Put a Ring on It Chapter 4

By College21Guy
published January 26, 2019
3379 words

Earlier targets continue to experience the effects of the ring as C.J. gets coffee

It was late afternoon on a college campus near the end of summer. What had started out as an ordinary day for many new and returning students had become anything but.

In one of the dorms on campus, two good looking brothers, Darren and Doug, stood naked together in the middle of Darren’s new dorm room. Darren was using one of his socks to wipe cum out of his hair, while Doug cleaned off his dick with the other sock.

“What the fuck are we going to do?” Darren asked.

“Forget, I guess. What choice do we have? As soon as we’re dressed. That’s what he said.”

“But he owns us now, he’s going to be able to get us to do anything. Jesus, Doug, I just got fucked up the ass! By my little brother!”

“Yeah, you’d better turn around and let me clean up my cum, it’s starting to run out of your ass and down your legs,” Doug said.

Darren shuddered. “Oh, my god. My brother’s load is in my ass.” He turned around and felt Doug begin to wipe it up roughly.

“The worst part was after he told us that it was the best we’d ever had. It felt so good after that, it really was the best. I fucking loved it.”

“Me, too.” Doug finished with the clean up and both brothers automatically began gathering up their clothes.

“I can’t fucking believe you and Wyatt have been having sex,” Darren said as pulled on his underwear.

“I tried to fight it so hard when he asked me those questions. The last thing I wanted was you to hear that,” Doug said, as he pulled his shorts up and began to button them.

“I never even suspected. Jesus, you both seem totally straight,” Darren finished putting on his own shorts.

“Now that freak is going to have me bring Wyatt here next weekend. What’s he going to do to us? We’ve got to stop this,” Doug looked as scared as he sounded.

“Nothing could be worse that having my ass fucked by my gay little brother and loving it, okay? Nothing.”

“He can’t really make us forget, can he?” Doug asked as he pulled his t-shirt over his head.

“I don’t know,” Darren said, as he put his own shirt back on.

“Know what?” Doug asked.

Darren started at him. “Uh- damn, I can’t remember what we were talking about.”

“Okay, well, I think we’re just about done here, man. I should probably head home.”

“Thanks for your help, man.” Doug gave Darren a quick bro hug.

“Yeah. I can’t wait to hear about all the parties and all the pussy you and Reggie are going to score, man. You’re so lucky, I have to wait another fucking year before I can get out of the house.”

“It’ll go fast, man. Come visit any time, I’m only an hour away.”

“Sounds good. Hey, what if i bring Wyatt down next weekend? You could give us a preview of college life.”

“Yeah, that’s cool. Maybe we’ll see if we can get you two pussies laid. Lose your V cards,” Darren laughed.

“Riiight, I bet we both get more pussy than you ever have!”

“You wish! Okay, thanks for all your help and I’ll double check with Reggie, but I’m sure he’ll have no problem with you and Wyatt crashing here for a night or two next weekend.”

“Maybe we’ll be crashing in a sorority, gang bang style,” Doug punched his brother lightly on the arm. “See you next weekend.”

At an apartment complex just off of campus, the day had taken a turn that a certain student tour guide would never have thought possible. When he woke up that morning, Grant had high hopes that his boring campus tour would end with him scoring some pussy on the side from a gullible freshmen girl, a little something to entertain himself with behind his girlfriend’s back. Grant loved sex and the thrill of cheating always made it even hotter.

He’d never in his worst nightmares have imagined he’d end the afternoon cheating like this, though.

“Fuck, you’re a little slut, aren’t you?”

“Mmmph…” Grant moaned around the large cock in his mouth and looked up at its owner with a pleading expression in his eyes. The preppy college sophomore’s blond hair was already becoming soaked with sweat in the overheated back of the delivery truck.

“Don’t talk with you mouth full, boy,” the man on the receiving end of Grant’s oral efforts pulled his dick out of the college boy’s mouth and slapped him hard across the face with it.

