Keeping It In The Family, Chapter 5: Atheists In Silver Fox Holes

By Hypnotic Subjugation -
published February 10, 2016
11390 words

Clint, the patriarch of the Taylor family, joins them in servitude and Mr. Gehirn’s past is revealed…

Max thrust his cock up into his slaves’ tight grip while they both used a hand to masturbate his length. With a leg from each thrown over one of his own in an effort to spread them as wide as they could he enjoyed the feeling of Lucas’ and Nate’s fit, muscular bodies pressed to his as each boy plastered themselves to his sides.

‘Mmm…!’ Came the sound of simultaneous groans that vibrated through his chest as Max probed their tight, hairless holes while they both eagerly suckled at one of his nipples.

‘Settle down, boys. There’s plenty of me to go around!’ Max chuckled with amusement when the brothers thrust their jockstrap confined hard-ons desperately against his thighs as he added a second finger to each of their greedy little puckers.

The sound of desperate moaning drew his attention over to the other side of the basement where the main show was going on. Nate and Lucas’ uncle, Troy, was bound to a St. Andrew’s style cross that hung from the ceiling, the mouth-zip of his leather hood currently open and revealing the bright red ball gag that had been shoved into it. His hairy, muscular chest was criss-crossed by a harness and, encircling the base of his huge slab of meat and hefty balls, was a rubber cock ring.

‘Mmm…!’ Troy moaned loudly around his gag again, unseeing eyes bulging behind his hood as his older brother and the father of Lucas and Nate, Hank, yanked another vibrating anal bead from his rear and allowed it to hang between his bound, meaty thighs with the other two that had so far been pulled free.

Max licked his lips as he watched Troy’s massive cock jump in response, yet another gooey string of pre-come falling to the floor as he writhed pleasurably against his bonds.

‘…You…like…that …?’ Hank slurred from behind Troy, his eyes as equally vacant as his brother’s and two sons. Max had once again dressed the Taylor boy’s father as a leather daddy caricature: cap, vest, crotch-less pants and armband – all leather and all accentuating Hank’s huge, studly, furry physique to perfection.

Troy moaned again, this time in the affirmative and Max laughed out loud when he saw Hank’s long, hard tool – currently jutting from his waist and drizzling as much pre-come as his bound brother – twitch and jump excitedly as the man himself grinned stupidly in satisfaction.

Max himself was quite satisfied: in the last couple of weeks he had managed to enslave with his enhanced pheromones nearly every male member of the Taylor family. Nate – Hank’s youngest son – had been first: the handsome, muscular, eighteen year old quarterback had been excessively easy to trick and then dope up. From there Max had used the boy like a puppet and directed the lad in drugging his own father into unconsciousness, binding Hank to his own bed, molesting him when he woke and then, finally, dosing him up as well.

Max had wanted his enslaving of Hank to be as humiliating as possible – conscious up until the very moment he was put under by his own son. That way when the time came for his plan to reach its conclusion Max would have ample material to rub in his old “friend’s” face. But the fulfilment of his vendetta was still a little ways off and Hank, Nate and, likely as not, Lucas’ minds had become useless slush thanks to continued exposure to his pheromones. It would take a little time yet to concoct a mixture to counteract the effect his creation had on his slave’s minds: he wanted them aware at the end after all, of what had been done to them – at least temporarily.

After he’d acquired his second slave, Max had the pair of them put Lucas – Hank’s oldest son – under which, of course, had been somewhat more difficult. Max had underestimated the sheer, stupefying effect his pheromones had on his slaves and, no matter how firmly he ordered them to behave as they normally would, the ruggedly handsome frat boy had noticed his father and brother acting strangely the moment he’d arrived home from college. Lucas had even brought his uncle, Troy, into the picture far earlier than Max had planned for!

