Sexual Distancing

By The Influencer -
published September 15, 2020
10353 words

A new virus is spreading quickly across the world with devastating results. If everyone would take the right precautions, it could be gone in a matter of weeks. But that’s a big “if”…

Robert clicked over to the next slide. “Our year-over-year revenue decreased last quarter, unsurprising given the recent health crisis, but after significantly reducing overhead, our bottom line broke even.” The 30-year-old adjusted his tie. It felt like it was cutting off circulation or the heat in the conference room was cranked way up. He kept glancing at the clock to see how much time he had until the meeting was over.

It wasn’t nerves. Everyone in the meeting expected the pessimistic report; if anything it exceeded expectations. Robert composed himself and continued with the next slide. “As more of our branch employees transition to remote work, we’ve accelerated plans to implement our latest site changes and increase our server capacity for the increased web traffic, both consumer-side and internally.”

Stuart and Peter gave each other a knowing glance. They worked for a company that operated in one of a few states that hadn’t instituted self-quarantine for non-essential businesses. The world was overreacting and they knew it. They joked how they were getting screwed by not getting to work at home and take it easy like everybody else. Stuart and Peter weren’t worried about getting sick. It wasn’t even deadly.

Robert clicked over to the next slide, but loosened his tie until the knot was below his second shirt button. He felt like he was sweating, but when he wiped his forehead there was no moisture. “Our projections for the upcoming… the upcoming quarter have, um… adjusted… economic downturn…” Robert was losing focus. He blinked a few times, and the employees in the conference room became concerned.

“Out with it, boy,” Mr. Henderson barked from the far end of the conference room. Stuart leaned forward, checking to see if his friend was ok. He looked like he might pass out.

“Hey, buddy,” Peter asked, but he didn’t get a response.

Robert braced himself against the chair at the front of the conference table. His head was swimming and his mouth was dry. He wanted to reassure his friend he was fine, but he couldn’t find the words. Instead what came out were pleasured groans. “Ungh, nnng, RRNGH, AAAH, OH FUCK, FUCK YES, FUCK!!” He cried out for the entire floor to hear. His eyes fluttered as he propped himself up with the back of the chair, his pelvis thrusting forward as he convulsed. He looked positively blissful while the rest of the meeting attendees looked horrified.

“Good grief,” Mr. Henderson said, turning away and scrolling through his smartphone. Peter and Stuart grimaced as they half-watched their friend have a powerful orgasm in front of them. His tongue hung from his mouth as he lost all sense of where he was or who was watching. As he spasmed, the chair pushed out from under him. He nearly fell to the floor but Stuart caught him just in time. Still cumming, Stuart propped him up and Peter pulled the chair around so they could sit him down. His orgasm continued for a few more seconds before he eventually became still.

“Gracious, that was quite the spectacle,” Mr. Henderson finally said. “Any of you see it happen before?”

“No, sir,” Ms. Thomson, his assistant, answered.

“I mean, I’ve watched videos online, but never in person,” Stuart said.

“We should probably get him out of here. Peter, can you finish the presentation?” Mr. Henderson asked.

“Yeah, sure,” Peter said, glancing over to his friend. He just had a goofy smile as he slumped over in the chair.

“Yes, 223 West 29th… fourth floor…,” Ms. Thompson spoke into her phone. “Yes, I’ll let the front desk know to expect an ambulance.”

“Is that really necessary?” Stuart asked. “He’ll be fine. It looked like he enjoyed myself.”

“Yeah, well, corporate policy and that,” Mr. Henderson said. “Last thing we need is bad PR about how we aren’t taking this thing seriously. You’d think people were dying in the streets they way they talk about it.”

“Several thousand deaths have been reported since the outbreak began in May,” Ms. Thompson pointed out, typing out several quick emails on her phone as she did so.

“Yeah, cause guys blow their load while driving or something,” Peter said. “Honestly, I wouldn’t mind catching it. It looks like a hell of a time. Right, Robbie?” He asked, patting him on the back, knowing full well he wouldn’t answer.

“Aren’t they doing that in Sweden or something,” Stuart asked, “where they get a bunch of guys in a room so they can all get it together? Sounds pretty gay, but I guess unless you—“

“What the hell is that?!” Ms. Thompson shouted, pointing at Robert’s crotch. The other three men looked at saw a large wet spot had formed. Peter and Stuart immediately leaped back. “Is he not wearing a cup?” Ms. Thompson asked, all four of them knowing full well the answer.

“Shit, fucking Robert,” Peter said, creating distance between him and his post-orgasmic friend.

“Let’s get out of here,” Stuart said, reaching for the door.

“Stop right there,” Ms. Thompson stood up. “No one can leave, you’ve all been exposed.” The three men looked at each other. “We have to wait for the medical personnel to arrive so they can contain the situation.”

“She’s absolutely right,” Mr. Henderson said. “You two will stay here with Ms. Thompson. Safety is our number one priority,” he said as he picked up his briefcase and headed out.

“You too, Mr. Henderson.”

“Ms. Thompson, let’s remember you work for me. Now I will not be—“

SIT down,” Ms. Thompson ordered. Mr. Henderson scowled and set down his briefcase. The four of them waited together in silence. Peter and Stuart moved away from Robert, but watched him nervously. His head gently swayed with a content expression as the stain on the front of his pants dried.

“Is this where it happened?” a straight-laced woman asked, letting herself into the conference room. She wore a blue shirt and tight black pants. Her hair was pulled back away from her face. She pointed with the hand holding a cup of coffee.

“Are you the EMT?” Stuart asked. She looked more like a cop than a doctor.

“No. They’re coming up the service elevator. Is this him?” she asked, crouching down to eye level to get a good look at Robert. She had no reservations about getting close.

“If you’re not an EMT then who are you?” Peter asked.

“I’m Agent Castillo with the Center of Disease Control, Special SES Division,” she explained, flashing her badge. “As you can imagine, I’m very busy so if you wouldn’t mind not asking so many questions and answering some of mine, is this where it happened?”

Peter and Stuart both nodded. “Well actually, it started over there,” he said pointing to the head of the conference table.

