Adorandus - The Agency

By Martin -
published December 27, 2020
9366 words

Devin’s father casts out his son when he learns that he’s gay. Now Devin is homeless and lost all by himself. Out of desperation he turns to an agency called Adorandus. They are promising to take care of him. But this help comes with a price tag attached…

Author’s note: On Discord was a discussion whether it would be necessary for hypnosis or mind control to be nonconsensual and if it’s hot if the subject struggles against what’s happening to him.

For me, this struggle is everything that makes mind control hot and makes me hard. On the other hand, I love consensual stories and general happiness.

I’ve tried to put an interesting angle on the whole ‘mind control’ thing, what controlling someone’s will could actually mean so it’s consensual while clearly applying some outside influence. So this is my take on this premise. Enjoy and don’t forget to leave your comments!

Additional thanks to both Mind Labyrinth and PEN15LUVR, who were so kind to proof-read this story and fix a all those little mistakes I’ve made!

I was freezing. The heavy suitcase jolted around as I pulled it behind me along the icy walkway.

Everything was covered in snow and only a few cars were crawling through the slushy streets. Snowflakes slowly fell down from the sky, shrouding everything with a white sheet of silence.

Never had I felt so alone. What should I do now? My emotions were in turmoil and I couldn’t help but sob silently.

I couldn’t fathom what had just happened. I would never have expected my own dad to be so cruel. Not these days, these modern days, when being gay was deemed to be a normal part of society. I had no idea he’d be so backward, so inflexible, so god damn bigoted and hypocritical. I had always assumed that he wouldn’t have much of a problem when I would come out to him eventually.

But boy, had I been wrong! How could I have misjudged my old man that much, that gentle, caring, warm, loving father I thought him to be all my life?

The worst part was that he hadn’t even been shouting at me. He had just looked at me with that sad expression and he hadn’t said anything at all. Only the next morning, when I had come down to have breakfast with him, full of anxiety about what his reaction would be now after he had a whole night to sleep over this and to come to terms with my revelation, I had been confronted with the full reality.

This morning, he hadn’t been there to wish me a good day, he hadn’t been sitting at the table with a cup of hot coffee and he wasn’t reading the news on his pad as he usually did. In fact, he hadn’t been anywhere in the house. On the table, there was just a piece of paper.


I’m very sad about what you’ve told me yesterday. I just can’t accept having a fucking cock sucker and shit stabber living under my roof. I’ve hated those people all my life, their so-called “lifestyle” and their debauchery. The idea that my own flesh and blood has fallen to this level of degradation is unbearable to me.

So I can’t accept you living under my roof any longer. When I’m back this evening, I expect your keys to be left on the table. Take your belongings and leave my house. I never want to see or hear from you ever again.

I’m sure you can ask your so-called lovers to take care of you well enough from now on, so you won’t need me anyway!"

Now I walked through the cold city and wondered where I should stay for the night. Where would I live? I didn’t have any money besides the sad amount of credits left on my account. I had no one to turn to, at least no one I could trust or burden with my existence. Sure, there was Lucas, the sweet boy I’d had such a great time with the other day. Thinking about those wonderful hours we had spent together brought back some warmth into my frozen limbs. And especially into one specific limb, which started to swell just when I thought about Lucas, his touches, his smell, his gentleness…

But I’d never turn to him right now, especially since we had only known each other for a couple of days.

There was a wooden bench by the road, covered in snow, which I wiped away with a swipe of my arm. Uncomfortably, I sat on the bench and looked at the screen of my smartphone. 30% power left. Better put it to good use, no idea when I would have the chance to charge it again.

“Help”, “boy”, “gay”, “shelter”, and the name of this town.

Those were the words I typed into the search engine. There had to be something for guys like me, at least that was the faint hope left to me.

But first, I had to scroll through a whole shitload of smut links. Maybe including the word “gay” wasn’t such a good idea… But then this headline caught my eyes.

Adorandus - The agency for aspiring young man

Are you a healthy young man? Are you looking for a stable income and some security in your life? Have you arrived at a point in your life where you need to decide what to do with it?

We will help you find your way, and should you need it, we can even provide a new home for you. Contact us at…

With the limited set of options left to me, I didn’t have much choice but to check this out, no matter how shady it sounded. I couldn’t live on the streets, not during this time of year. I had to find some shelter, and soon. So I used some of the little credits I had left to buy the metro ticket to the agency’s address.

His eyes were very intense as he stared at me across the broad table. I felt very small and insecure. The walls of the office in this unassuming building were covered with photographs of young, very sexy men, presenting themselves in their best way. I had a very uneasy feeling about what I had gotten myself into.

Still, I told him everything about my situation. No point in pretending. He nodded at me understandingly.

“Boys like you come here often. It’s unbelievable how much intolerance, prejudice, and hypocrisy is still out there,” he said with his deep, gentle, and soothing voice. “We can help you, but you have to know that this comes with a price tag attached. Do you have any idea what this agency is for? Do you understand any Latin?”

I shook my head. I had never learned Latin, and I’m not good with languages anyway.

