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Author Name Published
Author Name Published
3/21/21 10:02 AM
2/25/21 10:12 AM
DaddyRobDL & others
A cocky Dom takes on a bigger Dom, who turns him into a Submissive Baby Fag.
11/28/19 8:13 PM
Kyle Chu & others
Mike has had it with his vain, self-absorbed and physically attractive jock neighbors next door and he decides to enact his own brand of justice towards them.
10/22/19 8:10 AM
3064 words
Brandon needs help. Can Doctor Sullivan provide the needed cure . . .
7/13/19 7:17 PM
4918 words
While enjoying a gap year after college, Chris offers to let his friend Billy move in. Chris takes the opportunity to remake their relationship using mind control.
7/9/19 11:00 AM
7993 words
Wes is enchanted by one of his brother's friends, a hot houseguest named Brennan.
6/21/19 4:52 AM
After varsity wrestler Danny Kalani rebuffs Aaron's romantic confession with an act of violence, the young nerd decides to take revenge on his jock crush using a brainwashing program he found in a shady corner of the internet.
6/17/19 8:45 PM
6/5/19 7:03 PM
2341 words
Randy did not understand Nicky's recent fondness for bicycling . . .
5/31/19 4:05 PM