Jeremy and his Cyborg Brother III: My Neck, My… Back?

By MindManiac
published March 30, 2021
3167 words

Per their last agreement, Jeremy was allowed to keep his brother as long as he helps Steve with his research. Find out what happens at the first experiment.

This third part was actually written a few months ago but I just left it in storage for a while since I got busy with life suddenly. Anyway, this is the part three that’s been requested by some. There’s already a part four to this but I’d rather write out some more before posting it. I already have a story arc for this but I would still gladly listen to any request for the plot Hahaha!

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I leaned back to stretch my body. Writing for two hours straight can really strain your back, especially if you’re like me who doesn’t take any breaks from a job. It took me two precious hours to finish this article that need to be passed before the day ends for tomorrow’s paper. With the article itself done, it only took me a couple of minutes to email it to my editor to finally finish my duties. I looked at the wall clock and saw it was already half past 5 in the afternoon.

I walked out of my room and went to the room across from mine. I opened the door to be greeted by the naked back of my brother. His muscles flexing from being suspended mid air after being frozen mid pull up with his hands still gripping the pull up bar tightly. The bedroom still looked like it used too but only with the windows being covered and closed shut and with a few new gym equipment in the room.

Slowly, I walked towards him and began to caress his flexing muscles before resting my hands on his butt, all the while Sergey was still frozen in place. He was still frozen mid pull up, with a pool of cum just below his hole.


I got up early today since today was the first day of the ‘experiments’ as Steve would say. After agreeing with his deal, he officially made him a part of his research as pretty much a guinea pig. That day, he gave me an assessment about the project before releasing me with my brother. He pretty much gave me a crash course on how different Sergey is now; how the machine part of him works, the physicality of it, the system within, and such. He also gave me a similar phone device to avoid having to keep hooking him up to my laptop for programs. The device also served as a messaging system between me and Steve. Another of his ‘gifts’ were home workout equipment which he said will help in the tests to come.

It was now about two days since the deal with Steve. I went down to the kitchen to make breakfast and to wait for the first ‘orders’ from Steve. Even though I know that with Sergey being a cyborg that he won’t feel any hunger, I still cook breakfast enough for the two of us for some normalcy in the house.

It was currently nearing 6:30 in the morning, the time Steve told me to wait for his message. As if on cue, the device started to vibrate on my pocket as I began to put the pancakes I was making to the plates on the table. Once done, I opened the device that has a similar starting screen as to the control app on my laptop, but instead of the ‘Introduction to Unit’ option, there was a messages icon. The rest was the same with the ‘Memories’ and ‘Current Orders’ options.

I tapped the messages icon and it opened what looked like an ordinary text message layout. The orders are sent.

Experiment 001: Endurance

The unit is already proven to have ‘bonded’ properly with the project, now its time to further test that bond. Sergey, as he is, is already a very strong and agile soldier. This test and the test that will follow it will examine how multiplied that strength became after the project. For this, you will have to freeze him while suspending from something. Get creative on how you will achieve that.

After being frozen, leave the unit for at least 9 hours. I know how your mind works, so feel free to do whatever you want with him as long as his stance remain constant. Once the time is up, unfreeze him and say the phrase ‘Unit status update’. That would trigger him to state all of the needed information from this study. You won’t have to note anything, as he says his status update it will automatically be recorded and sent to the lab.

Make sure that he is not seen by anyone else during the experiment or we’ll both be in big trouble.

That’s all.


I absorbed the message as a naked Sergey was walking into the kitchen. It was about seven in the morning, the usual time that he wakes up. I know that he also doesn’t need sleep, I just program him to, again for the normalcy. Sergey walked up to the sink to wash off his morning breath, all the while I was admiring his naked ripped body, just another simple order I added.

“Mornin’ bro!” he flashed me a smile after he washed his mouth. He then walked towards me to give me a light kiss on the lips.

I smiled while in the kiss, it still feels as good as the first time.

When I got enough, I pushed him off and said “Enough with that big guy! Time to eat” while motioning to the pancakes on the table.

Sergey just chuckled and said “Sorry bro. just can’t help myself from kissing my lil’ brother”

He then sat down and began eating while I was making coffee for the both of us. It didn’t take me long until I was pouring hot coffee on to two mugs. Before serving it, however, I fished out a sealed test tube from my pocket and poured its contents on to the cup for my brother. The gray-ish slime inside were some nano bots that were going to do some manual checkups on his system, or at least that’s what Steve said.

