Chapter 5: Daylight

By MindManiac
published April 3, 2021
8006 words

Noah tries to fix his mistakes after being guilty by all that he did before one final twist makes it all better

The extremely late conclusion to this story.

Did it take too long? Yes. Is it too dramatic? Probably. Is the update long? Very.

Just realized that this will be the longest update/story I’ll ever post lol. This will have some heavy plot elements but will have a smutty scene at the end as a reward. After this I’ll start with some other stories from the same universe as this such as Noah’s coworkers etc. Feel free to suggest a story!

Also sorry if I overlooked some grammar errors

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Noah woke up with the sun shining on his face. He opened his eyes only to see that he wasn’t in his room. His eyes went around the unfamiliar room only to see a pile of clothes thrown on one corner. Noah lifted the blanket off of his body only to see himself wearing only his underwear and an unfamiliar shirt.

His eyes then widened in realization. Memories from the night before suddenly flashed before him. Images of James on top of him and him thrusting into him suddenly filled his mind.

“…Fuck me like you fuck your wife!”

Noah groaned at embarrassment at thought of how he acted the night before. Overthinking that James probably thinks of him as a guy that’s over the top during sex.

While thinking of James, Noah noticed that he’s alone on the bed. He decided to finally get up and pick up his pants. Getting up proved to be a hard task considering that he was still sore from the night before. The lanky man then walked towards his pants to pat around the pockets to feel for his phone. He then fished out said phone that flashed a bright ‘7:30 AM’ at him and that he has no new messages. Noah then got in the pants and stuffed his shirt from the night before on one of his back pockets.

Ready for his walk of shame, he slowly opened the bedroom door and creeped out of the room. Trying to silence his steps, Noah walked slowly down the hallway until he was by the stairs. As he was about to take his first step on the stairs, a delicious smell suddenly filled his nose. He went downstairs to follow the smell, only to end up in the kitchen. There he saw James cooking, with only his pajama pants and an apron on.

Noah was about to walk away when James suddenly turned to and flashed him a bright smile.

“Oh! Good morning Noah! Sit down for a bit. I’m cooking us breakfast.” The muscled man said as he continued cooking what seems to be as pancakes.

Dumbfounded, he slowly walked to the table and sat down on the chair he sat on the night before. He couldn’t help but admire his neighbor’s bare back that was in front of him. All the muscles flexing so slightly with every move he makes while cooking added with how the apron he’s wearing looks on him was enough to make Noah swoon over him all over again. The only thing that broke his own trance was the few scratches and marks on his back. With a frame as muscled as James’, it was a surprise to see that he could make those weak scratches leave marks on his back. Granted he was still embarrassed at how much of a wreck he was last night, so Noah just looked down in an attempt to keep his blushing face hidden.

Next thing he knew, James places two plates of pancakes on the table and sat across from him without taking off his apron.

“Breakfast!” James said with his disarming smile.

Noah cautiously picked up a fork and began eating. It was admittedly the best pancakes he ever had but he couldn’t really say much considering how embarrassed he still was. They just choose to enjoy the early morning silence while eating and sneakily taking glances at each other. The first to speak up was James after the two of them were almost through their meals.

“How’s your day so far?” he asked.

“G-great! My back kinda hurts but the pancakes sort of make for it” Noah replied awkwardly, with his voice slowly being quiet.

James gave a soft laugh before saying “Sorry about that then. I’ll go easy on you next time, I guess.”

Noah’s mind stopped at that statement, to focused on what he said. ‘Next time?’

He must have been making a strange face since James just laughed again before picking up their plates and placing them on the sink, starting to wash them.

It took a while for Noah to have his voice again, but he began to talk about the other thing that’s been bothering him.

“…About what I said last night about Eunice…” he started. James visibly flinched but didn’t say anything, he just kept quiet and continued cleaning up. Noah took this as a sign to continue.

“…I just… I just want to know what you meant by what you said. Did you already know about Eunice cheating on you?” Noah cautiously said to avoid triggering his neighbor.

James was silent for a few seconds before sighing loudly. He then said “…Yeah… I pretty much already knew.”

He just continued washing the plates as he spoke, “I honestly don’t know why though? I mean, we were so in love back in college. We both agreed that we’d only pursue the things we wanted if we had each other’s support. She wanted to be this corporate woman, I supported her. I wanted to start my own repair service, she supported me. We agreed to not have kids immediately after we got married. I adjusted as much as I could for her but then I found out that she and Aaron were having this… affair.”

