Early Present

By MindManiac - Lalalopsy1111@gmail.com
published November 20, 2016
3058 words

Alex has an uncle who’s a hypnotist and is going to do a hypnosis show on their university. His uncle forgot that Alex’s birthday was near and wasn’t able to give him a gift. So he gave him one in the form of his hot roommate Justin.

This is my second story to be posted on this site. English isn’t my first language so criticize my grammar and spelling if you want. If you like it or hate it please leave me a comment so I can improve my writing skills. Enjoy :)


Hey, name is Alexander, but most of my friends just call me Alex. People would describe me as a smart guy with a hot body and pretty face. I mean I do work out a little bit so I got a good body. I read a lot and tend to be quiet some time, maybe that’s where the “smart guy” title came from. And as for looks, well go ask my parents about that.

I’m currently at university studying psychology. I was inspired by one of my teachers back in middle school so I decided to take this course. I live here in a dorm near our building inside campus. I also have this roommate, Justin, who I think is studying Law. And also my roommate is a total hotty.

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m gay. I probably should tell more than that, but I’m not going to. Well let’s go back to my roommate Justin. He has dirty blonde curly hair, hazel eyes, a pretty face, and a very muscular body. So in short, my dream guy. We get along just fine but we’re not the closest type of friends. Yes, we would talk casually in our dorm, but other than we do nothing else with each other.

One day as I was walking home from class I felt a hand suddenly placed on my shoulder. I looked behind and was so shocked to see my Uncle Lance.

“How’s it going Alex?” he said as soon as I saw his face.

“Oh hey Uncle Lance! Nice seeing you here! Oh, and everything’s going fine” I smiled as I replied to him.

I should probably explain this. Me and my Uncle were very close to each other. I almost feel like he’s my older brother of some sort. He was mom’s younger brother so he would sometimes visit us in our house when I was younger. He was also the only person that knew that I was gay. Not even my parents knew about my sexuality. He accepted it surprisingly well, and he also later confessed that he was gay himself. That day also made me closer to him than we were before.

“I’m happy to see you here and all but what are you doing here?” I asked

“Well it would be a long story but it’s not anything illegal I swear” we laughed a little after that

“But seriously though, do you know a place nearby where we could talk? You know, closeted gay to closeted gay?” he continued to smile while talking.

I led him to this café where he explained to me that he had this hypnosis show on campus tonight. I completely forgot that he was a hypnotist, but as soon as se said all that, it made sense. After that we chatted a little bit more until it got to a certain topic

“So how’s the love life?” he asked me while smirking

“Umm change topic” I replied to him, smiling. Which he laughs at

“Come on, seriously. I could understand if you’re not on a relationship yet, but there’s got to be a guy that’s on you radar right now?”

“Umm, well..” I think about it for a little while until I got an answer

“Well my roommate is really hot. I wouldn’t mind being with him. But the problem is, he’s straight as a stick” I said while smiling a little bit

“Aww. Well I’m sure you’ll figure that out soon enough” he said while patting my shoulder, as of comforting me

“Wait!” he suddenly said. “It’s almost your birthday right?”


“Oh I forgot to bring you a gift! I knew I forgot something! But hey don’t worry, before I leave I’ll give you a great present.”

I didn’t say anything much after that. A few minutes later we went our separate ways. We realized that if was almost time for his show. I got back to my dorm and started getting dressed. I quickly ran to the university auditorium got there exactly before the show could start. I looked around and saw that the whole room was almost filled with students. I eyes suddenly spotted Justin with his friends somewhere at the first row. I’m guessing that they just got from class considering that them still have their bags with them. He was wearing a green t-shirt that fitted to well on him and plain slacks.

The show soon started and I saw Uncle Lance come into stage. He then asked for 6 volunteers, 3 boys and 3 girls. One of the guys that volunteered was surprisingly Justin. By the looks of it he was dared by his friends to do it.

After they were seated my uncle began to put them under, and before I knew it all of then were sleeping peacefully on stage.

The rest of the show was just like any typical hypnosis show. They laughed when they hear the sound of a toy gun, some acted like a chicken, some ate imaginary ice cream, and it goes on and on. But what got me was that for my uncles finale he made all 6 of them think they were models. They started to post really sexily and seductively. I was staring at Justin and I started to get hard. He just looked so hot throughout the show and I can’t help it anymore.

After a while I managed to calm myself and show ended. But before I left the auditorium, my uncle approached me.

