Put a Ring on It Chapter 5

By College21Guy
published January 19, 2020
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C.J. has some fun at the coffee shop

The scene in the campus coffee shop would have shocked anyone who walked through the door at that moment. Four completely naked college guys, each sporting an erection, stood grouped together around a fifth guy, a dark haired, blue eyed college freshman who was still fully clothed. The group was being observed by a woman sitting in wide eyed silence at one of the tables.

“What do you mean, let’s have some fun? How are you doing this?” Nick, the incredibly handsome barista with the six pack abs and the fat seven and a half inches between his legs, asked.

C.J. smiled at Nick and ignored his questions. No one needed to know about the ring he’d found on his tour of campus that afternoon or how after he’d put it on his finger his every command had been obeyed.

“Screw this, let’s kick this guy’s ass!” Mike, the guy with a wrestler’s muscular build who was only sporting four and a half inches of cock, shouted, taking a step forward.

“Nobody move unless I tell you to,” C.J. said calmly. Mike instantly halted with one foot slightly raised, giving him a ridiculous appearance.

“So, what do you want from us?” Tony, the hot Latino with the hairy chest and a cock that bested Nick’s in length, if not in width, asked quietly. C.J. met his eyes and smiled.

“No one is going to get hurt. Everyone is going to have a good time. Let’s start with a little game of truth or dare, minus the dares,” C.J. grinned. “Everyone here will answer all my questions honestly.”

C.J. looked over his shoulder at the lone woman in the room. “Based just on the cock, not on the rest of the guy it’s attached to, which of these four cocks would you most like to suck and get fucked by?”

“That one,” Mike’s girlfriend replied immediately, pointing to Nick’s dick.

“Babe! What the hell?” Mike demanded, turning red from anger, embarrassment, or a mixture of both. C.J. noticed a slight grin appear on Nick’s face.

“And your second choice?” C.J. asked.

“That one,” she replied, pointing to Tony’s equally impressive member.

"God damn it!’ Mike yelled.

“Which of these four cocks would be your third choice?”

“That one,” she said with a sigh, pointing to Marcus’s six inches and looking guilty.

“Ouch, Mike! Your own girlfriend prefers all these other dicks to yours!”

“I’m going to kill you!” Mike snarled at C.J.

“General question for all of you guys. Raise your hand if you’ve ever done anything sexual with another guy.”

C.J. watched as Tony raised his hand and Mike struggled unsuccessfully to keep his down. Nick and Marcus remained motionless.

“So, Mike, what have you done with another guy?”

“I jerked a guy off,” Mike blurted. “Fuck! You asshole, how are you doing this?”

“Tell me all about it, Mike. I’m sure your girlfriend will be interested in the tale, too.”

“It was my best friend in high school. We were on his webcam one night, just fucking around, and this hot chick started camming with us. She’d only show and do things if we showed, too. I didn’t want to take my dick out in front of my buddy, not after I saw how much bigger he was, so I wouldn’t do it. She was going to leave and my buddy got pissed, but then she said she’d stay and use a toy if I stroked him off so she could watch. I didn’t want to do it, but I was so horny and she was really hot. He told me to quit being a pussy and stroke his pole so we didn’t lose her. So I jerked him off.”

“Did he cum?”

“Yes,” Mike was bright red now.

“Did he cum on you?”

“Yeah, on my hand.”

“That’s your only sexual experience with a guy?”

“Yeah, I’m not a fag,” Mike spat out the word with a look of disgust.

C.J. turned his attention to Tony. “What about you, Tony? What have you done with another guy?”

“Everything,” Tony answered in a matter of fact voice.

“Are you gay?” C.J. asked.


“Okay, Tony, we’ve had the female perspective. Let’s have the gay perspective. Which of these dicks would you most like to suck, based solely on the dick and nothing else?”

To C.J.’s surprise, Tony nodded towards Marcus and not Nick. “Why that one?”

“It’s a good size. I’m not into gagging on a big one like his or barely having a mouthful, like with him,” Tony replied, looking from Nick to Mike.

“Like I’d let you near my dick anyway, faggot,” Mike spat out.

“Okay, another question for the group, answer in order of the tiniest cock to the biggest, in terms of length. When was the last time you shot a load, where were you, and what were you doing?”

“Last night in my apartment, jerking off to porn on my computer,” Mike mumbled, still looking pissed off.

“Two hours ago, jerking off to porn on my phone in the men’s room at my dorm before I had to leave for work,” Marcus said, his pale body flushing red with embarrassment.

“Two days ago, in my bedroom, fucking my boyfriend,” Tony answered.

“This morning, in my bedroom, with a chick riding my dick,” Nick said.

“Some follow up questions, boys. Tony, what position did you pound you boyfriend in two days ago?”