Agent Castillo took her position there. “Here?” she asked again, and they both nodded. “And where were all of you? Can you go back to where you had been sitting?” Mr. Henderson and Ms. Thompson stayed put while Peter and Stuart took to their original seats. “Kay, and you’re sure that’s where you all were at the time of the event?” They all nodded. “Ok, good, and nobody did anything stupid like touch him during his episode, right?” Peter and Stuart both looked at each other. “Seriously?” Agent Castillo asked.

“We thought he was gonna hurt himself, so we got him in the chair,” Peter explained.

“You both did?” Agent Castillo asked. “Are you trying to make my life hell?”

“Aw, come on. What were we supposed to do, let him fall on his face?” Stuart asked.

“Yes, that’s exactly what you should have done. Old man: you’re well outside the blast radius so you’re free to go,” Agent Castillo announced to the back of the room.

“Splendid,” Mr. Henderson said. “Ms. Thompson, pull the car around. I think I’ve earned a day off from all the commotion.”

“Of course, sir.” She and Mr. Henderson leave the conference room, leaving behind Agent Castillo and the others.

“What about us?” Peter asked.

“You’re exposed, so you’ll both need to get tested. We’re gonna quarantine you for the night to make sure you don’t show any symptoms.”

“Wait, we can’t go home?” Stuart asked.

“I’m guessing you two aren’t the cup-wearing types?” Agent Castillo said, reaching into her supply bag. She pulled out two silicon barriers in the shape of rounded triangles. Without warning, she pulled back the waistband of Stuart’s pants, grabbing his boxers in the process and slipping the cup in front of his crotch.

“Whoa, hey!” he reacted, pulling back.

“Next time, already have one on so I don’t have to.” She went to do the same to Peter, but held his hand up to stop her. He took the cup from her and inserted himself.

“What about Rob?” Stuart asked, adjusting the additional padding in his groin.

“Stop touching it. And we’ll get him started on treatment as soon as we all get to the isolation ward at the hospital.”

Two female EMTs with a gurney arrived at the conference room. They picked Robert up and lifted him onto the gurney. He was more cognizant than he had been and was looking around at everyone, still feeling dazed. He reached his hand into his own pants to start stroking himself, but Agent pulled his wrist out.

“Strap him down,” she ordered, and each EMT secured his wrist to either side of the bed. Agent Castillo slipped one more silicone cup into Robert’s pants as the EMTs secured his feet as well. His loopy and giddy demeanor quickly changed to thrashing as he pulled at his restraints. He was growling with frustration as he lifted his pelvis from the bed, his wrists pulling toward it to no avail.

“Hang in there buddy,” she patted him on the shoulder. The six of them headed out of the meeting room together, Peter and Stuart following behind the others. Stuart nudged Peter with his elbow and said softly with a grin, “Dude, she totally grabbed my junk.” Peter gave him a fist bump.

“I heard that,” Agent Castillo called out, not looking back at the two men. They gave each other a knowing glance as they followed the three women and their convulsing friend into the elevator.

“How are my two favorite patients?” Agent Castillo asked, sipping a cup of coffee. She greeted them through the clear plexiglass barrier through a speaker box on the wall. Her clothes looked basically the same but she had changed since they last saw her yesterday.

“I’ll bet you say that to all the guys,” Peter commented. Both he and Stuart were sequestered into separate rooms, separated by another plexiglass barrier. They were each in hospital gowns, their clothes having been confiscated as they were admitted to the ward.

“I do,” Agent Castillo responded, clearly not playing along. “I hear you guys had an uneventful night. That’s good.”

“How’s Rob?” Stuart asked. Robert was in the room across the hall from them. They could clearly see him through the glass barrier when they were first admitted, but his curtain was drawn shortly after. Even through the blinds, they could tell the nurses struggling to treat him as he thrashed about in his hospital bed. He ultimately calmed down and had been asleep ever since.

“Sedated, which is for the best,” Agent Castillo said, examining the two mens’ charts. “The bad news is we found multiple samples of Rob’s semen on your clothes. Don’t worry, they’re in the incinerator helping keep the hospital warm. None of the skin swabs picked up anything, but don’t get too excited; if you were exposed, it absorbs into the skin pretty quick and you can get infected by less then a microliter.”

“Did we test positive for it?” Peter asked.

“We’re severely backlogged, so we likely won’t have the tests for about two weeks, maybe less. By then, even if you were positive, you’ll either be better or a whole lot worse. The best we can do is track your symptoms.”

“Can you give us the same treatment as Rob?” Stuart asked.

“Your friend is on tranquilizers,” Agent Castillo said, closing their charts. “SES doesn’t have a cure or a vaccine, at least not yet. The girls in the lab are cooking one up, but in the mean time, the best tool we have at minimizing everyone’s risk is preventative measures like wearing a cup in public spaces, which you three geniuses were kind enough to forego. So, here we are.”

“Jesus,” Peter scoffed. “you make it sound like we were jerking off in the middle of Times Square. So we shoot a surprise load in our pants. What’s everyone’s hung up on?”

Agent Castillo glared at Peter before walking back to Robert’s room and pulling his curtains open. Their friend was strapped to the bed wearing only a hospital gown. The front of his gown was stained and crusted, and Robert had the same blissed out look he had yesterday, only his eyes were closed. “Does that look normal to you?” Agent Castillo asked.

“You’re right,” she continued, “90% of Spontaneous Ejaculation Syndrome cases resolve on their own harmlessly, but that leaves 10% who experience permanent effects of the virus: increased sensitivity, increased sex drive, loss of inhibition, decreased cognitive functioning, and persistent unexpected orgasms. Left unchecked, men can spread the virus for weeks without even realizing they’re putting other men at risk. I spend my days watching young healthy men like yourselves turn into drooling messes all for the same of not wearing a cup around their balls.

“If all men could just keep it in their pants for two weeks, we’d be done with this by now. But since that’s not happening anytime soon…” Agent Castillo puts something in both mens’ airlock containers.

Each one opened their drawer and found a small metallic device.