He slowly turned off the faucet and began laying the plates to dry beside the sink. “Aaron was a common friend of ours. He was a year older than us, but we’d casually hang out with each other during college parties. Hell, he was even a guess at our marriage. I just saw him as this good friend, and maybe that was stupid considering the questionable looks he’d send to Eunice. Looking back, it was kinda obvious that something was up between them. Next thing I knew, I walked in on them laying on each other on our couch. They didn’t see me of course, and I acted well enough for them not to notice I saw them.”

He laughed bitterly before he continued while still looking away from me, “Our close friends always had this rumor of them messing around behind my back, but I didn’t think they’d be real. I only heard from another friend that those two have been at it even before our wedding. I do plan on confronting her about it, but I never could. She’s always away at some ‘business trip’ of sorts, which is probably some code word for ‘sex with Aaron Hill’. She never stays long enough for me to bring it up…”

All the while Noah is still conflicted on what he needs do next.

A short while of thinking and silence got him to a conclusion.

Noah slowly got up from the table and approached James on the sink. He called out to him as James was just finishing cleaning their plates.

James turned around and said “What’s up?” while showing a sad smile.

“It’s Showtime James.” Like the times before, James stood up straight and wore that familiar dazed expression, immediately dropping the gloomy expression he had.

“How do you feel?” asked Noah with a straight face.

“Calm, relaxed, empty, thoughtless”, came the same reply in James’ monotonous voice contrasting to his tone earlier which was close to breaking down.

Noah walked closer to James and began to embrace the non-moving body. His hands travelled to the muscled arms that carried him to bed last night before travelling to the muscled back. Through all this, James remained still, head looking forward and not budging a muscle. Noah’s hands the went to the apron string on James’ neck to carefully pull them up. He slowly slid off the top part of the apron until it was only draping over James’ waist, leaving his upper body exposed.

“She doesn’t deserve you but…” he whispers to himself, “… I don’t either… After all of this…”

Noah then leaned over to his chest and began to lick his nipples. With every suck and subtle bites he would do, James remained completely frozen in place even when his neighbor began moaning a little bit. With his arms still wrapped around the muscled neighbor, Noah was in utter bliss for a while before reminding himself of what he decided to do before. He slowly pulled away and looked at his neighbor before speaking.

“The next time I wake you up from this, you’ll forget that we had sex last night. As far as you could remember, you only invited me to dinner and you let me sleep here because it was too late, and it was okay to you that we slept on the same bed last night. Nothing weird happened last night, we just ate, talked for a while, and slept. Do you understand?”

“…Yes…” came the reply in the familiar tone.

“What we talked about regarding Eunice would still be intact, but you would only see this as a friendly interaction. Just you confiding in a friend you trust. Do you understand?”


Noah paused for a while before continuing. This was the harder part for him.

“Also, you’ll forget the order I gave you earlier that you had small romantic feelings for me. How you feel towards me will no longer be affected by that command. You’ll wake up from this with how you felt for me before I ordered you to have a crush on me and will treat me the way you did before. Understood?”

Came the same reply of “…Yes…”

With that out of the way, Noah decided to make his exit.

“Now, when I give you the signal, you’ll count back from ten and once you hit zero, you’ll wake up from this state. when you wake up, you’ll think that we just had breakfast and I decided to go home after, nothing weird about that. My other commands will also trigger once you wake up. Start counting now…”

Upon hearing the monotonous countdown begin from James’ mouth, Noah began to walk towards the door and leave. As he opened the door, he looked back at the hunk at the kitchen one last time before finally walking out of the predicament he set for himself.

As he was walking back home, Noah could only mutter “This is for the best. This is for the best. This is for the best…”

Noah tried to get James out of his mind for the rest of the day. He tried watching TV, taking a long warm bath, and even baking just to distract himself. The morning turned to the afternoon as he constantly tried to find new things to do. Even as a voice in his head tries to temp him on using the trigger on his hunky neighbor again, he tries hard to not fall for it. He knew he needed to distance himself from James before this whole thing blows in ways that he wouldn’t be able to handle. Just like what’s happening right now.

