Keeping It In The Family, Chapter 2: Hope Springs Paternal

By Hypnotic Subjugation
published November 6, 2015
6114 words

Mr. Gehirn uses his new jock-puppet Nate to take enslave the boy’s own father.

Nate’s entire world was focused on the feeling of his master’s cock embedded deep within his hole, the red-hot warmth of it seemingly having taken root, the heat radiating outwards from his rectum. On all fours he shook and moaned, sweat dripping from his muscles as his ass was repeatedly cored to its fullest extent, the stretch and burn so sweet, stars bursting behind his eyes as his master’s thick meat dragged over that special place inside his rear that he had only just recently been educated about.

Fingers suddenly snaked their way through his hair and gripped tightly.

‘Oh…! Y-yeah…’ Nate slurred as he was pulled backwards by the grip, the pressure on his prostate making him quake, his eyes rolling up into the back of his head.

His master pushed forward and Nate submissively collapsed face-first onto the bedspread of the four-poster, his ass in the air as it was used.

‘Spread your legs, whore…’ His master grunted roughly and Nate didn’t have time to obey before the man he worshipped did the work for him, spreading him obscenely wide and pressing him further into the bed with his weight on his back, opening him up for deeper penetration and grinding his cock into the bed sheets.

‘You’ve taken so well to gay sex in such a short time, slave.’ His master chuckled into his ear, the ticklishness of his breath and intimacy of his voice worming its way into Nate’s ear and sending him into overdrive, causing him to begin uncontrollably thrusting his leaking, untouched cock into the bed beneath him and his eager, spasming hole back onto its welcomed invader.

‘Anything for you, master! Please fuck your slave, master! Your slave needs your cock, master!’

Max smirked as the boy rambled on insensibly beneath him and worked himself into a frenzy. His experimental enhanced pheromones had done the trick and then some! He’d mixed them together specifically to elicit feelings of intense submissiveness, obedience, worship and physical and emotional attraction in a subject for their source (i.e. himself) and for the past few days Max had been enjoying total access Nate’s body: fucking, fingering, rimming and sucking the young, muscular jock until the boy could barely string a sentence together.

‘Oh yes, master! Yes! Harder, please!’ Nate moaned and Max looked down as the dark-haired youth grinned vapidly and drooled onto the bed, his clear blue eyes glazed over and unseeing.

At first he’d been afraid that he’d be unable to hide Nate’s current state of mind: the lad was absolutely enthralled with him whenever he was in his presence, becoming uncontrollably aroused and intoxicated by his scent and sight alone however, it turned out he’d needed have worried, the part of his pheromone formula that elicited obedience had turned out to be iron-clad. All he had to do was simply order Nate to act as he normally would and the boy had no choice but to behave, thus preserving their secret.

‘Red-blooded, heterosexual jock on the outside, submissive, eager gay whore on the inside.’ Max chuckled and slammed into Nate, causing the boy to helplessly yelp, amused that no one, not his father nor his friends or any of the girls he was so popular with knew he was simply acting, that within he’d been changed so drastically to the point that he was unable to stop thinking about his new master.

‘Yes master! I’m your whore! Fill your whore, master!’ The boy babbled, attempting to turn about and kiss him but Max simply grabbed his head and pushed him down roughly once more and groaned as at last the mixture of the lad’s tight rear and filthy dirty-talk caused him to lose control.

‘Fuck yes!’ Max roared as he buried himself to the root in Nate’s ass and began coating the boy’s insides with his seed.

‘O-oh!’ Came a strangled gasp and he felt the jock go rigid beneath him as his hole grasped his cock tighter than ever before going limp, the lad evidently having come from the feeling of his ass being filled to capacity.

With a satisfied groan Max pulled out, rolled over onto his side and rested his chin on his hand.

‘Quite the performance, boy.’ He chuckled and playfully slapped the insensate jock’s firm, pert bubble butt.


