Chapter 4: Lover Boy

By MindManiac
published May 15, 2020
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Category: Hypnosis   Tags: #unaware #hunk #straight to gay

A forgotten command takes action as more is revealed to Noah

This next one contains an actual ‘sexy time’ to make up for the lack of one from the last chapter. lol

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Chapter 4: Lover Boy

After the conversation they had at Annie’s, the three of them decided to get back to work. As hard as Noah tried to clear his mind, he just keeps on getting distracted at the thought of Eunice cheating on her husband. His mind would wander off to the first time he met her. It was a week after Noah moved in and James was the one to introduce his wife to him. Since that day, they would occasionally ask the other neighbor to eat over and to just bond. Though Noah knew he didn’t have that big of a friendship with Eunice, he could very much see how much the married couple loved each other. It was unbelievable that Eunice would actually cheat on her husband. On the other hand, a part of Noah’s mind was celebrating, thinking if James were to know about Eunice’s affairs then he would file for divorce and ‘be available in the market’ as they say. Noah could finally be with James without his conscience getting in the way.

Noah would have still been lost in thought if only not for the knocking on his cubicle. Noah jumped a little on his chair and turned around to see Tim.

“Hey man, its already quitting time. You about to head out?” asked Tim. Noah hadn’t even noticed that it was already 5pm. He just nodded his head while stretching his arms.

“Are we still on for that game night with Derek?” Noah asked as he stood up to fix his things.

Tim sighed and said “Nah man, Derek had this emergency and rushed straight home. Something about his ‘neighbor’s kitchen catching on fire’. And I just got a text from wifey that she needs the extra hand tonight on the kids”

“Well that’s a bummer, see you guys next week I guess” Noah just shrugged as he began to leave his desk.

“Oh and Noah?” Tim asked, stopping Noah on his way out.

Noah turned to look at Tim as he leaned in a bit closer, cautious at what he was about to say. “I know you’re concerned about this ‘James’ dude. Trust me, I’d be too if I knew him personally. Just take our advice and just say it to him. The faster he finds out, the faster he’ll move on.”

Noah stayed quiet before nodding at his friend. They took the elevator down together and went their separate ways at the parking lot. As Noah approached his van, he heard someone whispering nearby. Curiosity got the best of him and he followed it. He followed the noise until he found his boss leaning against his car, talking to someone on the phone. Noah quickly hid behind the car next to his to not be seen. One wrong move and he could be in big trouble.

“…Yeah it was fun, drop by after that conference you have” Mr. Hill said to his phone. He was trying to lower his voice while speaking as if the person on the other line was a suppose to be a big secret.

“C’mon, you’d really spend you’re first day back on that dump you call a husband? I mean, you’d rather have a repair boy instead of a corporate man?” Mr. Hill said with humor in his tone. Noah, however, got chills over his body. ‘So it really was Eunice?’ he said to himself.

“Babe, we’ve been going at it for about 2 years now. if he hasn’t caught us yet, he never will” Noah’s boss continued his conversation, now with amusement in his tone.

‘2 years?’ Noah thought. ‘But James and Eunice have been married for 2 years. Unless…” Noah couldn’t finish his thought as he just quickly sneaked away from his boss and back to his van. As if his discovery before wasn’t enough, he just found out that Eunice was having an affair as long as she’s been married.

Silence surrounded Noah as he drives himself home. Thoughts jumbled all over the place because of the day he had. He surprisingly didn’t crash his van and before he knew it, he was already home. He stepped out of his van and walked to his front door. Noah was about to open the door when he heard someone walking towards him.

He turned around to see James in his casual clothes; a plain shirt and pants. He was holding a bouquet of flowers as he walked towards Noah.

“Hi James” Noah said in his most cheerful tone despite all that’s been running through his head.

James flashed him a bright smile and said “Hey Noah!”. He was now standing directly in front of his neighbor.

“I just brought these flowers and I wanted to know your thoughts on them. Do you think they’re pretty?” James asked as he handed the bouquet to Noah.