He was on his sofa trying to do some minor coding on his laptop for his job, again, in an attempt to not think of James. This went on for a couple of hours until he decided to take a short nap to relieve the headache that came from looking at a screen for too long. So, he laid on the sofa to get some shut eye. The lanky neighbor was laying there peacefully before being woken up by a sudden noise from outside. Noah slowly got up and peaked at the window behind the sofa to see that it was already dark out. He guessed that he didn’t feel that he was tired enough to sleep through the rest of the afternoon. The darkened street looked peaceful aside from the couple that was arguing about something on the lot next to his. It looked like it was Noah and… Eunice?

Noah watched as his neighbors began screaming at each other, or so it seems. Though their facial expressions show deep anger towards each other, they were visibly trying to lower their voice considering the public scandal that could ensue. It would definitely be weird for any of the other neighbors to see the “perfect couple” fighting it out in public. With his house being the closest to theirs, Noah could hear some muffled voices through the window, but he would not dare show his face through his curtains as it might just escalate whatever problem the Smiths had.

Next thing he knew, Eunice was throwing a huge bag in the passenger seat of what Noah could guess as her personal car. With one last yell at his husband, he got in her car and began to drive off. James on the other hand just waved her off before turning back towards his house.

Noah knew he needed to stay away from James for his own mental stability, but he wanted to at least get closure on what happened to them. The voice in his head was now loud as ever but with a different intent in mind. He wanted to at least be the good neighbor and check up on James. With his mind set, he got up from his sofa to walk out the door and head next door.

The walk next door took faster than it usually does. Maybe it’s just Noah wanting to see James again, but he knew there are more important things other than that right now.

As he stood in the front door, he raises his hand to knock but hesitates. ‘Is this even the right thing to do?’

Noah’s second guessing only lasted a few seconds before he decided to finally knock. This time, however, as his hand was about to hit the wood, the door opened to reveal his muscular neighbor. Both of them stood there in shock for a while before James broke the silence.

“Um… hey Noah. Was about to head over to your house but I guess you beat me to it.” James said in a tone less cheerful than what it usually is.

“Uh… hi. Mind if I come in?” Noah asked with uncertainty.

James only nodded and motioned him to come in. They both settled on the dining area to talk considering the mess that was the living room. A lot of things were on the floor, with the furniture themselves being unorganized. As a fight recently happened so it seems, Noah could see the tension in James’ body even as they were just walking to the dining table. Noah also noticed that they sat down right where they sat the night before. He quickly shook that idea for now considering the current situation.

“Could I get you anything to drink?” James said trying to be a bit cheerful as a host. Noah just shook his head while offering a small smile to the clearly struggling neighbor.

James only returned the smile before putting his head in his hands, arms resting on the table. “… am I right to assume you’re here to talk about… what happened with Eunice earlier?”. There was clear pain in his voice.

Noah took a deep breath before talking. “I just wanted to see if you’re okay. I normally wouldn’t involve myself with these sort of things but… this just seems too serious to just do nothing.”

The hunky neighbor slowly lifted his gaze to the lanky man in front of him. “Yeah… it was pretty bad. I was actually just about to head over to apologize for the ruckus we made… and maybe talk about it with you.”

His gaze turned downwards again before continuing, “Eunice came home earlier than expected, something about the conference being delayed for a few days or it being extended, I honestly can’t remember. I was ready to welcome her back as usual when I noticed this little mark on her neck when I hugged her. I knew it was a hickey and for some reason that was what pushed me over the edge.”

Noah could hear a noticeable change in James’ tone, as if he was stopping himself from fully breaking down. “I finally confessed that I knew about her affair with Aaron. Next thing I knew we were yelling and throwing things at each other. At some point, we weren’t even arguing about her affair anymore. We just started to argue about buried anger I guess; things we did in the two years we were married. I guess we aren’t that perfect of a couple huh?”. James gave off a small laugh laced with frustration.

Noah wanted to comfort his neighbor, but he didn’t know how, he was never good with these sort of interactions. He instead went with his gut, stood up from his side of the table, and went over to his neighbor. Though hesitant at first, he slowly wrapped his arms to his much larger friend and rubbed his hands on him as if to comfort him.

“It’s her lost, you know. I’m pretty sure you did all you can on your side of the marriage. I’m sure it was her that lacked the effort to see that…” Noah said quietly. This seemed to work as he felt James to relax a little bit at the gesture. They remained like this until James talked again.

Noah heard James whisper something to himself which caused him to flinch a little bit. “… And she wonders why I fell in love…”

Noah pulled back a little bit from the hug and looked at James as if to question what he meant. Without looking at him, James just laughed lightly.