“I thought so,” said the man, who had introduced himself as Mr. Masterson. “If you have the chance, you might want to look up the name of this agency. Anyway, I’m not going to pretend or lie to you. This agency rents boys to men who are interested in, well, certain services.” He paused to see my reaction.

I swallowed hard. Not that I was really surprised, but to hear it spoken out clearly was something else entirely. But I was desperate, and whatever this would entail, it would only be a temporary solution for sure. The most important thing was that he had a place for me to stay…

“In return, we take care of our boys. You’ll not only have shelter, should you need it, but we also provide for you and give you 70% of all the money you make with your services. We want to be fair, but of course, we’re still a business. And this business is a harsh one, make no mistake. Do you think you’re up for it? You certainly look mature enough, but I’d have to see more of you to know if you’re really suited for this,” Mr. Masterson continued.

I just sat there, shaking and unable to speak.

“If you want this, you’re going to have to agree to show me your body, all of it, so I can make an assessment. If you can’t do that, you’re at the wrong place and I can’t help you,” he said.

Slowly I rose from the chair I was sitting in, shame, fear, desperation, and humiliation fighting a vicious battle in my mind. Awkwardly, I started to undress. Mr. Masterson watched me carefully, but he didn’t say a word and I couldn’t read his expression at all.

After a while, only my underwear was left. I looked at him, uncertain what I was expected to do. He just nodded expectantly. I understood that I had to go all the way. Swallowing down my pride and shame, I pulled down my underpants.

My rough pubic hair and my dick flopped out into freedom. This situation had a frighteningly stimulating effect on me, so I sported a semi which was even more embarrassing for me. My head felt like it was going to explode.

He nodded approvingly. He made a gesture to indicate that I had to turn around, which I did. I shivered, it wasn’t cold, but never before in my life had I been inspected in such a demeaning way.

“Ok, please turn around again,” he said. “Your body is certainly more than appropriate for this task. But what about your mind? Have you ever been with a man? What do you know about sex? Could you see yourself in this profession?” he asked.

“I… I don’t know. Well, yes, I have… slept with another boy… um… once… but… uh…”

“I see. Well, that’s something at least. Still, I don’t think you’re ready for this. You wouldn’t be much fun for our customers, for one, but more importantly, I don’t think this job would be healthy for your mind and soul,” he said sternly.

My heart sank. On one hand, I was relieved that this chance would pass me by, but now I was just as lost as before. I started to dress myself again, determined to leave without saying another word. Mr. Masterson watched me carefully as I got myself ready to leave his office.

When I was about to open the door, I heard his voice from behind. “But there could be a way, if you really want this.”

I turned around and looked back at him, unsure what to expect.

“Sit down again, if you want to hear this proposition,” he said and nodded towards the chair. So I sat down again, waiting for him to explain himself.

“We could protect your mind from any damage. We could also use the same technique to help you perform the services to our customers’ satisfaction.”

Mr. Masterson didn’t continue, so after some seconds, I had to ask, “How would you do this?”

“Well, there is a way to shield your personality and your mind, while at the same time altering it. Think of it like a kind of advanced hypnosis. The good thing is that you’d be freed of any inhibitions, shame, or any other burden, giving you the ability to perform in an optimal way. At the same time, your original personality would be kept untouched, untainted. So this kind of job wouldn’t have any adverse effect on you as a person,” Mr. Masterson explained calmly.

I stared at him wide-eyed and unbelieving.

“But like any kind of hypnosis, this only works if your mind is accepting. It has to be consensual. You have to want it. You have to open up your mind and allow it to be shielded but also altered.”

I still just sat there, unable to say anything. What the fuck? What was he even talking about? Hypnosis was just a hoax, everybody knew that. My mind was a mess of conflicting thoughts and emotions. But strangely enough, I found my dick straining against my pants…

After a while, Mr. Masterson continued, “Please allow me to invite you to stay for the night. Eat with us and meet the other boys, talk to them, find the right decision for yourself. Then we’ll talk tomorrow.” He touched a pad on his table and said “Marco, would you come to my office, please?”.

After a short while a beautiful man, hardly older than myself, with wild black hair and tanned skin entered the room. His dashing smile had my heart melting in a second.

“Yes, Mr. Masterson?” he said.

“This is Devin. He’ll be our guest for this night. I’ve told him everything there is to know about us. He hasn’t made any decision just yet. Just show him around, introduce him to the other boys and make sure he’s comfortable!” he ordered the young man.

I swallowed at these words. What did he mean by ‘make sure he’s comfortable’?

Mr. Masterson nodded at me, “Please just follow Marco. We’ll speak again tomorrow. Have a nice stay at our house!”

Never before had I felt so welcomed and appreciated in my life. The boys were mostly around my age, some of them were older, though, up into their late twenties maybe. But all of them were really handsome, if not flat out hot and sexy. Anyway, they were all extremely friendly and decent to me. Just like good friends. After the ice had been broken, I started to ask some questions, careful at first, to avoid hurting their feelings or to ask the wrong things, but the openness and frankness which they answered my questions with let me forget my reluctance soon enough.