Noah took the flower and looked at it all over. It was a gorgeous arrangement, he admitted to himself.

“I think they’re beautiful. I really like these flowers” Noah said genuinely as he continued to eye it.

“Really? Do you think it’s enough to ask someone out?” James asked as he smiled and leaned a bit closer to his lanky neighbor.

Noah didn’t quite notice James getting closer as he continues to admire the bouquet handed to him. “Yeah, I mean I really love flowers and this one here has a very romantic feel to it. The way the roses look with the orchids is just beautiful” he said in admiration.

James’ smile widens. He leaned back a little and said “Glad you think so, because I got it for you!”

Noah’s thoughts were cut when he heard what James said. He looked up to him and said “What?”

Noah could see James blush a little bit. His neighbor was now looking a little bit nervous as his smile faltered a bit and then said “I saw those a while ago and I thought of you. And I kinda wanted to ask you over for dinner again, if you want to that is”

Noah was surprised at what he was hearing that he could barely compose his thoughts. “Ah-ah-ah-y-yeah, y-yeah. I-I’ll come o-o-over for dinner” he agrees without fully thinking it over.

His neighbor looked relieved and began to smile again. “Great! Just head over if you’re ready! I’ll be cooking a surprise so you better come!”

James the quickly ran back home, smiling the brightest smile he’s got.

Noah was still dumbfounded at his door, holding the flowers he was given. He went inside his house and prepared a vase for the flowers. Things only started to click on his mind when as the water began to fill the vase in the sink.

“That order I gave this morning!”

Later that evening, Noah was standing the front door of his neighbor’s house as he was last night. He was out of his work clothes and wore a plain red shirt and a pair of jeans. Shaking, he reached his hand to the door to knock. A few knocks later he heard a muffled voice from the other side. Then the door opened to reveal his hunky neighbor to be in a different outfit; a white long sleeve shirt tucked in a pair of black formal pants. Noah just stared in awe as James greeted him.

“Hey Noah! Glad you came by!” said James in a cheerful way that Noah never heard before.

Noah shook himself out of his own thoughts and said “H-h-hi James. What’s with the outfit?”

James looked down at himself before looking back to Noah and said “Well I did say I have a surprise for you. ‘These’ came with the surprise”. James then winked at Noah, causing the tech geek to blush.

Noah gulped and said “Do you want me to change? I feel like a bit underdressed for whatever this is”

James just leaned towards Noah, chuckled lowly, and said “No. It’s okay the way it is.”

If Noah wasn’t blushing before, he certainly was now.

James then Smiled brightly and said “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s head inside!”

They then entered the house and Noah was floored at what he saw. All the lights inside were turned off except for the ones in the dining area; and even those were dimmed. As they entered the dining area, he saw that the dining table was covered in a dark red cloth with flowers scattered on the side and a candle in the middle. Noah was shocked to say the least.

James then pulled the chair on one side of the table and said “Sit down, dinner will be ready soon”. Noah followed and sat down as James pushed the chair back. ‘Like a true gentleman’ he thought.

Noah awkwardly sat down as he drown into his surroundings. There were two table napkins that were set in the table with their own set of utensils. They were to be seated across from one another with the candle in the middle. There was also a pitcher of water on the side with two empty glasses.

James then went out of the kitchen carrying two plates in both hands with a cloche covering each. He set one in front of me and one on his side. He didn’t sit down yet as he was about to reveal the food.

“And now for our featured presentation” James said as he slowly lifter the covers off of the plates. Once he lifted it, a delicious smell filled the air. I looked at the plate and was surprised yet again.

“I remember you saying spaghetti was your favorite food, so here you go! Spaghetti in the style of James Smith!” he said proudly as he placed the cover on the other side. He then sat across from me as I was still collecting my thoughts.

“I didn’t think you’d remember that I said that” Noah mumbles to himself as he was still staring at the gorgeous food prepared in front of him.

