Series written by

Jack Parker

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Author Title Published
The Sequel to Donnie Vs. Superboy, we catch up with what Tim Drake has been doing to find his best friend...
Young Clark is in college and has a problem he can't find away around. He goes home to Smallville for the weekend and finds out a solution he didn't imagine.
13518 words
When Jon and Damian don't return from a patrol, Tim goes on a quest to find them before it is too late.
Parasite has a new plan on taking over the world...instead of beating the world's heroes...he intends on corrupting them one by one.
The train ride in Book Six, the Half Blood Prince goes down a little differently.
Maverick is a Di college baseball player and just perfect to look at. Him and his brother have had a long and complicated relationship. Maverick is coming home for summer break and things between them will never be the same.
7990 words
Scott used to be the skinny kid in high school, but after hitting the gym and working out he is a total stud. Confident, aggressive, there is no way he is still that timid little geek inside right? Right?
Buck is a walking wet dream who has no idea how hot he is. When he gets a scholarship to play Water Polo he finds himself in a whole new world.