Bonding Time

By Freed1234
published October 5, 2020
2335 words

I finally take time to enjoy myself and play with my family toys.

I had just clothed dad up as a poorly dressed slutty hooker for a super important meeting, and he didn’t even bat an eye! I suddenly realized that though this was all fun and hot for me, his dressing sense may now cause a scandal or even cost him his clients. That would be terrible…because I would lose “my” money. I rushed out of Sam’s room and caught dad just about to open the front door. Calling to him to wait for a moment, I stood in front of him and raised my wrist. Turning the arrow onto the world mode, the LEDs instantly changed into a bright yellow color and instead of the warm tingling feeling I felt due to the mind mode, I was feeling energized and got goosebumps on my arms and back.

“It is normal for all men to wear the clothes of their children no matter the condition of said clothes and this will be accepted as completely normal. The state of Jacob Brewster’s hygiene or state of dress will never be seen as odd and will never be focused upon by anyone outside this house.”

As I said all of this, I was beginning to feel a little chilly, and I could literally see the fabric of time and space rippling to bring about my vision. As I was going at it, I thought about the world and the vast number of men for me to enjoy. But then what use are women? Well, I could solve that problem.

“The two gender roles of human society are still male and female, and their pronouns and clothing styles and everything else will still be retained. However, all females actually have male bodies of the size, weight etc. as they did before. The only difference will be that females will still have the female reproductary organs like vagina and womb, but their breasts will be muscular yet pillowy pecs that lactate milk when needed. Romantic or sexual relations between such males and females are still considered heterosexual, while the other sexuality norms are retained still.”

Satisfied, I brought the dial back to normal mode, and as the LEDs turned white and the chilling sensation left me, I suddenly became dizzy. I could now remember two realities - the original, and the modified one. In this new reality, my mom, Nicole, was actually a buff stud muffin of a female named “Nick” and even just the thought of that beautiful body made me leak onto the hallway floor. I startled out of my new memories when my father chuckled. “Excited this fucking early in the morning, son?”, he asked to which I nodded my head. Once again, he was unaware then I said anything. “Just wanted to wish you to have a fuckin’ good day dad!”, I said and leaned forward towards him, crashing our lips together.

Both of us moaned into the kiss and I squeezed my dad’s chest as I finally bid him farewell and out of the door. Satisfied with my morning so far, I realized that I was hungry and headed into the kitchen for breakfast. As I scoured through th cupboards and the fridge, I was struck with inspiration. I grabbed three bowls and three glasses, along with a box of cereal and orange juice. A bit cliché, but this was still my regular breakfast. I placed the bowls on the dining table and poured in the Cheerios in them and the orange juice into the glasses. At that instant, my brothers came downstairs, having freshened up and thanked me for setting up breakfast for them. “I think you forgot the milk you asshole”, said Ryan.

“Actually Ryan, I didn’t.” Mind mode on, I said to them both, “You both love receiving musk, piss, cum, crap, farts and any other depraved kinky thing you can access whenever possible. You love its taste, its smell, its feel and most of all, you love that it pleases me. You are addicted to this pleasure, especially when I provide it and will always thank me for giving any of these to you. You will find this completely normal and not disgusting or weird in any way.” Coming back to normal mode, Ryan and Sam’s eyes quickly lost their cloudy haze and Sam asked me again where the milk was. “Well”, I explained, “As the head of this family, it is my job to provide nutritious food in the absence of our father. So, rather than milk, we are going to use this opportunity to thoroughly digest our body fluids. Ryan, Sam, when I say go, you will stroke each other’s cocks and collect the cum of your brother in your cereal. After you each have cum, you will piss into your own bowls and this combination will be your new milk.”

There was a sudden spark in their eyes, and lust clouded their mental judgement. Licking their full lips hungrily, they waited for my signal. “Go!”, I said and both of them jumped out of their seats, their hard ons bobbing with their movements. Sam grabbed Ryan’s manhood first and squeezed it tightly. Ryan moaned loudly as his brain melted in the pleasure. He grabbed Sam’s dick in turn and roughly ran his thumb over the bulbous head, eliciting a moan from his younger brother. They rubbed up and down each other’s cocks, while I watched in silent rapture. Base to slit and back, Sam twisted his hands to fully appreciate his brother’s hot meat and get his morning supplements. Meanwhile, he squirmed under Ryan’s expert ministrations, who stroked Sam rapidly and would randomly squeeze and roughly rub the cock head in his hands. They had a look of sexy determination on their faces, with them moaning and swearing so loudly before me and I just wanted to kiss them right there. So I did.

I walked up to Sam and grabbing his head, brought his lips to mine. They were soft and trembling under the pleasure his virgin cock was feeling. I nibbled on his bottom lip, while he submitted to my tongue and let me play in his mouth, while exploring it and squeezing his cute bubble butt. Our lips moved in censual harmony and when I pulled away, he was dizzy, a strand of saliva still connecting our mouths. I turned to my older brother and kissed him, with him passionately returning the action. He moaned when I pinched his nipples and then squeezed his ass. With one last spank on his naked butt, I stepped away just to hear Sam give a shout as he climaxed.

