Chapter 2: Of Massages and Guilt

By MindManiac
published May 5, 2020
4219 words

More is revealed about the security system as Noah experiments with the effects on his neighbor.

*A continuation of the story. Also the first ‘sexy time’ appears. I noticed someone added the ‘big sub small top’ tag to the story, but I decided to remove it since it’ll be cleared in this part of the story. *

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Chapter 2: Of Massages and Guilt

It’s been a couple of days since the ‘episode’ with James and Noah is still thinking about it even at work. He didn’t bother talking to James since that day, afraid that he might just let loose on his neighbor again. Noah was currently sitting at his desk at the office waiting for the last 5 minutes to be up before he could go home.

He initially thought of telling some of his co-workers about the whole ‘security glitch’ but ultimately decided against it the last minute. He was still having a hard time processing it through his head. Just then, Derek, one of his co-workers in the IT department, walked by his cubicle.

“Hey man! Tim and I are going to this new street fair around the corner, wanna come with?”

Noah just sighed tiredly and said “Maybe next time, just got a lot of things to care of”

His co-worker slightly frowned. “What’s up man? I haven’t seen you worked up like this before.”

Noah was debating with himself whether to tell about his neighbor or not. He just decided that he might just hint at it a little bit.

“Well the thing is, the outlet for my home computer got busted for some reason while I was working. I didn’t manage to save the code I was working on and I have to start all over again” Noah lied smoothly, perfectly using a stressed tone.

“Aw man, that’s a bummer” Derek went quiet for a while before suddenly looking a little concerned.

“Wait, so you mean your computer suddenly turned off because the power went out? You didn’t properly turn it off?”

“Yeah, I just hope that my files are still safe”

Derek breathed heavily and said “Well just a fair warning, be careful when you turn it on again. A computer being suddenly turned off kinda ticks off the company security system in it. You do have it installed right?”

“Yeah” Noah said cautiously

“Well, the next time you open it, it will go into overload. That whole ‘improper shut down’ is classified as like a ‘major breach’ or something. They really should fix that glitch”

Noah got interested and asked “It’s still harmless though, right?”

Derek just shrugs and said “I mean, that’s what they say. It should still probably disarm a person or something. There’s this whole conspiracy that it somehow ‘disarms you in more ways’ than it originally intends to, but who knows.”

On the ride home, Noah’s thoughts are still occupied by the whole security glitch. He was still debating with himself whether he should tell James about what happened to him while making his repairs or not. On one hand he could finally get a chance to experience his neighbor in ways he always hoped, but on the other hand his conscience would continue to haunt him. Noah was so lost in thought that he didn’t even notice that he arrived home. He stepped inside and laid down on his sofa, trying to rest and to get things off of his mind.

A few minutes later a knock on the door interrupted his attempt to nap. Noah lazily got up and opened the door, only to see the neighbor he’s been avoiding. He can’t help but stare at the handsome man in front of him and the clothes he was wearing; a gray sleeveless dry fit shirt, a pair of running shorts, and a pair of running shoes.

“Oh, hey James” Noah said in the friendliest tone he could muster despite all the thoughts running through his head.

“Hey Noah. I was just wondering if I could borrow some sugar? Just finished working out and kinda wanted to treat myself” James said while casually showing his charming smile as he was leaning on the door frame.

Noah can only smile in return. “Sure, let me just check in the kitchen”

“Thanks man”

Noah then quickly went to his kitchen to grab the whole jar of sugar that he has. He returned and handed it to his neighbor.

“Here you go. Feel free to use all of it, just make sure to give jar back” Noah said while laughing lightly.

James smiled and said “I’ll take note of that”

“What’re you going to make anyway?”

“Just a fruit shake, needed to refresh myself after a workout that intense”

Noah smirked and said “Eunice wouldn’t like that, you know?”

James laughed and said “C’mon man! She won’t be back until Wednesday dude, don’t ruin the mood”. Causing Noah to laugh as well.

As they calmed down, James said “Hey, I just cooked dinner but it’s too much for just myself. Wanna drop by? I cooked lasagna”

Noah, before thinking it through, said “Sure, I was too lazy to cook for myself tonight anyways”

“Good! Just swing by and a plate will be waiting for you!” James said before heading back to his house. Once he was out of sight, Noah began panicking. ‘Why the hell did I agree? Why? Why?’

That’s how Noah found himself sitting next to his neighbor in their dining room. After a few minutes of Noah changing his clothes from the stiff and professional work clothes to the more casual shirt and pants, Noah was then at the dining area of his neighbor and was now ravishing one of the best lasagnas he has ever tasted. It was James’ signature dish after all, with him proudly bringing it to their past neighborhood cook-outs. Noah sat awkwardly next to his crush, careful not to do anything that would be uncomfortable to both him and his hunky neighbor.

