Chapter 3: Rumors

By MindManiac
published May 9, 2020
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Coming from his guilt trip the night before, Noah found something that may help him feel less guilty.

This part will be more of a short interlude to set the scene on what will happen next. Yes, this will have no ‘sexy time’, but will be important to the next chapters

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Chapter 3: Rumors

Noah woke up to the sound of his alarm ringing. His eyes open to the sight of his own room being filled with light from the rising sun. 5:30 AM. Noah then reached out to turn off the alarm and slowly got up. As he pushed himself off of bed, he suddenly jolted as a sudden surge of pain filled his lower body. It was this sudden pain that fully woke up Noah as he recalls what happened the night before. With his head now hanging low in shame of himself, Noah proceeded to mindlessly do his morning routine. He still has work today after all.

He then took a longer than usual shower, dressed up for work, before preparing his own breakfast. Normally, he would be more energized after a shower, also considering that it was a Friday after all, but Noah just moved along, lifeless. He was still beating himself up for what he did last night. Just thinking of it made him uncomfortable as he ate.

After he washed his dishes and was making final preparations before heading to work, a knock was heard from his door. Noah walked up to his door and opened it. what greeted him was the man he wanted to see the least, James. Not that he looked horrible, it was the opposite in fact. James was wearing a variant of his workout clothes from yesterday; a tight-fitting red shirt, a pair of running shorts, and running shoes. Noah was getting turned on by just looking at him, but is still on the edge with what happened last night.

“Good morning James. What brings you here?” said Noah in the most cheerful voice he could muster in an attempt to hide his guilt.

“Hey Noah! Just wanted to say thanks for that incredible massage last night. I think I haven’t slept that peacefully in a long time” James said with a smile on his face, though he was still worried if James remembered anything else from last night.

Noah just returned the smile and “You’re welcome. It’s the least I can do for my best neighbor”. They just started a casual conversation until James decided it was time for him to take his leave.

“Well I think its time for me to go. I need to go on my morning jog, and I think you’re about to go to work right?” James asked while smiling, to which Noah nodded.

‘That damned smile’ Noah thought to himself. Sure, James has and incredibly hot body, but it’s that smile that makes Noah swoon so hard for him. The smile that effectively disarms any guilt or shame in him. They started to say goodbye to each other, but Noah’s curiosity got the best of him again. He just has to know if he remembers anything else. Before James could leave, Noah has already said his trigger word.

“It’s Showtime James” James suddenly stood up straight, with his eyes looking dazed. Noah just stared at him this time, still scared to touch him again.

“How do you feel?” asked Noah with a straight face.

“Calm, relaxed, empty, thoughtless”, came the same reply in James’ monotonous voice.

“Do you remember anything from last night aside from the massage?” Noah asked.

“No, I don’t remember anything else”

“Will you remember it if I tell you to do so?” Noah questioned.


Noah was lost in thought for a minute before he decided to push it a little further, even if he knows he might regret it later. Just looking at his neighbor standing still and being obedient got Noah going. Lust washed over his mind and he decided to give further orders to his hunky neighbor.

“James, when you wake up, you will suddenly realize that you have a small crush on me. You will find that you can’t help yourself from thinking and fantasizing about me. You still love your wife; I’ll just be in your thoughts every now and then. This feeling will increase little by little until you will fantasize about what happened on the massage last night. You won’t know that it actually happened, you will think it’s just your fantasy. It will be in your head as you slowly be more infatuated with me. Do you understand?

James stood silently for a few seconds before saying “Yes” in his emotionless voice.

“Okay, I’m going to count back from 5 and you’ll wake up. You won’t remember being in trance, just that we were saying our goodbyes”

Noah counted him out and James jolted awake from the trance.

“I best get going now. Good luck at work” James said with a slightly bigger smile as he was heading for his morning jog. Noah just smiled, and once again regretted what just happened.

“Noah its 12 already, just leave it there for a while! It won’t delete itself!” said Tim, another one of Noah’s co-workers. He was standing by the opening of Noah’s cubicle, waiting for him to finish.

“Just a second you guys, it almost done!” said Noah as he typed faster on his computer. Being the workaholic that he is, Noah wanted to finish this code before going out for lunch.

“C’mon dude! At this rate we won’t have a table at Annie’s” Derek said standing beside Tim. Annie’s was their favorite food place near from work and they always go there as a group during lunch.

Noah just sighed and said “You know what, you two just go ahead. I’ll catch up after this. You guys already know my order, right?”

“Chicken fillet with the cream sauce, onion rings, and soda” said his two friends monotonously causing the three of them to laugh after.

“Okay then, we’ll go ahead. Just hurry up okay? I don’t want to tell the same story again just because you weren’t there the first time!” said Tim while smiling.

They waved each other off and now Noah was alone in the department, with everyone else taking their lunch break. A few minute later, he finally finished. He stretched on his chair before standing up, getting his phone and wallet, and walked towards the elevator.

On the way to the elevator, he walked pass Mr. Hill’s, his boss, office. As he walks by it, Noah noticed that the door was slightly open and he heard voices on the other side.