“You know, one of the things she called me out on is that I’ve been distant recently, for the last few months to be specific. She said she was starting to notice that I’ve been eyeing someone other than her. She even argued that I was about to start cheating on her, which is a bullshit defense by the way since she was 2 years advanced for that.” The muscled neighbor then turned his face to the confused look on the lankier Noah.

Before Noah could question his neighbor, James suddenly pulled him in for a kiss. Noah stood there in shock before eventually closing his eyes and giving in to the sensation on his lips. As it went on, he felt muscular hands cupping his face as if encouraging him to give in deeper. The kiss reminded Noah of the previous kisses he stole from James, but it was… different. The kisses they shared before felt more controlled, more lust driven than anything. The one they were sharing now, however, was laced with emotion that Noah never felt before. Yes, there was a semblance of love in the ones before, but never this intense.

As he felt himself beginning to lose his breath, Noah gently pressed his hands on James’ shoulder to gently push him away. Upon feeling the calm force on his shoulders, James pulled back and opened his eyes that he didn’t realize he closed to begin with. They gazed at each other as if trying to process what just happened.

After a while, Noah was the first to talk. “W-w-what was that?” he asked, confused.

James showed a small smile before looking away bashfully. “Well… the thing is, I’ve been… falling for you for the past few months now. I guess I was too obvious that even Eunice noticed it…”

“W-what? You… you like… me?” Noah said, more confused than before.

James looked at him again before saying “Yes. I’ve liked you more than a friend for a while now Noah. All those times I asked for ingredients even when I just finished doing the groceries? All the times before when I ask you to come over? The times I’d ‘accidentally’ cook too much and would bring the extra food to you? Those were just excuses to see you… I was beginning to think that you already knew since Eunice was all up in my face earlier about that…”

The knobs in Noah’s mind seemed to freeze even more at the sudden confession that was given to him, if he could even call it that.

“Wait. Are you… are you sure about this? Do you really like me like that?” He asked, still unsure of everything that’s happened.

“Are you seriously doubting my feeling for you right now? I, James Smith, like you, Noah Matthews. Do I have to make it clearer?” James said in slight disbelief.

“I-um… I just… It’s Showtime James”

All the emotion that seemed to overflow from James’ face seemed to have disappeared as an emotionless face suddenly replaced it. Noah stood up straight beside James, who was still sitting on the chair but was now looking ahead. He didn’t know what came over him to have him use the trigger on James, but he did. It was like his conscience was guilting him into thinking that he actually hasn’t erased his earlier commands on his neighbor.

To test this theory out, he decided to ask James once and for all for the truth.

“James, can you hear me?”


“How do you feel?”

“Calm, relaxed, empty, thoughtless” came the usual response.

Noah took a deep breath before talking once more.

“What did you mean by what you said before? Do you really like me in a romantic aspect?”

“Yes” came the answer without any hesitation.

“And… this wasn’t because of the order I gave you before? You really felt like that even before the whole mind control glitch on my computer?”

“Yes, it was as early as the week you moved in”

For some reason, the response James were giving right now felt like he has no hesitation in answering the questions. As if it was truly James who was answering the questions.

Before he could do anything reckless, Noah walked away from the dining area and walked to the living room. There, he began to pace back and fort repeatedly, trying to absorb the new information given to him. On one hand, he was happy. He was over the moon to hear that his feelings were reciprocated by the man he thought was out of his league. He was happy to know that he actually does have a chance to be with James. On the other hand, he felt disgusted with himself. A voice in his head was saying that just because the feeling was apparently mutual, that doesn’t excuse all he did before to his neighbor. No matter how he tries to look at it, Noah was still guilty that he took advantage of his neighbor that was unsuspectingly hit by that computer error before.

A few minutes of nearly breaking down and deliberating with himself led him to the conclusion of finally coming clean to his neighbor. That if he were to actually be with James, he wanted to reveal everything that has happened for the past days.

He walked backed to the dining area to see James still sitting up straight and looking ahead, still with no emotions whatsoever. Noah went back to his side before speaking again.

“James… when I bring you out of this state, you will remember everything that I’ve asked you to forget in the past few days. Everything from the first time you saw the glitch on my computer, to the massage I gave you, and what happened last night. Everything will come back to you and you’ll also remember all the times I’ve put you in this relaxing state and all I’ve asked you to do. Do you understand?”


