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Author Name Published
This boyfriend is any gay man's dream - yet he craves to become even more perfect and transcend into a much better existence.
4/5/21 8:07 AM
Devin's father casts out his son when he learns that he's gay. Now Devin is homeless and lost all by himself. Out of desperation he turns to an agency called Adorandus. They are promising to take care of him. But this help comes with a price tag attached...
2/23/21 10:44 AM
2813 words
A user on Discord fantasizes about being dominated - but his fantasy might become more real than he'd expect.
7/28/20 7:49 PM
Kevin's lover has a very special birthday present for his boyfriend which sends them both to an amazing experience they'll never forget!
4/7/20 12:14 PM
Stefan is the worst bottom in the world - but he's determined to give his husband the ultimate sacrifice that will make up for his shortcomings once and for all!
1/31/20 3:14 PM
8330 words
At the age of 18, young men are drafted to serve in the Community Service. Martin is about to experience what this is all about...
9/22/19 9:36 PM
Pat has to choose a profession for his life. And he makes a fateful decision, which turns out to be completely different than he expected. What will his best friend Glen, who's secretly in love with Pat, do to save him?
1/6/19 10:00 PM
8/13/18 8:49 PM
A guy full of inhibitions and phobias is looking for a way to open up to his desires... But he might get much more than he ever expected!
12/30/17 12:23 AM
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