Getting Lucas under control had been simple but Troy had been another matter. His constant interference and attempts to expose him publically had called for Max to get a little creative. And so he had concocted a scheme by which Lucas – who by that point had not yet been totally zombified by pheromone exposure and thus was the only one of his slaves capable of the task – would be weaned off his regular dosage in order to regain his intelligence and personality, a process which would require limiting his exposure to smaller amounts at longer than normal intervals but still ensuring just enough of a presence within the frat boy’s body to retain obedience. From there it had been a simple matter of coaching Lucas into believing he had escaped and then sending him to his uncle’s house where he would unconsciously sabotage Troy’s air conditioner with Max’s concoction.

‘Mmph…!’ Troy groaned in surprise, his eyes bugging out under his hood and interrupting Max’s reverie as his older brother yanked not one but several beads from his rear at once and caused his already heavy breathing through his mask to intensify as his sweat-drenched body went momentarily rigid before going limp in his restraints. Troy’s ensconced head fell weakly forward as yet another string of pre-come fell from the head of his bloated cock and to the floor.

‘So…fuckin’…hot…’ Hank slurred from behind his brother, his eyes glassy and unfocused, drool running over his dark beard as he idly masturbated his huge cock, his will so warped that he found sexually tormenting his own sibling arousing.

‘Oh, I concur Hank.’ Max chuckled as he got up off the chaise with Lucas and Nate and walked over to his other two slaves, pressing the Taylor brothers to each side as he did as though he were a movie star and they were his dates on Oscar night and keeping them in place with an authoritative finger in each lad’s hole.

He’d had Troy under his control for a week now and Max had been loving every second of teasing torment he could inflict on the man primarily responsible for ruining his life. After he’d had Troy publically apologize for his “irrational” behaviour towards him – in full view of the neighbours for maximum name-clearing effect – Max had been enjoying having all four of the Taylor men fuck what was left of each other’s brains out in every conceivable position.

‘But…one can’t help but to wonder about Troy’s opinion on the matter…’ Max continued teasingly as he removed the digits he’d inserted into Lucas’ and Nate’s rectums and – over the mind-fucked boys’ petulant whines – ordered each to service one of their bound uncle’s nipples.

As the brothers latched onto a nub of one of each of Troy’s hairy pec-mounds Max grinned sadistically and stepped forward to take hold of the bound, moaning man’s thick, twitching tool with one hand while he used the other to remove his drool-soaked ball-gag…

‘I love it, master! It’s so hot! I love you using my body!’ Troy babbled once his owner had removed his gag. He meant it too: Troy was in heaven as his nephews nipped and sucked at his tits while his older brother teasingly pulled on the string trailing from his hole that connected to the other beads still vibrating away in his ass and his master idly masturbated his furiously hard cock.

He was meant for this! The smell, the contact, the pleasure, Troy couldn’t believe he’d ever resisted! He loved being a stupid, sexed-up, obedient fuck-toy for his master’s personal pleasure. He loved being ordered to plow his nephews and suck the come from his brother’s hairy, freshly-fucked hole. He loved being on all fours, gagging on Hank’s fat dick as Nate ate out his ass and Lucas slurped on his cock beneath him…

But most of all he loved laying on his front, raising his rear up in the air and submissively spreading his legs as his master used his thick meat to bust his hole wide open and pound him stupid. Troy loved the feeling of being split open so completely, the feeling of his master’s come flooding his worthless, moronic, slave-boy hole…

‘I know you do, slave.’ His master chuckled and Troy shuddered as he ran the pad of his thumb all over the leaking head of his cock and when it was offered to him opened his mouth to greedily slurp his own pre-come from the digit.

Still lightly jerking his cock, his master lent forward and shoved his tongue in his mouth. Troy opened his lips immediately, eagerly allowed the other man to invade and dominate him and felt his eyes flutter shut as a groan welled up his chest when he felt the grip on his bloated cock-meat tighten promisingly.

‘You’d do anything for me, wouldn’t you slave?’ His master whispered to him as he pulled back and Troy blinked his eyes open, vision blurring before coming into focus as he took in the man who owned him, utterly.

Of course he would.

‘Yes, master. I am yours to command, master.’ Troy panted in response as he gazed at his owner rapturously.

‘And the rest of you?’ His master asked, addressing his brother and nephews.