Noah was still second-guessing weather to wake up James or not even after that. He still wasn’t sure if this is what he wants, but he knew this was the right thing to do.

Taking one more deep breath, Noah spoke once more. “Count back from 3 and once you hit 0 you will wake up. Start counting now.”

A monotonous countdown then filled the silence as Noah’s heartbeat quickens its beat. He can’t help but feel nervous on how James would react to all of this. Best thing to happen would be him being only weirded out by all that happened in the past days. The worst case scenario, however, would be James beating him up in anger. And, in just pure size alone, Noah would be very lucky to survive after that.

James reached 0 and he shook his head as if to clear the fog that filled it earlier. A look of sudden realization hits him before turning to the lanky neighbor beside him with a blank look. James stood up and began to walk closer to Noah as he could only inch backward in fear of what will happen. Though Noah was taller by a few inches, the sheer panic in him made the muscular neighbor larger than life in his eyes. Holding his arms up as a form of slight defense, Noah closed his eyes, waiting for the punch that he knew was coming.

What he didn’t count on, however, is to be grabbed by James and be thrown gently on the dining table. He was about to push himself up until a firm hand pushed him to lay on the table and as a shadow covers him. He looked up and saw James leaning over close to his face with an unreadable expression before being engulfed in another passionate kiss. Being caught by surprise, he was unresponsive at first before slowly opening up to the kiss. James on the other hand was seemingly eager at the kiss and was constantly trying to push in deeper. Slowly, all the initial troubles that Noah had melted away as their kiss lasted from seconds into minutes.

Pulling away to catch his breath, James slowly got up while now giving a sultry grin to the man under him.

“D-does this mean it’s okay with you?” Noah asked, still with uncertainty.

“Hmm… I don’t know, maybe another round in the bed would seal the forgiveness” James laughed before going down for a quick peck on the lips.

“Honestly though, looking back, those nights with you were some of the hottest moments I could ever recall. Yeah, it is sort of weird how out of it I was in those times, but it was all hot as hell. You may have woken up something in me Noah. Hell, I don’t think any of my nights with Eunice could compare to that massage thing you did” Noah could only blush in embarrassment at the mention of the massage thing he did.

“W-wait let me get something straight-“

“I’m not, apparently” James interrupted Noah before laughing at his own comment. Noah only gave him a flustered smile. Both of them got up from their current position until they were both sitting in front of each other on top of the table.

“So… does this mean that… you really… like me?” Noah asked, looking down to hide his face which he was sure to be blushing.

James cupped Noah’s face and made him look at him and his calming smile.

“Yes, I really do like you. I guess that command you did about me having a crush on you just made it all too obvious to me. Maybe it even gave me the confidence to actually pursue you. So, thanks for that, I guess” James looked away for a little bit, looking a bit flustered himself.

“Well, I guess its time to make it official?” Noah said with a slightly suggestive tone from a confidence he got from that confirmation.

“Hmmm… maybe we can go at it again. But this time you better let me remember every detail of it. Got it?”

“I look forward to that, Mr. Muscles” Noah laughed at his own words until he saw James doing a double bicep pose with a smile on his face and no emotion on his eyes. ‘Crap, I guess I forgot about that trigger’

When the 10-second flexing time was up, James was suddenly moving again and he looked at Noah with suspicion.

“… you used the flexing trigger, didn’t you?” James asked in a accusing tone.

“Um…. Not on purpose-“

Noah was cut off when he suddenly realized that James was already standing on one side of the table as he was suddenly pulled to the edge of the table where James stood. He was immediately returned to a quick kiss before James pulled back.

“You definitely woke up something in me with that mind thingy you do Noah. I was fine with being the gentleman and carrying you back to the bedroom, but I don’t think I can hold back anymore.” James said with heavy breathing as his forehead was pressed against Noah’s. Staring into each other’s eyes, Noah got an idea right there.

“It’s Showtime James.”

The passion and the lust were suddenly drained from James’ face as his expression suddenly became a dazed one. Noah gently pushed James away so that he could properly see his expression while still sitting on the edge of the table.

“How are you feeling right now James?”

“Calm, relaxed, empty, thoughtless”

Noah smiled at the response. He was now a bit more confident with the trigger knowing that James was getting turned on by all of this. He then proceeded with his idea for the night.

