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The Influencer

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Author Title Published
Darren’s lived a simple life making all the right choices. An encounter with the new mail room boy makes him rethink that philosophy.
10/1/21, 3:49 PM
Four housemates buy a magic coin at the flea market. Now if they could just figure out how it works…
6/17/21, 6:03 AM
It’s the last day of an initiation ceremony for a fraternity at a magical university. It’s a tradition as old as the frat itself, but one pledge seems especially nervous...
11/16/20, 7:55 AM
Ashton lets Thomas hypnotize him, but when it doesn’t work, Thomas insists that it worked perfectly
9/25/20, 12:40 PM
A new virus is spreading quickly across the world with devastating results. If everyone would take the right precautions, it could be gone in a matter of weeks. But that’s a big “if”...
9/15/20, 8:25 AM
Trent is hard at work finishing his graduate thesis, but when Barry drags him out to a party, he discovers he’s much less interested in studying and much more interested in something else...
8/31/20, 8:14 AM
Dave convinces me to let him try out his new research on me. I wish he’d get off his laptop long enough to tell me what it is, though...
7/14/20, 4:43 PM
When Sid’s best friend returns from a trip, he is very different from when he left and makes an unbelievable offer to Sid.
7/7/20, 8:13 PM
After an incident using magic on his roommate, Zylan finds himself quickly tempted by an unfamiliar book of spells
7/6/20, 8:16 AM
Hasan is making a delivery like any other day, but a hookup with the customer leaves him feeling very different
6/3/20, 6:42 AM