They were currently talking about their day and what they’ve been up to for the past days. It was a casual conversation, in which Noah was too careful to not accidentally tell James about the whole ‘computer episode’ as he likes to recall it. He was then listening on how James’ recent work out left him tired, but Noah was keener on ogling at his neighbor’s pumped muscles that were now in a more casual clothing but are still enticing to say the least.

“…but after that whole scene those two made, I just continued my workout as usual. Not that I’m against them, it was just too weird to see it publicly, you know?” Noah was brought out of his own thoughts and back to James’ story. He was telling the story of some odd gay couple in gym that caused quite a stir a while ago. Something about a sex toy being used and them groping each other. Noah was tuning the story out on purpose to avoid popping a surprise boner while he was at his neighbor’s.

Noah just laughed lightly and said “That was quite a rollercoaster of a story man. And you just continued to work out after that?”

James’ laughed and said “Well, yeah. Why let a couple of promiscuous people get in the way of a good workout?”

“You’re waaaaay to dedicated with that whole gym thing. You must be immune to the strains at this point” Noah said in an impressed tone as he was now openly staring at his neighbor’s muscles in amazement.

James just smiled and said “You’re too kind. Besides, I’m still sore as hell after that whole afternoon at the gym. You can’t tell, but my back is killing me right now”

They then continued to have a casual conversation until they finished their meals. All the while, Noah was still debating with himself on whether to put James under or not. For all he knows, those triggers in his head were already erased.

Just then, James was starting to clean up. He gathered their plates and proceeded to place them on the sink. Noah insisted to help, of course, but James was just assertive that he was the guess and the cleaning should be left to him. With his back towards Noah, James proceeded to wash the dishes. Noah just stares at his neighbor, his flexing back muscle, toned butt, thighs, and legs.

Noah eventually snapped.

After James’ finally finished the last plate and puts it away, Noah just suddenly said “It’s Showtime James”

His neighbor just suddenly stopped what he was doing and stood up straight, not even caring that the sink water was still running. Noah then stood up and went up to his neighbor to embrace him from behind. He closed the tap and proceeded to hug his neighbor tightly. He inhaled his musky scent which just turned him on further. As all of this happened, James was just standing straight, like a mannequin in display.

As his hands began to lift up James’ shirt to caress his chest, Noah asked “How do you feel right now James?”

Oblivious to his neighbor’s actions, James replied with “Calm, relaxed, empty, thoughtless”, the same answer he gave to him days ago when he was first exposed to the ‘security glitch’.

Noah hummed as if in approval as he was now playing with his neighbor’s nipples under his shirt. He was savoring him like some kind of dessert to finish the meal he was given, with his conscience and guilt effectively tuned out of his mind. After a few minutes of doing so, Noah got an idea.

“Are you still sore from your workout James?”

“Yes” came the monotonous reply.

“Okay then. The next time I wake you up from this trance, your soreness will be more noticeable. Not to the point that it’s painful, but just enough for you to be uncomfortable. After it reaches that point you will complain about it more and I will offer to give you a massage in your bedroom. You’ll believe me when I say that I have experience in giving other people massages and you will accept my offer. Once in the bedroom you will follow everything I say, completely trusting me since I am an expert in massages. Even if it turns sexual in a way, you will not bat an eye and will just be relaxed and enjoying my touch. You’ll believe everything that I do is just normal procedure in massages and will not be weird to you in any way”

Do you understand?”

It took James a few seconds to fully absorb the commands but then said “Yes, I understand”

With one final grope at his chest, Noah lets go of his neighbor’s body and said “Good. Now count down from 10 and when you reach one, you’ll wake up and forget being in trance. You’ll follow my orders even if you don’t remember them. You’ll wake up as if no time has passes. Count down now”

As he heard James silently count himself down, Noah headed back to the dining table and waited for James to come back. Seconds later, James jolted as if waking up from a short nap and began moving again. He then turned around to face Noah, but suddenly jolted in pain as he gripped the back of his neck.

“What’s up dude?” Noah said in a fake concerned tone, fully knowing what was happening.

“Nothing, just some back sores. That workout really did kick my butt” James said as he tried to laugh if off bas was wincing more in pain.

“Well if you’re that badly beaten up why don’t I give you a massage?” Noah offered.

“You’d do that?” James asked, as he grips his muscles more in slight pain.

“Yeah, I mean I do have some experience in massages way back”

James thought of it for a while before giving in. “Sure dude. I just want to sleep peacefully tonight”

Noah smiled and said “It’s the least I can do for the meal. Let’s take this to your bedroom, I think you’ll be more comfortable there”

“Yeah sure, follow me” James said, agreeing to Noah. They then went upstairs to the furthest room in the hallway. James opened the door and a queen-sized bed greeted them. After James opened the light in the room and closed the door behind them, he sat on the bed and began to ask Noah about the massage. “So, how do you want me?”