Lucas and Nate immediately detached themselves from Troy’s nipples but nonetheless continued to work the nubs pleasurably.

‘Yes…master…’ They both slurred and Troy could see from out the corner of his eye that his nephews’ cocks had been shaken free from their jocks and were drooling all over the floor. Troy was so proud of them, they served so well – offering up their fit, young, jock-boy bodies for their master’s pleasure!

Grinning down at Lucas and Nate indulgently, his master looked back up again and over Troy’s shoulder to where his brother Hank stood behind him, his furry, muscular body pressed to his back.

‘And you, Hank?’ His master asked expectantly.

‘Anything…master…’ Troy heard his brother mumble and felt Hank’s huge, hard slab of meat press teasingly into his lower back, red-hot pre-come dribbling down and between his ass cheeks causing him to shiver.

‘Good. Pull the rest of the beads out of your brother’s ass, Hank.’ His master ordered and Troy only just had enough time to process what he’d spoken before the vibrating balls in his rectum were suddenly yanked free all at once.

‘O-oh – shit!’ He yelped, the sensation causing his brain to short-circuit and his cock to unexpectedly explode in his master’s grasp. Lucas and Nate were on his meat instantly, greedily guzzling down all the spunk they could as he came, and came, and came…

‘Good boys. Now, Hank, about your father…’ Troy heard his master praise before he went limp in his bonds and passed out to the sensation of Nate swirling his talented tongue around the head of his cock and Lucas sucking his balls into his mouth…

‘Mmm…sure you can’t stay a few more minutes, handsome?’ Charlene purred as she turned over in bed, placed a hand under her chin and looked up at him expectantly.

Clint was sorely tempted. He’d dropped in on her to relieve some of his pent-up frustration while her moron of a husband, one of the self-important assholes on the city council, was out of town on his way to work. Charlene had made herself available to him many a time – along with several other women around town, some married, some not. He didn’t care if they were though. If their men couldn’t keep a tight enough leash on them then as far as he was concerned the whores were fair game.

‘Can’t. Gotta get to work.’ He grunted after a moment of appreciating the way the white, flimsy sheet clung to her body and did up the buttons of his shirt.

‘Shame. I guess I’ll just have to find someone else to entertain me then.’ She said before rolling onto her back and stretching languidly in bed, her fiery red hair splayed out on the pillow behind her.

Clint felt his cock give a twitch in his pants at the sight.

‘Found another one, have you?’ He snorted dismissively as he pulled on a boot, ‘How old is he? I thought you liked a man with…experience?’

Charlene laughed, pleased with herself.

‘I’m just teasing you, big man. There aren’t many guys around town with a stomach like yours. ‘Specially not that good-for-nothing I’m married to.’

‘Damn right.’ Clint replied as he took in his reflection in the mirror and ran a hand through his greying hair. He scratched aimlessly at his salt and pepper beard and grinned shamelessly at Charlene through the glass when she caught him in the act of appraising himself. Fifty-three he might be but he still looked better than a man ten or fifteen years his junior.

‘Family’s got good genes, clearly. I should thank your Momma and Daddy,’ Charlene giggled as she openly stared at his rear when he went to bend over and pull on his second boot, ‘speaking of family…you heard anything from your boys?’

Clint scowled, his good mood soured. Hank, Troy, and his grandsons had all gone on a “vacation” last week and hadn’t seen fit to tell him if or when they’d be back. He expected as much from Hank – the fuckin’ ingrate – but Troy too? It hadn’t been enough that his grown delinquent of an oldest son had corrupted his grandkids but now he’d brought Troy down to his level as well! The next time he saw him he’d give the boy an ass-whoopin’ he wouldn’t forget. No wonder Hank hadn’t been able to hold on to his woman…

‘Nothin’.’ Clint grunted Charlene’s way in response, ‘And the way I’m feelin’ towards ‘em I better not hear anything.’