“Doggy style, then I laid back and he rode me,” Tony replied, his voice surprisingly calm, as if being controlled by a strange guy was a routine occurrence. C.J. was very intrigued by Tony.

“Mike, what kind of porn were you jerking to?”

“Latina lesbians,” Mike muttered his answer.

“Same question for you, Marcus.”

“Homemade stuff from Pornhub. Couples who record themselves fucking.”

“Nick, this chick who was riding your cock this morning, any plans to see her again?”

Nick shrugged. “Maybe. I keep things casual.”

“Tony, how long have you been with your boyfriend?”

“Three months.”

“Ever cheated on him?”

“I don’t cheat.”

“Tony, I like you,” C.J. smiled.

“That’s nice. I think you’re psychotic,” Tony replied.

C.J. laughed.“Mike, Marcus, when was the last time you two had sex with someone?”

Mike replied, “Three days ago” at the same moment that Marcus said “Never.”

C.J. turned his attention to nerdy Marcus. “Never? You’re a virgin?”

“Yeah,” Marcus muttered, flushing a deeper red. Beside him Nick snorted in amusement.

“I knew your story about the chick in the German hostel was bullshit!”

“Have you ever done anything sexual with a woman?” C.J. asked.

“No,” Marcus looked miserable.

“Okay! Marcus go sit in that chair over there.” Marcus complied, sitting down right across from Mike’s girlfriend. “Mike, walk over and drop to your knees in front of Marcus.”

“No fucking way!” Mike yelled, even as he walked across the room and hit the floor in front of the nerdy virgin.

“Mike, you’re about to give Marcus his very first blowjob.”

“What? No!” Marcus yelped.

“Fuck that!” Mike yelled.

“Okay, then. I’ll give you a choice, Mike. You can suck his dick, or you can watch your girlfriend get gang banged by every guy in this room. What’s it going to be?”

“Gang banged!” There was no hesitation in Mike’s answer, not even a pause for thought.

“Wrong answer, asshole. Now, Mike, when I say Go, you are going to give Marcus a blow job. Watch your teeth and do everything you like when a girl goes down on you.”


“Go,” C.J. cut him off, and Mike immediately began to suck Marcus’s cock while all eyes, including those of girlfriend, were on him. Mike began slurping up and down, using lots of tongue and hand action, stroking the shaft and playing with Marcus’s balls. Marcus looked horrified at first, but then couldn’t help letting out a small moan of pleasure.

“Nice to get your dick sucked, even by a tool like him, huh?” C.J. asked with a grin.

“Yeah,” Marcus moaned. “Oh God!” He looked helplessly over at his co-worker Nick. “I can’t stop him! I don’t want a guy sucking me. But… it feels incredible.”

“Marcus, don’t cum until I tell you to,” C.J. ordered, before turning his attention to Tony and Nick.

“Nick, take a seat,” C.J. said, pointing to a chair. Nick sat down, his rock hard cock sticking straight up in his lap. C.J. stared at it for a moment and then dropped to his own knees. “Sorry, I’ve got to taste this beauty.”

For several minutes, the only sounds in the coffee shop were the juicy slurping noises being made by Mike, the increasingly loud moans of Marcus, and the softer sucking sounds coming from C.J.’s mouth, accompanied by the occasional intake of breath from Nick. Finally C.J. sat back and wiped his mouth. “Damn, that’s a good cock, man. And those abs! Mmm!” C.J. trailed his fingers across them.

Standing up and adjusting the bulge in his own pants, C.J. looked over at Tony. “Tony, come take a seat.” Tony walked over and sat in the chair next to Nick. “No, no, man. Sorry, I should have been more specific. Take a seat on Nick’s cock. I got it nice and wet for you.”

For the first time, Tony looked angry. “I’m not really a bottom, and I don’t cheat!” Even as he said this, Tony stood up and moved over to Nick’s chair. He reached back and took hold of the barista’s hefty cock and place it against his hole.

“C’mon, man, I’m not gay,” Nick protested.

“Tony, stop.” Tony paused, just as the head of Nick’s dick started to slip inside him. C.J. grabbed Tony’s phone from his table and handed it to him. “Call your boyfriend.”

Tony took the phone. “You are psychotic, I was right.” He started dialing.

“Hey, Marcus, go ahead and shoot your load down Mike’s throat. Mike, swallow every drop,” C.J. called over his shoulder. Marcus instantly groaned loudly, followed by gagging noises from Mike.

“Keep sucking him, Mikey. Maybe you can get another mouthful.”

Tony, meanwhile, was still balanced on the tip of Nick’s dick, his phone pressed to his ear.

“He’s not answering,” Tony looked relieved, but then his face changed. “Hey Boy.”