They laughed a lot and talked about their experiences. It didn’t seem to matter to them at all that their profession was very intimate, sometimes even disgusting, and that it wasn’t seen as an acceptable job in this society. They made it sound so normal and even fun. Even when they were talking about less pleasant, and plainly awful events, it always seemed like they were talking about stuff that happened to another person and not to themselves. It felt a bit strange, but the boys seemed to be very happy and content with their jobs.

And I had to admit that many of their experiences excited me quite a bit. Now this is what a rich, all-out life as a gay man looks like, I thought. My dick kept leaking as I listened to what they did day in and day out. Did I want to experience that myself? Oh fuck, yes, I did! And to feel at home among this group of young men seemed to be so exciting and fulfilling that there was little doubt what my decision would look like.

I didn’t get much sleep that night, my heart was racing, my veins full of hormones, and my mind full of naughty pictures. Still, there was a lot of fear, insecurity, and doubt about my future life, too. I just couldn’t get my brain to slow down, but eventually, I must have fallen asleep anyway, because the next thing I knew, the handsome face of Marco was leaning closely over my own.

“Good morning, handsome! Time to get up and see Mr. Masterson! It’s decision time!” he said with that dashing smile of his. Oh, how I wanted to kiss him right that second!

But of course, I didn’t dare to do anything like that, so I got up and dressed. Marco lead me back into Mr. Masterson’s office. The gentle, older man nodded at me and pointed at the chair in front of his desk.

“So now, Devin, since you’ve spent some time with our boys, what do you say, could you imagine a life like this for yourself?” he asked, with his intense eyes.

This was it. A shiver ran down my back. This moment could change my life forever. And, as I had yet to learn, it would change my life so completely, I couldn’t even begin to guess how.

“Would I be free to leave whenever I want?” I asked. I just needed some kind of reassurance. “And this hypnosis thing, you won’t take away my free will, will you? I can still really decide what I want for myself?”

Mr. Masterson answered my second question first, “Do you think any of the boys you met last night are being forced to stay here? Of course you keep your free will in your free time. And you’re not a prisoner here, you can leave us anytime you want to,” he explained.

I’d keep my free will ‘in my free time’? I didn’t miss that peculiar way he had formulated his answer. And once again, I felt my dick pulsing in my pants. Somehow this turned me on a lot! The realization that I might be a bit perverted crept into my mind.

I have to admit that my hormones and my dick had a profound effect on my decision-making. I pushed all my fears and doubts aside and nodded slowly. “Yes, I think this could be the solution to my problems. I think I’ll try this, at least for now!” I had to add this small loophole, to assure myself that this was just an experiment, I could stop anytime I wanted.

“That’s great to hear,” said Mr. Masteron. “Then let’s proceed. Marco, you know what to do.”

Surprised, I looked at Marco, who just smiled at me gently. Was there a bit of a devious smirk in that smile of his now? He produced a pair of glasses with attached earphones out of nowhere. Then he approached me and mounted the device on my head. It was rather light-weight and I hardly felt it, while the closeness of Marco’s body, his faint scent, and the warmth emanating from him occupied most of my attention.

He flipped a switch and my surroundings went dark as the glasses blocked my sight entirely. Some strange patterns appeared in my view and I wondered what they were supposed to do. They couldn’t expect to hypnotize me with stupid patterns, could they? My ears were also covered by those headphones, but they didn’t block the sound of my environment entirely. I could hear as someone left the room and the door was closed.

I felt a strange heaviness in my brain, an uncertain kind of pressure, some kind of demand. It wasn’t pleasant at all, more a relentless force trying to get in. Instinctively I tried to keep it out, and shielded myself from whatever assault this was.

“Shhhh….” I heard a familiar voice whispering. “Relax, Devin… I’m here, to take care of you. You can relax, nothing bad will happen to you. Relax. Open up. Free your mind. Slowly breathe in… and out… Relax your mind… Let it happen… Breathe and smell…”

Marco. Even though I couldn’t see him, I felt his presence so close to me. His warm body. His familiar, enticing scent. His voice. His soothing voice. I started to relax. I had agreed to this, so I should let it happen. I had to let it happen, I didn’t want to end up on the streets again. The tension left my body and I fell deeper into the chair. My breath became slower and steadier. I kept listening to Marco’s voice, who kept whispering those nice, soothing words. I didn’t even register what he was saying anymore, just his voice and his closeness filled up my consciousness. I didn’t even register the patterns in my view changed, how they became faster and more chaotic.

It was like my mind was wrapped inside a soothing ball of cotton. That urgent pressure on my mind was still present, but somehow I didn’t mind it any longer. I had to relax, I had to open up, give up my resistance, that pressure wanted to get in, and I wanted to allow it to enter, to take over my mind, to fall down and let it have its way with me…

Eventually, I managed to relax enough and I finally opened up enough to let it in. It felt like a dam had broken. An intense warmth poured into my mind and flushed away everything. Warmth, and an overwhelming feeling of security filled me up to the brim. I bathed in it, I enjoyed this perfect comfort, let myself fall deeper, and allowed myself to drown in it. Part of me was still hearing Marco’s voice whispering something, but his words never reached my conscious mind. I was happy.