His foul mood stayed with him all the way from Charlene’s house to the shop but when Clint opened the door to find Ryan working on a well-paying client’s Pontiac he purposefully reigned himself in. With not only Hank but Troy too now absent from work the lad had really stepped up to the plate in a way that made Clint proud – and a little ashamed of his recent temper-tantrums that the boy was unfortunate enough to get caught up in – to call him his employee. Ryan, unlike his sons, knew the value of hard work.

Clint made a mental note to crunch some numbers later and see if he couldn’t give the kid a raise as he walked up to Ryan and clapped a hand on his shoulder, unintentionally making him jump.

‘Oh shi – ! Hey, boss-man!’ The boy began to swear in surprise before he caught himself and greeted him, a little startled as he pulled his head out from under the hood and grinned.

‘How’s it comin’, son?’ Clint asked as he inspected Ryan’s impressive handiwork on the engine, ‘Will she be ready by Thursday for Mr. Stafford?’

‘Oh, yeah! Easily.’ Ryan replied quickly, grinning unsteadily and folding his arms. Clint couldn’t help but to suspect that the kid was a little relieved that he hadn’t come over to verbally abuse him and – against his will – found himself feeling a little awkward.

‘Well. Good then.’ He grunted gruffly, clapping his employee’s shoulder, ‘I’ll be in the back if you need me. Jose and Marcus should be in today to help you out so don’t worry about my shit-kicking sons not bein’ here, okay?’

Just as Clint was about to turn around and head on back to his office Ryan piped up again.

‘Sorry boss, I totally forgot. But when you mentioned your sons…Hank, he…’

Clint narrowed his eyes and Ryan gulped.

‘What about Hank?’

‘Just a sec – ‘ Ryan replied hurriedly and darted over to a nearby workbench and returned carrying a yellow envelope, ‘ – he dropped by this morning and left this here. Said it was for your eyes only and that you should watch it as soon as possible. Well, I mean he said it eventually – he was kinda slurring. Looked pretty out of it.’

Clint took the envelope from Ryan’s outstretched hand with mild interest and turned it over, noting that it seemed like it contained a disk of some sort. He hadn’t seen Hank in weeks and suddenly he showed up out of nowhere to leave him some weird package? What kind of damn drugs was the idiot on?

‘Thanks, son. Like I said, I’ll be in the back.’ He distractedly told Ryan and headed to his office.

Closing the door behind him, Clint sat down behind his desk and booted up his computer and cursed the fact that he had to use the damn thing at all – Troy was the one who usually made use of it. He hated being one of those old-sounding sons-of-bitches, but things used to so much simpler years ago when all he had to use to keep his business straight was a friggin’ ledger and a calculator. Sometimes it was enough to make him wish he’d never left the marines – blowing up ragheads was easier than contending with the IRS over a goddamn spreadsheet error.

When the computer had finally started up and he had inserted the disk Clint felt his jaw drop open dumbly in shock as the file on it began to play. Having served in the Gulf he’d seen his fair share of fucked-up shit but as the images on the computer screen came into focus he found himself unable to process the sight they presented. It was like he’d been hit over the back of the head. He felt dazed, confused, utterly unable to make sense of what he was seeing.

On the screen and totally naked, Hank and Troy knelt on all fours on a large bed. Both of his sons were facing away from each other and rocking themselves backwards so that their asses slapped together. Dimly, Clint realized that the pair of them were fucking themselves on a double-ended dildo. On both of their slack, drooling faces was an expression of desperate pleasure and if that wasn’t enough to convince Clint that his sons had become incestuous, butt-fucking queers, the fact that their cocks were hard, bouncing up and down with each thrust and drooling cock-snot everywhere was what did.

There was movement to the left of the camera then and Clint impossibly felt an even greater shock when his grandson Lucas entered the frame, the same dumb, sexed-up expression on his face as his rutting father and uncle. Naked and hard, Lucas approached the bed as Hank and Troy changed position, each turning over onto their back but keeping their hips close enough that their balls touched and their legs overlapped to ensure the sex-toy still connected them. Clint felt his breakfast roil in his stomach as Lucas took Hank and Troy’s cocks in hand, the undersides of each thick schlong meeting as he masturbated and lubed them up.