I served the coffees and sat down across from my brother before eating. We just made casual conversation as we ate together.

“So, how long do think it’ll be until your next mission?”

“I honestly don’t know. It’s my first time to be held off like this. But as far as I know, by next month I’ll be back in base.” Sergey answered as he chewed on the pancakes. I just nodded, trying to look unaware when in reality I already knew everything. Steve said that he already implanted some false memories in Sergey before letting us go back, one of those memories were that he received orders to stay home until further notice. Of course Steve already handled the legalities of it with Sergey’s superiors.

We then just ate in silence. I watched as Sergey finished his last piece of pancake before chugging down his coffee completely like he normally does. Something about feeling the heat down his throat or something.

When we placed his cup down, his eyes suddenly widened and had a green glow to them, like he’s being reprogrammed.

“Foreign substance detected. Analyzing. Authorized components detected. Passage allowed.” Said Sergey in a suddenly monotonous voice. A few minutes later, he shakes himself awake and his eyes turned back to their normal brown color. He then casually stood up and began to place his dishes on the sink.

“Hey, just place yours on the sink when you’re done. I’ll just clean them later.” He said while exiting the dining room to go back to his room. As we walked pass me, my eyes travelled to the plump muscles of his ass. Feeling myself get worked up, I finished eating and placed my dishes on the sink. I then went up to his room where I saw him laying down on his bed while reading one of my books.

He looked up to me and said “’Sup Jeremy. Anything I can do for you?” in his nicest tone.

I tried not to stare so much and said “Nothing, just wanting to know what’re you up to today?”

Sergey then placed the book on his bedside table before sitting on the bed. “I don’t know to be honest. Maybe I’ll work out a little bit or something” he said while motioning his head to the newly placed gym equipment which he thought has been here already.

I nodded and said “Maybe you should! I remember you saying something about breaking the pull ups record at the base. Mind for a demonstration?”

He just smiled and said “Is my little brother doubting me? Well then, I guess I’ll just have to prove you wrong huh?”

Sergey then got up and went to the pull up bar. He stretched a little bit before jumping up to reach the bar. He then did a few reps of pull ups. I just stood back watching his muscled back flex with every pull up he does. My eyes danced along his butt before reaching his back. My eyes then landed on the base of the back of his neck, seeing the metal hole.

I was then reminded of the experiment that I needed to do. Needed to be suspended from something huh? Looking at my brother working out, I already got an idea.

I cleared my throat and said “Freeze” just as he was about to go down from a pull up. Sergey was then left just hanging on the bar, his muscles left frozen in mid flex. Seeing him like this made me see all of his muscles at their natural state during a workout. Although, he’s everything but normal right now.

This was supposed to test his endurance and how long will the program keep him suspended with just his grip. I looked at the clock on Sergey’s bedside table and saw that it was already 8 in the morning. Doing a little bit of math, I estimated that he’ll be like this until about 5 or 6 in the evening.

Seeing him in his current state got me turned on and hard. I walked up to him and began to caress his body from the back. His current position made his muscled butt be directly at my chest level. My hands began to caress along his feet, thighs, and butt. I then slowly spread his cheeks to reveal his pink hole. I playfully licked the pink rim before continuing with his body. From where I was standing, I could still reach his meaty chest but could barely go up to his shoulders.

My eyes wander around the room and saw a small stool by Sergey’s closet. I then got a bright idea. I stopped massaging his body and went to get the stool from the corner. I placed the small chair just behind Sergey’s feet which were in midair. I stood up on the stool and was easily just as tall as he was right now, just as I thought. With the added height, my hips were now directly behind his ass.

I continued to caress his body, with my hands now cupping his muscled chest and nipples. I was practically embracing him at this point. With my hands busy with his torso, my hips were starting to rub itself on the muscled butt in front of it. At this point I was fully hard and needed release.

One of my hands then travelled back to the valley of his ass to find its way to the hole between. A finger began to push its way in to the ring of muscle. Surprisingly enough, the finger easily went in the hole. Soon after I was pushing in two, and then three fingers into him. I was confused when I remembered that I put in an order that makes him finger himself constantly to get him ready for an immediate fuck.

My hands were starting to get tired from the fingering and massaging Sergey. I slowly withdrew both my hands and slowly slid off my shorts and underwear to reveal my hard erection. Without any further waiting, I pushed in to the prepared hole before me. I watched as my cock disappeared into the frozen cyborg of a brother. Sergey just remained constantly still, not even budging a bit from my distraction.

