Jeremy and his Cyborg Brother II: Consequences and Deals

By MindManiac
published May 4, 2020
4615 words

Jeremy gets discovered by the scientist behind the cyborg program, what does he want with him?

The sequel that took 3 years to make and that no one asked for, LOL. I re-read the first part and it’s borderline cringy for me right now, so sorry about that. I might edit the first one in the future, but not right now. This still follows the old plot of the story so please bear with me. Any feedback is appreciated!

Also shoutout to @cyb3rm0nk69 from twitter for inspiring this sequel

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I slowly opened my eyes as I started to regain my senses. A spiting headache greeted me as my eyes started to adjust to the surroundings. I tried to move my body but I somehow can’t, I feel the burn of the ropes digging into my skin in my attempts to move.

Fighting the pain in my head, I look around to see where I am. The place looks like an abandoned storage house, with stacks of crates all around and wide windows with stains all over them. The room’s being lit with a small light bulb with some sunlight passing though the stained windows, making the room dim. Looking forward I saw two figures of men, one slightly closer to me than the other. The one further has his back towards me and looks focused on what he was doing. The one closer to me, however, looked like he was facing me while standing completely at attention.

I rested my eyes for a little bit before looking around again to make my eyes adjust to the brightness of the room. When I looked back to figure closer to me. My eyes widened.

“No, it can’t be”, I whispered to myself

The figure in front of me was someone I could recognize from a far, the person I’ve been sleeping with for the past few weeks, the apple of my eye, my only family left.


Just hours ago

A knock on the front door interrupted my daily reading. I put my book away on the living room bookshelf before walking towards the door. When I opened the door, what greeted me was the familiar dark hair and built body with the handsome face that came with it. Instead of his usual casual clothing, the man at the door was wearing a black shirt, ripped jeans, a pair of boots, and fingerless gloves on both of his hands. On his left hand is a yellow toolbox while some of his tools were already on his belt.

“Hey man, you’re the one that called about the sink problems, right?” the ‘man’ said while flashing a smile.

Deciding to humor him, I said “Yes, glad you could make it”. I then motioned him to enter the house before closing the door behind him.

The ‘man’ began to look around as he walked inside. “Woah man, nice place you got here!” said the man, not knowing that he’s been here before.

“Thanks” I said with a smile. I waved my hand to motion him to follow me as I lead him to the kitchen. His eyes keep wandering around as we walk through the house.

“By the way, I didn’t catch your name. I’m Jeremy, and you are?” I ask, as if oblivious to what’s happening.

“Sawyer, my name’s Sawyer. Nice to meet you Jeremy” the ‘repairman’ smiles as we walked.

When we reached the kitchen, I pointed to the sink that needs fixing. “I think the sink pipes are broken or something. It just keeps on leaking all over the floors that I have to keep on mopping”

Sawyer then went to the sink and kneeled down in front of it to begin his work. He opened the cabinet below it to reveal a rusty looking pipe connecting the drain of the sink to the sewer. He then crawled inside the cabinet to further inspect it, leaving his behind exposed. As he was kneeling under the sink, I can’t help but stare at the meaty flesh of his butt that was staring at me. I began to rub myself through my pants as he kneeled lower and began to arch his back.

“Yeah, the pipe really is the problem. It looks rusty and worn down. Lucky for you I already have a good replacement here” said Sawyer, oblivious to the stares I’ve been giving his behind.

After a few minutes of waiting, once I was sure that he was focused on his job, I slowly crept behind him and kneeled close to him. I peeked at what he was doing and saw that he was beginning to remove the broken pipe. As he did that, my hands slowly met with the curves of his butt, caressing the mounds of flesh.

“So, how long have you been a plumber?” I ask casually as my hands slowly began to play with the waist of his pants.

“I’ve been doing this for almost five years now. Started as just a side job, but I thought I might as well push through with it” Sawyer answered, still focused on the job.