“So did you enjoy the show?” he asked while smiling

“Of course I did. You know I kinda forgot how great of a hypnotist you are so thanks for reminding me” I answered and we both laughed

After that he asked me something in a whispering tone. “Hey can I ask something? Was the guy in the green shirt your roommate?”

“How did you know?” I question him shockingly

“Well you were staring at him almost the whole show so it was kinda obvious…”

Then someone called him backstage. I thinks it was about free food or something like that. But before he left me he gave me a piece of paper and said “Read this quietly when you’re back at your dorm. And oh advanced happy birthday” after that he hugged me and went backstage.

I was so confused but I just did what he said, I went back to my dorm and then I read the paper he gave me. It said:


Advanced Happy Birthday!, Sorry I couldn’t give you a gift but I think I have something better. I know you have a huge crush on your roommate so… I’ll let you figure that one out hahahaha. My gift would be “Banana Pie”. Say that to him and you’ll be surprised. And before anything else, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do ;). Advanced Happy Birthday once again 

You Uncle, Lance

I was very confused with the letter, what’s so surprising about saying “Banana Pie”. I was thinking about it so hard that I didn’t notice my roommate Justin enter our dorm.

“Hey dude! Whatcha doing there?” he suddenly asked me causing me to jump a little but

“Oh hey, I just got back from that hypnosis show”

“You were there too? Awesome! My friends pretty much pushed me to volunteer to that guy”

“As I thought. So how was the whole experience?”

“I mean I didn’t remember a lot from it but I strangely felt great after it finished”

As we were talking like we usually do, I almost forgot about the letter my uncle gave me. I need to figure out what does “Banana Pie” means.

“Hey Justin”

“Yeah?” he says while smiling a little bit

“Banana Pie”

Suddenly his facial expression dropped and now he looks like he’s staring into space. His whole body relaxed and he looks like a sudden push would make him fall.

“Um Justin?” I questioned him a little worried

“Yes” he answered with a straight face

“Are you okay?”

“Never been better”

“Umm why don’t you sit down on the sofa”

“Okay sir” he then walked to the sofa and sat down

It was really weird hearing him call me sir. I was worried right now so I called my uncle about it


“Hey it’s me Uncle Lance”

“Oh hey Alex! So, did you get my gift?”

“Exactly what did you give me? You didn’t explain it that well in that letter…”

“Well I hypnotized him earlier right?”

“Yeah, but I thought you got then out of their trance earlier?”

“Well about that, I didn’t entirely woke him up from his. “Banana Pie” if you didn’t know yet is the trigger phrase for him to go back under. You can do what ever you want with him now!”

“But Uncle I—“

“Nope! No buts! Just enjoy him Alex! And as I said in the letter don’t do things I wouldn’t do. Happy birthday and bye!”

I didn’t even got the time to say anything to him. So I’ll just make the most of Justin I guess.

I walked over to the sofa and sat next to him. He looked so calmed and relaxed. It took me a while to think of something I could do with him. Then suddenly an idea popped into my head.

“So Justin, I’m going to ask you some questions and you’ll answer them honestly. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir”

“How do you feel about me?”

“I think that you’re a great guy sir. I can talk to you about anything I want. I feel like you’re one of my best friends sir” he answered keeping a stoic face

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No sir”

“And why not?”

“Because I haven’t met someone I want to be with sir”

“Do you trust me?”

“Yes sir”

I think I had enough of this question and answer thing. So I quickly thought of something I could do with him.

“Justin, when you wake up you will feel extremely relaxed. You will still follow my orders as if you in the dream like state you are in right now. You will feel sexual pleasure with every order that you follow. You will believe that everything I say is the truth and nothing but the truth. You will still call me sir but only when were alone or when were in our dorm. Do you understand?” I commanded him

“Yes sir”

“Now I’m going to countback from 5 and then you’re going to wake up. You would go back to this trance when I say “Banana Pie”.”

“Okay 5. 4. 3 you’re starting to feel a little bit awake. 2 a little more. And 1 wide awake.”

And after that he yawned and looked like he just had a long nap.

“Wow I must have fallen asleep here. Well I’m off to my room sir. Goodnight” he got up and started to go to his room. But before he could, I ordered him to go back here.