James just chuckled and seductively said “Of course, I remember the things that matter. As long as its about you, it matters”. James could see that his neighbor was at a loss for words so he insisted they begin eating.

They began to eat as they talked about anything that came into mind. Noah began to notice that James would occasionally stare at him as he was talking in an admiring way. He also noticed that James became more open to him all of a sudden, with Noah falling in love the more he got to know him. Their chatter was the only thing that can be heard in the darkened house. They were enjoying each other’s company that they didn’t realize that they both already finished their food. They just chatted and chatted. Noah was enjoying it so much that all of the things that irked him a while ago seemed to wash away.

At the moment, Noah was laughing at the story that James was telling him about an accident during his college days. As thing started to be quiet between them, Noah glanced at the watch on his wrist and noticed that it was getting late. As much as he hated it, he knew he had to leave soon.

“Well this has been a surprisingly good time. But I think I need to head back now” said Noah.

James just smiled at this and said “Leaving so soon? I still haven’t served the dessert”. He then stood up and slowly went to Noah’s side of the table.

Noah, not thinking of anything about James being next to him, said “Dessert? I think I’ll pass on that one for now. This dinner was good enough.”

He didn’t notice his neighbor suddenly kneeling beside him, making James meet Noah’s eye. He leaned in to his ear and whispered seductively. “I wasn’t referring to that kind of dessert”

Noah got chills seeing his neighbor up close to his face like that. James’ hands then began to caress Noah’s body through his clothes, imitating his massage from the night before. The tech geek was now trying to hold back his moans as James’ skillful hands dance along his chest, meeting his nipples. They then travelled down to his stomach before eventually making their way on his crotch causing Noah to gasp and lean his head back in pleasure.

“Hmm… you didn’t tell me you stuffed a candy bar in your pants. I hope you don’t mind me having it for dessert” James whispered seductively with a wink, causing Noah’s already flushed face to redden further.

Noah eyes then met with James’ hands on his lap as his neighbor began to slowly unbutton his pants. While looking at James’ hands, he noticed something. He wasn’t wearing his wedding ring!

Suddenly Eunice came back to his mind, effectively reminding Noah of all that’s been revealed to him earlier that day. He began to feel nervous as he saw James’ hands meet with his black underwear.

Using his strength, James turned Noah’s chair making him kneel directly in front of his neighbor. His hands then began to massage his neighbor’s hardening dick through his underwear.

“Someone’s getting excited” said James, unaware to the uncomfortable realization Noah has made. ‘Why isn’t he wearing the ring? Did he just forget? Did I order that?’

“J-j-james I-I n-need to t-tell y-y-you something” Noah said, trying to fight the lust that was building up in him.

James just ignored his neighbor and just continued to massage the throbbing erection of his neighbor. He then pulled it out of the confines of the underwear. James then wrapped his fingers around it and began to slowly stroke it. Noah, meanwhile, was losing it. He knew that he wanted what was coming, but a part of him was still trying to do the right thing of telling him what Eunice has been doing behind his back. All the while James has been staring at Noah’s erection like a kid in a candy store.

“J-j-james I-i-I r-r-really need to t-t-tell you something” said Noah, still struggling to fight against the pleasure.

James just looked at Noah directly in the eyes, laughs lowly, and said “I love you too”. He then proceeded to lick the tip of the throbbing erection in his hands. Noah was just trembling at this point as he was overwhelmed with what James was doing. Here he was, sitting on the dining room of his neighbor as said neighbor was beginning to give hive head while still wearing his ‘formal’ wear.

Noah kept on struggling to keep his moans to himself as James went on to lick his cock as if it was popsicle on a hot summer day. He knew his self-control was about to diminish, so he had to act fast, or the moment would be lost.

“EUNICE IS CHEATING ON YOU!” Noah suddenly blurted out loud. James’ eyes widened as he stops what he was doing.

“… what did you say?” James asked, hands still on the erection in front of him.

