Early Present: The Day After

By MindManiac - Lalalopsy1111@gmail.com
published November 27, 2016
1393 words

The day after Alex played with his new gift he still wants more….

I decided to make a part two of my story Early Present, so here it is. Enjoy! Comment what you like and hate about it :)

It was the day after I got my present from Uncle Lance. It was also the day after one of the best moments in my life, I had sex with my hot roommate Justin. After that whole experience I woke him up from the trance without him remembering a thing.

Today is Saturday and my birthday is tomorrow. I’ve decided not play with Justin for now. I think he needs a break after that intense night. And besides he wasn’t in our dorm when I woke up, so I wouldn’t be able to play with him until he returns.

I went to the kitchen and poured myself a bowl of cereal. Just when I finished eating I saw Justin who just entered our dorm, looking tired and sweaty like he just ran a marathon. And its actually turning me on.

“Hey Justin! Where have you been?” I said to him, breaking the silence

“Oh hey sir. I just went out jogging with my friends” he answered to me like he would casually do.

“Oh, so how was it?”

“It was alright sir, but for some reason I can’t walk that properly. My backside is hurting every time I walk. Maybe I just slept badly” he answered while wiping of some of his sweat. When he said that I immediately remembered the night before and it was seriously turning me on. I felt my self control loosen and my urges to play with his body started to rise.

“Well I’m going to take a shower now. See you later sir” he began walking towards the shower.

“Wait Justin. Maybe you should sit down at the sofa for a while?”

He suddenly stopped in his tracks then he turned around to walk towards the sofa. “Yes maybe I should” he said in a trance like state. After that he sat down next to me at the sofa.

“Justin, Banana Pie” his eyes closed, his breathing slowed, and his body relaxes. He was once again under.

“Now Justin, my orders from last night would still take effect but this time when I say “Numb” you wouldn’t feel anything that I do to your body. I could touch you, kiss you, and do anything that I want to you body and you wouldn’t notice. Your body would react naturally but your focus will be on a different thing. And when I say “Feel” you would begin to feel anything that I do to you body, but only ten times stronger. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir. I understand” he said while his whole body was still limp.

“Good. Now when I say “Wake Up”, you’ll wake up from this trance without knowing you were in it, but you would still follow my commands. Now, Wake up”

He got out from his trance and still looked calm while sitting on the sofa.

“I Thought you were going to take a shower? Why don’t you start stripping here right now?”

“Oh yeah. Alright then” after that he began to strip himself in front of me. I got really turned on by the sight of his body. I know I saw it the night before but I couldn’t help it. He was just so hot.

“Good. Now go take a shower. After you dried yourself put only a jockstrap on and come back here”

A few minutes later when he finished his shower he got back to the sofa. He was wearing nothing but a red jockstrap. He then started to watch TV.

“Justin , “Numb”” I said. He just sat there as if he didn’t hear me, not taking his eyes of the TV.

I began to massage his body. I touched his muscled torso and sucked on his nipples. I can see him getting hard from my touching right through his jockstrap.

Then he suddenly yelled “Oh Come On! That was clearly a foul”. He was referencing to the basketball game that he was watching, still not noticing my actions.

I continued my way down towards his crotch until I was at his dick. I took out his semi-hard cock out and began to play with it. He was still focused on the game, looking annoyed that his favorite team is loosing

Once he was hard I began to suck on it. I gave him the best blowjob I could give and he was not reacting at all. Though his dick was really excited, he was too excited on the basketball game that was on TV. I sucked the tip of his cock and I saw his body shiver on pleasure but he still kept a straight facem

Then I began to take of my clothes

“Hey Justin. Suck my cock but continue to watch the game”. And he did. He got on his knees and began suck my cock again like he did last night. His mouth and tongue was focused on giving me a blow job while his eyes are on the TV. It still amazes me how my straight roommate was so good at giving blowjobs. After a while, when my dick was wet enough I told him to stop.

“Justin get all fours and continue to watch. I’m going to finger your ass and just say “YES” when I hit your good spot”. After he did I began playing with hole. I fingered him once again, putting my fingers in him one by one. I got three fingers in him and when I got deep enough he suddenly said “Yes” and his cock twitched.

“Come on shoot it! Shoot it! Go! Go! Yessss!!!” he yelled. I thought that he was saying that because I was fingering him but was just saying that to the player on TV.

I fingered him some more and then I pulled my fingers out of him. I began pushing my achingly hard cock in his already played hole. I began to fuck him after that. I got to a rhythm that I was enjoying and began to increase my speed. I was going faster and while his whole body was feeling good, he was still focused on the game.

Suddenly someone was calling on his phone. He got reached for it and answered. He talked to the other person like I wasn’t fucking him.

“Hey dude how are you? Oh I’m just watching the game. Yeah me too. Still can’t believe that they managed to catch up” he said casually to the guy on the other side like I wasn’t pounding my hard cock into him

I pulled him with me while I sat down on the floor, my cock not slipping out of him. “Ride me” I whispered in his other ear so the guy he was talking to wouldn’t hear me. He began fucking himself on my dick. He went up and down at a very fast pace. I was impressed that he still manages to speak properly while fucking himself on me and his cock was now leaking pre-cum.

“Justin “Feel” I said. “Okay Bye- AAAAAHHH” he began screaming the way he did last night. Luckily he ended the call before the other guy can hear him scream. He began screaming in pleasure. He kept going faster and I felt so good like I was in heaven. He was going down harder than before and I felt my cock go deeper in him than it was before

I pushed him down to the position he was before. I began fucking him like a dog again.

“Aaahhhhh SIR! PLEASE FASTER! HARDER!” I did what I was told and faster. It didn’t took him long to cum and I filled him afterwards .

“Justin freeze in place” I pulled out of him to see how he looked liked. He look like the sexiest statue ever made. My cum was dripping like a waterfall from his ass, cock leaking cum like a faucet, and his face with an expression of full of pure pleasure.

I need to take a break for a while. If I keep going on, I might actually die from feeling too good……

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