My unconscious mind, however, was wide open, in full attention, absorbing every single word like a sponge, accepting, learning, believing…

I had no idea how much time had passed. Had it been minutes or hours? Maybe even days? I opened my eyes but my vision was dazed and blurry. The first thing I could see was Marco’s handsome face. He smiled at me reassuringly, dashing as ever. I looked around and noticed that I was still sitting in Mr. Masterson’s office, on the same chair.

My vision got clearer and I gasped, as I realized that Marco was now completely naked. I couldn’t help but notice his amazing body, his perfect, tanned, and even skin. And his enticing scent was stronger than ever. Alarmed I looked down at myself, but I was relieved to see that I was still wearing my clothes as if nothing had happened. So why was Marco naked all of a sudden? What was going on? Did this hypno-thing work at all? I didn’t feel any different. All my insecurities and inhibitions were still there, as the uneasiness caused by Marco’s naked body this close to me proved well enough.

“Wh… what happened? Didn’t it work? Did I fail?” I asked with a shaking voice.

“Shhhh…,” Marco said soothingly, and immediately I felt at ease. “Everything is fine. Just follow me, I’ll show you your new workplace!”

My new workplace? So I’d be working with them now? But this preparation, whatever it was supposed to be, it hadn’t worked, I was not ready to work, not like this, not in this line of work…

“No, I’m not ready, I… I really can’t do this,” I said weakly, trying to protest, but he just dismissed my doubts with his usual smile.

“Come,” he said and pulled me up from the chair. “Everything is fine, you’ll see soon enough!”.

He dragged me out of the room, deeper into the building to an area which I hadn’t seen before. Then he opened a door and led me into a room. It was a strange room, filled with stuff I couldn’t place. Some of it looked like furniture, but more like something you’d see in a torture chamber. But there was also a comfortable bed, some benches, and some other strange appliances.

“This is your new workplace,” Marco said. I had a slight understanding of what was waiting for me here, and it didn’t make me any more comfortable at all. Before I could get accustomed to my surroundings, though, Mr. Masterson entered the room through another door. I was stunned, as he was naked too. Now I could see that he was way older than I had imagined, while his general figure was still slender and sportive, his skin was withered, wrinkly, and spotty. Not really ugly, but not attractive to me in the slightest. I’m not into old men! He had an impressive dick, though, even in its flaccid state, it looked like it was around 5 or 6 inches long.

“Hi, Devin. How do you feel, my boy?” he asked me. I couldn’t read his expression, I just saw his piercing eyes which seemed to look down deep, right into the center of my soul.

“I… I don’t know, sir, I feel a bit strange, but not much different than before,” I answered. “I’m not sure that this… procedure actually worked on me.”

I had a hard time not staring at Mr. Masterson’s junk. It was huge. Not that I thought that it looked particularly sexy, but it was just so big, the sack so wrinkly and stretched… I wondered how big it would get when it…

“Marco, please, give us the pleasure…,” Mr. Masterson said to the naked young boy who was still standing next to me.

“Yes, Master.”

I wondered, since when did Marco address Mr. Masterson as ‘Master’?

“Devin, you’re adorandus!”

Something exploded inside my mind. My train of thought was wiped away in an instant. My personality was altered, modified, perverted. The Devin I knew ceased to exist and was replaced by something… someone else. But it was still me, I still felt like myself, but totally different nonetheless. A new, searing hotness suddenly dominated my existence. An inner longing which I had no words to describe. At the same time, I felt restricted and burdened, I had trouble breathing… I had to… I had to get out… free myself… get rid…. get rid of everything that covered my body!

Like a madman I ripped the clothes off my body, not caring if I destroyed them in the process. Only when I was finally, completely uncovered, stripped of any burden, naked as nature had created me, could I finally catch my breath. Free, finally free! I looked down at myself and I liked what I could see. My dick stood hard and proud. I looked at my slender, well formed body and my mostly unblemished, pale skin, with a slight bit of hair here and there. I liked this body. I was proud of it. And I wanted other people … other men to like it, too. To cherish it. To touch it. To smell it. To enjoy it.

I shuddered. I realized I was so horny, so fucking horny, I felt like I was about to explode, I needed… yes, fuck, what did I need? I just knew that I needed something but I had no idea what it was.

I looked up and realized that I was not alone. There were two other men standing there. A young one and an old one. Two men. MEN. Everything in me craved to be of service to them. I didn’t care that one of them was old, his skin withered and wrinkly, while the other one was young and perfectly smooth. I just knew that I needed to be theirs, to serve them, to fulfill their needs and desires.

But I couldn’t move. Everything in me screamed to be allowed to touch them, to please them, to make them happy. But still, I couldn’t move. My body just stood there and shivered. A bead of precum started to glisten at the tip of my trembling dick.