Grinning, Max took in the sight of his new acquisition: Nate lay face-down, tanned, muscular limbs sprawled out on the bed, his impressive physique covered in a fine sheen of sweat. The boy’s slack, drool-covered face was turned towards Max and he could see that the young jock’s enticing blue eyes had rolled up into the back of his head completely, leaving only the whites visible.

Quite pleased with himself, Max rose up and spared one last glance back, towards Nate’s upturned rear and admired the boy’s newly shaved, loosened, come-dribbling hole as he walked towards his desk and retrieved the new bottle of pheromones he’d recently created from the jock’s sweat.

As he took a seat on the edge of the bed Nate was stirring and regaining consciousness. Max decided to give the boy’s ass another good swat to help him along.

‘Ow!’ Nate yelped, eyes widening as he was rudely brought back to his now altered reality.

Max held up the bottle so his slave could see it.

‘After you drug him into unconsciousness – I’ll provide you with the chloroform – and you’ve suitably restrained him, you’ll use this on your father as I used mine on you after he wakes and –‘

Max frowned when he noticed a confused expression slowly begin to appear on Nate’s face. A measure of lucidity seemed to return to the boy’s eyes as he slowly rose up onto his elbows and took in his surroundings.

‘Wha-…?’ Nate slurred, blinking slowly as he gazed at Max, ‘Where…am…I? …Mr. Gehirn…? The fuck…?’

‘Shit.’ Max swore and quickly ran to his dresser to retrieve the pheromones he’d made from his own bodily fluids. He’d been so tied up in enjoying his new toy’s body as well as creating pheromones based on the Nate’s own “contributions” that he’d forgotten to keep him suitably dosed with what he’d already made. The effect had begun to wear off and Nate was starting to regain his mind and self-awareness…

‘What’re you…? No…! Get…off…’ Nate moaned as Max straddled the jock’s trim waist and held his head down with one hand while he used the other to spray the mind-altering substance up his left nostril.

‘There, there slave. Give in.’ Max soothed as Nate stopped his feeble struggling, his eyes widening, his pupils dilating. He felt the jock’s hips begin to gyrate beneath him.

‘Mmm…master…’ The boy moaned with renewed arousal and grinned goofily after a moment as the pheromones took effect and he gazed up at Max rapturously.

That had been too close. Max would have to be more careful in the future. The boy represented a pleasant distraction, but he refused to get carried away any further from now on – he had a plan, one he intended on sticking to…

‘Right. Now. Where was I? Oh yes, your father…’

‘So he’s been over there every day for the past week?’ Hank’s younger brother, Troy, asked incredulously over the phone that afternoon.

‘Uh-huh. Don’t know what the shit Nate’s been doin’. “Chores” he says. Asked the kid to apologise not shack up with the guy.’ Hank answered as he sat on the lounge with a beer in just his underwear as he idly groped his package. It had been a long-ass, sweltering day at the shop and Candy Torrance – one of the cheerleaders from his days at high school – had been by and had been flirting with him heavily. He wondered if he could rub one out before Nate got back from doing Mr. Gehirn’s “chores”…

‘The guy’s a fruit, right? You don’t think –‘

‘Naw. Nate’s as big a pussy-hound as his brother, me, you, and the old man. Boy’s probably just realized he can flash the guy a bicep or two, get him to give him whatever he wants.’ Hank interrupted easily as he grabbed the remote and changed it to Fox News.

‘What, and that’s alright by you? Some dude your age eying up your boy?’ Troy snorted.

‘S’long’s he’s not actually cornholing him I don’t give a shit. If Nate can get the guy to part ways with his money, more power to the kid. You got any idea how fuckin’ expensive teenagers are? ‘Specially since that bitch skipped town and – wait! My age!?’

Hank heard Troy lose his shit and start laughing over the line.