‘Oh God, no. Don’t do it, Lucas. No, son…’ Clint whispered hoarsely to himself as he watched his grandson squat his sports-honed body over Hank and Troy’s cocks, his own waving about furiously hard and leaking, before lowering himself down. And down. And down.

‘…Jesus H. Christ.’ Clint murmured unable to look away as Lucas’ eyes rolled up into the back of his head and he impaled his taut, muscular body on his father and uncle’s respective lengths, double-dicking himself. Throughout the process the boy’s hard-on didn’t flag in the slightest – in fact it even seemed to twitch even more fiercely and stand up straighter.

Clint thought that would be the end of it. But when Nate, his youngest grandson, seemed to dazedly sleepwalk into the picture – also buck-naked, also hard as a rock – he felt like he was close to having a heart attack.

‘Good God Almighty.’ He could only say emotionlessly as he watched his muscular, quarterback grandson lick the sweat from Lucas’ flexing abs before unflinchingly straddling his older brother’s lap and effortlessly sliding on down his sibling’s cock with his (totally hairless!) hole.

It was like a train wreck. Clint couldn’t look away even if he wanted to – and by God, did he want to! He watched them all work up even more of a sweat than they already had until their muscles glistened slickly. Nate’s upper body fell backwards onto the bed, muscular arms splaying out limply as his brother gripped his waist tightly and forcefully moved it up and down as though it were a mere receptacle for his shaft even as he whorishly fucked himself on the twin lengths of the men underneath him. Hank and Troy sat up as best they could and enclosed Lucas in their arms, their larger, more muscular bodies easily dominating his own, his father licking a stripe up his neck as his uncle claimed his mouth in deep, intimate kiss.

In the midst of it all Clint found himself struck by Nate’s eyes as they looked upside down into the camera. They were totally blank, the pupils blown wide open and completely devoid of any intelligence. Clint thought he was looking at a dumb, mindless animal. Even when Lucas’ gripped his brother’s bloated cock the only reaction from Nate was for his back to arch, abs standing out in stark relief under the room’s light as his eyelids fluttered.

‘I’m sure you’re wondering: “why?”’ Came a sudden, strangely familiar voice from the computer’s speakers and it was then that Clint realized that it was the only sound that had accompanied the otherwise silent footage of his family’s…activities.

‘Come to 44 Birch Street and find out. Come alone and…unencumbered if you catch my meaning. Or the whole town sees what you’re seeing now. Imagine the scandal: the Taylor family, outed as bunch of degenerate faggots. My, what a legacy that would be, hmmm, Clint?’

And just like that the video ended. As it did it was as though Clint had been freed from some kind of trance and the reality of what he had just seen sunk in. His sons fucking each other. His grandsons fucking each other. His sons and grandsons. Fucking each other.

Clint saw red.

‘MOTHERFUCKER!!!’ He roared near-inarticulately and upended his desk in a deafening crash.

Nate felt like he was waking from the longest, deepest sleep he’d ever had in his life. His head felt like a groggy mess, every time he tried to put a thought together it seemed to slip through his fingers – like he couldn’t remember how to even have them. He couldn’t make up from down. Nothing made sense.

Time stretched on and on and slowly – very slowly – his mind seemed slowly pull itself together. Nate began to have nonsense thoughts about nothing, random things that made no sense. He felt like he was half asleep at that point, on the edge of unconsciousness. It was only when a really weird thought crossed his mind – something about why it should be possible for a football to be a triangle – that he realized he was drifting in and out of consciousness.

Nate jolted awake and tried to move but he found himself unable to for some reason. He winced when he opened his eyes as a bright, white light seared into them. When he opened them again, this time more slowly, his vision began to swim into focus and he found himself staring at his completely hairless crotch, his cock hard as a rock.

Jesus, that really needed some attention…

When tried to move and relieve himself Nate again found he couldn’t move. With his eyes open this time he moved his head weakly from side to side and realized that he was tied tightly to some kind of chair. Except for his head, every inch of him was strapped down and unable to move. As well as that there seemed to be some weird…thing on his face. It seemed to be connected to something up his nostrils…

‘…Ugh…?’ He tried to speak but failed. His tongue felt useless in his mouth which, itself, felt like it was stuffed full of cotton balls.