Not being able to control myself anymore, I slowly peeled off his pants to his thighs, just enough to reveal the black jockstrap that he’s been wearing and the tip of the butt plug lodged inside his hole. My hands continued to massage his butt while moving towards the black tip of the butt plug. I gripped the exposed tip and began to slowly move it in and out of him.

Meanwhile, Sawyer was just humming to himself as he continued to work, oblivious to what’s going on to his lower body.

After a while of playing with him, I slid the but plug out of his butt and took out my own erection. I stroked myself before gently pushing myself in to the already loose and wet hole. Sawyer didn’t even bat an eye as I started to fuck him. I started in a slow gentle motion before fucking him in full force, with the plumber just going along with the thrusts and not even moaning once.

It didn’t take long before I felt myself coming close and I began to cum deep inside him. I shot load after load into the hole, adding to the cum already in it. Once I calmed down, I pulled out and slid the butt plug in once again. I didn’t bother to pull up his pants because it would just be taken off later on. I then sat on one of the dining chairs nearby and watched his stuffed hole as he continued to work.

Not long after I’ve fucked him, he began to tidy up his tools before standing up. Sawyer then turned on the sink to wash his hands and to check if he did his job right. Once finished, he turned the water off and turned back to me, not even bothering to fix up his pants.

With a bright smile, he said “Sink’s all fixed Jeremy!”

I smiled back and said “Good job! Now, ‘plumber off’”

His smile suddenly got replaced by an emotionless expression as he stood up straight like he was in the army, with his eyes losing their brown color.

“Plumber personality, shutting down. Default mode activate” He said in a monotone, almost robotic.

“Activate oral pleasure” I ordered.

With the same monotonous voice, he answered “Activating”. He then went on all fours and crawled towards me. Once in front of me, he kneeled and began to fish my cock out of my pants. Once freed from my underwear and pants, he proceeded to give me the best head I’ve ever gotten, considering he’s been practicing.

As he did so, I leaned back on the chair and can’t help but look back on how it happened.

The holidays went without a hitch. Christmas and the New Year was just how it is it the previous years; same occasion, same traditions. The only difference this time is that Sergey, my brother, came back from the military with a big change. He came home as a cyborg. Now, any normal younger brother would outright freak out knowing that the brother they knew all their life is suddenly not the way he remembers him.

But not me! Not when I’ve been crushing on my brother, hard!

I soon figured out that I could access his programs through my laptop and the code I got from his eyes. With that, I began to control him. It was with little changes at first; the way he acts around the house and how he treats me. Adding the fact that I had a huge crush on him, however, I quickly began to do drastic changes to him. It went from the occasional fucking around with me, to fully changing his personality for foreplay and my kinks. This ‘Sawyer the Plumber’ is just one of the many recurring personalities that I’ve planted in his program.

With him being a cyborg under my control, I was in bed with him for the whole holiday season that he was home. Fairytales have to end, however, since Sergey was on his last 2 days of vacation before going back to base. Though it was sad, I decided to delete all of the personalities I added to him along with all other commands I gave before he goes back. I wanted to set him back to the way he was before he went home. As much as I love fucking Sergey, I don’t want to fuck with the government.

It was then that my luck seemed to run out.

Sergey was still giving me a blowjob when he suddenly stopped. I sat up straight to look at him and saw him still kneeling in front of me with his mouth still forming an ‘O’. What caught my attention, though, is his eyes. His eyes began to show a different series of codes, codes different from what I saw when I first discovered him being a cyborg. The codes flashing through his eyes were flashing red, as if to symbolize an alarm.

“Orders terminated, activating new orders” he said in his robotic voice as his eyes glowed brighter.

Before I could say anything, Sergey tackled me off of the chair and began to put me on choke hold. I couldn’t get myself free as he was way stronger than me. I soon felt myself passing out as I went limp on his hold. Sergey then slowly lay me on the kitchen floor. Before passing out, I saw him standing straight and taking out his phone. He dialed a number and said “Mission Complete”

Everything went black.

