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Author Title Published
Matt Doyle is injured in the line of duty and has to see a physiotherapist for some highly personalized therapy
11/6/21, 7:19 AM
Each year, the male youth compete with one another to become knights, but being a knight can be so much more fulfilling than they realize.
6/3/21, 11:26 AM
Summer's a great time to spend some time at the cottage
5/29/21, 4:51 PM
Gavin invites his therapist to have Christmas dinner with him and his father. Who's for dessert?
12/25/20, 11:57 AM
Austin's loving husband, Chris, is jealous over how much attention Austin is paying to one of his new professors.
11/29/20, 7:00 PM
Steve is bored at home and contemplating meeting up with a guy that isn't quite his type. Perhaps Rick can motivate Steve to adjust his narrow 'preferences'.
8/2/20, 7:48 AM
5240 words
A police officer gets called to a former rehab patient’s home, only to get a little “rehabilitation” himself.
6/23/20, 4:26 AM
5/22/20, 5:34 AM
10/5/19, 11:23 AM
4281 words
A young gay couple invite their youth group counsellor over for a visit
5/5/18, 5:32 AM