‘You’re only four years younger than me! Thirty-fuckin’-eight’s not old you li’l shit!’ Hank growled. Playing ball in high school had kept him at the top of his game and since he’d graduated the year Lucas had been born he’d never let his level of fitness flag a mite. Hank had even been hitting the gym in recent years especially hard to keep up with his boys – he couldn’t let them show him up after all. And judging from how he’d practically been drowning in pussy since his wife had left, the ladies in town clearly appreciated it. Between his muscles, his beard, his thick, dark locks, his rippling, hairy torso and his infamously huge dick he could get any woman he wanted – and he made sure to tell his brother as such.

‘Yeah, yeah. I don’t do too badly myself you know. But then, that’s our family, right? The old man himself still gets laid.’

Hank chuckled and craned his neck around when he heard the front door open.

‘Man’s in his fifties, he ain’t dead yet. Speaking of, we need to get him to shell out for an air conditioner at the shop. Nearly died of fuckin’ heat exhaustion today…’

‘Good luck with that. You know what he’s like when it comes to paying for shit. It’s like pulling teeth…’

‘Tell me about it.’ Hank snorted and lifted himself up off the couch, ‘Gotta go. Nate’s home.’

After hanging up he found his son in the kitchen, drenched in sweat and shirtless as he opened a bottle of water and guzzled half of it down in one gulp.

‘Bit warm, are we?’ Hank chuckled and raised an eyebrow as he crossed his arms and lent against the kitchen door frame.

Nate turned around and faced him with that same slightly dazed look he’d had for the past few days. Hank just figured the boy had been going a little hard on the weed lately. Not that it bothered him, he just didn’t want the little shit getting into his own stash.

‘Yeah Pops, a little. Had myself a good workout.’ Nate replied with a slight slur as he set the bottle down on the kitchen counter, ‘You heading out tonight?’

Hank narrowed his eyes in mock-suspicion.

‘No. Staying in. Why? You and your friends wanna party? I already told you, gotta bribe me with booze ‘fore I leave you to it. That family of your friend Jake’s is loaded, I know he can afford it.’

Nate just looked at him and grinned slightly after moment, swaying on the spot.

‘Naw, Dad. Just curious. I’m gonna be in my room, kay?’ And with that Nate drifted lazily towards the stairs, leaving Hank looking after him bemusedly.

‘Must be some good shit, whatever he’s smoking.’ He chuckled to himself, shaking his head with amusement as he headed to the fridge to grab another beer.

The next day Hank decided to fix the lawnmower with the part Mr. Gehirn had given Nate when his son appeared at his shoulder.

‘How’s it going? Fixed yet?’ Nate asked as he pulled himself up and sat on the workbench.

‘Almost.’ Hank answered as wiped the sweat from his brow and slung his oil rag over his shoulder, ‘I should thank Mr. Gehirn for the part. It was mighty kind of him to give it to you, ‘specially after your little “argument.”’

He expected that to get a rise out of the boy but Nate simply sat there gazing good-naturedly at him, less dazed-looking than yesterday but still with a distinctly absent look about his eyes.

‘Yeah it was. Real nice of him.’

Hank frowned at his son as he turned the wrench and worked a screw into the mower. He was pretty lenient with his kids, but it seemed like Nate had been stoned all week long and the zonked-out act was really starting to get on his nerves.

‘Boy, just what are you smokin’? ‘Cause you need to lay off it for a while.’

‘I’m not smoking anything, Dad. I’m just…’ Nate paused, seemingly collecting his thoughts ‘…Happy, is all.’

Hank snorted derisively.

‘Yeah. Sure. Well if you’re not too “happy” do me a favour and go inside and get me a beer would you? It’s hot as balls out here.’

‘Sure thing.’ Nate said and hopped down from the bench.

Hank watched him go and shook his head, he had no idea what was up with the boy lately. He could only imagine the shit he and Lucas would get up to when he’d be heading off to college in a couple months and, added to that, he would surely join his older brother’s frat eventually…

‘Hah! College! I didn’t need no fuckin’ college…’ Although, thinking of his eldest son did remind him: when Nate came back with his beer he needed to tell him that Lucas would be home soon. Hank couldn’t wait, all of them together…himself, his sons, his brother and his father. A Taylor family reunion.

