Early Present: There's More?

By MindManiac - Lalalopsy1111@gmail.com
published January 12, 2017
2777 words

Alex found out that Justin wasn’t the only gift.

Hey there!! It took me a while to think of a good continuation to the story and even longer to actually write it hahahahaha. Again please comment what you like and/or hate about the story so I can improve my writings. There might also be incorrect spelling and wrong grammar in the story since English isn’t my first language. Enjoy!!

If you could remember, I played with my roommate Justin for the past two days. So this time I’ll seriously stop that for a while because I think his body may have had enough of all that. After my last play time with him I got him to take a bath and made him forget that I fucked him again earlier. Few moments after that, he got dressed and left our dorm. He said something about a guys night out with his friends. Before he left he asked me if I wanted to join them, but I kindly declined the offer.

I then decided to call my uncle Lance and talk to him about his gift.


“Hey uncle Lance! Its me!”

“Oh hey Alex! So did you enjoy the gift?”

“Yes of course! It was the best gift EVER! Thank you so much!”

“Well I’m glad you liked it”

Our conversation went off to different directions after that. One moment we were talking about my slightly homophobic professor and now we’re talking about my uncle’s hot neighbor. This just shows how close we are. Its like he’s my long lost brother or something like that.

After we talked for a few more minutes we decided to end the call.

“Thank you again for the gift Uncle Lance!”

“Well it’s all I can do for my favorite nephew. And before I forget, you might be in for a surprise tomorrow” he said and I can feel his smirk right through his voice.

“What do you me—“

“Anyway I have more things to do here. Advanced happy birthday to you! Bye!” he immediately cuts me before I could even finish my sentence.

I put my phone in my pocket and decided to go to my room. I have nothing better to do so I guess I should read a book or something. After reading a few chapters it was already afternoon. I decided to buy something outside to eat. When I got my meal, which is just rice with chicken, I immediately went back to the dorm.

I opened the door and I was surprised to see Justin in there sitting on the sofa with two other guys on both his sides. I think the three of them are just watching sports or something like that. Those two have been here before, they look somewhat familiar.

“Oh hey Alex! Where have you been?” Justin asked when he noticed I was there

“Well I just went out to get myself some food”

“Oh cool. You remember Jack and Trevor right?” he said while pointing to the persons right beside him.

“Oh yeah, of course”

When he said their names I quickly remembered who they are. Both are very good friends with Justin and are one of the people he would usually hang out with. Jack, leader pf the swim team, is tall with dirty blonde curly hair, brown eyes, and a swimmer sort of build. He may not be as muscled as Justin but he still has this very good body. The other was Trevor, who I heard was in the university basketball team. He was taller than Justin but shorter than Jack. He has a very dark hair that matches his eyes which were the same color. His muscles were very big and, for me, looked better than Justin’s. I was also crushing on both of them, but Justin was still my ideal man.

I went back to my room as soon as we finished talking. I was a little bit upset because I thought I would have Justin alone for the night. On the other hand I was a little bit relieved because I won’t be able to play with Justin. I think his body had way to much fucking with for the last few days.

I was about to take a nap for the afternoon when someone knocked on my door. I opened it and it was Justin.

“Hey dude, me and the guys will to buy some food outside. Wanna join us?” I was surprised to see that he actually offered me to go with them, but I think I shouldn’t go. I can clearly see the look on Jack’s and Trevor’s faces. They don’t want me to join them.

“Sorry but I think I think I’ll just stay here. I want to take nap for the afternoon”

“Well okay then. Can you at least give us a good pie to eat? Trevor here suddenly craves for pies” he said as he pointed to the guy behind him.

“Maybe you’d like some Banana pie?”

Without me realizing it, I accidentally said the trigger phrase. I was already panicking in my head. What would Trevor and Jack do if the saw Justin in his trance. I was already preparing myself for the worst.

