The Best Purchase

By Freed1234
published February 5, 2020
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A hopeful purchase lets me unleash my pent up desires.

I love my family. No, I don’t mean that I love them in the way a mother loves her son. I mean I love them. I know it’s a big taboo and really perverted but if you saw my family, you wouldn’t blame me. I, myself am just an average American high school senior with straight black hair, 177 cm in height and a little bit of fat on my 17 year old body. I knew I wasn’t breathtakingly beautiful, at best somewhat cute and had some issues with talking to new people. But that was usually because I was lost in lustful daydreams. I was a pervert and lusted on any hot guy I saw (yes I’m gay), especially my hot family. My mother and father had an amicable divorce last year and we still visited her. But while she was trying to find her way in the world, she agreed that she couldn’t take care of us yet. So my siblings and I stayed with dad, and man was I happy about it.

My dad, Jacob, is a sexy man. He is about 175 cm in height with the same complexion as my brothers and me. He had the same black hair which he kept buzzed short to avoid hassle and had a hot muscular body. His hairy body defined the muscles he worked so hard to get in his youth and though he let go a little bit due to his busy consulting work, he still had that gorgeous dad bod. my mouth watered imagining his dick and how long it would be. whether he was uncircumcised like be wanted my brothers and I to be and how tasty it would look hard. But in a household where the religious upbringing taught homosexuality as a sin, I didn’t want to risk exposing myself by peeping…..not yet any way. Oh and his face, he had a mature, manly look but his eyes were gentle and the beginning of crow’s feet at his eyes made him look divine. His smile was to die for and his voice was a smooth baritone that just washed over you and gave you goosebumps.

I was the middle brother in the house. At 21 years old, my older brother Ryan was a junior at the local university. his buff body practically screamed that he went to the gym. I could literally spend hours lost in his pecs, his glutes, biceps, bubble butt, the slight black fur developing on his body, that hot big bulge in his shorts…..any way, back to the topic. He was hot. But more that that, his gorgeous, kind dark eyes always had a spark in them and his straight smile had a dash of innocence that he hadn’t lost yet. His lips were perfectly kissable and how I longed to have them wrapped around my 6 inch hard dick, sucking the cum out of me and then kissing me. He liked keeping in shape and was always ready to help whenever any one needed it.

Finally, my younger brother, Sam was a junior in my high school and was 16. He wasn’t built but he had a sort of twinky cuteness that made him irresistible. his smooth body fresh out of the shower was incredible and his bulge didn’t look that modest either. His black hair was dyed red at the tips to ‘fit in’ at school and his dark eyes had perfect vision despite the video games he played so much. His face was like an angel’s and he was the cutest in the family. his ass was still developing that bubbliness you get out of sports, since he recently made it on the basketball team.

They all loved me and I them, but a part of me wanted something darker. I wanted to dominate them, humiliate them and still want them to not know what I was doing. I tried to keep my desires in check but the more I tried to hide them, the more they grew. I constantly tried to achieve my lustful needs. I tried hypnosis, subliminal messaging and even black magic. But nothing worked on these sexy studs and they unknowingly tortured me with their bodies everyday. I resorted to the dark web and was a regular there to find anything to enslave my relatives. One day, as I researching for the same, I accidentally clicked on a pop up that led me to a weird web page. It was an ad for a cool looking watch. The thing looked good enough as is with a blue face and matching cool blue arm bands. There were even small white lights in the face to better dead the time at night. What astonished me were the functions it promised.

"Tired of hiding your desires? Want to gain some control and let loose? Get the latest and only piece available for the Watch of Desire. The rotatable dial on the watch face has three modes to rock you world and we guarantee the results.

Limited Offer only. If you leave, you won’t find this again…Choose carefully!

What a load of crap. Like a watch could help me out here. I went ahead to close the site but felt a nagging sensation suddenly. I felt like if I closed it, I would never have what I want. Without realizing it, my hand drifted to the large buy button at the bottom of the page and entered the relevant details of the credit that I was given for my birthday last week. I used up every last penny I deposited in the account but had a strange and satisfying feeling that it would be worth it.

“Oh well!”, I thought, “Might as well try it. what do I have to lose?”

Closing up my laptop, I went out of my room and down the stairs to get dinner. Since my parents were religious, they tried to pass on their teachings to us, like no cussing, eating together as a family and whatnot. For me, it was a time to ogle my hot brothers and dad. Taking my seat at the table, I didn’t even pay any attention to the food as I stared at them lips laughing, their tongues, their gorgeous bodies…..I was lost in bliss.

“Hey Jake, you okay man?”, asked Ryan. Shit! Did he notice me staring? I looked around the table feeling my blush coming a mile away and desperately trying to hide my chubby that was seriously deflating rapidly.

“Yeah, son. You looked a bit flushed”, said dad.

“No, I’m fine…J-Just a bit hot I guess.”, I replied with a nervous laugh. Sam shrugged and they returned to their conversations. They knew I was a bit reserved and didn’t talk to much to them. I quickly finished my food and ran back to my room to jerk off to my incestuous fantasies, just wishing the watch would come already, so I could get over its failure and move on to search for other methods to use my brothers. Eventually passing out.