“Come on Aaron, it’ll be quick”

“Fine, just don’t be too noisy”

“Please, its lunch time. You said it yourself, no one stays behind during lunch hours”

Noah was surprised to recognize both voices. One of which was his boss, and the other was someone he can’t quite put his finger on. He creeped slowly to the slightly opened door. He instinctively took out his phone for evidence if needed, or for blackmail if he ever gets to that (but who is he kidding, he’s too nice for blackmail).

With his phone recording in hand, he slowly and carefully glanced inside.

“Aaaahhhhh…. Aren’t you going to lock the door first?”

“I won’t bother, I know how much you want to be watched. Hell, that would be the last of your concerns after all you’ve done behind your husbands back. You naughty girl” he can hear the amusement in his boss’ tone.

A slapping of skin was heard before the other voice replied “Aaaaahhhhh… yes Mr. Hill…. I’ve been a baaaaad girl…Aaaahhhh”

Noah froze in place at what he saw. He saw his boss was having sex with someone at his desk. The shocking thing, however, is that he’s plowing the same woman that was smiling back to James on the picture on the side of their bed.

Noah’s boss was fucking Eunice Smith.

“… and I was like ‘dude your shirt is inside out!’. So, he was panicking and flipped his shirt right there. Hell, he didn’t even check if his shirt was really inside out! He was all thankful and all, and I kinda feel bad about it now” said Tim, finishing his story.

“No you don’t” Derek rebuffed.

Tim smiled and said “I actually don’t”. Laughter filled our table as Tim finished one of his stories. It was about that time he ‘pranked’ his 3-year-old son. It really was hilarious and adorable at the same time.

Noah was currently sitting at a table in Annie’s with his three friends. With their food done, they were now trading stories with each other. Although Noah was laughing and engaging with his work friends, his mind would occasionally wander off to all that’s been revealed to him. He had sex with his married neighbor while his wife was on a ‘business trip’, and just found out that said wife was apparently having an affair with his boss. It was a lot to wrap around his head.

Should he tell James?

Should he feel guilty about having sex with James knowing his wife is cheating on him?

Noah train of thought was cut short when Derek suddenly slammed their table. Noah jumped in his chair in surprise and look at his friends who were now staring at him.

“Ummm… What’s up?” Noah asked, confused.

“What’s up? Dude, that’s like the third time you’ve zoned out on us. Are you sure you’re alright?” Derek asked with a concerned tone.

“It’s nothing. Just some neighborhood issue, that’s all” Noah said, in a partial lie.

Tim sighed and said “You wanna talk about it? Airing it out may help you know”

Noah took a deep breath before trying to process what he should tell with his friends.

After a while of silence, Noah said “Have you guys seen that woman in the boss’ office a few minutes ago? The one with the long black hair? Dark eyes, and a little bit shorter than me.”

“You mean Ms. Eunice? The one with the white blouse?” Derek asked.

“Yeah, has she always been going to our department? She doesn’t work for the company, right?”

“Yeah, that Ms. Eunice Green has been visiting the boss occasionally since last year, waaaaay before you joined us. She was just supposed to link up our team with their company’s security team for information transfer. But after that, she just kept on visiting ‘bossman’ on official business. At least that they tell us.” Tim answered as he took a sip of his soda.

Noah got confused and said “Wait, you mean that she’s been in the office almost constantly and this is the first time I’ve heard of her?”

His friends thought for a while, then Tim said “Well, now that you mentioned it, it is strange that every time she went to the office it would be a time or day when you’re not”

“Well the thing is, I kinda personally know that Eunice girl” Noah started to say, which caused Derek and Tim to look at him in shock.

Noah leaned in on the table slightly, as if to share a secret. His friend did the same.

“That Eunice Green that’s been in our office? I know her as Eunice Smith, my neighbor” Noah said in a more hushed tone.

“Wait, didn’t you say your neighbor is some ‘James’ guy? Where does Eunice come into this?” asked Tim in the same hushed voice.

“That’s the thing. My neighbor is Eunice Smith, living with his husband, James Smith. She’s married”

The look on his two friends said that they didn’t expect that information.

“And it gets worse. As I was about to head out of the office for lunch, I saw her and Mr. Hill in his office. They were having sex! That Eunice girl is cheating on her husband!”

His two friends looked at each other in shock.

“Holy shit man” Derek said.

“Holy shit is right man. Derek you owe me $10!” said Tim, who was smiling all of a sudden.

Derek sighed in frustration before fishing his wallet out and handing out the money to Tim.

Noah just stared at them before saying “Wait, you guys made a bet on whether Eunice was with the boss?”

“Yeah, it’s been kind of a big rumor in our department, even way before you joined us. Even the executives are in the know with those two.” said Tim, going back to a more serious expression.

“All of us there could already tell was something going on between them, but I didn’t think it’ll be this bad. Hell, I’m not a married man and I feel bad for this ‘James’ dude” said Derek

“I guess her appearances in the office changed because she doesn’t want to be found out” Tim added.

“The thing is though, should I tell James about this or confront Eunice first? I’m not even fully sure if it’s the same girl as her wife” Noah asked, not wanting to see his crush get heartbroken by the news.

“Dude, that girl obviously has boss wrapped around her finger. If you tell her about it first, you’re almost guaranteed to lose your job on the next day!” Derek said nervously.

“Yeah man, and I don’t want you leaving the company for some stupid reason. Just tell it directly to the husband, I guess he’ll take it from there” Tim added.

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