Hank grinned and whistled to himself as he thought about the next couple of days and his plans and didn’t bother to turn around when he heard Nate re-enter the garage.

‘Good news, kid! Forgot to tell ya, but your brother will be home next week and –‘ Hank’s eyes widened as a wet cloth with a weird smell was pressed to his face. He didn’t even have time to shout as his eyes rolled up and he felt his body go limp…

Nate let out a satisfied sigh and stood back to admire his handiwork. It had been hard-going but after he’d knocked his father out with the chloroform-soaked rag, he’d managed to drag him inside and up the stairs to his room where he’d dumped his unconscious body on his king-sized bed. His master would be so pleased with him…

Just the thought of the man was enough to make Nate go weak at the knees, his heart to speed up, his stomach to start flipping and his cock to surge to thickness in his pants. Normally he’d jerk off when the thought of his master entered his head and he was sure no one else was around – he’d been doing so since he was claimed earlier in the week. Nate had spent several sleepless nights writhing in bed, hand flying over his cock, fingering his ass or using one of the many sex-toys on it he’d been given, imagining it was his master instead who was railing his hole. And he was tempted now – oh, so tempted, to strip down and blow his load – but he had a job to do.

Mechanically he climbed up on to his father’s bed and straddled his waist as he undid each button of shirt, revealing the man’s broad, muscular, hairy chest and cut six-pack. With some manoeuvring, after he’d pulled the shirt off, Nate slid down his father’s body and removed his boots and socks before again returning to his waist and undoing his belt and unbuttoning his jeans. As Nate slid his father’s jeans and musky-smelling underwear down his thighs his thick tool sprung free and slapped up against his muscular lower stomach. The smell of his father’s crotch reminded him of his master’s and Nate felt himself begin to drool. Before he could stop himself he pressed his face to his father’s sweaty sack and licked and lathed the man’s hairy, low-hanging balls.

‘Mmm…’ His father moaned in his sleep, hips stuttering upwards and his cock thickening a little as Nate shook himself out of his daze, regained control of himself and stood and left the room to retrieve the equipment his master had provided him with.

When he returned Nate bound his father’s muscular limbs spread-eagle to the four corners of the bed and opened his slack mouth to insert a ball gag. After that, he slipped a cock-ring around the base of his father’s dick and balls and encircled his pec-nubs with two smalls rings made of copper that had wires leading to what looked like a black box but what, Nate was intimately familiar with by now, actually knew to be a battery.

With that done, Nate lubed up the tube of the enema machine and carefully inserted it into his father’s rectum and watched as the man groaned in his sleep as the job was done. When he was totally clean, Nate lubed up his favourite vibrating butt-plug and slipped it past his father’s relaxed pucker until the ring of muscle snapped closed about the base.

Finished for the moment, and thinking about how his master would hopefully reward him with a creamy, salty load down his throat, Nate stripped off his clothes, sat on his father’s chest, looked down into the man’s face and waited for him to regain consciousness.

As Hank groggily dragged himself back to the waking world he became aware of three things: firstly, something was stuffed in his mouth, secondly, his ass felt really strange and, thirdly, that he had an uncomfortably heavy weight on top of his chest. Blearily opening his eyes, he discovered that Nate was sitting on him for some reason.

‘See you’re awake, Dad.’ Nate said with the same slightly out of it tone he’d had all week.

‘Mmph!’ He tried to shout at the boy only to gurgle and drool pathetically around the gag in his mouth. Discovering that he couldn’t speak, Hank tried to get up only to additionally find that was off the table too, slowly he moved his head from side to side and found his arms and legs bound tight.

Hank had absolutely no idea what the hell was going on. The last thing he remembered was that he’d been working on the mower and about to tell Nate about Lucas’ homecoming. His own son couldn’t have done this to him – there was no way, surely! It had to be whatever Nate had been smoking lately.

Yes, that had to be it!

‘Naympt!’ He attempted to say around his gag only for the boy to pointedly hold up what looked like a remote before pressing one of the buttons on the thing.

