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Some of the hottest stories in the 2nd half of 2020
Author Name Published
A lorry driver takes mind control of a (fomerly straight) biker and uses him for his own pleasure.
8/10/20 9:59 AM
A young swimmer visits a sports therapist and unwittingly becomes his slave. A commissioned story in two parts.
9/6/20 8:45 AM
Star World, the next big thing in virtual gaming. Using the powerful Mindgear console, players can enter a dream like state to experience an unparralele gaming experience.
5/13/21 6:24 AM
4292 words
Just another day for Nick and Brandon, two roommates who have suddenly started working as customer service representatives for their favorite sextoy company.
12/26/20 7:27 AM
A frat boy receives a curious gift of bearish beer from his secret Santa while home for the holidays.
12/23/20 9:57 PM
Jacob decided to hypnotize his uptight, religious jock roommate to make things more interesting in his boring Christian, all boys boarding school.
11/30/20 9:32 AM
9/26/20 10:03 PM
Jeramy (or is that Jake?) buys some new memories from an online site
8/2/20 12:50 PM
8/11/20 3:58 AM
5/4/21 9:02 PM
Have you ever cum buckets from being rimmed by your coworker, while slowly morphing into an irresistible, fuckable satyr? Well, neither had Seth, before today. A Christmas gift for someone who may or may not know who he is.
5/13/21 9:50 PM

Mind control

Some of the most hypnotic stories in the 2nd half of 2020
Author Name Published
2/8/21 6:40 PM
Ng5hvlo4 & others
8/1/20 10:37 AM
Dave convinces me to let him try out his new research on me. I wish he’d get off his laptop long enough to tell me what it is, though...
7/14/20 4:43 PM
Sawyer and Josh are just two average fratbros until Sawyer is abducted by a mind controller.
11/3/20 6:52 AM
10/25/20 3:20 PM
Razz TFs & others
Jack moves in with his gym buddy Cyrus just before a pandemic sweeps the world. He's in for a surprise once he learns what his roommate does for work, and how that might help him deal with his quarantine-induced blue balls.
11/8/20 9:27 AM
Ashton lets Thomas hypnotize him, but when it doesn’t work, Thomas insists that it worked perfectly
9/25/20 12:40 PM
7/27/20 11:45 AM
Matt Doyle is injured in the line of duty and has to see a physiotherapist for some highly personalized therapy
3/28/21 7:07 AM
Justice Boy is on a mission to find and rescue his friend and mentor, Captain Courage. But will the young sidekick have what it takes to resist the forces of darkness?
10/16/20 11:58 PM
2656 words
A man wakes, trapped, and struggles to resist a mysterious machine that seems intent on programming him into an obedient cockslave.
11/14/20 5:53 PM
Swizzington & others
Married couple Levi and Austin decide to hire a college student to help them out around the house.
8/18/20 9:17 PM

Wanking material

Some of the best wanking stories in the 2nd half of 2020
Author Name Published
5340 words
Mark receives a gift from Santa - two pieces of Himbo Gum. Anyone who chews it gets muscled up and dumbed down. Lucky for his roommate Ken, Mark is in the mood to share.
12/31/20 8:57 AM
17772 words
Eric is given a new device that he's told will help him stay in shape while the gym is closed during the incoming pandemic. That depends, of course, on your definition of "in shape".
10/11/20 9:05 PM
11/14/20 6:54 PM
Stuart and Gary have their days interrupted by a cock-growing disease spread by semen.
9/22/20 2:18 PM
Ng5hvlo4 & others
2/3/21 8:51 PM
After being offered an exclusive contract to film in the Paragon Porn post-pandemic "bubble," Domenic uses the 2-week quarantine to work through the online training manual.
12/8/20 3:09 PM
5/3/21 4:16 PM
4578 words
A man gets lost trying to take a shortcut. Thankfully, he finds a nice quiet bar to spend an hour or two. But he may not leave when he finds what type of ale they have on tap.
11/23/20 9:03 AM
Jordan, a fresh graduate from the police academy, is assigned to precinct 27, home of the officers tasked with keeping Pigtown under control.
9/1/20 4:34 AM
7/9/20 12:19 PM
Steve is bored at home and contemplating meeting up with a guy that isn't quite his type. Perhaps Rick can motivate Steve to adjust his narrow 'preferences'.
8/2/20 7:48 AM
Anthony has pledged a fraternity and must go on a weekend camping trip with one of the brothers.
9/8/20 12:27 PM