“Tony, carry on a normal conversation with him while you ride Nick,” C.J. said softly as he unzipped himself and pulled out his dick.

Tony looked furious. “I’m just hanging out at the- uh!- coffee shop,” Tony said as he sank down and took that big barista cock inside. “What are you up to?”

“Uh huh. Yeah,” Tony moaned and sweat began to slick down the hair on his chest as he bounced up and down. “Really? I didn’t know- ah!! - that. What? No, I’m okay. Why? I’m not- uh!! - not sure what you mean by that. How do I sound? Boy, don’t - mmhh! - be silly…”

C.J.’s dick was rock hard watching this scene. “Tell him you have to go and hang up,” he said softly.

“Gotta go, Boy.” Tony ended the call.

C.J. sat down in the chair where Tony was still bouncing on Nick’s dick. “Tony, how are you feeling?”

“Pissed off. Turned on. Scared. Sad that I am hurting my boyfriend this way. Worried, because he started to figure out from my voice that I was having sex.”

“I want you to stop bouncing on Nick’s dick and come sit on mine,” C.J. ordered. Tony and Nick both groaned as Tony stood up. As he positioned himself on C.J.’s cock and sank down, C.J. glanced over at Mike and Marcus, who were still engaged in their task.

“Mike, stop sucking Marcus.”

The red faced jock immediately complied and spat on the floor a few times. “That was fucking disgusting! I am going to kill you, faggot.”

C.J. pulled Tony’s arm behind his head and kissed the side of his hairy torso as he moved around to get a good look at the other guys. “Mike, come over here and sit on Nick’s dick, see what a real cock feels like.”

Mike stood up and began walking over. “No! I’m sorry, okay? I don’t have a problem with gay dudes, but I don’t want anything in my ass!”

C.J. stayed silent, running his fingers through Tony’s sweaty chest hair as the Latino hottie rode his dick. Getting no response, Mike followed instructions and sank down on Nick’s hard on with a yelp.

“Mike, that dick feels so good in your ass. You hate that it does, you don’t want it to, but it’s the best feeling you’ve ever had.”

Instantly, Mike began to moan loudly and stroke furiously at his cock. “Oh, fuck, no! No! Why does this feel so good?”

“I’m cumming!” Nick’s words, after having remained silent through much of the experience of getting sucked by a guy and having two different men riding his straight cock, took C.J. by surprise and he realized he hadn’t given any of the guys an order not to cum, except for Marcus.

“Not in my ass, no! Oh, fucking shit, I can feel you cumming in my ass! It’s so good! No!” Mike’s tiny cock exploded all over his own furiously pounding fist.

Both men panted furiously as their orgasms subsided, but remained in place, Mike bouncing on Nick’s softening cock. “Mike, go sit by your girlfriend,” C.J. finally ordered. When he was off of Nick, C.J. reached over and began stroking the barista’s abs and pecs with one hand while Tony rode him.

“Mmm, this is the best day ever. Tony, are you close to cumming?”

“No. I can’t cum while I’m getting fucked, at least not the few times I’ve been fucked, anyway.”

“Tony, shoot that load.”

C.J. instantly felt Tony’s ass tighten up around his cock as the Latino’s dick began spewing cum all over his hairy chest. “Fuck! Ay!!” Tony began to pant and curse in Spanish until his orgasm subsided, all the while feeling his own ass being filled with C.J.’s cum, which , given that it was his third load of the day, was not all that copious.

“Damn, Tony, I like you. You too, Nick. I think the three of us are going to have some fun times together. I’d like to introduce you to some guys I’ve met around campus today, too.”

“I’m not gay,” Nick reminded C.J. “Can you stop feeling me up now that you’ve got your rocks off?”

C.J. smiled. “Tony, you can get up. In fact, all of you guys can get up and started cleaning up and getting dressed.” The four men in the room complied and C.J. joined in, getting his dick wiped off and tucked back into his pants.

When they were all dressed they stood staring expectantly at C.J.

“Okay, boys and girl, let’s take care of some business. Mike, you no longer feel any shame about the size of your dick. You’re proud of it, you love showing it off in locker rooms and men’s rooms. To you, having a small dick is the coolest thing about you. You’ll find a way to bring in up in conversation any time you can. You want everyone to know about it. You love getting teased about it.”

“No, please!” Mike looked horrified.

“The reason you’re so proud of your small dick is that you’re a total bottom, Mike. Remember how good getting fucked felt? You hate that you need it, but you do. You never fuck a woman, there would be no point. You’re a taker, not a giver, so you’re always going to ask women to fuck you with strap-ons and dildos. The bigger the strap-on, the better.”

“Okay,” Mike sounded horrified.