‘Hng!’ Hank felt his eyes roll as sparks of pleasure pricked his nipples and caused his cock to twitch, followed by a massive pulse in his ass that near-instantly brought him to full-sail and made his hips buck wildly.

‘Mmm…’ He moaned as he recovered from the burst of pleasure. It was only now that he dimly realized that, not only was he naked, but Nate was too. The boy gazed down at him with that stupid, empty grin and faraway look in his eyes as he sat naked as a jaybird on Hank’s chest, cock sticking straight up and pre-come beading at the crown.

Hank was revolted and put all his strength into struggling free. He didn’t know what was going on, he just wanted to put some distance between himself and his naked, horny son.

His struggles earned him another devilishly pleasurable button push and this time he felt himself close to coming from the stimulation as his balls drew up – primarily from whatever Nate had shoved up his ass, the thing seemed to be aimed at something deep inside him that was immensely pleasurable.

Blinking rapidly to un-blur his vision, his head falling tiredly back onto the pillows behind it, Hank looked up at the ceiling and tried to get himself under control as his son began to talk.

‘I know it’s confusing now Dad, but don’t worry. Soon it will all make sense. Master had to tie me up first too so he could get me to see, you know.’

Hank looked at his boy, shocked. “Master?” The fuck did he mean by that!?

Nate saw his confusion and grinned moronically.

‘”See” that I’m a slave, I mean. You’ll be soon too. I just gotta give you your dose and you won’t ever stress again: all you’ll think about is serving, worshipping and fucking.’

Hank shook his head in disbelief. Nate had gone crazy! Whatever drugs he was on had turned him into some kind of sex-crazed lunatic! When Nate lent over to the bedside table and retrieved what looked like a bottle of cologne and looked at like it was the greatest thing in the world Hank somehow knew that whatever it was, was responsible for his son’s behaviour and began to thrash wildly. He knew that he couldn’t let Nate expose him to whatever as in that bottle!

‘Whoa there, Dad!’ Nate giggled as he easily stayed put and resisted being dislodged. Hank had never cursed the fact that his son was as strong and as muscular as he was at that age as Nate grabbed his chin and grinned into his face as he inserted the nozzle of the bottle into his right nostril.

‘Time to join me in serving Mr. Gehirn, Pops.’ He murmured. Hank had just enough time to realize that it was that fucking, piece of shit fag across the street that had mind-fucked his son into being a sick queer – and had probably been physically fucking him all week as well – before Nate depressed the nozzle.

A blast of scent shot up his nose and blew Hank’s mind apart. His world turned black as he felt his eyelids flutter rapidly and his body and limbs begin to twitch spastically. He couldn’t think, he just was.

After what seemed like an eternity to him, Hank felt his awareness began to return. The first thing he noticed was that he could smell something incredible, like the best thing he’d smelt in his entire life! It made him feel submissive and…horny – more so than he’d ever been before. Such a scent deserved to be worshipped and obeyed without question! He wanted to know where it came from, he needed to know!

As he huffed in the stench and his vision swam into focus he found its source staring him in the face.

‘Welcome back, Dad.’ Nate grinned as he worked Hank’s encircled nipples.

As his father regained consciousness and saw him for the first time after being exposed to the pheromones his master had made from Nate’s sweat the bound man beneath him let loose a long, guttural groan that vibrated erotically up his perineum. Along with the feeling of his father’s chest hair on his newly shaved hole, the man’s moan caused Nate to shiver in arousal, his cock jumping and burping up another dollop of pre-come. As the string of fluid made contact with his father’s skin the man moaned again and squirmed languidly, once again triggering the same reaction in Nate, effectively creating a feedback loop.

Nate wasn’t attracted to his father, the only person he ever would be attracted to was his master but he couldn’t deny the sensations felt good – so good, in fact, that after a moment he had to still himself and regain control or else he’d blow his load. He still had a job to do after all, orders to obey…

As his father watched him with hooded, lust-filled eyes, a flush rising in his cheeks visible even through his beard, Nate reached behind his head and undid the clasp that kept his ball gag in place. There’d be no need for it now that his father had been made to understand.