“You don’t want to go back to you’re room yet Justin. In fact, you want to sit back down here on the sofa with me” after I said that he paused for a while before going back to the sofa

“Yes, I want to stay here with you sir” he said like in his usual tone. I think I could see him getting a little bit hard through his pants

“It’s getting hot in here Justin. Why don’t you take off you shirt to make it a little bill cooler. And besides were friends right, and you trust me greatly”

“Yes it’s a little hot in our room sir.” He then took of his shirt, exposing his great a muscular body with abs to match.

“Yes, it’s a little bit cool now but now quite. You should take off your shoes and socks to make you more comfortable”

And he did without saying a word. All that’s left now is his pants and underwear. I could see his cock being more hard by the passing minute

“You’re feeling a lot better now right”

“Yes sir”

“But it’s still warm. You need to take of your pants to make you completely cool”

After my orders he took off his pants leaving him with nothing on except a jockstrap. I didn’t know he was wearing those so it made him more hot for my liking.

“You body’s cooling down now. But the clothes you took off are scattered all over the floor. Pick them up, fold them, and then give then to me”.

He then stood up and picked up all of his clothes. He needed to bend over to pick them all up, giving me a perfect view of his beautiful butt and his pink hole. Once he finished and gave his clothes to me he just stood there like a statue. I stood up and admired his whole body. He was so handsome and his body was just so perfect. I looked at his cock through his jockstrap and it was hard already.

“Justin, I’m going to touch your body and you’ll love it. You won’t be able to move at all and the closer my hands are to your butt and dick, the more pleasure you’re going to feel. You may not cum unless I say so. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir”

I began with his face. I began caressing his pretty face and gave him a peck to his lips. I then moved on to his shoulders and chest. I played with his nipples until they were hard. He began to moan a little bit and his cock began to wet the jockstrap with precum. I went down to his abs and began kissing each one while my hand were at his back. Finally I was at his cock. I pulled his jockstrap to his knees and I saw his beautiful cock fully erected. It was at least 9 inches. I began to give a slowly jack him off while my other hand was playing with his backside. At this point he was moaning so load. Thank god that we have soundproof walls or else the other rooms would hear him moaning in pleasure. After a while I began so suck the tip of his cock down to it’s base, or at least I attempted to. He was so big that I couldn’t fit it all in my mouth. He was now all out screaming in pleasure with his head leaning back.

I gave him a blowjob for 5 minutes then I stopped. I took off all my clothes and I saw my 7 inch dick was also fully hard. After that I went back to him.

“Justin, you will feel sexually attracted to me. Even though you know you’re straight, you can’t help your self but want me and my body. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir”

“Good now kneel and suck my cock”

And he did. I can’t believe how skilled he is with his tongue. Like his tongue was made for sucking dick. What made it more hot is that he didn’t loose eye contact with me while doing it.

After a while I had enough. I really wanted to fuck him really hard right now.

“Justin stop that and stand up”

And he did

“Follow me to my room”

I lead the way to my room and locked door after he entered.

“Now lay on the bed and spread your legs”

After he did that I saw his pink virgin hole that I was about to fuck. But before I did I got some lube out and put some on my fingers. I fingered his hole and he started to scream with pleasure. When I finally got three fingers in him, I stopped. He whimpered a little bit when I got my fingers out him

“Okay Justin, I’m about to fuck you and it would be the greatest feeling ever. You would only cum when I order you do and you’re not allowed to touch your dick. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir! Fuck me please!” he yelled like some slut

I slowly pushed myself in him. When I was fully in I started to go in and out of him slowly. After a while I got faster and faster. Justin was yelling and smiling the whole time.

“Yes sir! Please fuck me harder”

And that’s where I lost it. I fucked him at a speed that I didn’t know was possible to me. He was screaming louder now. I think I’m fucking him right in his prostate now.

I know that I wouldn’t last any longer so I went faster until I cam inside his ass.

“Ahh yes sir! Fill me up!” he yelled while I cam in him. Though I already cam I kept on fucking him.

“Alright Justin! Cum now!” after I said those words he screamed the loudest scream he can do and came all over his body without even touching himself. It went up over his face, in his mouth, his face, his chest, and then his abs.

After that I pulled out of him with come leaking out of his ass.

“Justin, “Banana Pie”.”

After that he fell under again. In front of me was the hottest scenery ever. Justin, the university hotty, was laying on my bed, cum all over his upper body, and his legs open wide exposing his asshole with my cum leaking out of it.

I know this was just the beginning of something good……

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