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S. Q. Neemie

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Author Title Published
Have you ever cum buckets from being rimmed by your coworker, while slowly morphing into an irresistible, fuckable satyr? Well, neither had Seth, before today. A Christmas gift for someone who may or may not know who he is.
5/13/21 9:50 PM
5/3/21 4:16 PM
Aaron, the geeky programmer for Niche Software Startup, Inc., finds a strange spreadsheet in his boss’s files with intimate information about his coworkers. Aaron is shocked to learn that reality will change to fit the spreadsheet numbers he enters. Will he use the spreadsheet wisely or turn his office into a never-ending orgy?
4/27/21 8:21 PM
Coran O'Dwyer's dad believes in leprechauns and leaves out a bowl of milk for the household sprite every night. When his dad is away, Coran forgets to leave out the bowl, and as a result is cursed to have an unquenchable thirst for milk--but the source of that milk is more surprising than Coran could ever have guessed.
3/17/21 6:38 PM
An Internet troll spends his day complaining online about his favorite superhero movie franchise, not realizing that his souped-up computer has the power to make whatever he types real. When he sarcastically suggests the characters America Man, Spiderboy, and Nordicman are gay for each other, it creates a very unusual day of filming for the actors.
3/2/21 2:44 PM
Lavertius, the demon, has been cast to Earth for the crime of appreciating beauty. He stumbles across a daydreaming shepherd and decides to see if he can steal the young man's virginity.
1/26/21 9:36 AM
2586 words
Bertie has to constantly remind himself that he's strong enough, he's open enough, and his dick is big enough. One day, his affirmations come true in a way he could never have guessed.
1/14/21 8:31 PM
The game is simple: pass on the cursed wand or suffer bad luck. The twist is, every time someone passes your wand to another person, your dick gets bigger. Will the members of the mage club in the wizard’s school get too big for their clubhouse?
1/10/21 5:10 PM
11/4/20 6:13 PM
1941 words
Jamie's too old to be scared of the Boogeyman, but the bedtime story he tells is enough to alarm his father.
11/3/20 6:52 AM