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In this Classic Absman Tale, we learn of the dangers -- or maybe the benefits -- of ordering untested products on the internet... this time, it's the new tanner for Andre's bodybuilding competition that's suspect....
5/27/21, 11:50 AM
In this Classic Absman Tale, we learn of a super-secret Facility where victims of a muscle-growth virus are kept, safely away from society. But what about the staff...? How safe are THEY?
5/21/21, 10:59 AM
1/23/21, 8:40 PM
Brian returns home for the holiday break and gets a strange gift from his Dad, a tough-as-nails wrestling coach.
12/25/20, 6:19 PM
After being offered an exclusive contract to film in the Paragon Porn post-pandemic "bubble," Domenic uses the 2-week quarantine to work through the online training manual.
12/8/20, 3:09 PM
11/27/20, 3:04 PM
Jeramy (or is that Jake?) buys some new memories from an online site
8/2/20, 12:50 PM
7/27/20, 11:45 AM
6/28/20, 11:48 AM