“AAAAWWWWW FFFFFUUUUCCCKKK!!!!”, he screamed out as Ryan quickly collected the precious nectar in his bowl. And then, Ryan came, shuddering with his mouth open in a silent scream and Sam just barely caught it, still in a euphoric stupor. Panting, both of them collapsed, chests heaving and dicks deflating. Witnessing them, I began to jack off and with a roar, I came hard and spurted onto the table. Not done with their menus, my brothers got up once again and lined their cocks over their own bowls. Within a minute, they let loose golden piss from their bowels, giving the term “golden honey” Cheerios a whole new meaning. They shook their dicks over the bowls and gave it a short stroke to get the last few drops. With sexy smirks, the satisfied duo returned to their chairs and began mixing their food together with a spoon.

I scooped up my cum and put it into their bowls at which they smiled warmly up at me and thanked me. In my sexual haze, I forgot all about my breakfast and hurriedly ate it (with regular milk, for me) while watching my two loving brothers contently eating their disgusting foods. AND I MADE THEM DO THAT!! I was starting to get used to this power rush and frankly, I liked it, As I finished my meal, I planned ahead for what I wanted to do today.

After breakfast, I realized that I wanted to really control everything about my family and now that I had changed my mom into another dad, I wanted to play with her too. Meanwhile, I needed to make some changes. While Ryan and Sam went over to the living room and fought over the TV remote, I stayed back in the kitchen and turned the arrow to the blue band. Then I followed them. Now that the watch was in mind mode, they had the glazed look again and became still.

“You will accept any changes that happen to your bodies or anybody else’s as completely normal. These changes will never worry you and you will always be happy with the outcome no matter what.” I returned the watch to the body mode and waited for the watch to indicate the change.

Suddenly, the LEDs turned red and rather than a warm or chilly feeling like before, now I just felt hot. I was beginning to sweat but continued anyway. “Sam, you have a perfect bubble butt and your toned body has firm muscles that can be seen more distinctly. Ryan, your pecs are super soft but still firm in muscle and you love it whenever your chest is played with. You also have a fuckable bubble butt and any fat you get gets converted into muscle and heads straight to your pecs. Both of you have self-lubricating holes and will find maximum pleasure only through anal sex. You both are extremely sensitive to my touch and anything I do to you will only bring you pleasure. You will always be horny and can orgasm or become hard without time restraint.”

Now for some changes to myself. " I have a muscular body similar to Ryan’s but not as much, a 6 ft. frame with broad shoulders and bubble butt. I can control my orgasms, cock length and how hard it gets. I will never get any scars, acne or blemishes of that sort. I am fit and have good stamina too." Turing the dial back to normal mode, I felt a heat travel through my body. I was suddenly aware of my muscles ballooning with strength and my frame becoming bigger. My brothers moaned in pleasure as their bodies were modified towards perfection. My pent up horniness was at the limit and I was finally going to achieve my fantasies.

I turned towards Ryan still on the couch, panting lightly and placed my cockhead on his parted lips. “Suck”, I commanded him and he enthusiastically engulfed my dick. His warm mouth was fucking fantastic! It was wet and soft and his tongue flitting over my foreskin and slit was pure bliss. Ryan adjusted quickly and bobbed his head slowly on my cock, going deeper and deeper every time, his mouth a vacuum and licking my hot spots perfectly. I couldn’t hold back anymore, and grabbed him by the hair. In one swift motion, I stabbed my cock down his throat, as his face turned red and he began to gag. I face-fucked him some more and when I finally released him, he was breathing heavily, drool dribbling down his chin, but still looking delicious somehow. I looked at Sam who had been watching us casually and told him to rim our elder brother.

Instantly, he got on all fours and grabbed Ryan’s legs by his calves. He pushed them upwards and made him hold onto his ankles, moving his hands instead to his bubble butt. Using both hands, Sam pulled apart Ryan’s buttocks to reveal his puckering sphincter - a beautiful pink bud that looked so tight. Without hesitation, my baby brother leaned forward and let his tongue lick his role model’s cherry ass. He dived in despite the other brother’s groans and darted his tongue in and out of the hole, eventually loosening it. Pulling Sam back up, I said, “Ryan, suck Sam off while I fuck you. You both will only cum when I do” They both nodded and I inserted my forefinger in Ryan’s ass.

“AWWWWWW FFFUUUCCCKKK!!!! Yeah bro, fuck me! Fuck your big bro’s pussy! Gi-MMPFH!!”, Ryan moaned, while Sam smirked. and stuffed his hard tool inside my talented slut of a brother’s mouth. I moved my finger around for a while and slowly loosened his hole till it could accommodate 3 of my fingers. Impatient, I aligned my dick with his hole and in one smooth thrust, buried my dick down to the hilt. Ryan screamed as his body arched with the combination of pain and pleasure. I moaned at his tight hole pulsing around my cock and began to move. Sam and I pistoned our cocks in and out in unison skewering Ryan and pinching and twisting his nipples till they burned red. Ryan was lost in the overwhelming pleasure, his eyes rolled back and his hands subconsciously stroking himself to the edge. I was giddy at the sight of sex with my brothers and Ryan’s hole clamping down on me finally pushed me over the edge.

With a great shout, I buried myself into my brother and released a torrent of cum. At the same time, Sam fed his cum to Ryan who squirted onto himself, some cum pooling onto his abdomens. Panting, I pulled out of him and exhausted, collapsed onto the couch next to my cum covered sibling. As the caress of sleep pulled me into her embrace, I thanked fate for leading me to that ad almost forever ago. Thanks to the watch, my plans to pervert my family were coming along splendidly!

Sorry for the delay guys! Was in a rut for wayyy too long. I’ll come back to this more frequently I hope. Hope you enjoy this chapter. Not much development, but it’s coming I promise!

XOXO Freed1234

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