The old man smiled at me, and I melted at that smile. I wanted him so much, I wanted to be his, every fiber of my body and mind wanted to please him, wanted to feel him, to smell him, to taste him, to be filled by him…

“Get down and suck my dick, boy!” I heard the order from the old man. Finally, I was allowed to be of service!

I fell on my knees (I hardly registered how warm and soft the floor was) and without any hesitation, I got to work. This was only the second time I had been this close to the dick of another man. The first had been Lucas’, and it had been my first and only experience with another guy so far. I smelled the old man’s dick which smelled so rich and deep, so full of experience, and I was so happy to be allowed to touch it, to smell it, to taste it, to swallow it, and to please it.

As I had been commanded to suck that dick, I didn’t bother with anything else, I just took the limp, uncut member into my mouth. I tried hard to avoid touching its skin with my teeth. I teased that small patch of skin peeking through the wrinkly foreskin. I sucked gently, revealing more of the tasty glans, and let my tongue play with it. I savored the strong taste, my nose was filled with the musky scent evaporating from the man’s pubic hair and balls. I was in heaven. I only knew this dick that I was caressing in my mouth, I only knew I had to please it, that I had to be of service to its owner.

It kept growing in my mouth, and each inch it gained in length and girth made me even prouder. It grew bigger and bigger, soon there wasn’t enough room in my mouth. I still didn’t want to let it go, so it grew deeper into my throat, and eventually, it touched my uvula. I simply couldn’t suppress the gag reflex so I started to retch. Right before I couldn’t take it anymore, I heard a familiar, soothing, whispering voice in my ears.

“Calm down. Just believe. Your body belongs to this man. Let him take your body. It is his to command. Make it obey! Make your throat submit to this dick!”

Suddenly the gag reflex vanished as if it had never existed. My throat got numb as it went into total submission. I had to obey the dick, submit to it, simply exist to be of service to it. I felt the man’s dick push deeper down my throat, rubbing along my uvula, which didn’t protest anymore but simply gave in to the superior power of the dick.

I couldn’t breathe, but it didn’t matter. I was content. I was happy. My throat massaged the dick’s head and my tongue moved along its shaft. I was filled up with dick, it was the center of my existence.

Something grabbed my head and pushed me away. The dick almost slipped out of my mouth but then it was rammed back in. I was getting fucked. My head was fucked hard, and relentlessly, by this huge dick. My mouth was now merely a hole, a hole to be used, to be rocked hard, to give pleasure. Faster and harder the dick slammed into me, each time deep down my gullet, which accepted that huge dong without any complaint or discomfort. My lips, my tongue, and my throat did everything to please and stimulate it as much as possible. My jaw ached, but that pain was just another stimulation for the pleasure and reward center in my brain. The fucking became faster and faster, I lost track of time. I hoped it would go on forever. But eventually, it stopped.

The dick was pulled out of my mouth and left me with a painful void and unfulfilled longing. But I just kept kneeling there, my mouth still opened up wide, my face wet with my own spit and the man’s precum. My eyes desperately followed his wet dick that had filled me up just moments ago.

“That was ok, I guess. Now let’s see if you can use your tongue in different ways, too,” the owner of the dick said. I knew I should remember that man’s name, but it wasn’t really important, he was a man, masculine, hot, needing to be served, that was all I needed to know.

The man moved over to a bench and got down on it, his backside up into the air, the dark hairy ass-cheeks opened up widely, allowing a clear view down at that big black hole in the center, covered by a huge amount of fur.

“Eat out my hole, boy!” the man ordered.

Eager to follow his orders I got up from my kneeling position and approached him. Suddenly, I struggled. I needed to follow that order, there was no questioning it. And that asshole also looked really appealing. But there was another part of me that was revolted by that idea. Lick someone’s asshole? What would it taste like? What if it’s not clean?

With each step towards his ass, the struggle in my mind became stronger. I shuddered as I started to sense its odor. His asshole exuded such a strong scent that I could even smell it from 5 feet away. It was not completely unfamiliar, having just smelled and tasted the man’s dick and pubic hair, but it was so much stronger, way muskier, and heavier. It didn’t stink, though, not like I’d expected an ass would stink, but the smell was still mind-numbing. I hesitated, but I couldn’t ignore his order. So I went forward, my eyes fixated on that black, furry hole. With each step, the funky smell got more intense. I knelt down again, my face now mere inches away from that center of masculinity. The scent was incredibly hot and attractive, but at the same time repulsive and disgusting. My body shook heavily as I forced my tongue out as far as I could. I did everything to overcome my aversion and tried to touch his ass with my tongue, but I just couldn’t do it. I was shivering in desperation…

“Close your eyes! Let that scent take over. Inhale the musk! Let it fill you up! It’s the pinnacle of man. You crave it. You need to be as close to it as possible. You need to bathe in it. You need to taste it. It is all yours to take!”

I was so glad that the familiar whispering voice was helping me again. I closed my eyes, forgot what I had seen, I banished all thoughts from my mind… I just breathed in deeply through my nose, and experienced that incredible odor, that scent, and let it fill my mind. My dick was dripping like mad, and suddenly all I wanted was to get as close to the source of this scent as possible. Without any hesitation, I moved ahead and buried my face deep right between those warm mounds. Warmth engulfed my face, very hairy, slightly wet, and full of that exhilarating odor.

