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Heya there! Just call me Prince! It’s just easier on everyone. Plus, it’s a neat name. I picked it because I like the aesthetic and alliteration. Really that simple. As for why I use Buff Pink Steven as my profile picture, why not? It’s super hot and probably drew you to this page! Ahahahahahahahahaha! The crown over here used to be it as it does fit my aesthetic better but, I mean, it ain’t exactly Buff Pink Steven, now is it?

I have a Patreon and that is where I post most of my stuff. It’s mostly short captions focusing on the alterations of guys, which this site likes from what I can gather. I do pretty much all kinds of transformations as I don’t stick to just one kind but as for what my specialties wound up being (i.e. what others didn’t write enough of and what got people to pledge my Patreon) are female to male and adult to kid (they like kid to adult a lot too but I know what gets more likes lol).

So, check it out. Or don’t. I’d like you to but you’re an adult. While I do like giving orders and stuff, I don’t like forcing people to do things they don’t want to. FYI, stories on my Patreon are just time locked to two weeks for patrons. Just scroll down there and you can enjoy most of my work. All other posts that are locked aren’t stories but polls or notices or stuff, so don’t worry about it.

Have fun, I guess.

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