I Hate My Master

Series Summary

New roommate takes total control.

Author Name Published
Mark runs into Zane away from work, and Zane discovered a trigger phrase to give him total power over Mark
9/17/20 6:57 AM
I have to deliver a strip tease, made worse by the panties, then I have a 'date' with Chris's feet
8/5/20 10:11 PM
New outfit in the office and sucking 2 dudes in the gym
5/8/20 5:48 AM
4/12/20 9:34 AM
1/30/20 8:23 AM
I have to service the twink who gives me a haircut
11/8/19 7:10 PM
10/31/19 9:11 AM
10/31/19 9:11 AM
10/15/19 4:29 AM
10/15/19 4:28 AM