“…I saw Eunice having sex with my boss Mr. Hill earlier in the office. He said they’ve been going at it for two years” Noah said in a more hushed tone, unsure of how James would take the news.

They both went quiet for a few seconds, until James flashed Noah a small smile. “Tell me something I don’t already know next time”. And then proceeded to properly suck on the dick he’s been licking a while ago.

To say that Noah was shocked was an understatement. His mind didn’t even get to process that information as he was filled with the sensation of his neighbor’s mouth engulfing his throbbing dick. It also didn’t help that James, for some reason, has a very skilled mouth. It didn’t take him that long before he could fully swallow Noah’s length.

Noah just kept on gasping as he tries to steady himself on the chair, while James kept on bobbing his head on his crotch.

“S-s-shit I’m g-g-getting close” Noah whispered.

Hearing this made James somewhat more eager as he increased his pace. He kept on bobbing his head until he could hear his neighbor start to moan loudly.

“A-a-aaaahhh Fuck!”

Noah screams as he began to shoot his load into his neighbor’s willing mouth, all the while he was spasming on the chair. Oddly enough, James didn’t bother to stop and just continued his bobbing motion.

As Noah came down from his high, James started to slow down until he eventually drops the cock out of his mouth. He then stares at Noah with a smiling face. Seeing that there was no stain on his pants or on his neighbor’s mouth, Noah just then realized that James swallowed every drop of his cum. James then slowly went up to Noah’s face and began kissing him. Noah returned the favor and they were soon making out in the dining room. As their tongues were having a battle of their own, Noah can’t help but think that James is a good kisser. The way the kiss felt was better that Noah ever imagined it to be.

As their lips parted, they looked into each other’s eyes once again.

“Its getting late, and it’s a weekend. Do you mind if you stay the night?” James whispered seductively.

Noah, still out of breath, could only just nod his head as an answer without a second thought. James then got his cock back inside his underwear and pants and lifted Noah out of the chair in a bridal style. Noah didn’t bother to complain as he was being carried to wherever he was going to stay.

Turns out, James planes to make Noah sleep with him on the same bed as he sleeps on. They entered the master bedroom and James laid Noah on the bed.

Once he was down, James gave Noah a quick peck before saying “Make yourself comfortable for a while. I’ll be back”. He then went to the bathroom connected to the bedroom.

Noah pushed himself up to sit on the bed though he was mentally exhausted at everything that just happened, not just today but the entire week. He remembered hanging out with Eunice and James in the local mall just last weekend, and here he is now, laying on their bed. The same bed where he first rode his neighborly crush after he gave him a massage. The same bed where he slept with his wife, who he discovered to be in an affair with his boss just this afternoon.

Before his thoughts could go any further, the bathroom door opened and revealed James wearing his sleepwear which only consisted a pair of pajama pants. Noah’s eyes can’t help themselves but to travel to the muscled upper body his neighbor was exposing to him. Though he has already seen it numerous times before, he never grows tired of admiring the beauty that it is.

Noticing the almost drooling look his neighbor was giving him, James slowly walked towards Noah and pushed the neighbor into the bed. James then crawled over on top of the lanky neighbor until their eyes were on level with other. The hunky neighbor then slowly moved his head towards Noah, diving for a kiss to which Noah accepted this time. The kiss was a passionate one, more explosive than the one they shared earlier on the dining room. Though James tongue was taking lead of the kiss, Noah was still actively participating with a push of his own tongue.

James then pulled them up so that both of them are sitting on the bed without breaking the kiss. The one time they did stop, however, was when James was desperately trying to take off Noah’s shirt instead of ripping it. Once both of them are shirtless, James asked “Do you still want to go further? We can stop anytime you want, you know? Just say the word and I’ll stop”

Noah didn’t even think twice when his head nodded eagerly and kissed his again. The kiss continued as James’ fingers are now fumbling with Noah’s pants. In one impressive tug, the muscular neighbor managed to pull Noah’s pants and underwear from underneath him without even lifting the thinner man.