“For the next hour, you will be extremely turned on by me and everything I do. Think about how you are feeling right now but dial it up to a hundred.” As he was saying this, Noah began to slowly caress James’ body sensually.

“You will be bursting with sexual frustration that you want to release immediately. With this however, you won’t be able to cum during our time together until I come first. You will have to satisfy me first but afterwards you will experience the biggest and most pleasurable orgasm you’ll ever have. Do you understand?”

“Yes…” Noah could hear a slight eagerness in James’ voice as he could also see his body shaking slight in excitement.

“Another thing, when you fuck me, the speed of your thrust would depend on an imaginary dial from 1 to 5, 1 being the slowest and the gentlest and with five being the fastest you could possibly go. The dial would only change whenever I say the any number from one to five but you wouldn’t notice it. You won’t hear me say any of the number and won’t notice the change in your thrust, you would think of it as you own choice. Do you understand?”

“Yes…” the excitement was now getting imminent in James’ voice.

“One last thing hot stuff. You won’t remember any of this when you wake up. You’ll remember that I returned you to this trance but that’s it, no recollection of any commands I give you. They’ll only come back to you once you’ve cummed. Understand?”


James laughed lightly before saying “I think we both want this already so… immediately wake up when you hear me snap my fingers.”

With a snap of his fingers, the light went back into James’ eyes before being replaced with the lust it had before, only this time it was more intense. James leaned in for another heated kiss with Noah while his hands eagerly caressed the lanky one’s body. Noah was so caught up in the kiss that he almost didn’t notice that James was gripping on his plain shirt’s collar and was beginning to rip it off from his body. He was about to pull away from the kiss to complain but he was still trapped in the kiss and could do nothing about it. There he was, on his neighbor’s table, kissing his hunky crush, with his shirt in shreds leaving him shirtless. He only got to breath when James pulled away from the kiss.

“So, you got me under again huh? What did you do this time? Made me incredibly hard for you? Made me more turned on the I already was?” James said seductively as continued to massage Noah’s body in his embrace.

“N-not telling you…” Noah managed to say in the middle of the whimpers he was giving.

James laughed and said “Oh? Bad move on your part I guess”. He then continued to massage Noah’s body with his hands as his lips occasionally dived in for a kiss on the exposed skin. He gently pushed Noah down so he was laying on the table as he began to feast on his body. His hands would travel all over Noah’s chest and stomach with his fingers paying special attention to the nipples. His lips also joined in, spreading a trail of kisses and hickeys. Noah, on the other hand, was flustered, but at the same time embarrassed. He wasn’t expecting the amount of attention his body would get from his neighbor. His hands would occasionally try to hide his upper body, but James would easily pull them aside.

James noticed this and said, “Don’t hide yourself like that”.

Noah, in the middle of his whimpers, managed to say “N-n-no, i-it’s-Ahhh embarrassing… Ahhhh”

James’ hands continued their work while James looked up to his new love and said “You could be skinnier or buffer than now, but I’ll still love you either way. I love you the way you are. I love your body the way it is. You deserve all the worship I’m giving you now”. Noah, meanwhile, could only respond with a moan but has now given up on covering himself up. James’ smiled at this and continued the trail of love his lips has been creating.

The muscular neighbor has reached Noah’s hips while his lips still continued leaving trails of kisses. He reaches out for the edges of the shorts and underwear Noah was wearing and pulled both down in one swift motion, leaving Noah completely naked on the table. Before he could even complain, however, James’ mouth quickly greeted Noah’s cock with a quick suck, leaving Noah moaning at the sudden contact.

Upon hearing his reaction, James pulled away and said, “Since you clearly enjoyed the last time I did this, might as well do it again right?”. He winked at Noah as he gave a sensual lick to the throbbing hard on on his hands before sucking it once more. Noah, on the other hand could only moan out loud as the skilled tongue of his neighbor took control of the sensitive spots on his erection. The pressure on his dick was feeling so good that he could only lean his head back to the table with his eyes closed and his hands gripping James’ hair.

“Aahhhhh-fuck, right there… Ahhhhh”

As his mouth was busy with the hard erection it was sucking on, James’ hands pulled away from Noah’s body as they began to pull down his own shorts and underwear until he’s only left with his shirt on. His mouth continued to play with Noah’s dick until Noah started to moan louder and thrust upwards. He felt that Noah was getting close to cumming. James then slowly slid off of his neighbor’s cock as his hand replaces it, stroking it in a teasing manner.

