Family Rules

By Freed1234
published February 6, 2020
2530 words

My plan finally begins at dinner. Time for some guidelines.

I had some time before dinner so I could collect my thoughts and hatch a well thought out plan. OK, let’s take it step wise.

What do I want to achieve here? Sex and dominating my family (duh).

How do I do it? Hmmm…….Maybe not giving commands straight out. Chances are higher that they may backfire or become tedious to keep telling them something over and over again. Also NOT to make them my sex slaves…..yet. I wanted humiliation and willingness, not blind submission.

I want them to do humiliating things without them realizing it, to have them perform my kinks for my pleasure without them thinking anything odd. Instantly, it was like a light bulb lit up inside my head and I knew just what to do. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

“Bro! Dad’s calling us down for dinner. He made stew today…again”

It was Sam. Damn it Dad! Despite his good looks and intellect, his cooking repertoire could still use a lot of work. It was stew almost every day. I opened the door and almost gasped at the sight of my sweaty brother. He had just come back from his friend’s place where they were playing basketball. He had on an orange tank top that hung loosely on his body and black basketball shorts. His body looked flushed and he was still panting a little. His tousled hair and sweaty face looked perfect with his ensemble and I had to control my thoughts to prevent a sudden erection. I simply nodded with a strained smile that he thankfully didn’t question and followed the sweat stains left by his sweaty feet still in socks.

I reached the table and saw that Dad and Ryan had already set everything up and were seated at the table. Dad was in his casual clothes from earlier and Ryan was freshly showered and in a tight yellow T-shirt and in beach shorts. A bit weird assortment of clothes maybe but hey, what’s comfortable is comfortable! They both flashed me their gorgeous smiles and I abruptly sat down so as to hide my chubbing dick. No mercy in this house I tell you….

I decided that for my plan to work, I would use the monthly announcements session we had at the end of dinner to check up on everyone. It was the only time that made sense since they somehow stepped back a few moments in time after I issued commands, so if I call their attention now, it would be totally awkward later. But the bigger case I guess was that I was starving. Jerking off twice and having multiple erections was a draining chore. Impatiently, I sat there and waited for everyone to say grace and finish their food, while I wolfed down my own portion. To not raise any suspicion, I had changed dad back to his non-swearing self earlier. I couldn’t risk it if I wanted my brothers to fall for my plan, but I promised myself I would change him back soon. After an agonizing 40 minutes of lustful daydreams and their light banter, we were all done.

“So”, my dad started, " moving onto monthly announcements. Anyone have anything to share?"

Instantly, I threw my hand up, to the shock of my family members. I didn’t usually participate much. Dad nodded at me to proceed and my brothers leaned in attentively. Taking a deep breath, I raised my arms and turned the dial on the watch till the arrow pointed to the blue band. That familiar tingle ran through my body and the lights changed color, indicating that it was working.

“You know that it is completely natural for me to be the head of this household. It is just the way things are and you don’t want to fight it, it just makes logical sense. In this family, we follow some rules called Family Rules. These are absolute and you will never disobey them. EVER. Only I make the rules and can add, delete or edit them at any time. You will accept this as fair and fully cooperate with these rules.You love it when I make rules and look forward to following them eagerly. You will follow all rules devotedly and never fight me on them or question me.”

Whew! With that, my foundation was laid for the future. Now, just some personal quirks to mold my fantasies.

“Dad, you will learn new recipes and expand your cooking repertoire. Also, all of you love swearing aloud. The dirtier the better and you all think that is is a perfectly healthy way to vent out feelings. You even ENCOURAGE others to cuss as it is completely natural. You swear like a sailor whether necessary or not and will find that you love how you sound when you or any of us here swears.”

Licking my lips hungrily, I looked at their faces with the glazed eyes and slightly parted full lips. God! How I just wanted to plunge my dick in those warm mouths! Snapping out of my reverie, I grabbed the dial and put it to rest in between the blue and red bands. Instantly, the LEDs changed from blue to white and the tingling stopped. It took a few moments but slowly, their cloudy eyes cleared and their hot lips closed. Their bodies straightened and they looked at me expectantly.

“So, what the fuck do you want to say son? Don’t be a fucking pussy about it!”, said Dad.

Damn was it hot to hear him swear so normally. I could get used to this. “I need to establish some Family Rules.”, I say.

Immediately, all of them get a serious look on their faces like what I’m about to say has a lot of weight in it. “Get the fuck on with it then.”, said my stud brother Ryan with his muscles bulging from his time at the gym today. My cock began leaking at hearing my big brother, who only said ‘darn’ or ‘goddamn it’ and at worst, ‘shit’ to finally say the word ‘fuck’. It was exhilarating to know I changed them.

"First Family Rule states that you will willingly give me possession of all your assets and belongings, from every cent you have, to bank papers, deposits, bank accounts, clothes, etc. and will continue to do so for any asset that comes to you in the future.

"Second Family Rule states that you will always be naked, hard and horny in the house unless in the presence of people who are not members of our family. You will ensure that you display your entirely nude body at all times without shame or disgust.

"Third Family Rule states that if you need to wear clothes for any reason, you will instantly consult me and I will tell you what to wear. My word is final and you will gladly wear what I provide you without question or hesitation. Regardless of what people say, you will continue to wear what I give you and love it.

"Fourth Family Rule, you will always talk about your sex life and sexual preferences openly when asked and discuss them in as much detail as possible without shame. You will be completely truthful and not hide any details. You will also talk about your bodies and those of others in a sexual way with all family members without shame or secret. This is completely normal and in fact you love doing so and won’t mind at all if you are being talked about that way.

