Jeremy and his Cyborg Brother

By MindManiac -
published December 30, 2016
3762 words

Jeremy’s brother Sergey just came home from the military. Some secrets unfolds as jeremy finds out that his brother was part of a goverment experiment. How would he manage with this information?

Hey there! This one took a long time to write and i hope you’re patient enought to read this hahahahahaha. As always there might be some wrong grammar because english isn’t my first language. Comment what you think about the story, it can be positive or negative. Thank you in advance. Belated Merry Christmas and Advanced Happy New Year!! :) :) :)

It was a wonderful snowy day and I’m just sitting by the window, typing some news articles for work on my laptop. My name is Jeremy and if you haven’t noticed yet, I’m a news writer for a local news paper in our town and a computer programmer. I’m a tall, dark haired boy with a slightly muscled body. I happen to really enjoy my job, all the writing, researches, and programming things. I live in this two-story house that’s not that big and not that small, either way I couldn’t complain since this was the house left to me by my parents. I live here alone since the both of them died a few years back.

Oh I almost forgot to mention, I also have a brother who occasionally comes here and stays for a while. His name is Sergey. He’s in the military so he isn’t here much. He was older than me by two and a half years. We were both very close while growing up and he was extremely protective over me. The last time I saw him, which was about eight months ago, he has this very muscular body due to extensive military training. He also has black hair similar to mine and has this handsome face that never fails to impress the ladies. We were a little bit closer in height but he was taller by an inch or two.

The two of us might be close but there’s one thing that I hide from my dear brother. I’m gay and I’m too afraid to come out thinking that he might disown me or something. Also I may have a slight crush on him. I mean who wouldn’t be a attracted to him. Even if you’re straight, which I’m not saying I am, you can’t deny the beauty of his face

He was only back home during the summer and near the holidays. It would be rare to see him outside those times. Which reminds me, it was the second week of December and he’s still not yet back. Back then he would have been home by the last week of November. Maybe traffic or just some busy military schedule or something like that.

I was finished with the news article I was writing when someone suddenly knocked on my door. I got up and headed for the door, thinking who could it be. When I opened the door something surprising showed up. It was my brother.

“Hmm, I guess I got the wrong house,” he said before smiling and laughing a little bit. “Nice to see you Jerry.”

He then hugged me, of which I returned

“Good to see you too bro,” I said casually. After a while we let go of each other and I finally got a look at him. He was almost the same as he was before. I could tell that he gained a little bit more muscle but nevertheless he still looks good. He was wearing a green jacket, camo pants, and a pair of boots with his backpack full of belongings on his back

“You might freeze out there. Come inside,” I said as I motioned him to the door.

He nodded and went inside. After he got in I closed the door and went to the living room where he was currently taking off his jacket, revealing a tight green t-shirt that shows his incredible build. Remember when I said that I have a crush on him, well this is one of the moments where I try so hard to contain myself.

After he sat on the sofa I sat down next to him and began a conversation.

“Usually you would be home early for the holidays but what happened ?” I asked

“Well training wasn’t exactly finished so we decided to extend a little bit. But on the good side, I’ll stay for an extra week after new years!”

“Really? Well that’s great!” I said with joy. Usually he would leave the day after the new year but now I can spend a little more time with him.

Our conversation went on after that until I forgot that I left my laptop running. So I went to the other for a while and went to shutdown my laptop to charge it. As I was walking back to the living room I saw Sergey watching TV with his back facing me. While I was staring at his beautiful back muscles I noticed something on his neck. It’s like a hole or something, big enough so you could fit in a USB or something. I was so into my thoughts that I was surprised when he suddenly talked to me.

“Oh hey Jeremy, I think I’ll be heading to my room. I need a little bit of shut eye. So, see you later I guess” after that he grabbed his bag and went to his room


It was currently noon and the events earlier still haven’t left my mind. What on earth is that thing on the back of his neck? My mind can’t function properly with that question. My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to go to his room to see that “hole” closely.