Noah flushed at the question, trying to ignore the innuendo that the question implied. He cleared his throat before saying anything else. “Do you have any oils or lotions around here? Also a towel, we don’t want to mess with your sheets now, do we?” he said in a joking manner

“Wait, let me check” James said as he stood up and went to the bathroom connected to the bedroom. While waiting Noah began looking around. At one side of the room was a dresser with a mirror that was filled with both James’ and James’ wife’s accessories. There were also two other doors in the room, one leading to a bathroom and the other, Noah assumed, to their closet. On the sides of the bed were two end tables; one with a lamp and the other has a picture frame standing on it.

James then went back to the room carrying a see-through bottle of what looks like oil and a neatly folded blue towel. “This is one of Eunice’s massage oils she uses on herself. I know she wouldn’t mind me using it”. He then gave the bottle to Noah and sat back down on the edge of the bed.

Noah thinks for a while before he said his first order. “Why don’t you strip down to your underwear while I set the towel on the bed?”

James just stood up before stripping himself of his clothes. It took all of Noah’s strength to stop himself from drooling or just staring at his neighbor. He just placed the towel horizontally in the middle of the bed, turned off the lights in the room, and turned on the lamb in the bedside table while waiting for his neighbor to finish.

Few seconds later, James was left with only his black boxer briefs that tightly clung to his cock and ass, leaving nothing to the imagination. James has some body hair on his muscled chest, which made Noah want him more. The lanky neighbor took his time admiring his neighbor’s abs, chest, and basically his whole body. Noah was slowly getting turned on.

Noah regained his composure and said “Lay down on your stomach on the towel”.

James obeyed and laid down on the towel, his back exposed to his neighbor. Noah then went on the bed and knelt beside James’ body. He began pouring oil on his neighbor’s back and started the massage. He started with the shoulder before proceeding to lower his hands where he felt actual knots that needed loosening. With every touch Noah made, James was groaning softly under him, enjoying the massage he was getting. Despite initially being a foreplay in Noah’s mind, the tech geek actually had experience in giving massages, making it actually enjoyable for James. Noah’s hands dutifully skipped James’ clothed butt and went for his legs. After the oil was spread throughout his neighbor’s back, Noah began to fully worship his back muscles. He began to straddle James’ body as he went back to worship his back muscles, effectively humping his cock on his neighbor’s clothed ass.

Once having his fill, Noah said “I’ll be removing your underwear now. They’re kind of getting in the way of the massage. That alright with you?”

“Mmmmm… yeah…. Whatever you say…..” Answered James in a drowsy, relaxed tone.

Noah went back to kneel beside James and slowly slid off the black boxers off of the hunky neighbor. Once it was all the way off, Noah was greeted with James’ bubble butt.

Before he continued the massage, he asked “Hey, mind if I take my clothes off? Just so I could work on your knots out comfortably”

James just nodded. With that, Noah went off the bed, took his clothes off, freeing his now fully erect cock from all restraints. Noah then went back to kneeling beside James, poured oil over the mounds of flesh, and began his work with them. He basically played with his neighbor’s ass as if they were balls of clay in his hands. James was now moaning in a more sexual manner. Noah added more oil to James’ body before spreading his cheeks, revealing his pink hole in the middle of the light forest of hair. He watched in satisfaction as the oil slowly drips inside James’ cheeks and meets with the pink hole of the hunk.

Noah was already rock hard and was struggling to keep himself under control. He decided to let the massage continue, and for his exploration of his crush’s body to also continue.

“I’m going to do your front side now James. Turn over” Noah whispered to James. He then watched his neighbor turn himself over at the towel to reveal his naked front side. Noah ate the sight of his neighbor’s body; the muscled pecs dusted with hair, the huge nipples, the hard abs he had, and, of course, the 6” semi-erect cock. James was really relaxed at this point. So relaxed that he was struggling to stay awake and keep his eyes open.

Noah generously poured oil on his hand before spreading it to his neighbor’s body. He began to spread the oil at his neighbors’ chest, earning him a moan as his fingers brushed over James’ nipples. He then slowly went to the stomach that was decorated with his abs, as if a mountain range stretching north to south. Noah was practically leaking by the time his hands was brushing along those muscle humps on his stomach. His eyes then met the equally aroused dick of his neighbor. Though still not fully erect, Noah had a plan to change that.

“James, you trust me right?”

“…Yeeaahhh…” James’ could barely form any words at this point in his relaxation.

“I’m about to do a special trick to make sure your body releases all your stress and strains, it’s okay for me to do that right?” Noah said as he slowly gripped his neighbor’s cock.