That was the last thing I remembered before waking up tied to a chair in this storage house. I was still trying to regain my strength as I stared into the emotionless face of my brother. I noticed that he changed his clothes from the ‘plumber’ costume he had on to a plain shirt and a pair of baggy camo pants. As I continue to look at him, I noticed a wire coming out of the back of his neck. My eyes followed the wire and it led to the table in front of the other man at the back of the room. Before I could think more of it, the unknown man spoke.

“Good to see you awake Jeremy” the man said as he began to move towards me. As soon as he reached the light, I saw a man in his mid-40s early 50s. His dark hair graying in some areas, his body, though in good shape, showing signs of aging, and his dark colored eyes behind his glasses. He stood next to Sergey, making his body smaller as Sergey’s body towers over him. Judging by the lab coat he was wearing above his ‘civilian’ clothes, I guessed that he was a scientist of sorts.

“What… do you want from… me?” I asked him, still struggling as my body still recovers from the tackle and hold my brother gave me earlier.

The ‘scientist’ just smiled and said “I think you already know the answer to that Jeremy”.

I just sighed and said “You could… at least introduce… yourself”

With that the scientist laughed loudly before answering me. “Well then, my name is Dr. Steven Miller, but please just call me Steve or Dr. Steve. I am the head scientist of experiment 4389 of the US military, also known as the ‘super soldier’ project”

Steve then began to walk around Sergey’s still frozen body as his hands caress the soldier’s body and he eyes my brother. “You see Mr. Henderson here was one of the few that was chosen to go under the said experiment. A lot of them were unsuccessful, some even being permanently injured due to the process”

The scientist then stopped walking as he was standing beside Sergey and looked at me again, smiling. “But would you believe me if I said that Mr. Henderson, your brother, is the only one that was successfully transitioned through the experiment? Would you believe that he is more of a robot now than he is human?” he said happily while patting my brother on his shoulder.

Though I didn’t expect it, the realization gave me chills. Sergey, my brother and the only family I have, could easily be turned against me in just a simple order. The man that I’ve spent my childhood with could kill me right now with just one order. Somehow hearing it from this guy made it all too real.

Steve, not missing a beat, continued on his little monologue.

“I’ve been watching you Jeremy. Sergey here has been sending copies his memories here over to our main lab. I must say, I did expect you to discover the port behind his neck but not that soon. I also didn’t think you’ll figure out the whole ‘cyborg’ situation he’s in”

Steve then began to caress Sergey chest through the shirt. He started to gently pat his pecs while my brother is only standing there, emotionless. Meanwhile I could only look at them, feeling a little jealous of Steve.

“Also, the way you created and managed multiple identities and commands into him is impressive. That plumber was gold, though I must say the Simon the cop is still my favorite. You’re kinkier than I thought. Kudos to you”

My eyes went wide at the discovery that he’s been watching all along. Though I feel a little embarrassed, I am a little bit turned on too.

“What… do you want with me?” I asked while he continued to caress my brother’s muscles.

Steve just smirked and said “Well let’s just say you’ve been ignoring some possibilities with Mr. Henderson here. Just trust me, we’ll all benefit from this.”

He then fished out what seems to be a normal phone and unplugged the wire that was connected to the back of Sergey’s neck. I looked into my brother’s eyes and suddenly saw a series of codes flashing across his eyes, giving it a neon green color.

“For now, just think of me as like one of those over the top infomercial people trying to sell you a product. In this case, it’s going to be SS009, AKA Sergey” He then proceeded to type in something into the phone-like device. Steve then tapped a button on the device and Sergey’s eyes began to go back to their natural brown color. I was getting nervous at what Steve did.

Sergey’s eyes looked around before landing on me. Any hope I had was crushed when he suddenly had an angry expression of his face.


I was taken back from the sudden anger he had. This was the first time that I ever saw him this angry, and the fact that the anger is directed towards me made it worse. I could only tremble in fear as he began to yell some more. He then began to walk towards me.

“WHAT DO YOU TAKE ME FOR?! HUH?! ANOTHER FA—” his voice suddenly got quieter and quieter until he was completely mute. He was still raging at me but it seems his voice is taken away. I looked to the side and saw Steve sliding something down on the device he was holding.