Justin already looks like he’s back under and I was waiting for a scream wanting an explanation. But to my surprise, both of them didn’t say anything. In fact they didn’t even move an inch. They look like how Justin was when I first tested the trigger phrase on him. It looks like the three of them were under the same trance. I already have an idea on who was responsible for this.

I got my phone and immediately called my Uncle Lance.

“Hello?” he said through the phone, as if he didn’t know what he did.

“Uncle Lance what did you do?!” I asked him with the stress in voice being showed.

“Whatever do you mean?” he asked in a sing song tone.

“What did you do to Trevor and Jack?”

“Isn’t it obvious? I hypnotized them too!” he answered proudly

“But why?”

“Why not my dear nephew? You need to lighten up and have some fun. I know you enjoyed Justin, so what difference with the other two. They were supposed to be my surprise for you tomorrow, but feel free to play with them now!”


“No buts Alex! Just have some fun! Byee!” before I could say anything else, he already ended the call.

I guess I’m now stuck in a room with three hunks which are all under my control. I think I should probably wake them up.

“Guys can you hear me?”

“Yes sir” all of them said simultaneously

“All of you open your eyes but remain in this trance, then sit back down on the sofa”

All of them looked like zombies while they were walking towards the sofa. The three of them sat down with Justin in the middle of Jack and Trevor. After that I asked Jack and Trevor the same questions I asked Justin on the first night he was under. Turns out both of them thinks I’m some sort of a good guy but they suspect that I’m gay. Also both of them are single.

I was about to command them to be attracted to me but I had a better idea.

“Guys every time the four of us are alone inside this room all of you will be naked. You would think that I am you master. All of you will address me as sir and follow every order I give and be sexually pleasured every time you do. And everything I say will become the truth to you. Understand?”

“Yes sir” they said.

“Good. Now I’m going to count down to one and when I do the three of you will wake up, feeling relaxed and remembering all my orders. 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 wake up.”

They opened their eyes and looked straight ahead. I decided to test them out for a while.

“The three of you stand up and strip down to your underwear”. They then started to take their clothes of in a speed that was too slow for me. “No, just rip off your clothes completely except for your underwear.”

“Yes sir.” they responded. After that they literally destroyed their shirts and pants before carelessly kicking off their shoes and socks. On front of me now was three incredibly handsome hunks only in their underwear. Justin was wearing a red jockstrap similar to the one he had on earlier. Jack was wearing a really small blue speedo that was tightly clinging on to his semi hard dick. Trevor, on the other hand, was wearing a pair of white boxers and judging from his bulge I’m guessing he’s pretty big.

“I’m now going to touch your bodies and the closer my touch is to your crotch and ass the more pleasure you will feel” I ordered.

I walked towards Jack and played with started playing with his chest and abs. He began to moan. I pressed my semi hard cock on his ass and he let out a long moan. After a while I palmed his dick through the speedo while the other was pinching his nipples. I took it out and began playing with it. It was at least 8” long with matching balls. At this point Jack was now a moaning mess, with his mouth slightly open and wet with drool.

When I felt that he was about to cum I stopped immediately. I left his dick hanging outside his speedos and I then walked towards Trevor to start playing with his body. His muscles were much more toned compared to Jack’s and Justin’s. I took out his cock from his boxers and then started to stroke him. I was shocked to say the least when I saw his cock that was at least 10” long. I just kept on stroking him until he was about to cum and I suddenly stop.

I went in front of them and thought of something entertaining to do. Then an idea suddenly came to me.

“When I ask you three to wake up I would be invisible to you but you can still hear and follow my orders without noticing it. Jack and Trevor, when you two wake up you would instantly be in love with Justin. Both of you would want to fuck him senseless. Justin, you would also be in love with them and you would be the submissive one. You would let them do what they want to do with you. Again I am invisible so act as if I’m not here but still hear and follow my orders. Understand?”

“Yes sir” the three said in monotone.