“Put it on, we don’t have all day,” Agent Castillo demanded.

“How?” Peter asked. “I don’t even know what this is.” He inspected the device and thought maybe it went over his fingers, but it was too round for that.

“It’s a chastity cage. I see it sometimes in cuck porn,” Stuart explained.

“A what?!”

“We refer to them as ‘stimulation discouragement devices’,” Agent Castillo corrected.

“You can’t be for real,” Peter protested.

“Does this mean you’re letting us out?” Stuart asked.

“If it were up to me, we’d keep you here for a full two weeks, but luckily for you there are a lot of other idiots out there who can’t keep it in their pants. And they’ve had worse exposure than you. So you’re free to go but you have to wear those until we can be sure you aren’t contagious.”

“But… this is—“

“We only know a few things for sure about this virus: It’s exclusively contracted and spread by men, it’s passed on through any kind of fluid, including semen and can be absorbed through the skin, and there’s a strong correlation between having orgasms and the severity and duration of the virus. The virus largely reproduces in the testes and is stored in the epididymus along with sperm. If you go without ejaculating for long enough, your body breaks down those sperm cells to make room for new ones, and the research shows indicates this process breaks down the virus as well. Basically if you starve it out, the disease dies; ejaculate, and the virus only becomes more resilient and increases in numbers.

“Since we can’t trust members of your sex to be mature adults about it, the CDC guidelines require possible exposures to wear these ‘stimulation discouragement devices’ until your tests come back negative or the virus runs its course.”

Peter and Stuart look at each other through the glass. “Either you put them on yourselves or I come in and do it for you,” Agent Castillo threatened, rolling up her sleeve.

The two men yielded and slipped the devices under their hospital gowns. Each one fumbled with the device them unlocked and aligned properly. Once in place, each snapped them onto their penises.

“Are they on?” Agent Castillo asked. The two men nodded bashfully. “I need you to show me so I can verify they’re on properly.”

“Oh come on,” Peter said.

“You think I like this part of the job? Drop ‘em so I can get on with my day.”

Peter and Stuart begrudgingly dropped their gowns to the floor, revealing their naked bodies. Stuart was lean from running and swimming, having defined muscle tone throughout his body and a strong core, along with a dusting of hair on his chest and pubes. Peter was larger by comparison having more muscle throughout his body and a healthy layer of fat that accentuated his size, especially his chest and ass. His pecs were smooth, but his legs and ass were covered in thick dark hair. They tried to avoid gawking at the other, but were drawn immediately to the device attached to their respective penises. They both looked at each other’s, and then down at their own.

“Yeah, I know. Get used to it. Looks like they’re on though. Make sure you still wear a cup with it when you go out. Better safe than sorry, yeah?”

“We can still go out?” Stuart asked.

“So long as you don’t masturbate all over the produce section, yeah. Keep it to essential services. But listen, that device you put on has an alert system. You’ll notice that it’s not locked. For medical emergencies you have to be able to remove it, state guidelines and that. If anyone other than a medical professional removes it, you’ll trigger a silent alarm that calls the nearest ambulance. Penalty’s stiff for guys who take it off against medical advisement, so consider yourself warned. Now get dressed.” She slipped a set of scrubs into their respective containers.

Stuart was dressed first, and a loud prison-style buzz cued him to push his door open. He waited for Peter and looked into Robert’s room. He was lying there, unconscious from the sedation, multiple tubes coming out from his body. He abruptly started spasming against his restraints. Stuart panicked and looked around, but none of the nursing staff or Agent Castillo batted an eye.

“Is he gonna be alright?” Stuart asked.

“Should be. We started intervening early. He’s still going to have spontaneous orgasms through til tomorrow probably, but the sedative will suppress it until the virus clears his system. You two lived together, huh?” Stuart nodded. Agent Castillo rested her hand on his shoulder in a rare sign of compassion. “He’ll pull through. How about you? What’s your living situation?” she asked Peter.

“Just me and Mike. But he’s cool,” Peter answered. “He doesn’t need to get tested, does he?”

“Not unless he starts showing symptoms or you expose him.”

“Expose him? We don’t swing that way.”

Agent Castillo shrugged. “I don’t judge. Just keep it in your pants for two weeks and then do as you please with each other,” she said, intentionally trying to get under his skin. “Anyway, I’ve got other patients. The green line will take you back to the lobby and they’ll sign you out. Don’t forget: sexual gratification exacerbates your symptoms. No playtime. I mean it.”

“How would we do that with these things on?” Stuart asked.

“As long as you never figure out the answer to that question, you should be fine,” she said with with a smile and a finger gun. With that, Agent Castillo and the two men parted ways.

Three days on, and self-quarantine was as boring as Stuart had feared. He’d gotten through texting everyone to assure them he was ok, purging through his TV queue, and cleaned the whole apartment. He was concocting reasons to leave his spotless apartment, but convinced himself he should stay inside like he was told.

There was a knock at the door. Stuart scrambled to put on his cup and slip a pair of gym shorts over them. A young woman in a uniform like Agent Castillo’s stood holding a box. She held the box at her stomach, and her breast rested on top of it, giving Stuart a clear look at her cleavage.

“Is this the apartment of Robert Forest?” she asked in a chipper voice.

“Uh, yeah, but he’s not here right now.”

“I know. We came by a few days ago to test for and disinfect any contaminated areas in his living space. Everything that yielded a positive test was either disposed of or cleaned. These are his disinfected belongings.” She pushed the box forward and Stuart accepted it. Her breasts bounced when the box was removed from under them.

“Um, thanks. Sorry, was the apartment not safe?” Stuart asked.

“The bedroom was the only room that yielded a positive test. There were… quite a few hotspots in there. All the other rooms were clean.”

“Ok. Thank you.”

The agent smiled and promptly left. Stuart watched her ass sway as she walked away before closing the door behind him. He hadn’t gone into Robert’s room since he was hospitalized; he’d hardly went in there when he was home. For a couple weeks prior to the incident, Robert had secluded himself in his room when he wasn’t working. Stuart worried he might be depressed but in hindsight he realized that was not the case.