“Sorry,” Grant gasped as he tried hard to get the cock back into his mouth. The man, who had the name Jim on the front of his work shirt, grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head back, denying him his treat. Jim was a good looking man in his early 40’s with a muscular body and a fat eight inches between his legs.

“Answer my question.”

“I just love cock and cum. I can’t get enough,” Grant blushed, looking into the eyes of the man who’d just shown up at his place to deliver some furniture his girlfriend’s mother had bought them for their first off campus apartment together. Grant had taken one look at the bulge in Jim’s tight shorts and hadn’t been able to look anywhere else.

“And what does that make you?” Jim asked, staring down into Grant’s face.

“A slut,” Grant whispered, his eyes darting back and forth between Jim’s face and that big, dripping cock just of reach.

“A gay slut. Going for my dick right here in the back of the truck, in a busy parking lot. You’ve got no shame.”

“Please, let me finish you off, I want to taste your cum,” Grant heard the begging tone in his voice and had a brief moment of absolute clarity- what the fuck was he doing? Begging for some guy’s cock? How did this happen? Then a drop of precum rolled off the tip of Jim’s dick and he managed to catch it with his tongue. All clarity was gone. Grant just knew he loved men, he loved dick, and he loved cum.

“Yo, Jim, what’s the hold up? I thought you’d have it out of the truck at least!” Jim and Grant both turned to look at the new arrival, a tough looking guy about a decade younger than Jim, dressed similarly in shorts and a company shirt with the name Chet stitched on the front. He’d just bounded up into the back of the truck and his mouth dropped open at the sight before him.

“Something came up,” Jim grinned.

“Yo, no kiddin’,” Chet replied. Grant took in his rough appearance, which included a nose that had clearly been broken at least once, and his muscular body. His legs were dense with fur and a forest was peeking out over the top of his uniform shirt. The bulge in his shorts didn’t look as big as Jim’s, but it clearly had a lot of potential.

Grant took advantage of Jim’s distraction to break out of his grip and get his mouth back on the dripping cock in front of him. “Holy shit,” Chet said. “What a fuckin’ fag.”

“Great mouth, though. Desperate for dick. Fuck, the wife hasn’t been up for it in weeks. Can’t pass this up,” Jim grunted.

“Yeah, I hear ya. I been three weeks without. You gonna share?” Chet unzipped his shorts, immediately attracting Grant’s full attention.

“Sure. Get this, the couple we’re delivering to, he’s one of ’em. Couple of gay boys, I guess. We’re not even gonna get shit from the boss for being late with the delivery. Hey, slut, let’s take this inside. It’s an oven in here.”

Grant reluctantly spit out Jim’s dick and stood up. After the delivery guys had locked up the truck, they followed Grant up to his new apartment. The living room was still bare, but Grant headed straight for the bedroom with Chet and Jim in tow. He had another brief moment of clarity (‘What am I doing??’) when he saw the bed - he’d fucked his girlfriend on it just last night, a thought that quickly made him shudder in disgust now, the way he’d actually licked and fucked a pussy.

It was time to erase such a disgusting memory and replace it with a hot one. Jim and Chet wasted no time in getting naked and Grant hit his knees before them, taking both of their cocks in turn and then trying to get them both in his mouth at the same time. Jim’s cock made this impossible, though Chet’s was a more manageable six inches.

Both men took turns fucking his throat while he moaned with delight at their rough treatment. “Yo, you give up that ass too, fag?” Chet asked while waiting for Jim to finish with that mouth for a moment.

Grant didn’t talk with his mouth full this time, but he did wiggle his ass and shoot Chet a pleading look. “Jesus, your boyfriend know you’re such a slut?” Chet laughed as he moved behind Grant and pulled down his khakis and underwear.

Chet spit on Grant’s hole and began rubbing his cock back and forth across it. Jim pulled his dick out of Grant’s mouth and slapped him with it a few times while he watched what his co-worker was doing.

“Please fuck me, I need it so bad,” Grant begged, taking advantage of his mouth no longer being full.