‘Mmm…Nate, I’m so…fuckin’…horny…’ His father moaned and Nate felt him begin to undulate beneath him.

‘I know, Pops. Let me help you out…’ He murmured and blanketed his father’s body with his own, enjoying the feeling of his erect cock dragging over the hard, hairy muscle beneath and then moaning himself when their dicks came into contact.

‘Oh…! Yes, boy! Yes!’

Nate looked into his father’s eyes, the man’s pupils having been blown wide open before he went in for a kiss. His father responded immediately, another deep guttural groan rising up from his chest and vibrating through Nate’s as his mouth opened up and their tongues met, the kiss quickly becoming sloppy and filthy as the pair of them moaned and panted in between.

Through it all Nate never stopped working his father’s nipples and soon enough he found himself subconsciously grinding his cock against the man’s own.

‘Fuck, boy! Yes-argh! Fuck! So good! Yeah, work your Daddy’s tits!’ His father babbled when Nate stopped their make out session for a breather and grabbed the remote to the toys. Activating only the electrified rings encircling his father’s nipples, Nate kissed and nipped his way down the man’s sweaty, hairy, writhing, muscular body. After he licked his way through the grooves in each of his old man’s abs Nate buried his face in his father’s pubes and breathed in heavily, enjoying the stench and musk that so reminded him of his owner as he looked up.

‘Oh, son! Oh, Nate…you’re not…? I need it, boy…please: suck my cock. Suck your Daddy’s cock!’ His father begged and railed against his restraints as Nate grinned absently and lathed up his sweaty sack before licking a stripe up his old man’s long, thick tool, grasping it around the base.

‘Don’t worry Dad, I’ll take care of you. Master’s taught me how to suck cock good and proper.’ Nate murmured as his father begged and pleaded in the background only to shout in joy and buck his hips up, choking him on his cock’s girth as he took the bulbous, leaking head into his mouth.

Spluttering and pleasantly reminded of being suffocated with his master’s own dick Nate went to work, masturbating the lower part of his father’s shaft as he slowly made his way down the length of his cock until he no longer needed to, the head lodging in his throat.

‘Hng!’ His father gave a strangled cry when Nate simply kept nearly the entire thing in his mouth, hands running encouragingly up his hairy, muscular thighs as his old man’s body shuddered. Nate felt his father’s balls draw up against his chin and once more breathed in his crotch’s musk as he anticipated the release. He was rewarded soon enough.

‘Oh, fuck yes boy! You’ve got my nut! Take your Daddy’s load! Take! It! All!’ He roared as his cock exploded in his mouth and Nate furiously guzzled the massive volume of it, careful not to lose even a drop of the fluid that had once been used to make him.

His father’s body – stretched taught, his hips in the air – collapsed onto the bed and he whimpered as Nate continued to nurse at his cock as it occasionally drizzled small shots of ejaculate into his eager mouth. When he was satisfied he’d swallowed every last drop Nate looked up at his father over the valley of his muscles and grinned as he smacked his lips, enjoying the leftover taste of his creamy, salty load.

‘Christ on a stick, son!’ His father moaned, heaving in breaths of air, ‘That was so fuckin’ good. You were so fuckin’ good for your Daddy…’

But Nate wasn’t done yet. There was one more thing he’d been ordered to do. He sat up and retrieved the remote to the sex-toys and straddled his father’s chest again. As the man’s eyes fluttered, on the verge of sleep, Nate casually smacked him in the face with his cock to get his attention.

‘We’re not through yet, Dad. Master want’s you and me to do one more thing.’

His father looked at him curiously before his eyes rolled up into his head, only the whites showing when Nate activated the vibrating plug stuffed deep in his hole and lowed like a bull.

‘Get hard, Dad. That’s an order.’ He commanded, enjoying the feeling of dominance he had over his father as he knew it wouldn’t last.

