The Unexpected Gift

Series Summary

Dave had the perfect opportunity to enslave Kyle until all his plans unraveled. Sometimes you get something better than you expected.

Author Name Published
3/21/21 10:02 AM
3/13/21 2:00 PM
3/6/21 1:18 PM
2/24/21 5:10 PM
Dave spends time with his ‘husband’ and gets him to relax
2/20/21 11:06 AM
Dave gets a call from Sherman, should he be worried?
2/17/21 3:26 PM
Dave has some of his fun removed for the time being but makes up for it with Gerber
2/17/21 3:26 PM
Dave and Bobby get some mutual relief and Dave gets to show the Kappa Team a unique skill
2/14/21 7:54 AM
Dave finally gets to play with some of the Kappa Team
2/9/21 7:04 PM
Dave looks round the home that Bobby hands over and decides how he is going to bring Bobby’s team mates into his fold,
2/9/21 5:57 PM