“You’re straight, but if you can’t get a woman to fuck you up the ass, you need it so bad that you’ll seek out men. You’ll hate having to do that, but you need it, and you’ll love how good it feels, taking it up the ass is the only feeling that can satisfy you sexually. Now, when you walk out of this coffee shop today, you’re going to forget everything that has happened since you looked up and saw these two guys naked. You’ll remember all of my orders, though.”

“You,” C.J. said, turning to Mike’s girlfriend, “will also forget everything that has happened in here today as soon as you walk out the door, except for my orders. But the first time that Mike asks you to fuck him with a strap on, you are going to break up with him. No hardship, really, since the douche was willing to let you get gang banged so he didn’t have to suck a dick!”

“Marcus, as soon as the door closes behind us, you’re going to forget everything that happened here except my orders and the experience of your first blow job. The way you’ll remember it, it happened here when you were alone with a customer, while Nick was in the back stocking. You’ll remember exactly how it felt and how much you liked it when the customer went down on you, but no matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to remember anything about the customer.”

“Okay,” Marcus looked relieved.

“Nick, as soon as the door closes behind us, you’re going to forget everything that happened here except my orders. You won’t consciously remember me, but the next time I come in you’ll feel very flirty towards me and won’t quite know why.”

Nick nodded, looking more annoyed than upset.

C.J. turned his eyes to Tony, who was staring calmly at him. “Let me guess, you’re going to make me dump my boyfriend and become your bottom boy slave? You’re pathetic. I feel sorry for you. You can’t have ever loved anyone, or you wouldn’t do these things.”

C.J. stared back at Tony, feeling unsettled for a moment. He really liked Tony, there was something about him. “It’s college, love can come later. No, when you leave here, Tony, you’re going to remember everything that happened except that I had power over you. As you’ll remember it, everyone was a willing participant. But, here’s the thing. You’re going to remember it as a fantasy. A very vivid fantasy that you had after you go turned on by the guys surrounding you in the coffee shop. You got so horny that you went and jerked off in the bathroom while you fantasized about it. You even called your boyfriend while you were jerking off. You’re going to tell him all about that tonight.”

Tony stared back, saying nothing, but then giving a slight nod.

“But, Tony, when you see any of us, me, Nick, Marcus, even Mike, around campus, you’re going to get so turned on, remembering the fantasy you had. You’ll get an instant hard on and, if you’re alone, you’ll seek relief in the nearest bathroom to jerk off, just like you remember doing here today.”

Tony sighed and shrugged his shoulders. “You’re loco,man. But at least I won’t remember being a cheater.”

“Also, be here every week at this time, in case I want to see you again.” Tony opened his mouth to speak, but C.J. beat him to it.

“Okay. You three get your stuff together. Mike, you and your lady walk out first, Tony you’re right behind them. Marcus, Nick, enjoy the rest of your shift. Oh, and if there is a security camera in here, delete the footage from today as soon as we’re gone. See you later, boys.”

As soon as the door closed behind them, Mike and his girlfriend held hands and began strolling along, whispering to each other again as they had been before. Tony walked the other way, a slightly guilty look on his face, no doubt due to the vivid cheating fantasy he’d just had. C.J. smiled and strolled along, wishing he could seen through the painted windows of the coffee shop, where Marcus was no doubt ecstatically recalling that he was no longer a total virgin, and Nick was probably checking his phone, thinking about his next conquest.

C.J headed back to his dorm room, feeling exhausted. He needed a good, long rest to recharge his batteries. As he walked down the hall, Darren and Reggie barreled out of their room across from his, laughing. Both were shirtless and they were wrestling, horsing around like all the straight jocks in every porn C.J. had ever watched, just before the guys ended up fucking each other in spite of their supposed straightness.

The ended up on the floor right in front of C.J.’s door, so he stopped and looked down at them, feeling a stirring in his pants despite his already exhausting day of sex. Reggie looked up, still laughing, and then jumped to his feet.

“Hey, C.J., man! How’s it going? Darren, this is C.J., I met him earlier,” Reggie the blond God smiled and smacked C.J. lightly on the shoulder.

“Hey man, nice to meet you. I’m Darren,” the hunk who just a few hours before had been fucked up the ass by his own brother, thanks to C.J.’s new powers, stretched out his hand to shake C.J.’s.

“Nice to meet you. What are you guys up to?”

“Just hangin’ tonight and getting unpacked, but we’re invited to this thing at a frat house tomorrow night, they’re hoping we’ll pledge. Want to come along man?” Reggie looked downright eager to hang out with C.J., the earlier command that he would want to be C.J.’s friend was obviously working perfectly.

“A frat house? Hell yeah.” C.J. grinned.

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