“…Sure…go aheaaaadd…” Came the slurred reply.

Noah then slowly pumped his neighbor’s dick, watching it closely as if he’s in a trance himself. He then slowly licked the head of it, causing James to moan louder than before. This made the dick finally fully hard, reaching its maximum length of 7.5’’. Noah slowly stroked it some more before fully sucking on it. He was then pumping his head up and down on the erection as his other hand was on James’ chest, playing with his nipple.

“Mmmmmm…. Yeaaahhhhhh” James could only moan in pleasure as if his sanity is slowly being milked out of him. After feeling like James was getting close. Noah removed his head from the erection. He then took the oil bottle and began to pour some on James’ boner. He began to spread the oil by stroking it, causing another moan from his neighbor.

“Hey James. I’m going to do the second part of that massage technique, it’s still okay for me to go on right?” Noah asked as he was stroking his zonked neighbor.

“Yeeeaaaaahhhh…. Pleeeaaaasseee….” Came his slurred reply which was almost incoherent to Noah.

Noah chuckled lightly and said “Okay then, just close your eyes and enjoy it”

James did as he was told and fully closed his eyes. Noah then knew it was time for the main event. Once the cock was properly oiled, Noah straddled his neighbor’s hips. The tech geek moaned lightly as the erection of his hunky crush was pressed against the crack of his own butt. He may not be as fit as his neighbor, but he wasn’t just some skinny twig, he had at least some flesh. Some of that flesh are, in fact, in his own bubble butt, though not as attractive as James’, he could still turn head if he wanted to.

Slowly, Noah raised himself and reached for the throbbing erecting under him. He moved his neighbor’s cock until the head was pressing against his hairless hole. Slowly, he sat back down causing the well-oiled dick to slip inside of him. Noah gasped at the intrusion and carefully pushed it in himself. He took a glance at James, whose eyes were still closed and was now breathing heavily.

It took some time, but Noah did it. His neighbor’s hard cock was fully inside him. He rocked his hips first to fully adjust himself to the length before raising himself up a bit and sitting again. He groaned at the same time as James was heard moaning under him. He continued this motion until he was fully adapted to the erection in him.

A few minutes later, he was already a moaning mess. With James’ dick going in and out of him, Noah was basically screaming every time he hits that particular spot in him. At one point, he even raised himself until only the tip was in him before sitting all the way down. he was basically in a frenzy with his lust. All the while James was also moaning beneath him, any sign of pain or strain disappeared in his body.

As it went on Noah felt that he wouldn’t last any longer. He leaned towards James’ ear while still fucking himself. He then whispered orders to James.

“Yeah… that’s it…. feel the stress and strain… melt away…. just give yourself release… when you feel it”

Noah was then suddenly jolted as he felt James thrust up into him. Maybe he took his words was too seriously and began to pump himself into the lanky neighbor. Noah can’t stop himself from moaning as the pleasure builds inside him.

It didn’t take long before James was pumping his load inside Noah, effectively filling him up. Noah was so lost in his pleasure that he didn’t notice that he came all over James and his body at the same time as James did. They were both breathing heavily and Noah tried his hardest to not let himself fall on James, but in the end he did. As he laid there he felt James’ cock slipping out of him and he could feel his neighbor’s cum slowly dripping from his hole.

After they caught their breaths, Noah whispered “It’s Showtime James” as a precaution with his neighbor. He felt the body underneath him go limp after he said that. Noah then slowly got himself up and to the bathroom connected to the bedroom to clean himself up. After that he took some tissue and wiped his cum from the muscled stomach of James.

As Noah was cleaning up after himself, his eyes landed on the frame that was on the other bedside table. It was a photo of James and Eunice on their wedding day. They both wore their brightest smiles that day as they gazed into each other. All of a sudden Noah’s stomach dropped. He felt so dirty all of a sudden. He sat on the floor beside the bed, as if contemplating. He then wore his clothes again, sat next to James and whispered his final orders.

“James, when I give you the signal to, you will count down from 10 and once you are finished you will wake up from this trance. You will get up, clean yourself, do your night time routine, and sleep. When you wake tomorrow, you will only remember that I gave you the best massage last night, then I went home, that’s it. You will not have any recollection of anything else that I have done tonight, you will only remember that you felt really relaxed because of the massage. Do you understand?”


With a sigh, he gave the signal to James to start counting down and ushered himself out. By the time James was moving about in his bedroom, Noah was already by his front door. Once he got in, he immediately went to his bedroom to lay down.

He began to question himself if it was the right thing to do. He can already tell that his conscience would be haunting him in his sleep. He just closed his eyes, and hoped for the best with a single tear of guilt falling from his eyes.

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