Now one of the thing I know about my brother is that he’s a heavy sleeper. I remember that back then I need to punch his stomach really hard just so he could wake up from a nap, and the punch would just feel like a tap on his body. So I entered his room slowly still cautious on not waking him up. He was currently laying on his side, sleeping peacefully. He was wearing an old tank top that hangs loosely on his great body and a pair of boxer shorts that clings tightly on him. I approach his bed slowly and took a closer look at the back of his neck. When I saw the hole I was certain that it was like a USB port of some sort. When I touched it, it felt solid metal. In fact the whole area surrounding the USB port was hard as metal. This is definitely wierding me out.

For some reason I have a feeling this has something to do with the military. Maybe some superhuman machine to improve them? Or a “super soldier” machine? He could even be a cyborg for all I know.

I decided that I needed to know more about it so I had a crazy idea. I went out his room and quickly got my laptop and a connector before going back. I plugged the other side of the wire to my laptop but I didn’t do the same to my brother. I was hesitating at first, thinking if this was actually a good idea or not. But in the end I plugged it in the hole.

Suddenly my laptop showed a loading screen like those shown in the movies. The one with the green background and a bar filling up. Also my brother sat up all of a sudden with his face showing no expression and looking straight ahead. His mouth dropped a little bit and the pupils on his eyes were showing some sort of code. The code was like “SS009_SGY”. I was starting to think that this might actually be a bad idea but I didn’t stop just yet. I need to feed my curiosity.

After the loading on my laptop finished a screen showing a blank space was showed. Above the space there was a sentence saying “Please enter the code:”. “Oh dear” I thought I know that one wrong move might get me into big trouble so I thought about the code for a while. The only thing that came to mind was the “SS..” thing that was in his eyes a while ago so I entered that. After the most nerve wrecking seconds of my life the screen disappeared. It looks like the code was correct. The next thing shown was like a menu of a game. There were three clickable columns on the screen; “Introduction to unit”, ”Memories”, and ”Current Orders”. I first clicked on “Introduction”. Suddenly Sergey faced me and said “Greetings authorized programmer. I am SS009 Sergey, the Cyborg of all your needs. As the part of the government’s experiments I am turned into a robot to increase my performances in training and in battle. In the event that I am in need of tinkering you Programmer has the ability to improve me in any way shape or form”. He said all of that in his normal voice which is creeping me out. After that long speech he gave a full smile that make him look much more handsome. I reached out and touched his face thinking that he would react but he didn’t. I kept on stroking his cheeks while he remained still. I think I’ll be having to mish fun with this.

Then I clicked on “Memories” to see what does that contain. While loading the smile on Sergey’s face disappeared but he was still looking straight ahead After loading for a while the screen showed many boxes that looks like some video files, all of which has a date under it. I clicked on the very first one and a video played. It was the events that happed earlier but in his perspective. The edge of the screen showed like a settings button. I clicked on it and there were three options; they were “Remember”, “Forget”, and the “Cancel” button. My guess was that I can make him forget this memory and make him remember the already forgotten ones. I scrolled through his memories and there was one that I noticed immediately due to the almost explicit thumbnail. It looks like he was jerking off in this memory. My curiosity got the best of me again and I played it.

---------------*-- Here was the contents of that certain memory:

He was walking in a hallway. When he looked down I say he was only wearing a towel that left almost nothing to the imagination. I guess he took a shower or something. He went inside a room with two beds. Looking through the window I can see it was already night time. When he looked at the door I saw a guy also wearing nothing but a towel. My guess is that they’re roommates. He has blonde hair that was still wet but looks good, an incredibly built body, slightly taller than my brother, and, from what I can see through the towel, a long dick. What can I say, “gay eyes”.

“Oh hey Sergey didn’t think you’ll be back so soon” the roommate said

“Hey Sam. What can I say? Finished shower early” my brother replied.