I needed to get closer to this scent, I needed to explore it, so my tongue started to move around. The amount of hair made it difficult, but eventually, my tongue found his wrinkly hole. I shuddered. The hole shuddered, as well. I breathed deeply, this was like a drug, I was high on musk. Then my tongue started to drill into that hole. I explored the pucker’s skin, tried to spread it, dive in as far as I could.

Despite my previous fears, I didn’t taste much at all. My tongue only sensed the delicate texture while my nose kept reveling in that exquisite scent. I remembered what I was supposed to do, this wasn’t about my pleasure, my task was to give pleasure to this man and his hole. So I went to work.

I spread his cheeks with both my hands, opening up the mound in their center as much as possible, and then I started to massage the hairy skin around it with my tongue. I circled it, teased the wrinkly skin, entered it, played with the hole, licked it, and sucked at it. Then I scrubbed the coarse surface of my tongue along the hole and its surrounding skin. Loud moans confirmed that I was doing it right.

I loved every second of it! I knew that this was by far the best experience I had ever had in my entire life. I couldn’t get enough of that ass, even when my jaw started to ache, I didn’t want to stop. I couldn’t remember why I had ever been repulsed by a man’s ass, now that I had found my true purpose as an ass-licker.

“Now, just to see if you’re fit for this, too, use your dick to pound my ass!” I heard the man’s order.

Reluctantly, I let go of his ass and got back up on my feet. As inviting as this ass was, and as much I had always craved to fuck an ass, I was disappointed, because nothing could come close to the experience of eating out an ass, not even fucking it. But I had to follow the order I was given.

I used my own spit together with all the precum on the tip of my rock hard dick to lubricate it. His hole was well prepared by my tongue anyway. Without any hesitation, I got into position and shoved my dick into that black hole. It went in with no trouble whatsoever. His hole obviously had seen a lot of action and welcomed my dick with ease. I started to fuck with regular moves, I liked the feeling around my dick, but I felt a bit out of place. Like I was doing something I was not really entitled to do. Anyway, since this was what I was ordered to do, I did my best to make this man happy.

“Faster, deeper, harder!”

So I did. I pounded that ass as hard as I could. It was a bit mechanical, as I didn’t feel much myself. I’d rather have been in the position of this man whose ass I was pounding right now. But I tried to deliver and fulfill my task.

“Ok, that’s enough, boy. Stop this and lie down in that sling over there!”

My eyes followed where his finger pointed and I saw a contraption that was hanging from the ceiling. I pulled my dick out of the man’s sloppy hole and walked towards the sling. A bit unsure what to with it, I tried my best to mount it, but it was more difficult than I imagined. The younger man (what was his name again?) helped me, and eventually, I was properly seated in the device. Both my legs were fastened and spread apart, my asshole open wide and available. I shivered expectantly. This was a position I really enjoyed. My dick was leaking like a fountain once again.

Full of eager expectation, I waited for what was going to happen now. But the old man just stood there watching me, like he was expecting me to do something. I wondered what it was I was supposed to do…

“Use your hands to spread your ass-cheeks. Play with your hole. Entice your audience. Open up your hole. Prepare it. Make yourself as available and fuckable as possible!”

I didn’t hesitate and did what I was told. I started to play with my asshole, but it was too dry. It hurt when I tried to enter it with my finger. So I used the ample amount of precum my dick produced to lubricate my fingers. That made it easier. I added some spit to the mix, and finally, my finger penetrated my own hole. It was an unfamiliar, strange sensation, not unpleasant, but so new and yet very promising. My finger went in and out, as deep as it could in my current position. I moistened my fingers even more and added a second finger. Oouuugggh…. yes. I could get used to this feeling!

I looked up at the man and saw that he was watching me intensely, eyeing my asshole and what I was doing with it. Oh yes, the feeling of being watched like this, the way my body was obviously exciting this man, that I could tease him with my hole, was really… exhilarating! I felt so… I struggled to find the right word… slutty! Yes, I was slutty. A slutty faggot bitch who wanted his hole to attract men, so it would get filled up! My blood was pumping through my body, I felt like I was in heat, my cheeks were hot and I bit lasciviously on my lower lip. I fell into my role as if I had done this a thousand times before. This was my role!

Three of my fingers were now fucking my own hole. I moaned and looked invitingly at the man. I needed his dick, now! I stopped finger-fucking myself. Instead, I spread my hole as wide as I could. Please shove your dick into me now!