He dropped the box in front of Robert’s bedroom door and thought to just leave it there, but with nothing else to occupy his time, he decided the least he could do was put his stuff back before he returned from the hospital. He opened the door and was taken aback. When they said they stripped the bedroom, they meant it. The bed was nothing but a mattress on a frame. Robert’s desk was cleaned off, his computer, keyboard, headset, lamp, everything all gone. The posters on his wall, the TV in the corner, it looked like they even cleaned out most his closet.

Stuart tore open the cardboard box and retracted at the potent scent of medical-grade bleach. When it dissipated, he recognized many of the missing items, and proceeded to put them back. The majority was disposed of, but he returned what little he could to their rightful place. As he reached the bottom of the box, he started finding items he was less sure of, such as pens and trinkets. He left them on his desk for Robert to sort through later.

At the very bottom of the box was something that surprised Stuart. He knew what a fleshlight was, but had never actually seen one in person. Of all the things for them to clean and return, this was a curious choice. Stuart wasn’t sure what to do with it. He inspected it and was surprised how much the end really did look like a vagina. When he looked down the barrel of it, he had a flash of the girl who dropped off http box, how her tits bounced when she walked. In his imagination they were bigger than they had been, as was her butt. He fantasized about laying her out on the bed and pounding into her, her tits flopping as he gave her everything he had.

He reached down to his crotch and remembered the device around his penis. He threw the fleshlight back into the box. He looked around the box to see if there was anything else he could put back. The contents left were just the fleshlight he’d already inspected, a half used bottle of lube, and what appeared to be several vibrators of varying sizes. Did Robert have a fetish for girls using them? He hadn’t had any women over in some time. And this was all stuff that was allegedly “contaminated” and cleaned. He grabbed the largest one and held it in his hand, feeling the girth of it as he struggled to fully wrap his fingers around. He once again returned to his fantasy of him pounding the female agent, this time with her on all fours and his cock the same size as this vibrator. She squealed in ecstasy and celebrated his size.

Stuart reached down again to his crotch only to scold himself. “Shit,” he said. He threw the dildo back in the box and left Robert’s room immediately. He paced around the apartment, trying to distract himself, but now that he thought of it, it was hard to push the erotic thoughts from his mind. This was the longest he’d gone without jerking off in a long while, and he didn’t have any other coping strategies. He did the only thing he could think to which was to start a cold shower for himself. It was going to be a long two weeks…

“God dammit,” Peter shouted.

“Dude chill. It hasn’t even been a week. You’ll be fine,” his roommate Mike said. Peter had been under quarantine for five days, and while Mike lived with him, he wasn’t placed under the same restriction. They were in their living room watching a movie to give something to distract Peter, but it wasn’t working.

“That’s easy for you to say. You still go to work and can go out and get laid. I’m stuck inside and can’t even jerk it.”

“Fair point. But it’s not like you can’t do other things for relief.”

“What do you mean?” Peter asked.

“I mean, if you can’t jerk it normally you can always try pegging.”

“Pegging?” Peter asked, surprised that Mike would even suggest that. “Isn’t that kinda gay?”

“Yeah,” Mike admitted, “but it’s not like you have a lot of options. I had a girlfriend who was into it, it’s not that bad. Feels pretty good once you get used to it.”

“Mmmmm.” Peter was skeptical. “I dunno, man. Besides, they said I wasn’t supposed to cum no matter what.”

“Really? Why not?”

“I dunno, something about limiting the spread of the virus. I think it’s all bullshit, but you know.”

“But that only matters if you have the virus, right?” Mike asked. “Have you had any symptoms?”

“Well, no. Aside from just being super horny, but I’m always horny so that doesn’t count.” Peter stared down at his crotch, covered by the device and medical-grade cup under his sweatpants.

“So, for all you know, you’re perfectly healthy and abstaining for nothing.”

“Yeah,” Peter responded, then again more determined. “Yeah! This is trash. We live in America, dammit. I should be able to jerk it whenever I want.”

“That’s the spirit,” Mike supported.

“Go grab your dildo. I’m gonna peg myself, and I don’t give a crap.”

“Whoa,” Mike stopped him. “I don’t keep that stuff around. It’s pretty gay, you know?”

“Wha— If you don’t have it why did you even bother bringing it up?” Peter asked. Mike shrugged, and Peter fell back onto the couch in exasperation. He just slumped there for a moment, defeated, but looked up at his roommate longingly.

“What?” Mike asked. They held eye contact for a few seconds before Peter caught on. “Oh come on, dude. Seriously?”

“I’m desperate. Just once, just so I can get a little relief, you know?”

“What if someone finds out?” Mike asked.

“Who’s gonna find out. It’s just us. Please?” Peter pleaded with him.

Mike rolled his eyes. “Fine, just the one time, though.”

“Of course,” Peter said, perking up on the couch. He could feel himself swelling inside of his chastity device already.

“But turn around. I don’t wanna see your O-face when it happens.” Peter bent himself over the arm of the couch and pulled his pants down while Mike grabbed some lotion.

“I’m gonna loosen you up a little first, ok? It’ll hurt but then you’ll get used to it.” Peter nodded as he stuck his ass in the air.

Peter waited in anticipation at first, wondering if Mike changed his mind, but then he felt the first finger penetrate his hole. Peter had to force his body to relax, but once he did it slid in with relative ease. It wasn’t as bad as he thought. Guys made such a big deal about getting their prostate checked at the doctor’s office, but he wasn’t sure why. This hardly felt like anything.

Mike inserted the second finger, and he felt himself stretch. It hurt more, but not enough to stop. He dug his head into the couch cushion. “You still ok?” Mike asked, Peter nodding into the cushion. And then it happened: Mike’s fingers brushed up against a spot inside of Peter that felt like a bolt of lightning. Peter almost didn’t believe it at first, but when it happened a second time, he couldn’t stifle the moan. It was the first real sexual contact he’d had in a week, but it felt like he was losing his virginity, which in a sense he was. Mike recognized when he grazed his prostate by Peter’s reaction and began massaging it.