“And what do we have here? You feeling horny tonight?” Sam said with a smirk.

Sergey’s eyes went down and saw his semi-hard cock being handled by this guy. Before looking back to him Sergey also noticed his semi-hard cock and also played with through the towel.

“Looks like I’m not the only one” Sergey said before looking back to Sam’s face.

Before I knew it they were kissing. The two of them where making out all tongue and all. While both of them enjoyed the kiss both their hands began exploring each others body and dropped the towel. After a good two minutes of kissing and licking Sergey laid back on his bed, spreading his legs before saying “Suck me please”. And he did.

Sam began to suck on my brothers 7” dick. After that he began to rim him which I think got my brother over the edge with all of the noises he was making.

Once Sam was finished he said “Fuck me. Hard.”

And he did. Sam entered his at least 8” dick which got my brother over the edge.


I didn’t bother to finish the video. I stopped it and quickly went outside his room. This whole thing was too hard to process. First, my brother is apparently a cyborg. Second, apparently he’s gay. And third, oh god, he bottomed for a guy.

I could feel myself getting a headache from all that’s happening. After five minutes of calming down I went back inside and went to my laptop. I looked for the oldest memory in the files to see how much is stored in there. The last one to appear is a memory from at least four months ago. It seems that it was the memory of the day he was told by his superior that he was one of the ten soldiers that would be part of an experiment. What’s strange is that memory is marked as forgotten, so maybe Sergey doesn’t remember that he agreed to do it and that he was now a cyborg soldier.

I exited the “Memories” section and then proceeded to the “Current Orders” one. After I clicked it there was this list of some sentences which I assumed to be orders. There were only a few of them listed, one was “Keep fit”, another was “obey orders from soldiers with higher rank”. Below this list was a clickable plus sign. I clicked and I was brought to another screen where there was a text box that I can type on. There were instructions on the top of the box that said “Type new orders then click Enter”. I think this is where I can program new orders for him. I thought that this was my chance to have some fun with my brother and have him obey me. I first considered that this might be wrong since he was brother, but then I thought that “no one is going to know right?”. I typed the first thing that came to mind and that was “lust over your brother Jeremy”. When I pressed enter I returned to the previous window where I saw my orders added to the ones there before.

I typed a few more orders which were:

  • Be naked when inside the house alone with Jeremy
  • Obey everything Jeremy says
  • Everything that Jeremy says is true

After that I finished I pulled the wire from my laptop and Sergey suddenly laid back on his bed in the exact way he was before, as if I wasn’t messing with his head before.


It was about three hours after my whole “Programming my Brother” extravaganza and it was just a few minutes away before we need to eat dinner. I was cooking Sergey’s favorite dish which was Chicken Curry as sort of a “Welcome Back!” gift to him. I finished cooking the dish and was about to call him to dinner when he suddenly entered the kitchen. What shocked me more is the fact that he was naked when he entered, that must mean the orders that I programed to him was working. I can see his extremely built body. He muscular pecs, six pack abs, well built legs, a huge set of buns on his backside, and of course his 7” cock. I was ready to fulfill on of my fantasies and play with his body but I had a better idea

“Oh hey Sergey, just in time, I was about to call you for dinner. But why are you naked?” I asked as if I didn’t already know why

“What’s wrong with that? I mean I am inside our house and I’m sure you wouldn’t mind.” He said innocently.

He sat down on a chair in our dining room and I followed him there. I wanted to see how well he will follow the orders.

I went behind his chair and said to his ear “Hey do you mind if I touched your body?”

He clearly got shivers and blushed lightly before saying “O-oh no, go ahead. Whatever”

I began massaging his chest, rubbing my arms gently while saying “every touch I make would give you pleasure right? The closer my touch is to you crotch and ass the more pleasure.”

After I said that his face was making a face that screams pure bliss. I heard him groan a little bit. I stopped for a while and said “Follow me to the living room”.