“We can’t have you cumming that fast now, can we?” James winked at Noah before giving another lick to the erection in his hands.

His tongue then traveled from Noah’s balls right to the valley of his butt. Starting with a few gentle kisses, James slowly escalated to a fully on sucking to Noah’s hole. Flashbacks of what they did in the previous nights played in James’ head, making him more eager and his tongue more active in its penetration of the hole. Noah could only squirm and moan as the skilled tongue dance with his insides and has his neighbor’s strong hands continue to grip his cock.

This went on for a while until Noah decided he had enough teasing.

“Ahhh- Damnit James-Aahhhh fuck… just fuck me already-Ahhhh”

James paused upon hearing that before giving the hole one last lick before standing up. He quickly took off his own shirt as he dove into Noah for one more kiss on the lips. With both of them naked, their hands wandered on each other’s bodies while the kiss lasted. James pulled away for away for a while to walk towards the sink and open the cabinet underneath it. Noah looked in curiosity to see James taking out a small bottle of lube from the cabinet.

“You…keep lube… in the kitchen?” Noah asked in the middle of catching his own breath.

James laughed and said, “Hey! A married man gets bored when left alone in the house you know?”.

He then poured some to his own cock and generously spread it all over. He was about to pour some on his fingers to stretch Noah some more but was interrupted when Noah suddenly yelled “No need for that, just fuck me already!”

James obliged. He recklessly threw the bottle of lube somewhere in the dining area and walked back to the table where Noah was waiting. He gripped Noah’s thighs and spread them wide before pushing them towards Noah’s upper body, leaving his hole up and exposed. James’ then slowly entered the tight hole that was coated in his own spit little by little, causing the lanky man underneath him to moan and squirm in the process.

“Ahhhhhhh… Fuuuuck”

It took a while before James was fully inside Noah, and a little more longer before he was adjusted to the length inside him.

“… One…”

That soft whisper Noah said gave James the signal to start, though he was not aware of it. He began to thrust sensually and slowly in to the hole of his neighbor, carefully spacing out the timing in between thrust.

Thrust… few seconds in… pull out… few seconds hold… thrust… repeat. This pace was maintained for a while, giving Noah ample time to fully take in the sensation he was feeling right now.

“You like that? I can go faster if you want?” James smirked at Noah, not knowing that his thrusts were not his own.

Noah just smiled before uttering another whisper. “… Two…”

All of a sudden, James adjusted his thrust to be a little bit quicker but still gentle and sensual. It was starting to get rougher but it was still not to the point of Noah losing himself in the moment.

Thrust… 1 second hold… Pull… 1 second hold… Thrust… repeat.

Tears were starting to gather in Noah’s eyes as the thrusts also became more accurate in hitting that spot inside him. James on the other hand was now more focused on his thrusts while one of his hands were now stroking Noah’s cock. The pleasure in him was starting to build but was still not enough to burst.

Noah was in a space of his own until he was suddenly pulled up by James. He was now being carried by James with his hands supporting his thighs and butt. Without pulling out, James moved their bodies until it was James who was sitting on the table and Noah was now sitting on his lap. With James hands resting on his hips and guiding his downward thrust, this new angle made the thrusts more accurate to Noah’s prostate making him moan louder than before.

“Fuck yeah James…. Ahhhhhh right there…. Ahhhh”

“Hehe, I knew you’d like this”


After Noah mentioned the higher number, James unconsciously started to pull Noah down his cock on a rougher pace. He began to use his superior strength in forcing Noah’s weaker body to fully sit down on his cock while also manipulating it to pull up more often.

Noah’s moans began to become more uncontrolled. It was as if he turned into a fleshlight in the hands of his handsome neighbor. All the while James was now worshiping his body with his lips through licks and kisses. He could feel himself cumming earlier that he anticipated. The rougher pace was definitely making it harder for him to last any longer. Noah knew he needed to think of a quick solution, or their fun would be over faster than he planned.

Then it hit him.

“M-m-Ahhhhh Mr. Muscles! AHhhhh” Noah almost couldn’t utter the trigger. But when he did, the hands on his hips were suddenly gone as James was now doing another double bicep pose partnered with the emotionless smile on his face.

Noah quickly but gently pulled himself off of the cock buried in him. He carefully stood up but almost fell as the feeling in his legs began to disappear. Once he managed to stand up, he slowly went to the countertop near the sink so have a short breather. Noah then began to question his own commands ‘If he’s already like that in 3, how much more in 4 and 5?’.

