Pollination: The series

Series Summary

Alien Plants turn men into superhuman Symbionts – Set in the POLLINATION Universe

Author Title Published
THIS IS IT! The final chapter of Book Two -- the Kansas Conflict begins
11/27/20, 3:04 PM
Joe Lenoldi pleads his case; Rugby Boy makes a confession; the Super Soldiers get new orders
11/20/20, 3:25 PM
STAKE OUT with Joe & the Variants; Tully and the Scientist do some spying; the Lieutenant rewards Devin; Rugby Boy and Vernon head to the alley
11/13/20, 2:56 PM
The new Great One emerges; all the rest is just sub-plots...
11/6/20, 1:20 PM
Sunset at the Bowden Farm -- Joe Lenoldi's hasty Escape; the Soldiers and the Stairwell
10/30/20, 2:30 PM
The Old Men and the Field, a Parable; Babysitting a Great One; the Staff-Sergeant hacks a laptop; Tully gets an unexpected phone call
10/23/20, 12:09 PM
Sunrise at the Bowden Farm; Devin commits a crime; the Deputy's last act; Snake gets the big picture and Rugby Boy learns some English
10/16/20, 2:00 PM
10/9/20, 12:03 PM
Whatever happened to Agent Murdock; Willis and the WaWa (pt 1); Bears in the woods; and the Sheriff gets some visitors
10/2/20, 5:59 PM
Look who's riding the Short Bus; Vance comes home with a prize; Meet Devin, the military's "Laundry Lad"; at the truck stop with the Lenoldis; Snake reenters the USA and look who's riding bitch
9/25/20, 12:46 PM