I walked towards the sofa and he trailed behind me. I asked “You don’t mind me being naked too right?”

He only nodded vigorously while his face still shows a longing for more touch. I took of all of my clothes while he was clearly turned on by the sight judging by his dick starting to harden. I sat down with my legs open, giving space in between me. I ordered him to sit on the space and he did.

I continued playing with his body. I hugged him from behind and my hands once again played with his chest but this this time I started to pinch his nipples. When I did he leaned towards my chest, moaning, eyes closed, and his dick now fully erected. I hands now make their way to his stomach where his chiseled abs rest. Each one feels too good on my hands so I pressed them harder, a move which made him moan loader.

After a while my right hand was still on his abs when my left one took his cock and began to stroke it. I can feel he was about to cum so I ordered him to not cum unless I said so. He was now moaning loader while I jack him off faster. I then took my other hand and placed it of his mouth. I made him suck my fingers while just kept on stroking him. I sucked in it whole heartedly and I could feel his moans through my fingers in his mouth.

“Spread your legs” I ordered him. His hand then went to his thighs and he spreads his legs. I then took my wet fingers and entered his hole with one finger. Even though I know that this wasn’t his first time he ass was still tight. I added another one and probed his ass even more.

When I hit a certain spot he suddenly yelled. “Ohh yeaahh right there!” . Once I knew I found his prostate I finger fuck him faster and jacked him off faster. He was basically a moaning mess right now. His mouth was wide open due to his screaming and he was also drooling all over himself.

Few minutes later I stopped fingering him and jacking his cock off. He looked at me and said “Why did you stop? Go on please!” he begged. The I said “If you want to go further then do it yourself”. Suddenly he turned around and kiss me, a passionate one that is. Our tongues were fighting for dominance, in which I won over him. While I was distracted with the kiss he began to jerk my six and a half inch long cock. He went down to floor facing me and said “I wanted this for a long time” while he was jerking me off and gave me his most seductive face. He began to give me a blow job. His mouth was so warm and felt so good. I have the feeling that he was a professional at this. While giving me the best blow job he can give I can see him fingering his own hole as if preparing himself for me.

The most unexpected thing happed after that. He straddled me, with one hand on the shoulder and the other one on my cock. He began to impale himself on to me and he was enjoying every second of it. His hole was so warm and tight, it felt so good. Once I was fully inside he went up until the only the tip was in and pushed all the way down. He did that again and again, slowly increasing the pace as he fucks himself. He was clearly enjoying himself, he was screaming and at the same time moaning. I can see his eyes roll on to the back of his head.

This kept going and I suddenly pushed up when he was about to go down. He screamed in pleasure once again with his cock now looking like a faucet leaking pre-cum. I kept pushing upwards and he kept on screaming. After a while I decided to take control.

I pushed him to the sofa without pulling out of him. Then I began to fuck his ass quickly and he still screamed.

“Aaahhh yes! Fuck me harder ! OHH yeahh hearder please!” he keeps on yelling

I spread his legs completely and pushed inside him completely before continuing to fuck him. When I did that his eyes opened wide and he screamed even more.

“Clench you hole” I ordered. Once he did that, it felt so good that I could feel myself close to cumming.

“Keep on doing that. Once you feel me cum inside you, you will immediately cum afterwards” I said

I fucked him in a speed I didn’t know I could do and unloaded my cum on his tight ass. After I came, his cock erupted like a volcano that has been dormant for years. He shot his load all over his boy and face, one even going in on his moaning mouth. I didn’t pull out yet and made out with him first. Once we finished I pulled out and said “Go clean yourself in the bathroom. Don’t let any cum go to the floors, especially not from your ass. Keep my load up in there until you’re in the bathroom.”. After that he walked quickly to the bathroom and then let my cum drip from his ass. He then closed the door to rake a shower.

I can already tell that this will be the best holidays ever.


Or is it?

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