Put a Ring on It Chapter 6

By College21Guy
published November 1, 2020
1888 words

The second day of C.J.’s life as a college student starts with a shower

C.J. opened his eyes and looked around in confusion. Where the hell - ? Slowly, his sleep addled brain began to catch up with his surroundings. He was in his dorm room. He’d moved onto campus the day before. C.J. sat up and stretched his arms above his head, yawning widely. Glancing at the clock, he saw that it was nearly Noon already, which meant he’d slept for almost twelve hours.

It made sense, he’d been pretty exhausted, after the move, and then all the sex. C.J. glanced down at the ring on his finger and a smug, self satisfied smile crossed his face. It hadn’t been a wild dream, then. He really had found a ring during his campus tour, one that allowed him to completely control people, from their actions right down to their memories and even their basic sexuality.

C.J. jumped out out of bed and grabbed his shower kit and a towel. There were a few doors open along his hall, but for the most part the dorm seemed very quiet at the moment. C.J. picked a shower stall and began soaping himself under the hot water, grinning and getting hard as his mind ran through some of what he’d gotten up to yesterday.

The sound of the bathroom door opening caught C.J.’s attention and he stuck his head out of the shower stall. Whoever had come in had already moved out of his sight, heading for the toilets around the corner in the other half of the room. C.J. opened his mouth to call out to whoever it was, feeling like a morning fuck in the shower would really hit the spot, but then stopped as the door opened again and his new pal Reggie stumbled in, still looking half asleep.

The muscular blond didn’t seem to notice him as he headed for the toilets, but C.J. heard him mumble “Hey.” A deep voice responded with a greeting and then a tall, dark haired guy in glasses came into sight, heading for the door. C.J. made an instant assessment, liking the Clark Kent vibe this guy gave off.

“Excuse me!” C.J. called out. The guy stopped and looked at C.J.


“Come in here with me.”

“Huh?” Even as he asked the question, the guy started walking toward C.J.’s shower stall, a surprised look crossing his face.

C.J stepped back to give him room to step inside. There was a small space in the front of the stall, with a hook on the wall and a tiny bench for undressing, and the two of them completely filled it.

“Tell me your first name,” C.J. said.

“Frankie. Why did you call me in here? You’re naked.”

“Get naked, Frankie, and go stand under the shower.”

“What? I don’t think so!” Even as he spoke, Frankie’s hands grabbed the bottom of his t-shirt and began to pull it over his head, revealing a furry chest..

“Don’t say a word.” C.J. said before he popped his head back out of the stall just in time to see Reggie shuffling back toward the door.


The blond turned and his face lit up in a grin as he saw who had called out to him. Reggie was completely unaware that he had been ordered to want to be friends with C.J.

“Hey, man! Good morning. You ready to party tonight?”

C.J. was looking forward to the frat party Reggie and his roommate, Darren, had invited him to, though for very different reasons than they were.

“Yeah, for sure. Hey, listen, I need a buddy to help me out in here.” C.J. nodded his head in the direction of the shower stall. A brief look of hesitation crossed Reggie’s face, but the need to be C.J.’s friend quickly won out.

“Okay! What do you need?” Reggie joined C.J. inside the stall and gasped in surprise to see Frankie standing completely naked under the shower head, looking scared and confused.

“Listen, I need a buddy to help me tag team this guy. You up for it? It’s a great bonding experience between bros,” C.J. grinned.

“But I’m not gay, man. I didn’t know you were.”

“Gay, straight, does it matter? A mouth is a mouth, dude. I’ll take his ass, you can have his mouth. Bros, right?”

Reggie looked torn. “No, sorry, C.J. I want to hang with you, I don’t care what you get up to with dudes, but that’s just not my thing. When you get done, maybe we can go have lunch in the dining center?”

C.J. sighed. “No, I don’t think so. Thought we’d be good friends, Reg, but I guess not. That’s cool. See you around in the halls.” C.J. turned and joined Frankie under the shower.

“You want nothing more than a dick up your ass, it’s the greatest turn on you can imagine,” C.J told Frankie in a low voice. Frankie’s demeanor instantly changed and he turned around and leaned up against the shower wall, angling his ass toward C.J., who squirted some shampoo on Frankie’s hairy hole and began rubbing it in. “You can talk now.”

“Mmm, please put your dick in me, I need it sooo bad!” The words sounded even hotter in Frankie’s deep, masculine voice. C.J. lined his hard dick up with Frankie’s hole, but felt a tap on his shoulder before he could push inside. Turning his head, he saw a sheepish looking Reggie standing there, naked. His body was amazing, though his dick was completely soft.