It didn’t take me long to fit my whole length in him, considering that Sergey was already well prepared. I then found my own rhythm and began to fuck him in a fast pace. Sergey, meanwhile, remained still despite being constantly shaken by my thrust onto him, his face not even changing from the determined look he had.

As I continued to fuck him, my hands travelled to my brother’s chest to play with his nipples once again. The only sound to be heard in the room was the sound of my skin slapping onto his, or at least his synthetic skin. I continued to play with his muscles as I continued to fuck him.

My hands continued to travel around his body until they went to his still flaccid cock. My hands played around with his dick and balls while I felt myself getting close to cumming. My hands suddenly felt a small metal thing right beside Sergey’s thighs and behind his balls. I curiously touched it when it felt like I’ve clicked something.

All of a sudden, Sergey’s back showed a line in the middle of it before moving back to open up. It opened to show a hollow metal hole filled with all sorts of technology I don’t understand. There were wires, lights, switches, boards, and other things I couldn’t comprehend.

The sight of it, for some reason, got me over the edge. Before I knew it, I was filling my older brother up with my cum as I was looking at the tech hole revealed to me. I kept on shooting my load as I eyed some of the parts within. As I got down from my high, I slowly pulled out of my suspended brother and saw some of my cum already dripping out of him and into the floor. I just wiped my cock on his ass check before stuffing it back into my underwear and shorts.

After I was done cleaning myself, my attention went back to the opening on my brother’s back. Upon further inspection, it was filled with wires and lights of different colors. There were also boards connected to one another and some switches placed all over the ‘system’. What caught my eye, however, was a certain microchip lodged deep within the system, hidden behind curtains of wires and walls of boards. Looking at the chip closer, it was placed in a case that was labeled as ‘I/M’. What they mean is a mystery for me that I wouldn’t want to find out until asked. I’m already in trouble with the government, I should go looking for more trouble.

Satisfied with my search of his back, my hands went to the spot behind his balls where the button was. I felt it and pushed it. Suddenly the skin went back from withing to close up the hole.

I just stepped back, and before I could think of experimenting more on my own, I just left the room to do my own work.

It was minutes away until 6pm. Sergey was suspended mid pull up for about 10 hours now and I’ll have to unfreeze him soon. I decided to wait out the minutes by looking at him. I began to admire his body like I did earlier this morning. I couldn’t help but wonder what made his survive the project. I mean sure, he was extremely buff and strong, but so are others in the base I assume.

What made Sergey survive and to bond enough with the project?

How does this system even work?

…Is Steve really just after the research?

Before I could go on further with my thought, the alarm I set on my phone suddenly rang, signaling that it was already 6pm.

I cleared my throat and said “Unfreeze and get down”

Sergey all of a sudden dropped himself down and faced me. He nearly slipped on my cum that dripped from his hole.

“I guess I need to clean up this place huh?” He said as if no time has passed.

Without bothering to reply, I simply said “Unit status report”

Sergey’s eyes suddenly glazed over as he stood up straight. “SS009_SGY Status report commencing. Unit is able to sustain suspension with hand grips for up to 10 hours. Unit believes that it can be longer with more experiments. Unit is able to hang suspended comfortably with his own weight and some additional weight. Further test could push unit’s limits on the weight it can handle. Unit is feeling no noticeable strains or any physical damage from the long suspension. Experiment 001 complete. Awaiting orders.”

He said all that with the robotic tone he’s been using. Before I could say my own commands, the device Steve gave to me vibrated once again signaling a new message from him. I opened it to read what he has to say.

Experiment 001: Endurance (Success)

The endurance test has been a success. This data should prove to be useful in the long run of this experiment.

I knew what you did with the unit while in suspension, but don’t worry. I find it hot as well.

As for Sergey, I already implanted a post-test protocol for him. The protocol would get him to do him nightly routine naturally and sleep peacefully. The protocol would also remove any memory he has of the day the experiment took place, just to take care of any possible loose ends. Don’t worry about him having mistakes with the time, his mind clock is also adjusted to move forward so he won’t keep coming back to the start of the experiment. To activate the protocol, just say ‘Unit cleanup initiate’.

Good job, and looking forward to working with you again in the future.


Well that settles it. I guess I won’t be having any further fun with him tonight. I must admit that Steve is an okay guy, though he still gives me the creeps even from our first encounter. Might as well finish for the day. I’ll just ask about that chip on Sergey’s back for some other day.

But for now…

“Unit cleanup initiate”


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