‘Fuck yes! Fuck yes! Getting hard – Oh! Shit…so…hard!’ His father groaned, eyes having come back down but now staring at the ceiling, no longer paying attention to Nate.

After lubing up both his hole and his father’s fat cock Nathan squatted over the man’s waist and twisted his nipples to get his attention as the vibrations of the plug seemed to continue to tempt him into a temporary sexual fugue state.

‘Oh, son…are you…? Do it. Fuck your boy-hole on my cock. Put my cock where it belongs, Nate. Please! I need to be inside! Need to fill you!’

Nate didn’t need his father to beg him, his master had ordered this anyway – but he was eager nonetheless: it had been hours since he’d had anything shoved up his ass. So in one clean movement Nate impaled himself on his bound father’s cock, sighing happily as the length bayonetted up his rear until he was fully stuffed and could feel his old man’s balls against resting against his ass and his pubes ticking his perineum.

‘Shit!’ His father gasped, ‘Shit! So tight…so-oh…! Fuck me….!’ He moaned as Nate squeezed his rectum about his father’s length. This was what he’d been waiting for, if he had to make do without his master temporarily then, at the very least, he needed his hole filled.

Nate grinned as he worked his own pec-nubs and rode his father stupid.

The smell of their fucking insidiously wormed it’s way into his nostrils and set his libido aflame, intoxicating him further as his own son relentlessly edged his cock with his ass. Every point of contact between them generated sparks of pleasure, Nate’s ass in particular feeling like a sheath of pure, erotic, itching fire.

Hank lost all track of time. Between the electricity running through his nipples and the pulsating in his ass, he wasn’t sure where he was. His whole world had boiled down to his cock and his son’s deliciously tight hole in which it was buried. Nate road him long and hard, the boy using his anal muscles to expertly milk him but never quite enough to provide him with enough stimulation to actually come.

After a while passed – Hank couldn’t be sure how long – Nate finally freed him from his restraints and told Hank to fuck him with everything he had.

He obeyed. His son was to be obeyed.

Hank used his son in every way he could imagine, furiously pounding away at his tight boy-hole even as his own ass and nipples were driven to greater heights of pleasure by the toys controlled by the remote Nate had.

It was when he had the boy on all fours that finally felt it. His orgasm, long denied, climbing up the base of his spine, tingling up the underside of his sack. He was just about to bellow and fill Nate’s ass with his come when he felt hands wind around his body and press something up his nose.

‘Having fun?’ A voice in his ear asked with amusement.

Hank turned his head just in time as he breathed in, his orgasm slamming into him at the same moment as he looked into Mr. Gehirn’s face, strangely familiar now that he could see it up close.

As the substance he’d once again been dosed with took effect, Hank tumbled down into darkness, dimly feeling his cock pulsate and fill his son’s ass.

‘Master! You’re here! Did I do good, master?’ Came Nate’s sycophantic voice.

The last thing Hank heard was Mr. Gehirn praising his son before he passed out.

Max straddled Hank’s unconscious body as he lay face up on the bed. Nate knelt on all four in front of him over him, his weeping hole filled with his father’s come looking Max right in the face.

As he spooned another portion of slave’s father’s load out from his son’s ass and stuffed it into Hank’s slack mouth, Max contemplated his next move.

He had two Taylor’s under his control now. And, as an added measure, Hank was enslaved to his own son via his enhanced pheromones. He’d have to be sure to create a batch from Hank’s sweat later and dose Nate with it: he needed both slaves totally compliant.

‘Boy, what was it you were telling me your father was saying before you chloroformed him?’ He demanded as he carelessly stuffed four fingers into Nate’s ass and guided the remainder of Hank’s spunk out from his son’s rear and let it fall in thick, gooey strings down to his bearded, impassive face.

‘Oh – ugh! Yes, master. Dad said Lucas would be home next week, master.’ Nate panted like a dog in heat, his untouched cock jumping and leaking between his legs.

‘Perfect.’ Max said as he stroked his chin and grinned. He’d soon have another member of this wretched family added to his collection…

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