Chet laughed. “Typical bitch.” With that, he shoved his cock inside of Grant, causing him to cry out in pleasure.

“How’s that ass?” Jim asked.

“Fuckin’ tight,” Chet groaned as he began to pound Grant. “Best delivery of the year.”

“Hell yeah. Shit, we’re gonna have to tell all the guys this story. But this boy becomes a sorority girl with huge tits, got it?”

“You like our big delivery man cocks, sorority girl? Better than your frat boy boyfriend, huh?” Chet laughed as Grant just moaned and half sobbed with pleasure at the pounding he was taking. It was all so good.

“I gotta get a piece of that ass, Chet.”

“Wait your turn. I’m gonna nut in him soon, give his boyfriend a nasty surprise tonight,” Chet grunted. Jim shoved his dick back into Grant’s mouth and down his throat.

It was about two minutes later, just as Chet began to deliver a completely different load than he’d anticipated when they’d gone out on assignment that afternoon, that the bedroom door opened. All three men turned their eyes to the stunned face of Grant’s girlfriend, but it was too late for Chet to stop, he went over the edge and began shooting his load. Jim had pulled his dick out of Grant’s mouth in surprise, and the feeling of Chet’s load filling his ass sent Grant over the edge as well.

“Yes! Oh God yes!” Grant shot his own load all over the bed.

“You- you- you’re gay??!” Grant’s girlfriend stammered in shock.

“So gay,” Grant panted, grabbing Jim’s dick. Making eye contact with her he shrugged his shoulders. “Sorry.” Grant took the dick back in his mouth and started sucking, only vaguely hearing the sound of his girlfriend running from the apartment.

“Didn’t see that coming. How the fuck did she not know with this slut?” Jim asked. “Turn around, I want that ass.” Grant wasted no time swinging around and presenting Jim his ass as he took Chet’s deflating cock in his mouth and began to suck it back to life.

“Damn, she was hot. Too bad she saw us with the fag, I’d have gone in for the rebound,” Chet laughed.

“No kidding,” Jim grunted as he pushed his dick inside of Grant, who yelled out in sheer delight, unable to believe he’d just taken something so big up his ass, and that it felt so incredible.

“Oh, God, it’s sooo huge! I love that dick! Fuck me harder!”

As Grant took the pounding of his life, the only sad thought that crossed his mind was how much hotter this would be if he had a boyfriend that he was cheating on.

C.J. had finished eating a late lunch, his mind full of the amazing things that had just happened to him this afternoon. He walked around campus afterward, checking out the guys and day dreaming. He already had tons of plans in mind for Darren and Reggie, for Doug and Wyatt, and for just about anyone else who happened to catch his eye.

He had no idea where this ring had come from or why it could do what it did, but he wasn’t about to waste a single opportunity. He’d spent the last five years or so jerking off to fantasies about what life would be like when he had plenty of other gay guys in his life to have fun with and now they didn’t even have to be gay. He could literally have any guy he wanted, whenever he wanted. It was an intoxicating thought.

As he remembered the hot show that brothers Darren and Doug had put on for him, C.J. realized that he’d never even have to watch porn again. He could direct his own live action porn scenes whenever he wanted, to jerk to or join in on, and they could star anyone he wanted.

Spotting a coffee shop just off of campus, C.J. headed over and went inside. There were two baristas behind the counter, a good looking dark haired guy and a nerdy looking guy with clunky glasses and a bad haircut. C.J. walked up to the counter and placed his order with the nerd. While he waited, he feasted his eyes on the good looking barista, whose name tag said Nick, and then turned his attention to the few other customers.

A good looking Latino guy was sitting alone at one table, engrossed in a book, while a second table was occupied by a couple who were sitting close together, the woman giggling and the guy talking softly to her. They all looked to be college students.

“C.J.” He turned and picked up his drink from the counter.

“Excuse me,” he called out to the nerdy barista, whose name tag declared him to be Marcus.


“I’ve always heard that you skinny nerds have the biggest dicks.”

