Killing Cupid


Just a hopeless romantic pig. I love sex. I love hot leathermen that are not afraid to smile. I love pigs that aren’t afraid to laugh during sex. Sex should always be a celebration of two (or more) hearts whether it’s between lovers, friends, or even family. Love is a culmination of good memories and dreams shared with those hearts.

I believe in a Bohemian philosophy of free-spirit. I embrace God, but only the one in my heart. I am not a big supporter of the churches that spend more time controlling their flock than teaching them the true meaning of life. Spoiler alert - The meaning of life is Freedom, Sanctum, Love, Family, Harmony, and Free-Destiny. These are the ‘desires’ we all strive for daily.

I believe in angels. I’m talking about the ones that walk among us. Their acts of love and compassion with just a hug, handshake, or even a smile. I believe in miracles and magic. Most people never see the magic around them. They’re too busy with themselves. All you have to do is take a moment, raise your head, and look around.

Some may think my stories are a little lengthy (just like this introduction). I don’t write stories of ‘slurp, slurp, squirt, squirt, done’. There are plenty of stories like that, and I have nothing against them. I read them when I need to whack off. But, I don’t write stories around a sex act. I write stories about love… and hate. I write stories that invoke emotions. Laughter and sadness. And I like to write about how life could be with a lot more love and magic as we float through space on this pathetic rock we call Earth. So, next time you have your cock shoved up your partner’s ass, or maybe they have a cock shoved up yours, start a tickle fight and hang on for the ride of your life.

Much love, Cupid.

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