“Oh, ungh, fuck, yeah,” Peter moaned despite himself. He sounded like the women he slept with. The pressure was building up inside of him, and before he could ask Mike to slow down, he could feel himself squirting out of his flaccid penis. “FUCK, ohmygod, oh fuck, gaah, oh…” A few more pleasurable squeals and he calmed down, awash with bliss.

“Already? I didn’t have to use my dick. Feel better?” Mike asked, wiping off his hand. Peter turned his head to flash him a reassuring smile. “Good. I’m glad that’s over. That should hold you until you get your results back.” Mike went to his room and shut the door behind him. Peter relished the afterglow of his anal orgasm, imagining how Mike’s cock would have felt instead.

Stuart tossed and turned in his bed. It had been so hard to sleep lately. Jerking off was a mainstay of his night time ritual, but not for the past week. He was getting a few hours a night which left him exhausted, and without anywhere to be he dozed off whenever which made his sleep worse.

Stuart flipped over in the bed. His chest grazed against the bed and it sent a shiver through him. His entire body was more sensitive than ever. Even the slightest touch sent him off. The night before he spent hours just rubbing his nipples, but all it did was rile him up without actually cumming. He was beginning to wonder if he should call the hospital, but for all he knew they might make him wear the stimulation discouragement device for longer.

He grabbed the cage and squeezed it, fruitlessly trying to feel anything through the metal. He felt around the perimeter of the device and his finger stopped on the release lever. He’d been tempted many times to pull it, but resisted for fear of the consequences. Each day that passed, the resist posed less of a threat against the mounting need to pleasure himself. Still, he withdrew his hand and pinned them under his head and pillow.

Stuart closed his eyes and tried yet again to fall asleep. He managed to pull his mind away from his own horniness and started to calm. He thought about going back to work and seeing Peter and Robert there like always. He thought about all the work he’d have to get done when he returned to the office, which stressed him out. He thought about Mr. Henderson’s assistant coming by his cubicle to drop off a stack of papers. He thought about her unbuttoning her blouse and pulling out his—

“Fuck!” Stuart cried out. He couldn’t take it anymore. He yanked off his covers and reached for the release valve on his stimulation discouragement device. He pulled it down and the device opened up, slipping away with ease. His cock stung, but within a few seconds, blood flow returned and it became erect. He wanted to rub one out right there, but with only a few minutes before the authorities came to check on him, he needed to make the most of this freedom. Consequences be damned, he was horny.

He leapt out of bed and burst into Robert’s vacant room. The box of sex toys sat on the bed where he left them. He reached in and pulled out the fleshlight, lubing it up generously before shoving his cock into it. His hand was a blur as he swiftly stroked himself with the sleeve. It was the closest thing to a pussy he’d felt in weeks, and it felt better than he could have imagined. Sex didn’t feel this good before, but having to withhold for so long made it all the more satisfying.

He didn’t hold out long as he shot a seven-day load into the sleeve. He could feel his warm spunk filling it up. When his balls were empty, he pulled it off and dropped it onto the floor. He was spent and his body collapsed onto the bed.

When he woke up, the sun piercing through the closed blinds in Robert’s room. He shot up with a start and looked around. If it was day time then he must have been out for several hours. The events of last night came rushing back to him, and the looming threat of agents storming his apartment reared its ugly head. He raced back to his bedroom and found the discarded chastity device in his own bed.

He fumbled to try and put it back on, hoping they might not notice or would let him off with a warning. However, when he tried, he couldn’t get the clasp to close. He inspected it closer and saw there was a small crack in the device right where the release lever was. He’d never inspected it closely until now, but he could see where the lever pressed against a small red switch. A crack in the device appeared to be lodging the button in place, even with the lever fully open.

Stuart sat on the edge of his bed. He carefully considered the situation. He should let them know that his device malfunctioned. It’s likely others had the same issue and if there was anyone out there affected by the disease, it would be dangerous for them to be without it. Giving them a call was the right thing to do. Alternatively…

Stuart’s cock was sticky from last night, and was rapidly becoming hard again. He stroked his cock and pinched his nipple, making himself yelp with glee. He walked back to Robert’s room to go for round two with the fleshlight, tossing the chastity cage casually onto his bed before shutting the door.

“You wanna…” Peter enticed Mike.

“Again?” Mike reacted. “Geeze, dude, how horny are you?”

“Well, it’s not like I can do it myself,” Peter explained, gesturing to his still locked penis.

“Yeah, I know, but can’t you order a dildo so you can take care of it yourself and leave me alone?” Peter didn’t care to admit that two separate next-day orders were on their way from Amazon as they spoke.

“Come on. It’s not like you don’t get anything out of it.”

“Fine,” Mike conceded, “but this is the last time, ok?” Mike reached into his shorts and began stroking himself to get hard.

“Yeah yeah, sure, whatever,” Peter said as he reached for a nearby bottle of lube and squirted it into his hand. He shoved his boxers and pants down his legs, leaving the doctor-recommended cup in place, and coated the inside of his ass generously. The initial pain from several days ago was all but gone. Peter was still not familiar enough with his own body to find the spot on his own without assistance, but even the feeling of his own fingers titillated him.

Mike slipped a condom on and asked, “You ready?” Peter eagerly presented his rear for Mike, who unceremoniously inserted his semi-hard cock into his roommate’s smooth ass. The two men reached a consensus that Mike couldn’t have sex with an ass as hairy as Peter’s, so Peter did the courtesy of keeping it shaved. He also took it upon himself to keep his appearance generally clean shaven and hygienic, for fear of turning Mike off.

Peter gasped as he felt Mike slide in. It brushed up against the spot that made his entire body sing. Peter instinctively pressed back into Mike to maximize the sensation. He felt Mike’s strong hands grab his flanks and felt himself being pushed and pulled along his thick cock.

Peter could only muster euphoric whimpers as his friend impaled him yet again on their shared couch. In a few short days he’d had him take his virginity ten times over, and each time was more rewarding than the last. This time, he held out for a couple minutes of intense pounding before the pleasure overwhelmed him. “Oh god, oh god, yeah, yeah, yeah, ugh…” He cried out before his arms gave out and he drooped down onto the cushions. Mike picked up the pace and finished inside of his friend soon after, to much less fanfare than Peter.