“As you already know, memories can be blocked and be unlocked in the program. Though you may not be aware that the control over the cyborgs are more than that. One example is his voice being suddenly mute. You can also add other orders while one is still active. For example”

Steve began to type once more on the device and slide something up.

Sergey’s voice began to go up again. “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING PUNK?! YOU’D GET AWAY WITH THIS SHIT?! I’LL FUCKING KI—” He suddenly paused when Steve pressed another button.

Sergey’s eyes flashed the same old green code that indicates a program starting. I waited fearfully at what might happen.

He then suddenly jolted awake and his eyes met mine again, only this time his expression was kinder.

Sergey looked at me seductively and said “Hey Jer, fancy seeing you here. I miss having you around. I especially miss this big hard cock of yours slamming on my hole”. He then sat on my lap and began to grind against me.

I was once again surprised at what he said. From the angry brother that got fucked, he turned into the horny brother that wants to get fucked. Steve muted him once more and started to talk again.

“You see in the first one, I only programmed him to know that you fucked him. This time, however, I added a degree of arousal with the thought of being fucked. Cool right?!” he said enthusiastically, unaware of the fact that I’m being turned on by the sight of my brother grinding against me in the chair.

“Well that’s enough, ‘Default mode on’”

Sergey suddenly stopped talking and said “Activating Default Mode” in the same old monotonous voice. He then walked back to where he was standing before next to Steven and stood up straight facing me.

Steve placed the phone in his pocket and began to once again to caress my older brother’s body. “Another feature is the improved exterior. He may look all normal and human, but believe me, he’s now stronger that he looks. Raise your shirt”

Sergey obeyed and lifted his shirt to reveal his hard pecs and abs. Steven just continued to massage the muscles that were now revealed to him.

“On the note of exterior…” Steve then lifted one of his hands and punched Sergey directly in the stomach. I could only flinch as I watch the punch land on my irresponsive brother. Steve then aimed another punch, then another, then another.

After he was done, Steve said “All those punches may feel natural to the giver, but the skin is impervious to any attack or pain. It’s a new synthetic layer of skin that absorbs the hit before it can be felt. In fact…”

Steve then positioned himself in front of Sergey as he suddenly kneed his straight to the crotch. Sergey’s face was still calm and emotionless and it feels like I was the one reacting on his behalf. As soon as the knee landed, I felt myself flinch a little bit.

“Even the most painful areas are immune to feeling them. Yes, there are programs where they will have to feel, and they still can, this synthetic skin just absorbs any damage that will come”

Steve then got the device out of his pocket and began to type some more. As he was typing, he began to talk to me again. “You’re being awfully quiet. Its either your hating this or loving it. But judging all that you’ve done with Mr. Henderson here, I think you’re loving it. If not, well I have just the thing to cheer you up”

He continued to type some more as I could only stare at Sergey. He was still holding his shirt up revealing all the muscles underneath it. Any fear I had of this guy before just sky-rocketed, making me wonder what he’ll do next.

“Since you’re a fan of ‘characters’ and ‘personalities’, I think you’ll enjoy this one” Steve said before finally pressing another button on the device. Sergey jolted awake once more, only this time there’s a different look at his eyes. A stern one.

He then ripped his shirt off of him causing me to flinch again in surprise. Sergey also gripped the waist of his pants and effectively shredded it to pieces leaving him with only the black jockstrap he had on earlier. He then began to walk on all fours and huffing like an ape.

“Me Tarzan, welcome to jungle” he huffed in a low voice. He then began to jump on the crates scattered on the room while still huffing. He began to climb the big stack of crates in front of me and when he reached the top, he yelled in the way Tarzan would while bumping his fist to his chests.

“As you can see, he can take on any personality to heart. No limits. He’ll do whatever he needs to do to get in to character. He could win an award for it” Steve laughed and Sergey was now sniffing and scratching himself on the mountain of crates. “And when he’s in a different personality, you can still control him. Watch.”