With Noah now completely naked, James’ mouth began to travel down his neighbor’s neck, only to find a sensitive side that made Noah squirm in pleasure. The skillful mouth then went to Noah’s chest, stomach, before finally reaching his crotch once again. James’ finger got themselves wrapped around Noah’s erection, as his mouth was now leaving love marks on his thighs.

The tech geek could only lean back in pleasure without noticing the mouth motioning towards his butt. Before he could react properly, James’ hands gripped on his thighs and pushed them towards his chest, making his hole exposed him. Noah then felt a slick tongue suddenly enter him as the grip on his erection returned and remained constant. It was a foreign yet welcome sensation that’s got him moaning on the edge, all the while James was having a blast rimming his neighbor as Noah felt a smirk form on his face while his tongue was still deep into him.

After a while, James reached for something under the bed and pulled out a bottle of lube. Much to Noah’s dismay, the hunk pulled his tongue out as he poured some lube onto his fingers. Once coated enough, James began to slowly push one finger in the tight hole of the lanky man. Noah could only moan louder at the welcomed intrusion into him. Soon, one finger became two, and two became three. James felt that Noah was starting to get impatient as he began to pull out his fingers.

Once his fingers are one again freed, James pulled off his pajama pants in one swift motion and is now naked as the man bellow him. He began pouring lube to his own erection as he stroked it while staring at the flustered Noah.

“Do you still want to go on?” James asked in a sexy husky voice.

“I-I’ll literally kill you if you don’t” Answered the out of breath Noah while managing to grin.

James chuckled and said “Well, wouldn’t want to die anytime soon”. He began pushing his throbbing dick inch by inch in the prepared hole in front of him. Noah on the other hand returned to moaning as the familiar thickness entered his hole again.

“How badly do you want it?” James asked as he stopped half way through.

“Fuck! Please… just fuck me! Fuck me like you fuck your wife!” Noah didn’t care anymore; his senses were overloading and he was getting desperate for release.

James stopped pushing his dick in and leaned towards Noah with a serious expression. The seriousness suddenly got changed into a playful seductive one as he said “Oh babe… I’ll fuck you better than I’ve ever fucked Eunice.”

Before he could even react, Noah screamed at the top of his lungs as James suddenly pushed all the way in. The pain he felt was only a fraction of the pleasure from feeling full again from the cock he loves. James then pulled out until the tip was only inside before pushing all the way in once again.

James began pounding Noah at a pace that left him breathless. Noah was basically a mess as he sees stars in every thrust given to him by the hunk next door. He could only grip on James’ arms that were pressed on the mattress on the side of his head. James, meanwhile, was thrusting like his life depended on it. He wasn’t kidding when he said that he’ll fuck Noah better than he did to Eunice.

There was nothing to be heard except for the grunting and moaning that filled the room. As the thrust became more erratic, Noah felt that James was starting to get close. He curiously tried to tighten his hole, causing James to moan out loud and make him thrust more violently.

Even after cumming just a few minutes ago, Noah was once again on the edge of an orgasm. A few thrust later and he felt himself shoot his load on his chest despite not touching himself all night long. With the sudden pleasure of cumming, Noah’s hole began to twitch around the cock thrusting into it, making James reach his own high. The hunk was shooting his own load up in Noah’s ass.

After taking a few seconds to catch their breaths, James fell onto Noah as his cock slipped out of the well-fucked hole. They began to make out once more, but unlike the kiss they had before, it was sensual. Noah could feel tenderness and pure affection in James’ lips, something he has never felt before in a kiss. Once again left breathless by the kiss, James fell on top of Noah to rest. Not that Noah minds, as heavy James may look, he actually felt like the softest pillow on top of him.

The physical mental strain of processing everything that happened came hard on him. He felt himself slowly drifting into sleep as his eyes landed on the bedside table. He remembered that it was the same table where he saw the wedding photo of James and Eunice, but now the was only a frame that was put face down on the table.

Shortly after, he passed out.

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