“Fifth Family Rule says that I can touch, feel, grope, see and talk about any part of your bodies whenever, wherever and however I like. You will love whatever I do to you and will never complain. You will always be up for me to play with your bodies and even encourage and praise me for doing so. You will eagerly play with each other’s bodies as well as mine in however, whenever, and wherever I tell you to without problem. You won’t feel gross or disgusted at all but will take immense pleasure in it.”

As I finished, my smiling family just nodded and accepted whatever I said as completely normal. They didn’t complain or say anything about how sinful or taboo this was. And I loved every second of it. Realizing I was done speaking, the three instantly rose from their seats and began to strip in accordance with the Family Rules.

I first saw my dad casually peel his T-shirt from the front and his massive pecs and cute, tiny gut were released from their prison. His body hair shone slightly as he folded his shirt and kept it on the table. Next, he pulled down his shorts and underwear in one movement and his hefty balls and dick flopped out. AND GODDAMN WAS IT A BEAUTY!!

He had an uncircumcised dick with a little bit of extra foreskin at the tip. He was unshaven and his dark pubes gave his slightly darker than his skin cock a neat outline. He was 7" soft, his dick as thick as 3" - 4" and his balls were the size of medium sized apples with tiny hairs on them. His bubble butt popped out and the round, perfectly shaped melons seated themselves on the chair as he neatly folded his clothes and put them up at the table.

By that time, Ryan and Sam had removed their tops and were pulling down their lower wear. Ryan’s meaty pecs were similar to our father’s but his were thicker and his nipples more pronounced. He had a defined 6 pack from his workouts and his biceps flexed with every movement. Sam was more lithe and toned. He had the beginnings of some definition on his arms and abdomen because of sports but his body looked so fuckable. As they dropped their shorts, their dicks fell out into the open and I audibly gasped. Ryan had an 8" soft monster and his balls were as big as large oranges. Sam on the other hand, was a little shorter than me at 4.5" soft but he was still in his growing stages. His balls were the size of large lemons and both their unshaven pubes highlighted their family jewels.

While Ryan was as thick as our father in that department, Sam was thinner. Having stripped and folded their clothes, they placed them on the table and sat back down in the chairs.Suddenly, my father groaned. My eyes snapped up to him to see that he was flushed and panting lightly. I peeked under the table and confirmed my suspicions. All of them were becoming hard! Their horniness pushed blood into their schlongs without them even touching themselves. Dad’s dick grew to 8.5" hard and had a sexy vein on its underside, while Ryan and Sam measured up to almost 10" and 7" hard respectively.

Overwhelmed by this exotic display, I took deep breaths to control my libido. I didnt want to bust a nut yet. I looked up at their loving faces as they looked like we were having a normal family discussion.

“So, you guys are naked!”, I said hardly believing it myself. “Yeah, so why the fuck aren’t you? You said yourself that it’s a Family Rule. Don’t excuse yourself like some cunt!”, said my cute baby brother Sam.

Blushing a little under their gazes, I promptly undress and place my clothes on the table like them. Now that they were following the ‘rules’, I wanted to know their reasoning for it.

I was seated opposite Ryan while dad and Sam were seated opposite each other on the other edges of the table in such a way that we each occupied one side of it. I had told them that I was the head of the house but my dad was still at head of the table. I looked my dad in the eyes and asked him, “So who the fuck is the head of this family dad?”

“You know it’s you, you asshole.”, he said while my brothers nodded in agreement.

“So why the fuck are you sitting at the head dad?”, I asked wondering how he would react. As if he had gotten a powerful electric shock, my dad jumped up from his seat and paled. He looked extremely guilty, and said, “I’m so fucking sorry for taking your seat son! I don’t know what came over me. Sorry for being a cunt!”

I smiled and sat in his seat while he went to sit where I previously sat. I told him I forgave him and he instantly looked relieved and happy.

“And Ryan, how do you feel about being naked and hard in front of the whole family? With your sexy body on show for us like some slut?”

“Fucking awesome bro! It’s just natural to be naked in the house. It’s a fucking Family Rule and you know I could never bitch about something as serious as that!”, he said with that heavenly mouth of his cussing like never before.

“Sam, how would you feel if I squeezed your ass while you gave a hand job to dad?”, I questioned him. He just smiled at me, shrugging saying, " It’s just fucking natural to do so you cunt. It’s not like its gonna be weird or gross! It’s not incest or some faggy shit like that."

“And Dad, who does this house belong to? And what if I made you wear a fairy costume to work every day? How do you feel about that?”

He just smiled and said, “All the things from our family are your fucking belongings son, you fucking know that! So it’s YOUR house and as for the faggy costume, I would fucking love to go to work that way. After all, it’s a Family Rule and I don’t mind at all that you tell us what to wear all the fucking time.”

I groaned in pleasure knowing I had just perverted my family and they didn’t even know what I had done to them. If they were their original selves, I wouldn’t even have lived to breathe another moment but here they were- a perfectly straight, well mannered family which now cussed heavily, talked about sex and did perverted acts openly without thinking anything odd about it. And I knew this was just the beginning. My plan had just begun.

Hey guys, I know we haven’t really gotten to the naughty parts yet, but I promise that it’s coming soon. The stage is now set. I appreciate your inputs so far and hope that they will continue. Just wanted an opinion whether I should put bisexual scenes in here and though I will be writing kinky scenes, whether I should also include body transformations such as cocks to pussy and vice versa. Comment please.

XOXO Freed1234

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