His rest short lived, however, when he was pinned down to the counter, with a hard cock suddenly entering him again. He could only moan in the surprise penetration that happened as muscular arms began to wrap themselves on his body again.

“You really had to use that flexing thing again, huh? Lucky for you, that just turned me on ever more.” The hot whisper of James on his ear just made Noah shiver more.

Noah wasn’t even mentally prepared yet when the thrusts began again. All the pleasure that he pulled away from earlier came rushing back in a faster pace than before. He could feel himself starting to go dumb on the intensity of the thrusts, so decided to turn up the notch to see how far James could go.

“Aaaaaahhhh…Ahhhh.. f-f-f-AHhhh… f-four! Ahhhhh”

The change was noticeable immediately. It was as if James began to do multiple thrusts per second and was barely pulling out.

James continued his violent thrusts as he began to leave kiss marks on Noah neck and back, while his left-hand spread Noah legs wider, and his other arm still wrapped on Noah’s body, leaving him completely in place. Noah’s eyes were starting to roll back as he felt his own erection slap against his stomach in sync with the thrusts. His mouth was beginning to remain open for the spilling moans and drools from how good he currently felt.

With the remaining clear thoughts he had, he only tried to utter one last word before he could lose himself.


When Noah thought James couldn’t go any faster, he was immediately proven wrong once he commanded the final level. James’ thrusts became borderline supernatural in Noah’s perspective, or at least what remained of it. Noah turned to complete and utter mush as the thrusts became more violent and rougher than everything he has experienced before. He couldn’t even utter a single coherent thought without being interrupted by the quick burst of pleasure that was being sent to his body. Noah was completely overwhelmed and was now limp in James’ arms, and he could only drool and moan at the feeling.

James, meanwhile, became an all-out fucking machine. He even surprised himself when his thrusts became so fast that it would seem like he was doing four thrusts per second. He was still holding Noah down while leaving kisses on his neck, but his focus was now more on the speed and roughness he was going. And seeing how Noah turned to a mess under him, just turned him on even more.

After a while, Noah could feel himself getting close. He was too overwhelmed by the final level of thrust that he wasn’t even able to utter a word that would make James slow down. Instead, he just fully melted in the muscular arms that held him as he felt himself start to cum untouched.


“Aaahhhh… then cum with me baby boy”

Noah’s mind went blank as he began to shoot out continuous loads onto the kitchen floor. He could only scream as the biggest orgasm of his life engulf his entire being, leaving him shaking and mind close to breaking. James, on the other hand, began to cum as well inside Noah once he felt Noah’s cum dribble down his thighs and on the floor. It was as if both of them were firing bullets from their cock as a symphony of their moans began to fill the space.

As he was cumming, James’ memories suddenly became clear. The memories of the orders Noah gave to him earlier suddenly came to him and somehow made him feel more aroused. It gave him a second wind of sorts as he began to thrust a few more times as he was cumming, leaving him and Noah on a few seconds on overstimulated high.

Burying himself completely in Noah, James then pulled the lanky neighbor up to his own body and began to make out with him once more.

It was perfect to the both of them. A perfect mix of sensuality and emotion in one fell swoop kiss.

They pulled away from each other’s kiss and rested their forehead on each other’s once more.

“T-that was… the best sex… I’ve ever had…” James whispered as he continued to hold on to his new lover.

“Y-y-you’re w-welcome…” Noah smiled weakly and muttered, still trying to recover from the intensity he experienced before.

“One question though…”


“What… what is up with that company security… thingy you have?”

“Calm, relaxed, empty, thoughtless. I am only a sex doll. Calm, relaxed, empty, thoughtless. I am only a sex doll. Calm, relaxed, empty, thoughtless. I am only a sex doll. Calm, relaxed, empty, thoughtless…”

A woman stares into a screen as she’s bent over a desk in a downtown office in the middle of the night. She continued her mantra without pause even as her clothes became disheveled, and her body was being played with.

“That’s right Eunice. Nothing but my completely obedient sex doll. Now with that James out of the picture, you can stay here full time as the slut you are. What do you say?”

“Calm, relaxed, empty, thoughtless. I am only a sex doll. Calm, relaxed, empty, thoughtless. I am only a sex doll…”

The man laughed as he spanked Eunice once again.

“That’s right, my little doll…”

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