Steve then went up to me kneeled beside the chair I was tied up on. He then yelled “Tarzan! There’s a banana tree over here! I think it has the sweetest, most delicious banana you’ll ever taste!”

At this, Sergey began to jump down from his mountain and began his way towards me with a wide-eyed expression. Almost like he’s hungry for a ‘banana’. Steve then unbuttoned my pants and fished out my already hard dick. He chuckles and said to me “Excited already?”. He then turned to Sergey as he was holding my dick and said “This is the tastiest banana in the whole jungle Tarzan. You don’t want to eat it yet, nor bite it. instead, you’ll only savor it in you mouth, suck it all the way”

Sergey walked towards me before holding my cock with amazement in his eyes. He licked it once then his eyes widened in delight before swallowing it whole. Its like all he needed was one taste until he’s obsessed with it. it didn’t take long until he was deepthroating me over and over. Steve was just looking at me with an amused expression as I was enjoying my brothers mouth again.

It was at this moment I decided to talk to him.

“What do you want with me? Really” I said, trying to keep my voice straight as my cock is being swallowed.

Steve just laughed and said “Though Sergey is a successful product of the experiment, it is still quite unknown how good or how strong the project was. We need constant monitoring of the subject to fully understand it. We are also faced with the question of how well will these experiments integrate to society. Instead of me monitoring Sergey here directly at the military base, I think its best to see him in action outside the confinements of the lab. That’s where you come in. I’ll be leaving Sergey with you with some monthly task to test his real capabilities. You will be the one administering the commands and tests while I’ll be the one to analyze it from the lab. In return, he’ll be staying here and I’ll allow you to continue what you’ve been doing with him.”

I listened to him as I watched my brother’s skillful mouth work its magic on my cock. All of the possibilities suddenly came to me if I accept this job from the scientist.

“Was it really necessary to knock me out before bringing me here?” I ask, trying to keep my voice straight.

Steve laughed and said “Would you have come here voluntarily?”

“Point taken. In the odd chance that I’ll say no… what will happen?” I ask curiously.

Steve hummed for a bit before saying “Well, as much as it pains me, I’ll have to wipe your memory of what happened to Mr. Henderson. Worst case, I might have to erase all your memories of having a brother seeing as he’ll rarely leave the facility once he returns.”

My eyes widen. Though my answer has already been obvious, the thought of forgetting my brother is just too much to think of.

Steve saw my distress and said “Well, to convince you a little bit more, let me do something for you. ‘Tarzan off’”

Sergey suddenly lifted his face from my cock and said “Tarzan personality, shutting down. Default mode activate”. He returned to the blank expression he had before.

“Activate Fleshlight mode”


Sergey then stood up and turned around where his butt was now facing me. He then slowly impaled himself on my cock as I moaned at the tightness that envelops me.

“These robots can have very special physical modifications depending on the ‘personality’ you choose. This one in particular makes his hole loose enough for a cock, tight enough to still be pleasurable, and to wet his hole to quickly get on it” Steve said with a smile.

He then stood back as he watched Sergey slowly fuck himself on my cock like he has been all through the holidays. Sergey’s pace slowly increased as his expression remained the same. The only sound that can be heard in the entire room is our skin slapping against each other and my heavy pants. His speed continued to increase until he was going as fast as one of those milking machines. He started to go on a speed that wasn’t quite human though his body still looked the same.

“So what do you say Jeremy? Will you accept?” Steve said as he saw me on the edge of pleasure.

It didn’t take long until I felt myself on the edge of an orgasm. I could only groan as my cock was continuously milked by the machine that was riding it. when I couldn’t hold it in, I began to burst inside him.

As he felt my cum starting to fill him, Sergey started to slow down automatically as if teasing me to fill him up more. His change in pace only left me on a more mind-boggling orgasm. By the time my balls were completely empty, Sergey was fully sitting down on me as if to plug his hole from spilling my cum.

As my mind regained its sanity, I took a glance at Steve who I now noticed is sporting his own hard on. I could only chuckle as I say my final answer to his offer.

“You got yourself a deal sir.”

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