“I changed my mind. It’s not my thing, but I can help a buddy out.”

C.J. grinned. “Frankie, suck Reggie’s dick, get it nice and hard.”

Frankie spun around and grabbed hold of Reggie’s soft prick. Before taking it in his mouth, he turned his head and looked back at C.J. “Please, please put your cock in me. I need it!”

C.J. moved into position and locked eyes with Reggie as he pushed inside of Frankie’s tight hole. Reggie looked nervous as he began to get his first blow job from another guy, but he didn’t break eye contact with C.J.

“Fuck yeah, bros for life!” C.J. grinned and held his hand in the air. Reggie grinned back, suddenly looking radiantly happy, as he gave C.J. a high five.


“How’s that mouth?”

“Not bad. I mean, never had a guy go down on me before. Better than most of the chicks.”

C.J., who could see that Reggie’s cock was responding to Frankie’s attentions, wasn’t surprised to hear this.

“Uh, how’s that ass?” Reggie looked slightly queasy, just asking the question.

“So tight, man. You wanna give it a try?”

“No, I’m good over here!”

The sounds of Frankie’s slurping mouth and muffled moans, accompanied by the slapping of skin against skin as C.J. pounded his ass, filled the room for several minutes. C.J. was getting close when he heard Reggie’s breath quicken.

“I’m gonna shoot!” Reggie grunted. C.J. saw Frankie begin to pull his mouth back.

“Swallow every drop, Frankie, you love cum!” C.J. ordered. Frankie’s mouth dove back onto Reggie’s seven thick inches. C.J watched Reggie’s face twist in pleasure as his load was sucked straight out of his balls.

“Yeah, shoot it, man, feed the bitch!” C.J. grunted as he shot his own load deep inside of Frankie.

Slowly, their orgasms subsiding, the two men stared at each other, their heavy breathing their only movement. Between them, Frankie remained spit roasted, his mouth still trying to suck out extra drops from Reggie’s dick, his ass still moving back and forth on C.J.’s pole.

“That was a first,” Reggie finally panted, looking guilty and slightly disgusted.

“Bros for life, now, man.” C.J winked. Reggie’s face lit up again as he pulled his dick out of Frankie’s mouth and started putting on his clothes.

C.J. pulled out of the tight, hairy ass in front of him and gave it a hard slap. “Thanks, bitch.”

Frankie stood up, his hand frantically stroking his dick. “You can only cum with something up your ass, Frankie.” C.J. said quietly. The tall, deep voiced college student immediately dropped to the shower floor and began to finger his ass while he stroked. In less than a minute, he’d covered his hairy chest with his own jizz, which was immediately rinsed down the drain as he lay under the now cooling flow of water from the shower head.

Reggie, who’d watched the display with a mixture of fascination and disgust on his face, met C.J.’s eyes and shook his head. “Wow.”

“Yeah. Pathetic, huh?” C.J. grinned. “I gotta finish my shower. I’ll come get you in a few for lunch.”

“Sounds good, bro,” Reggie grinned at C.J. again on his way out.

“Jesus. Just the command to want to be my friend was powerful enough to make a straight jock do that without any other command,” C.J. muttered, looking at the ring on his finger with new respect.

“How did this happen?” Frankie’s voice came from behind him. C.J. turned and saw the other man sitting against the shower wall, looking stunned. “I’m straight. I’ve never even thought about another guy, and suddenly, I wanted to feel dick inside me so bad, I couldn’t think about anything else. I swallowed jizz, and loved it. What the hell did you do to me?”

“Frankie, you have been living in denial. You know you’re gay. You love dick, you crave it. Jizz is your favorite thing to eat. You know that you can’t live in the closet any longer. You’re gay and you don’t care who knows it. You’re a slut for cock.”

“I am. Oh, my God. I always knew, I just couldn’t accept it!” Frankie jumped up and threw his arms around C.J. “Thank you!”

C.J. laughed. “Sure, glad to help.”

“Any time you want to fuck or get sucked, I’m in the first room on the left, okay? Day or night!”

“Thanks. I gotta shower, go on back to your room.”

“Okay!” Frankie picked up his clothes and started to sit on the bench to get dressed.

“No, walk back to your room naked. Just put your glasses on.”

“People will see me!” Frankie put his glasses on and walked out of the stall. C.J. heard the bathroom door close behind him and grinned.

After finishing his shower, C.J. headed back toward his room, glancing at the first door on the left as he walked past it. He stopped short and laughed out loud as he read the sign on the door, just above the message board. He’d just turned his RA, into a gay slut.

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