“Alright, that was the last one, you hear?” Peter nodded as Mike pulled out of him. He laid there enjoying the familiar after glow yet again. He checked his phone and saw this packages would arrive some time in the afternoon. He wondered how likely it was he could convince Mike to go one more time tomorrow morning.

The actors on his computer screen were crying out as loudly as Stuart was. The man was deep inside the woman’s pussy, and she was deep-throating another man off screen; Stuart was doing all three to himself. He stroked his dick with the fleshlight, opened his throat for a large dildo that he took to the hilt, all while pressing his backside against a thick dildo suction-cupped to the wall. Stuart had been worried a few weeks ago when Robert never left his room, but now he understood why. He felt amazing lately, thanks to the arsenal of sex paraphernalia his sick roommate left behind.

The woman on screen began cumming, as did Stuart. He shot the most recent of many loads into the fleshlight, his sphincter tightening around the wall-mounted sex toy. He pulled the dildo from his throat and dropped it to the floor as he took a breath. He tapped the space bar to pause the video as he regained his composure.

Stuart lost track of how many times he’d cum today, let alone since he removed the device. He was so horny, and with no work or social life to distract him, it was impossible to resist the urge to pleasure himself any time the urge struck him, which was constant. Before Robert’s condition flared up that day at the office, even if he was locked in his room jerking off, he took his hand out of his pants to go to work every day; Stuart didn’t even have that.

Stuart paused for a moment and considered his circumstances. He pulled himself from the dildo on the wall and headed for the bathroom to rinse his now disgusting fleshlight. As he throughly washed out the stale spunk, he looked in the mirror and saw himself. Even for quarantine, he looked rough. He hadn’t shaved in the entire time he was isolated, and the circles under his eyes revealed how little sleep he had been getting. Still, he hadn’t put on weight like most people in self-quarantine had been doing; if anything he looked even more fit than usual.

It had been five days since he removed the device from his penis. Since that time, he was jerking constantly, his skin felt sensitive like his whole body was an erogenous zone, but more than anything he lost interest in anything that wasn’t sex. A half-read book on his nightstand hadn’t been touched in days. He used to cook for himself and Robert all the time, but he started ordering in cause it was easier. When he wasn’t pleasuring himself, the only thing he could think to do was lay around and watch TV or work out, if he had the energy.

He thought a lot about what Agent Castillo had said at the hospital, about the long term effects of SES. Even if it meant getting caught without his device on, it might be a good idea to let them know how he was doing. On the other hand, Stuart stuck his finger into the slit of the fleshlight and began getting hard again. He bit his tongue as his body tensed up from the thought of it. Stuart raced back to his room and coated the inside of his fleshlight with a fresh dose of lube. He hit play on his computer and the video picked up right where it left off, with both the woman and Stuart getting double penetrated.

Peter turned off the vibrator lodged deeply in his ass to hear his roommate through the door. “What was that?”

“I said, ‘Are you ok?’. You haven’t left your room in days.”

“Yeah, um, I’ve just been tired lately.” Peter looked down from his bed at the pile of discarded dildos.

“Dude, I know you’re masturbating. You’re not exactly subtle about it. Plus I keep having to sign for your packages. I dunno exactly how many vibrators you need, but I’m starting to think you might actually have SES.”

Peter instinctively thought to argue with him, but the facts would suggest otherwise. Ever since Mike finger-banged him that first day, he’s had a near-insatiable desire to get fucked. Having a large cock inside of him filled a need he didn’t even know he had until last week, and now he could hardly get enough. “Maybe you’re right,” Peter called out through the door.

“Take care of yourself, man. And if you do have it lemme know so I can steam clean the couch cushions.” Peter heard Mike’s footsteps fade away from his door. He had to face the truth.

Before he could, his phone rang. “Hello?”

“Hey, it’s Robert.”

“Hey. HEY!” Peter said, his mind catching up to the news. “How are you?”

“I’m good, man. Hey listen, they’ve been trying to discharge me since yesterday, but Stuart’s my emergency contact and they can’t reach him. Is he alright?”

“Yeah, of course,” Peter said. “I mean, we haven’t talked in a minute but I’m sure he’s fine. You need me to come get you?”

“Yeah, they need the bed. Hey, they told me I might have got you guys sick. Is that true? You didn’t catch it, did you?”

“Me?” Peter asked, looking down at the used pile of dildos next to his bed. “No, I’m good. You sound good, too.”

“Cool. Yeah, they say I made a full recovery. It totally sucks cause the nurse told me I might have been fine even if they hadn’t put me under. Fuck, you wouldn’t believe how it felt when I was cumming.”

“I can imagine,” Peter commented. “But I mean, it’s probably for the best you got treated, right?”

“Mm, I dunno. They don’t just knock you out for two weeks. They give you this stuff so your dick goes numb, all these hot nurses come by to change your sheets and you can’t whack off afterward. The food sucks, you can’t sleep. My advice to anyone who catches it, stay as far away from a hospital and enjoy it while you can.”

Peter nodded silently over the phone.

“So,” Robert continued. “See you in like twenty?”

“For what? Oh, yeah. I’ll be there.”

Robert disconnected the call, and Peter picked himself up off the bed, sticky with sweat and lube. He’d have to jump in the shower real quick, but shot Stuart a quick text message checking on him. When Peter walked into the bathroom, he flinched at his own reflection. It might take him a little longer than twenty minutes to get ready.

Stuart hunched forward, his exhausted arm stroking his cock through the newest of three fleshlights he now owned. The vibrator in his ass pulsed powerfully inside of him. He grunted as the latest load sprayed from his dick. He smiled deliriously. Nothing felt as good as cumming. In fact, cumming was the only thing that felt good.

As of today, his only activities were getting barely enough sleep to be functional, eating when the hunger made him too weak, and the other 90% of his time was devoted to achieving as many orgasms as possible, which only became easier. He shifted his body weight to nudge the vibrator deeper inside of him, and a few more strokes was all it took to start cumming again. His body may have physically been drained, but his brain didn’t know the difference as each and every climax was just as intense as the last.