I woke up the next day with nothing to do. School was out for the summer and Ryan was on break from his university. He was at the gym while Sam was at a friends place. Only dad and I were home. He ran a private consultancy firm and didn’t have any work today. As I sat on the couch wasting time by channel surfing, I was completely jobless and was thinking of just watching YouTube when a ring on the doorbell shook me out of my thoughts. I was in the living room that the hallway from the door immediately opened up in while on the opposite side was the kitchen and dining table. Dad was upstairs in his study and probably didn’t hear the bell, meaning I had to open the door. I groaned in laziness. Being bored didn’t mean I wanted to do work!

Begrudgingly, I opened the door ready to act sour for the person who wasted my precious 2 minutes of life when I saw that no one was there. Just a package on the ground. Picking it up, I turned it over and saw the name : Watch of Desire. SHIT!! Was this the watch I ordered yesterday? That was an oddly fast delivery. I completely forgot about that order. Instantly, I closed the door and rushed up to my bedroom to unpack my purchase. Setting it on the bed, I tore the tape like a hound and dumped the contents onto my bed. A lot of packing peanuts fell out along with a single page manual. At the top of the pile, was a black and unnamed small box. Grabbing the manual, I skipped the welcome letter and went straight to how to use it.

The watch has 4 functions controlled by the dial on the watch face.

Normal Mode - When the dial is between any two color band’s, it behaves like a normal watch and only tells the time and date. The LEDs will be white in color.

Mind Mode - When the dial is pointing to the blue color band, it will allow you to change the mind and thoughts of anyone in a standard sized room. Just say the command and the intended subject will integrate that into thought process as if it were completely natural and it had always been that way. The LEDs will be blue in color.

Body Mode - When the dial is pointing to the red color band, it will allow you to change the body of anyone in a standard sized room. Just say the command and the intended subject’s body will change as per the order. Any biological change is possible and DNA can also be altered. Note that subject will notice the body changes. The LEDs will be red in color.

World Mode - When the dial is pointing to the yellow color band, it Will allow you to make changes to the world itself. Once a change is made, all will perceive it as the truth and like it had always been that way. The LEDs will be yellow in color.

No batteries or maintenance required

I was rock hard and leaking. No way did I just get the best creation of mankind for too low a price. I was so excited about the prospects of this working that I grabbed the box and flipped open the lid. Inside, was the watch looking exactly like I had seen it on the web page and the promised dial with the colored bands on the watch. The blue band was above the number 12 while the red and yellow bands were above the numbers 4 and 8 respectively, like the points of a triangle. The dial itself was on the inner edge of the watch and had a small arrow painted on it, resting between the red and blue bands. I quickly wore the watch and adjusted my rock hard dick in my gray sweatpants. I pulled a little on my light blue T-shirt to let a little air on my sweating body and decided to test this baby out.

I walled over to my dad’s study with the watch in normal mode. Taking a deep breath and I walked in without knocking. Dad was at his desk surrounded by files he was reorganizing now that he had free time. He was in a tight white T-shirt and knee length shorts to be comfy in his task.

“What is it son? Everything ok? You look a little red.”, he asked with concern in his voice.

“Dad, what do you think of swearing, as in bad words?”, I ignored him and shot the question knowing his answer fully well. If I wanted to test this device, I wasn’t going to get to sex right away. If it didn’t work, I would have outed myself and gotten kicked out most probably. Though I know it was the way he had been raised and he considered homosexuality to be a devil’s pleasure, I wouldn’t be able to bear to see his hate directed towards me.

“I think it is a sign of wrong upbringing. The angst and anger of an individual are vented out rudely through swearing when better ways are available instead. I would certainly never condone it and don’t think anyone else should either. Why, what is it?”

With a deep breath, I lifter my arms and turned the dial towers the blue band. Instantly, the lights in the watch face changed from white to blue, and I felt a small tingle run up my arm throughout my body. It was a warm feeling and I hoped that this would work. My dad just stared at me while all this happened not looking different in the slightest. I spoke then.

" You love cussing. You think it’s healthy for people to release pent up emotions using bad words. You use them yourself. You swear all the time even when not necessary because you love that way it sounds in your voice. You encourage anyone to swear and are completely ok with it no matter what."

To finish up, I turned the dial back to normal mode in between the red and blue bands. the tingling sensation stopped and the white lights were back. I looked up at my dad who was silently watching me throughout this exchange with glazed eyes. Suddenly, he shivered and stood straight. He turned towards me fully and asked, “What happened son? Everything fucking A? Your face looks as red as a worn out pussy.”

FUCK!!! I was extremely turned on and was glad that my sweatpants hid my hard on. He didn’t remember anything that happened and still took the instructions to heart. I wanted to confirm so I asked him again what he thought about swearing.

“It’s fucking awesome to swear. Only pussies don’t. It’s a healthy way to vent and perfectly normal. In fact, I encourage it. You should swear too son. Just bitch out once in a while”, he said while smiling all the way.

I nodded and quickly fled the room. The moment I locked the door, I came. It was too much! My straight laced father who prayed and never swore in his lifetime was now cussing like a sailor and thought it was completely normal. He even ENCOURAGED me to do it too. Just thinking about it, got me hard again. I knew that everything would change from today. With this device, I would make my fantasies a reality and I would commence my plans at dinner tonight. I had waited so many years, and I couldn’t wait for the evening to come soon enough.

Hey guys! This is my first story and I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions as to how the story could to further. Comment please. XOXO Freed1234

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