A well-meaning weirdo with autism. I'm into hypnosis, magic, wardrobe malfunction, small cocks, light bara, humiliation, horny comedy, etc. If you like my stories, please say something nice in the form of the comment section. My interests are... Unconventional... Meaning, I tend to favor story development and kinky humor and humiliation rather than put too much solid focus on suck and fuck. Instead of putting my energy towards almost constant – albeit monotonous – raunchy sex, muscle growth, cum fountaining, twink/jock changes, and so on, my writing tends to go for using different ideas for scenarios to portray what I really want to see from a comedy sex movie rather than hardcore porn. That said, it’s not like I’m anti-sex; far from it! I just feel there can be so much more to creative writing than what’s the quickest way to a giant cock bursting with homo-infecting semen to convert hetero men into drooling fags. I know I sound opinionated, but that’s honestly what I see a lot for the most part. So indeed, I incorporate slutty sex elements with ideas I try to make unique or highly appealing.
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