“Good. Now I’m going to count back to one and when I reach one you’ll be awake and will begin to follow my orders. Now 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. Wake up”

When they woke up of the trance Jack and Trevor immediately went to Justin to sandwich him between their muscled body. I got a chair and sat down because I know this will be one hell of a show. Trevor began making out with Justin passionately while Jack caressed Justin’s body and sucked his nipples.

“Every time you touch each other you would feel extreme pleasure. And none of you can cum unless I say so” I ordered them. After that they immediately began to moan loudly, by them I meant Justin moaning over the edge.

“Jack and Trevor take off your underwear but keep yours Justin” by now I’ve already took off all of my clothes and was jacking off. While making out with each other Jack and Trevor did as they were told and took off their underwear. Trevor was now finished making out with Justin and now went down to his knees to suck Justin through his jock strap. This made Justin open his mouth wide to moan but then Jack took the opportunity to make out with him.

After a while I got Justin to suck both Jack and Trevor off. This really showed his amazing cock sucking skills which made both Jack and Trevor scream in pleasure. Then, without me ordering it, Jack laid down to face Justin’s ass and began to rim him. Justin was practically riding Jack tongue while sucking Trevor off. They stopped for a while so Jack could now sit properly on the floor. Justin then impaled himself on to Jack and then continued to give Trevor a blow job. At this point Justin’s red jock strap was now wet in a mix of spot and pre cum. I felt that Trevor was getting left out so I thought of something.

“Justin, stop riding Jack for a while a stand up. Trevor, now sit down in front of Jack”. After that “Now Justin ride them both at the same time”.

Justin then slowly got himself down to the base of the two cock that are both inside him. At first I thought that maybe Justin can’t handle that yet but he did manage to do it. He began to ride them at a slow rhythm and began to speed up. Both Jack and Trevor are now fully screaming on pleasure while Justin’s hole just kept on swallowing them. The sight alone could make anyone cum but they did another unexpected thing.

Both Jack and Trevor managed to lift Justin without pulling out of him. They both got an arm on Justin’s back while another was supporting his legs, making them spread while they continuously fuck him in mid-air. I feel that Justin was now literally in heaven. His eyes were starting to roll to the back of his head, mouth was now drooling, and a hole full off any gay man’s dream.

I got them to sit on the sofa and Justin began riding them again. The whole room was now filled with screams and moans. I was getting close to cumming so I ordered Justin to rode them even faster.

“When I say “cum now “all of you will cum except for you Justin. Just keep on riding them. CUM NOW!”

After I yelled that both Jack and Trevor began to shake and scream. They began to thrust up to Justin and I can see some of their cum dripping om the sides of their dick.

“Freeze” I ordered. All of them froze in place with Jack’s and Justin’s eyes shut and mouth wide open. Justin looked like he was screaming too.

“Justin, stand up and walk over here in front of me. Don’t let any of the cum inside you drip”. He then got up from sitting on two cock and walked towards me. We he was in front of me I made him take off the jock strap that he had on this whole time. I then grabbed his dick and stroked it a little bit. It looks like it was swelling from not being touched this whole time.

“Ride me Justin” I ordered. He turned his back on me and began to impale himself onto me. His hole was still full of cum which made it easier for me to enter him. Even after he was fucked by two big dicks it surprises me that he was still tight. He began to speed up and moaned louder.

When I felt I was close, I gave him another order. “Justin, once you felt me cumming in your ass you will quickly cum after me”. As if wanting to cum immediately he increased his speed until I was over the edge and began cumming inside him. He was now shaking while still riding me. He began screaming when he started to cum. It was so strong that it went to his face, neck, chest, and even across the room.

I got him to stand up but still keeping all the cum in his ass. I also got Jack and Trevor to stand infront of me.

“Justin get on all fours on the sofa, once you do release all the load inside you. While you, Jack and Justin rim him and eat the cum”. Justin did get to the sofa and got on all fours. He then released a waterfall of cum. Soon after that Jack and Trevor began licking his extremely stretched hole clean.

Best birthday present ever!!

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