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Hello there. I'm Ethan White, otherwise known as Pup Echo. I've been writing erotica for a couple of years now, with a particular focus on mind control and transformation. Himbofication, dumbing down, and villains winning the day are some of my biggest turn ons, and of course, let's not forget pup play. I hope you enjoy reading the stories that I post here. I have some that I post to my blog, as well: [Ethan White @]( Apart from that, I also have a couple of ebooks available for purchase, which you can find here: [Ethan's Books]( If you enjoy my stories and want to support what I do, I have a patreon as well \[[kinkypupecho @ Patreon](\]! Patrons have access to my priority request queue, and those who pledge $3+ get to vote on a big story every month and view it a month before everyone else.
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Hi there! I'm open for story commissions! If you're interested, please click here to learn more! [Commission Information](
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