The man slowly approached me. He spat into his hand and started to stroke his enormous dick. Fuck, was that thing huge. I shivered. I remembered all too well how it had penetrated my throat before, and now I would feel it in my guts. I couldn’t wait. But I was also afraid that I might not be able to take it…

And then the man was over me. I felt his hairy body’s heat and his scent filled me once again. I was overwhelmed by his presence as he was standing there, looking down at me, his dick ready to fuck me to high heavens. And then it happened. I felt a blunt force at my hole. I had thought that I had spread it wide enough before, but boy, was I wrong! It was way bigger than I could even begin to imagine. My hole turned into a source of searing pain and I couldn’t help but whimper. My fingers didn’t stop spreading my ass-cheeks, though, and I didn’t flinch a millimeter, after all my only purpose was to be used, no matter the pain. However, my hole just wasn’t big enough, that enormous dick just wouldn’t fit… I was desperate, so close to my goal, but now I was failing…

“Relax your ass… Remove it from your consciousness… you’re just a hole… open up your ass… open up your mind… open up your body… open up totally… let yourself be taken… your body belongs to that dick… everything you are exists just for this dick alone… open up and let it take you!”

The familiar whisper entered deeply into my mind. It seeped through my very being. I relaxed. My body relaxed. My mind relaxed. I opened up. I wanted to receive. I wanted to be filled. I was simply a shell for this dick. I felt how my muscles relaxed, how my hole gave in to his dick. How it welcomed being stretched, being invaded by that huge, hot rod of meat. And then it simply happened. A barrier broke and my stretched ass wrapped around that prick’s head. The pain was still there, but I only felt total contentment and submission. I had done it. My hole was useful after all, my body and my mind had finally found their purpose.

I groaned as the dick slipped into me deeper and deeper. There was no end to its length. I was sure it must have filled my whole body by now. But even as I thought it was about to bump at my throat from the inside, it went deeper and deeper still. I stared at the man above me, whose dick was now inside of me. The feeling of belonging to him was overwhelming. I was taken, taken into his possession, finally…

I craved for him to kiss me, take possession of my mouth, too… but instead he gripped my throat. My head fell back down and I felt at total mercy to this man. My dick surged as another wave of pleasure hit my body. I huffed as he started to slowly move his dick in and out of my ass, as he used my body as the source for his pleasure. I was his to play with! I was his toy.

My eyes saw another pair of balls together with a hard dick approaching me. They were upside down, as was the whole world from my current point of view. Instinctively I opened my mouth, and that dick promptly entered it. I realized that It was way harder to avoid scraping its skin with my teeth now, since I had much less control, but I still managed. I wrapped my lips around that new, much smaller, but not any less tasty dick. It tasted fresher, younger, it felt smoother, and even more eager. I was filled with cock from both ends. I was complete.

I felt my own dick twitching as I heard the whisper “this is your life. Please dicks. Please men. Be filled up. Fill up. Be of use. Be enjoyed. Make men happy.” And I agreed. There couldn’t be anything more pleasing to me than this.

I was fucked from both ends now, slowly at first, but then faster and faster. Almost in sync, they hammered into my holes. My hips and my head were held tightly, the dicks slipping in and out, in and out. The younger dick moved down my throat and I felt how it was squeezed between it and those choking hands around my neck. I tried to sync my breathing with that dick fucking my mouth, but I was only able to get in a little air each time. I got a bit light-headed and my vision blurred as tears of joy filled my eyes. Never had I been so happy, so content, so useful in all my life. Being able to please two men at the same time, to be their fucktoy, to be at their mercy…

“Wait until the right moment, then spill all of your essence!”

Right when I heard that whisper, a hot, intense pressure started to build up in my loins. In addition to that amazing feeling in my throat and my ass, this third center of pure pleasure was almost too much for my mind to take. Everything around me vanished in the searing heat of hotness, of gayness, of pleasure, of the lack of air, and the desperate need to give everything, to spill my essence. The pressure got stronger and stronger, the need for air more desperate, the whole experience was intense to the point I thought I couldn’t bear it any longer….the dicks went in and out faster and faster, I heard loud moaning voices, the grip on my throat got harder and unsteadier…

And then the world exploded. All three of us gave everything we had. While I was filled with delicious man nectar in both of my ends, my own hot seed shot into the air and splashed back down on my own body. I kept pumping and pumping like all my essence had to be expelled out of my body. It just didn’t stop. Each new spasm that shook my body was accompanied by another most excellent surge of pleasure. None of my previous pathetic, juvenile attempts to pleasure myself were able to prepare me for this experience, and even my first sexual encounter with Lucas totally paled in comparison.

Eventually, the spasms subsided and my throat was released. The dick in my mouth was pulled out and I gasped for air. After I was able to catch my breath, I simply laid there motionless, exhausted, and totally spent. The other man’s huge dick was still buried deep inside my ass. My mouth was full of tasty man spunk and the younger cock was now smearing spit and spunk all across my face.

I looked up at the hairy man hovering over me. Mr. Masterson. Yes, that was his name, I remembered it now. He was my Master. I belonged to him. He smiled at me.

“You did well. Welcome to our agency. You’ll be a great addition to my boys,” he said. I was so proud. Never had I felt such an intense feeling of belonging.