This wasn’t right…how the hell did he come to be in this situation? The last thing he remembered was…was…?

Waking up in Mr. Gehirn’s bed after the guy had finished dumping a load in his ass.

As the memories of the last few weeks he’d spent under that sick bastard’s control began to flood his mind, beginning from originally waking up in the guy’s basement in a similar predicament to what he was currently in to his body being used like a puppet to ensure the capture and enslavement of his family, Nate’s head shot up and, panicking, he took in his surroundings with full alertness.

Or at least he tried to. With the light from above shining down on his head, Nate couldn’t make out any other features of the room beyond his own bound, illuminated body. He could still be in Mr. Gehirn’s basement for all he knew but when he turned his head to the right he jolted in his bindings in shock and felt his insistent cock – still hard enough to cut steal – twitch against his will in his lap, standing straight up as it was.

Next to Nate, trussed up in a similar chair and illuminated by another overhead light was his naked and – Christ on a stick! – hard father. Looking to the right of his old man he could make out his similarly sitting and bound older brother and uncle made visible by other lights in ceiling. On each of their faces and draped over their ears were some lightweight tubing, the same kind that would be used to feed patients oxygen in hospital. Suddenly the sensation of something up his nose made sense to him. Nate could see that, based just on each of his family members’ expressions, that they were still under Mr. Gehirn’s control. His father stared forward blankly, mouth gaping open and drool running over his chin, lights on but no one home. The other two appeared to be in no better condition.

And Nate had helped that fucker make them like that!

Even though he knew it would be pointless – Nate remembered how he had reacted to his father’s begging and then how he and his old man had, in turn, responded to Lucas’ – he tried to get the attention of the beyond zonked-out man bound, naked and – grossest of all – furiously erect next to him.

‘D-dad! Snap out of it! We’ve got to get out of here before Gehirn gets back!’

No response. His old man continued to gaze off into space stupidly.

‘Fuck! Please, wake up, Dad! I don’t know how long we have before – ‘

The sound of a door opening and shutting roughly in the background made Nate’s blood run cold.

‘Before what, my boy?’ Came Mr. Gehirn’s darkly amused voice…

Max strode casually into the dimly lit room grinning and pleased with himself that Nate had, at last, regained his mind. The final act of his little scheme had to – in his head at least – proceed with a measure of theatricality. Being that the youngest Taylor had been the first to fall under his control, he figured it to be only appropriate that the boy be the first to come around as well.

Yes, it would seem his anti-pheromone admixture had done the trick quite nicely!

Rounding the row of illuminated chairs upon which the bound Taylor men sat, Max took a moment to grin down at the handsome, muscular teenager as he swore and struggled to break free. He noted with some amusement that though Nate had seemed to of thrown off the mental effects of Max’s pheromones the jock still seemed to be struggling with the lingering physical ones: like his father, brother and uncle, the boy sported a large, fiercely stiff erection.

‘Careful with that thrashing, boy. That impressive piece of equipment between your legs is liable to go off at any second.’ Max chuckled and then laughed outright when Nate’s cock seemed to throb in response to his staring.

‘Fuck you, you sick fucking perv!’ Nate snarled even as he blushed at his body’s involuntary, uncontrollable response.

‘I don’t think so. In case you’ve forgotten, you’ve been the designated bottom for the last few weeks.’ Max quipped before pulling his phone from his pants pocket and opening an app of his own design to check the levels of his anti-pheromones in the other Taylor’s bodies. The should be coming around soon…

‘W-what’re you doing?’ Nate stuttered as he watched, evidently thinking he was up to something nefarious with the device.

Max chuckled just to put the jock on edge and was mildly amused to watch him blanche in his seat, hips stuttering upwards, silky smooth sack drawn up, thick pole waving around. Nate really was ready to blow any minute.

A low grunt broke the stare-off between the two of them and Max swung his eyes from Nate to the boy’s father as Hank slowly came to.