Some of the best written stories in the 2nd half of 2020
Author Name Published
Tyler Kingston is a hotshot jock at the University of Minnesota. With a killer smile, great body, and the king-of-the-world Alpha attitude to match, he thinks he's got what it takes to rule the school. Unfortunately for him, the handsome Chemistry professor from Hierarch Industries isn't going to tolerate his shit.
11/20/20 8:30 PM
When Dan explores hypnosis for the first time he's willing to play along with the idea of fake memories, but he doesn't realise just how much his new son wants him to change...
12/7/20 10:42 PM
Something weird was happening on campus, and Manny is determined to get to the bottom of it.
7/4/20 8:24 PM
7/18/20 8:52 AM
Kyle and I made a bet - we each picked an elective for the other, and whoever gets the higher mark wins.
10/19/20 6:03 AM
5377 words
The world's been ravaged by a virus that makes the infected obedient to the one that infected them. For those who've survived, it's no longer a big deal, but to those important enough to be spared before the Plague, getting infected is a perilous affair. Taylor and Chris are out scavenging when a fortunate turn of events brings them in contact with someone they don't expect.
9/22/20 9:01 AM
My roommate Jake took up demonology as his COVID-quarantine hobby. Now there’s an incubus loose somewhere in our apartment. Except… we can’t seem to find it? Well, whatever. Maybe our sexy OTHER roommate (who has *totally* been here all along) can help us!
10/9/20 9:35 AM
Long after the mists fell, the Night Guard, warped by its influence, watches over the tiny remnants of humanity left in Citadel. When Jacob undergoes changes he doesn't understand, there's only one person he can trust: Lyle, the Night Guard who rescued him from the mists one night.
7/1/20 9:01 PM
Graham plays a game of Billiards, not knowing the table has special powers.
12/27/20 7:54 AM
Noel, one of countless male humans is living in a world where 50% of all males will become a part of "the system". The modern society refers to these large underground structures as "Utopia". A world about which Noel will learn the truth. Nobody would date to leave the system, once integrated. Even if they could.
5/15/21 10:53 PM
4/2/21 7:07 AM
Danny suspects there’s a reality warper on the loose around U Street… because how else do you explain so many of the guys (from stock boy to stockbroker) suddenly developing AMAZING bubble butts?
10/7/20 5:01 PM


Some of the most inventive stories in the 2nd half of 2020
Author Name Published
After an incident using magic on his roommate, Zylan finds himself quickly tempted by an unfamiliar book of spells
7/6/20 8:16 AM
3987 words
Some stoner smut for those who asked for it. In this story, a young man receives the wrong order in the mail and ends up joining a like-minded online community of hedonists.
11/29/20 3:12 PM
After an argument with his gorgeous but lazy flatmate. Noah discovers a remarkable little book bound to make everything much more interesting.
10/20/20 1:28 PM
7/28/20 12:03 AM
After attending a Shakespeare in the Park show, a mortal runs afoul of the Fair folk and his closest friend seeks to help him.
7/12/20 3:25 PM
3433 words
Paul gets a mysterious knock on the door on Christmas eve, just as he's getting comfortable. He hasn't spoken to Bradley in years, but the second he opens the door the hunky rugby jock from college can't stop kissing him. What the hell?
12/24/20 9:48 PM
2214 words
Four men come to terms with the aftereffects of a divine battle.
9/14/20 5:10 AM
A mysterious barbershop opens up just in time to give some desperate guys the transformation they need to score big on Halloween.
11/13/20 6:04 PM
Brad's job keeps him away from home for weeks at a time. Can he and his partner make it work?
11/10/20 1:14 AM
8/25/20 8:01 PM
Sam notices a hole in his apartment wall during a particularly boring meeting over zoom and discovers something perfect inside.
8/26/20 7:12 AM
A new trend is sweeping the Gods; taking mortal lovers and turning them into their adoring, slutty, eternal pets! Every God wants a Ganymede of their very own, and with a little help from Diyonysus, the original has plans to make sure they get them.
8/15/20 10:07 AM