His body had become hypersensitive, to the point that sometimes a gentle touch was enough to push him over the edge. Still, that didn’t mean it didn’t feel good to rock his body from every angle possible. Stuart switched hands and gave himself a few more strokes until he came for a third time.

He was about to go for a forth when his phone buzzed. He craned his neck to see the notification, fleshlight and vibrator still firmly in place.

“Robert’s out of the hospital. Gonna pick him up. You ok?”

Stuart leaned back, taking his first break from pleasuring himself in many hours. He thought about everything going on in the world outside his bedroom. Stuart completely forgot that Robert was in the hospital. He was struggling to remember who even sent him that text message. Everything had become a blur, which felt nice. He didn’t worry about a job or friends or anything other than making himself feel good.

This was the first time he was forced to consider something other than his own needs. The message seemed to ask if he was ok picking Robert up from the hospital. Words had been tough the past few days, numbers too, but luckily for him the hospital was close and getting there didn’t require words or numbers.

Stuart picked himself up from the bed, covered in sweat and cum. He stumbled over to the bathroom and blinked a few times when he caught his reflection. He would have to clean himself up before he could find his friend. Plus, a quick tug in the shower couldn’t hurt.

Peter parked his car and walked across the hospital campus to the SES ward. He walked quickly so he could get in, take Robert home, and then be back home to play with his dildos again. Once the virus wore off, he’d be fine, but until then getting plowed up the ass was all he could think about.

As he approached the building, he came upon a crowd of protestors, exclusively men, chanting while holding up signs outside the SES ward. The protest was somewhat disorganized, but mantras that cut through the noise were “Let Men Cum!” and “Our Balls Can’t Breathe!”. Peter was ready to steer clear of them when he saw a familiar face.


Stuart aimlessly walked toward the hospital. Despite it being only a few blocks from his apartment, his smartphone giving him directions the entire way, and two separate women saying he looked unwell and pointing him toward the hospital, he still managed to get lost. He knew he was close, but he got distracted by a group of men all huddled in front of the hospital. He walked into the crowd, knowing little about it except he heard talk of cumming which excited him.

“These Draconian policies are deliberately designed to oppress members of our gender,” one man said through a megaphone to the crowd. “As has always been the case in society, men are once again singled out and put at a disadvantage. When will men finally get a break in this country?” he asked to a loud cheer from the audience.

Stuart couldn’t follow what he was saying, but he felt the excitement of the crowd. He looked around and saw some of them had boners, which made him think of his own boner. He wanted to touch it, but had a feeling that wasn’t right. Feeling his cock felt good, but being around other people meant you shouldn’t? Stuart was having trouble wrapping his head around it, but the problem solved itself.

It started as a low rumbling in his balls, like feeling the water underfoot before a geyser erupts. The rumbling evolved into tremors that shook Stuart to his core. Without warning, he started cumming right then and there. It felt amazing. He felt it primarily in his groin, but the tingling extended all the way to the tips of his toes and fingers. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as he shook. He grabbed onto a nearby gentleman for support.

“What the— Oh fuck!” The man said. Stuart’s orgasm seemed to set off a chain reaction because that man started cumming in his pants himself. Several other men nearby did the same, and soon half the crowd was either spontaneously shooting their load or running to get out of the way.

Stuart didn’t know what all the commotion was about. It looked like everyone was feeling good. He was unexpectedly pulled from the crowd.

“Jesus, you ok?” Peter asked Stuart. Peter managed to pull him to a secluded area between two building. Stuart’s glassy eyes looked up at Peter, but nodded approvingly.

“You sure they didn’t get you back there? It looked like they… hey, where’s your cup? The front of your pants are all wet— ohhhhh,” Peter realized. Stuart smiled goofily. He grabbed Peter tightly as he felt another unexpected orgasm overcome him.

“Hey, get off! The fuck, man?” Peter leaped up to create distance between the two men. Stuart reached into his pants and pulled out his cock. It was covered in the two loads of cum that coated the inside of his boxers. Stuart didn’t seem to mind as he stroked it to fully erect.

Peter’s eyes widened. He remembered the itch in his asshole and was practically salivating over his friend’s larger than expected penis. He started looking for an exit to avoid temptation, but a thought occurred to him: he was already positive, and clearly so was Stuart. It’s not as though he could catch the virus twice. If anything, Stuart was the safest person he could have sex with right now.

“Do you… do you wanna fuck me?” Peter asked, already undoing his pants. Stuart nodded, his tongue hanging out of his mouth as he shimmied out of his pants. Peter bent over and displayed his smooth ass for Stuart. Stuart scrambled to his feet to thrust his cock into Peter’s aching hole. Peter went cross-eyed as he felt the entire length inside of him. He was bigger than any of the toys he had used so far. Peter lifted his ass and savored the feeling of Stuart’s girth inside of him, clenching his buttocks to feel every inch of Stuart’s shaft.

In less than a minute, Stuart was cumming inside of Peter. It was the first time he’d actually felt semen in his ass, since Mike always used a condom. It was strange, but not bad. He didn’t have time to consider how quickly Stuart had finished his third orgasm since arriving at the hospital when he realized Stuart was still going, faster if anything. Peter didn’t fight it and let the man work. Stuart held Peter firmly by the hips and pounded his ass with abandon, causing his fourth orgasm.

It was around Stuart’s sixth orgasm that Peter finally couldn’t take it anymore and came himself. He saw stars when it happened, perhaps from all the blood rushing to his head from the awkward angle, but either way it was fantastic. He had to pull himself off of Stuart just to get a break. He sat bare-ass on the grass, feeling all of Stuart’s cum draining out of him.

While he was gaining his bearings and considering going for another round with the clearly eager Stuart, Peter’s phone rang. His instinct was to ignore it, but when he saw the caller ID, he knew he couldn’t.

“It’s Agent Castillo,” she answered, skipping the pleasantries.

“Hey, I’m walking in now to pick up Robert.”