Marcus just stared at him, his mouth hanging open slightly. He was clearly at a complete loss for words.

“Take off your clothes and get hard, I just want to see if that theory holds water.”

Marcus immediately pulled his apron over his head and began unbuttoning his shirt. “What am I doing? How -” the guy looked bewildered. It was only when he had the shirt unbuttoned and was actually taking it off that his expression changed to one of fear, especially as, bare chested, he began to unbutton his pants.

“What the hell are you doing?” Nick had turned around behind the counter, where he’d been checking his phone, and looked stunned to see his co-worker half undressed.

“He’s making me. I don’t know how, but I can’t stop,” Marcus’s voice squeaked slightly and then his pants hit the floor.

Nick looked at C.J. in confusion and then grabbed Marcus by the shoulder. “You’re gonna get fired, maybe even arrested. Stop it man.”

“I can’t!” Nick moved backward quickly as Marcus’s boxers hit the floor.

“Hey, Nick, get naked and hard, too, so Marcus won’t feel so lonely.”

“You’re crazy-” Nick stopped talking and looked down at his hands in disbelief as they swung into action against his will, pulling off his own apron and tugging his shirt over his head.C.J.glanced over his shoulder and the other three customers and saw that, for the moment, the guy was still engrossed in his book and the couple in each other. They hadn’t yet noticed the unusual behavior of the baristas.

“How the fuck are you doing this?” Nick asked as his own pants hit the floor, followed quickly by his underwear. Marcus was bending over, removing his socks and shoes. Nick followed suit and then stood next to his co-worker, both staring at C.J.

“Nick, I can’t get dressed. I’m really trying, I can’t make myself move,” Marcus muttered.

“You think I’d be standing here naked if I could move?” Nick snapped back.

“I can’t see much when you’re hidden away behind that counter, come around so I can see what we’re working with.”

Both men immediately turned and came around the end of the counter, walking out in the main body of the coffee shop. The movement caught the eye of the one woman in the room as she gasped loudly, causing her boyfriend to turn around and the other customer to look up from his book.

C.J. stood back and took in the view. Nick was truly a fine specimen with a six pack of abs and an impressive cock between his legs, a very thick seven and a half inches that was standing at full mast. Marcus had a skinny, pale body that was nothing to write home about, but his fully erect dick was about six inches. The ridiculous amount of pubic hair surrounding it, especially on his otherwise hairless body, made it look smaller than it was.

“What the hell are you doing?” the guy who had been whispering with his girlfriend jumped up from his seat and came their way. C.J. glanced at her and wasn’t surprised to see that her eyes were glued to Nick’s cock. “Put some fucking clothes on!”

“Tell me your first name,” C.J. said, making eye contact with the irate boyfriend.

“Mike,” he replied, looking a little confused.

“Mike, take off all of your clothes and get hard.”

“Fuck you-” again, C.J. saw the shock on someone’s face as they began to automatically followed his orders against their will.

“Sorry to interrupt your reading, but get naked and fully hard and come over here,” C.J. called out to the other guy, who stood up and started stripping.

“You can go over and lock the door for us, then sit back and watch the show. No talking, no cell phones, just watch,” C.J. told the lone female in the room.

“Babe, what is going on?” Mike called out to her as he pulled off his last sock and stood completely naked beside Nick and Marcus. He had a bulkier build than Nick and while there were no abs in sight his stomach was still tight and he clearly did a lot of work on his arms. Sadly for Mike, the reason that his girlfriend’s eyes had been glued to Nick’s dick became all too apparent when his own four and a half inches were revealed.

She silently shrugged at him as she locked the door and then sat back down, her eyes returning to Nick’s meat. The guys were now joined by the reader, who had a toned body with quite a bit of chest hair. In the dick department he actually had Nick beat in length by about a quarter of an inch, though his dick was nowhere near as thick.

“Tell me you first name,” C.J. said to the reader.

“Tony. How are you doing this to us?”

C.J. ignored the question.

“Okay, let’s have some fun.”

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