer, looking for the only clean clothing that might fit me now. I bought some football gear and compression clothing in my past life… wore it in private for a hope of feeling or looking like the jocks that fuel my dreams. How it clings to those powerful bodies, I felt too as the spandex fabric of them held kind of loosely to my small old frame. A tiny fantasy that kept me entertained and certainly helped while watching porn. Most where either medium or large in size, big for my former self but far too small for me now. I slipped with effort the biggest shorts I found, still hugging my legs tight, but worked fine. Had to wear my smelly football shoes without socks, none fitted anymore… certainly there was no other footwear choice.

Digging into the drawer, knew exactly what I was looking for. “Ah, yeah… let’s see how you look now” The size L sleeveless white UnderArmour shirt that was too big for me. Not anymore. Almost dressed, shirt on hand, I walked into the bathroom to enjoy the sight. Standing there admiring my shirtless shape, I slid the silky shirt over my muscular torso, stretching it to the limit as it overcame my arms. Once set on my shoulders, watched as I lowered the rest of it down my pectorals and abs. Sizes too small, made to stretch, it looked amazing. Hugged my bulgy torso like a second skin, hid the mild hairs of my chest and enhanced every stony muscle it covered. Sleeveless, left my beefed up shoulders and arms free, further enhancing a sexy quarterback look. It looked like a tank top, an effect of its smaller size overextended by my huge frame. I just stood there in awe.

Watching my scruffy face, with its angular goodlooks, resolved I needed a haircut. Not just that, a hairstyle; it had been hot and short for a while, now I could render his dreamy handsomeness towards something breathtaking. Still watching as my muscles bent and rippled under my skin and shirt, I took my clipper from the bathroom cabinet. I enjoyed the brown hair with mild highlights, but this demanded a neater look. Without second thoughts, I trimmed down the sides of my head towards a crew cut shape. Not too short, just enough to look neat and military. “Aw… Nice. Hey Lieutenant” I saluted my reflection, which unexpectedly made my shoulder and bicep into an enormous strong flex. After it was done, I made the top part a bit spiky with water. With my face wet, I trimmed my wild scruff into a nice tamed design, further augmenting my anvil jawline and somewhat revealing a slight dimpled chin. Smiling and blinking my blue eyes several times in astonishment after the quick retouch, stepped back to contemplate my

brief work. My cock was already getting hard but now it was rocky. There it was, not just the handsomest guy I’ve ever laid eyes on, but the tallest and beefiest one. A walking specimen with perfect genes. “Daaamn” I just made a quick sailor flex that sealed the deal.

Had to leave the dorm soon, this time forever. I’m not Gregory anymore, had to take some of my stuff and look for a way to settle at Josh’s place. Peeked through the curtain’s side into the campus buildings. The fraternity district is a couple blocks away and had houses and apartments that held most of the jocks and players of college. My best bet was to head there. Picking my laundry bag, I smuggled most of the clothing that seemed useful, bathroom stuff and money. Found a lot of things that had but never wore, like some nice shades and a jockstrap. Inspecting the desk, I found a cool leather cuff watch that I consider very manly and sexy. Wore it once after buying it, to my utter disappointment it was too big for my puny wrist. I was considering trying it on, and watched my left hand while thinking and noticed it was already clenched as a fist, ready for it. I placed the wide leather cuff on my muscular wrist, and had a hard time closing the buckle. Once on, it looked as hot as I dreamed. Big muscular fibers under the wide brown leather, gave the cuff watch an extremely rugged masculine look. Flexing powerfully, I enjoyed every bit of its hot looks, complimenting all of myself. Ran my hand up and down my compression clothed chest, while shifting the bag over my shoulder, giving a last look at my place.

Walked into the hall and didn’t even bother locking the door, felt nice to finally be such a hot masculine stud. Strolled with confidence towards the exit, about to start my new life.

(to be continued)

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