“Yeah, super. Listen, I’m gonna make this quick cause there’s a shit storm happening outside the hospital I need to deal with. Your results came in.”

“Oh, yeah, about that. I know it’s bad and if I could just explain…” Peter started.

“All the tests came back negative,” she said.

“…will do whatever I have to if you say— wait, what?”

“I said they’re negative. Congrats.”

“Of course. Yes. That’s exactly what I expected. You’re 100% I don’t have SES?”

“We always run the tests multiple times to be sure. They were all completely clear. You sound surprised. Are you having SES symptoms?” Agent Castillo asked.

“Uh, no not at all. But now that you mention it, I was feeling a little more sexually charged than usual, so I wasn’t sure if—“

“That’s normal. Every guy who has to go two weeks without touching himself thinks they’re the only man who’s ever wanted to jerk off. You wouldn’t believe some of the things men do to get off.”

“You don’t say.”

“If you’ve noticed any changes, it certainly wasn’t from the virus. So long as you haven’t engaged anyone SES-positive, you should be free and clear.” Peter looked over at Stuart who had cum yet again, this time onto his own stomach. “But grab your friend as soon as you can. I need the bed.”

“Yeah sure,” Peter said. “What about my device? Don’t you need to—“

“Just take it off. We cleared you so it won’t trigger anything. Between you and me, that alarm system doesn’t work so well, so we probably wouldn’t have noticed if you had taken it off. Glad to hear you stayed responsible. I owe one of the lab techs five bucks.”

“Yes, very responsible. Unrelated, do you know if Stuart’s test results have come back yet? We got brought in together.”

“Yeah, his results are right here. I obviously can’t give them to you, but just let him know it’s extremely important he come in to see us. Like, immediately, if you know what I mean.”

“I’ll let him know,” Peter said before hanging up. Peter exhaled a deep breath as he processed all of that information. He would deal with those new realizations about himself in his own time, but first thing’s first, he needed to discharge Robert. Peter stood up to get dressed, slipping each of his pant legs on.

“You better stay here buddy, don’t want you to get locked away like Robert did,” Peter said to a barely listening Stuart. His clothes were completely off and he was idly stroking his cock with both hands, the occasional spurt dribbling off the head.

As Peter pulled his pants up to his waist, he shuddered. When the fly brushed up against his stiff penis, it was like a lightning bolt up his spine. The same thing when the seat of his pants lifted past his sensitive cheeks. He rubbed his hand on his ass and gave himself a squeeze, gasping as he did. He knew this meant something bad had happened, but couldn’t think what that thing was. He looked down and gazed hungrily at Stuart playing with his fat cock and got excited thinking about it filling him up again.

Peter took off his pants, sending another shiver through him and mounted Stuart lying on the grass. He pulled Stuart’s hands away from his cock so that Peter could line it up with his hole and lower himself down onto. He didn’t think it was possible, but Stuart’s cock felt even better than it did before. All the nerve endings inside of his rectum were igniting. It only took a few swipes past his prostate to send him reeling, moaning loudly for the entire hospital to hear.

He looked down and saw the stimulation discouragement device between his legs. He swiftly lifted the release lever and sent the device flying into the bushes. Freed from its shackles, his penis inflated into a full erection, but Peter didn’t even so much as touch it. The feeling in his ass was all he needed to bring on yet another powerful climax. Peter shot cum all over Stuart’s face and chest, who was so high from repeatedly cumming that he hardly noticed. The two continued in this way for some time.

The alarm went off next to Robert’s bed, and he hit snooze for the last time before pulling himself up. He could have used another hour or so of sleep, but nothing could be done about it. He followed his normal morning routine: got dressed, brushed his teeth, prepared some coffee, read the news on his phone. He checked himself in the bathroom mirror to make sure he looked presentable. Once he was suitably satisfied but his appearance, he called out, “I’m heading out. I’ll be back after work, ok?”

Stuart shouted through his bedroom’s open door, “Sounds good.”

“See you then,” Peter added between grunts of Stuart pounding into him with his legs in the air.

Robert sighed. At first it was awkward them constantly fucking day and night, but like most things after the pandemic, it became the norm.

Robert came out of his bout with the virus pretty unscathed. He showed no signs of cognitive decline. His sex drive was perhaps slightly heightened, but nothing noticeable. The same could not be said for Stuart and Peter. The medics who discovered them estimate they had been going for an hour before they could be separated.

Stuart’s viral load was the highest recorded level to date, of the mutated strain he inherited from Robert no less. After pumping him full of cum for an hour, Peter was a close runner-up. The spontaneous ejaculations stopped when the virus left their system weeks later, and some of their intelligence returned. Their bodies are still hypersensitive and early research indicates that will almost certainly be permanent. Not that they mind, since their only interest is constantly fucking each other. And given their refractory period is next to nothing, they had no reason not to.

They were not alone. The last new case was reported months ago, and it seemed like the virus had all but run its course, helped by the vaccine that was released just days after Stuart and Peter were hospitalized. For 98% of the population, life returned to normal. However, for the few extreme cases of men suffering from permanent side effects, legislative bodies were working on a program so they could use their newfound status to benefit the community. Until government-subsidized sex work came into effect, however, Peter and Stuart were happy to keep each other company.

Stuart gave one more big push and filled Peter’s ass with more of his spunk. “Oh yeah… so good.”

“Mm, oh, oh god,” Peter called out as he shot a load all over himself, applying a fresh coat to the dried layer of semen on his naked torso. He looked up and saw a glistening Stuart, sweaty from their marathon session. “Your cock feels so amazing.”

“You always say that,” Stuart said, catching his breath.

“It’s always true,” Peter said with a smile.

“Listen, I think it’s time we made a change,” Stuart said seriously.

Peter propped himself up onto his elbows, worried. “What do you mean?”

Stuart looked him dead in the eyes. “I think it’s time we fucked doggie style again.”

Peter smiled with relief and got onto all fours. Stuart lined up behind him, carefully threaded his twitching cock into Peter’s gaping hole, and resuming pounding him at full force. In mere moments, the two were both shooting their loads.

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