Then he pulled his dick, which had become much softer now, out of my ass. Plop. My hole felt so empty now, I felt cum leaking out of it, but I was too spent to mind. My own dick didn’t get soft at all, though, even after this mind-blowing orgasm, and even though my body ached and I was completely exhausted, I was just as horny as ever. I wouldn’t mind getting used again right away. In fact, I really needed it. The feeling of emptiness and uselessness was already becoming unbearably uncomfortable.

“Ok, you’re ready. Clean yourself up and get ready for work. You still have the rest of the day before you. Marco will show you everything you need to know. Have fun, boys,” Master said and then he left.

“Get up,” said the younger voice, which I now realized belonged to Marco. It was the same voice that had been whispering to me throughout that experience. I did as I was told, and Marco continued to show me around the facility, how to clean myself up, everything I had to know about the various devices and furniture pieces, where and how to prepare my body, and what else I needed to know to fulfill my purpose.

I listened to every word he said, eager to learn everything that would help me to be of use. That whole time, Marco’s presence kept me on the edge, I remembered his dick in my throat all too well, his taste, and the way he used me. I wished he’d use me again, right here, right now. But it wasn’t my place to ask for this, I had to do what I was ordered to. So I simply listened and learned.

“That’s it,” Marco said eventually, “you know everything there is to know. You still have a couple of hours of work ahead of you.” A surge of happiness and eagerness flooded me as he said this. “For your first day, you’ll just be an addition for an ongoing orgy. Just give your best and look at what the other boys are doing. I’m sure you’ll do well enough!”

I didn’t worry at all. I knew I was going to do everything to please the men at that orgy. Those other boys would soon learn that here was some serious competition to be reckoned with!

The rest of the day was filled with total debauchery and happiness. Never could I have dreamed of a better way to live. Around 30 men were present at that orgy, and I was a welcomed addition to the five boys who had already been there to entertain those men. Since I was the latest attraction, not only to the orgy but to the whole agency as well, every man wanted to get a piece of me and my holes.

I was ordered, used, filled up, spanked, debased, and humiliated over and over again. I loved and enjoyed every second, my dick was hard all the time and I kept leaking like mad. Some of the men wanted to taste my dick, and I was too happy to oblige, of course. Sometimes I even had to fuck some ass, but despite my horniness, that fire and pressure in my loins I had felt before never returned, and thus I never had any need to cum. I was happy just like that, being of use was way more satisfying than a mere ejaculation could ever be. The same seemed to be true for the other boys as well, as none of them ever spilled any of their semen nor were they asked to do so.

Eventually, a loud audible signal was drowning all the moans and other noises in the room. Those men who were just lying around, spent and tired, got up and left the room through the back doors. Others, who were still fucking or were otherwise engaged, came to an end and left, too. Eventually, only us agency boys remained in the room. I looked around. I knew all of them from the night before when we had spent that nice evening together. I saw them all in a very different light right now. We were all covered in sweat, spunk, spit, and more. But we were all smiling happily. I felt closer to them than to anybody else in my whole life. But none of us said a single word, and we silently got up and cleaned our bodies as thoroughly as possible.

While I was showering, I heard a voice over the speaker, “adorandus, you’ve fulfilled your duty for today!”. As I heard these words, it felt like the shower suddenly turned ice cold. Devin, the original Devin, my unaltered personality, which had been pushed aside for all those hours, reemerged. I gasped as I came to my senses. My knees suddenly became like jelly and I had to lean against the back of the shower.

Everything that had happened, everything I had felt, everything I had experienced, all of my thoughts during that time were still very present in my mind and memory. This was just such a strange feeling, becoming aware of all of that. I wondered how I could have done all that. I listened carefully to my own internal dialog. Had I been forced somehow, had they stripped me of my own will, had they somehow forced my body to do things against my will?

I let the warm water spill over my head as I tried hard to come to terms with myself and the situation I was in. Thinking back to what I had felt before, I had to admit to myself, that in fact I hadn’t been forced to do anything. It had always been me. It had been my free will. Just my priorities and my desires had been shifted, altered somehow, so that serving those men suddenly had become the utmost goal in my life.

But even though it had been my own will that remained in control all the time, I wondered if manipulating it to crave something I wouldn’t normally crave, if that was any different than forcing somebody to do something against their will?

But what is that thing we call our “free will” anyway? Change a person’s goals and desires, and you control that person entirely. And doesn’t that happen all the time throughout our lives?

Now, did I despise what had happened to me? I looked down at my body. My dick had gone soft by now, for the first time since all this started this morning. Thinking back upon the day, I couldn’t remember having had such a great time ever in my life before. Never had I been this happy, this content, never had I felt this useful in my life. Did I want this to happen again? Oh yes. Of course. Nothing in the world could stop me from staying with the agency. I had found my purpose and my place in life.

I smiled as I felt my dick growing slightly again. I was looking forward to the adventures and the experiences that lay ahead of me. I knew that they would be just as hot and exhilarating as what had happened today.

Thank you for reading this! I hope it was just as intense for you reading it as it was for me writing it

If you liked it, please leave a comment. The story could stand by itself, but I also have some more ideas for future chapters. No promises, but if you’d like to read more about Devin and the Adorandus agency, please let me know!

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