‘Oh…fuck…me…wha-? Where…?’ The big, bearded, hairy bear of a man grunted as he blinked slowly and gazed around the room. The string of drool falling from his chin broke and fell to the bulbous head of Hank’s girthy column, causing the organ to twitch and expel a dollop of precome, looking for all the world like a volcano on the precipice of eruption. Max licked his lips in arousal as he took in the sight of all that bound, sluggish muscle he’d made plentiful use of the past few weeks.

‘Dad! Oh, thank fucking Christ! Come on wake up!’ Nate babbled encouragement as Hank shook his head like wet dog, thick, dark locks swinging about and looked around the room, the intelligence returning to his eyes.

‘Nate!? Shit, where are we? Last thing I remember was we…and you…o-oh, God!’ Max grinned as a look of sick realization crossed Hank’s handsome face, his memories of just before he fell under his control coming back…along with all he done afterwards.

‘How does it feel you big, dumb jock!’ Max crowed as Hank finally seemed to notice and recognize him, ‘Turned into my loyal sex-slave and made to fuck and be fucked at my beck and call? God, I wish I could go back to high school with video evidence of your faggotry!’

Nate looked between the two of them incredulously as Hank moaned in despair even as his cock demonstrably throbbed and stuck comically up from his lap.

‘You know this freak!?’ The confused jock asked disbelievingly as his father nodded in resigned acknowledgement.

‘Oh, your family and I go way, way back, Nate.’ Max murmured darkly, loving every moment of Hank’s debasement, ‘Hell, they used to consider me a part of it if you can believe that.’

Nate’s eyes widened in shock.

‘No freakin’ way. Dad how do you –‘ Nate began but was interrupted by noise from Hank’s right as Lucas and Troy stirred.

‘Argh…Jesus…fuck…I don’t…wha-?’ Troy murmured, his ruggedly attractive face twisting into a confused expression as he peered at them all through lidded eyes.

‘Aw…jeez…my head…cock…so hard…hng!’ Lucas complained before his eyes shot open and he let out a strangled gasp.

As the four of them turned their gaze to the frat boy Max laughed out loud when he saw that, in the process of coming to, Lucas had inadvertently stimulated his cock a little too much.

‘O-oh, fuck! Fuck me! Oh, Jesus! Here it comes!’ He slurred, eyes still slightly vacant, not yet having fully regained his senses as his muscular body tensed up in his bonds and his cock exploded, hosing down his heaving, rippling, sweaty torso in his own juices.

‘Dinner and a show. Lucky me.’ Max scoffed and palmed himself through his trousers while Nate and Hank looked on at Lucas dumbfounded as the frat boy went limp in his bonds and mumbled incoherently as he slowly woke up.

‘…Ugh…Holy shit!’ Troy swore over his nephew’s incoherent speech as his eyes widening in shock and he roughly shook himself awake, ever the fighter, ‘…I-I’m back.’

‘That you are, handsome.’ Max agreed, not even bothering to conceal his appreciation of Troy’s muscular, naked body and impressive cock – the largest tool in his family’s shed.

The man’s gaze snapped to Max’s own and Troy glared at him with a look of pure spite.

‘…Uncle Troy…so…sorry…’ Lucas managed to get out as he finally came back to reality.

‘This isn’t your fault, kid.’ Troy replied decisively not even sparing his come-splattered nephew a glance as he held Max’s gaze, ‘It’s his. This fucking cu – ‘

‘Now, now. Let’s not get nasty.’ Max interrupted with a chuckle and checked his phone. Now that they were all awake it should be just about time.

‘Why…hah, hah, hah…why…?’ Lucas gasped for breath, dark messy hair clinging to his forehead and still coming down from his earth-shattering orgasm.

‘Why are you doing this?’ Nate resolutely finished for his older brother even as he studiously tried to avoid looking at his family members’ naked bodies.

Max just looked at the four of them: Nate disbelieving, Hank hanging his head in shame, Lucas still coming down from his post-orgasmic high and Troy seething with venomous hatred.

‘Well Nate, I’m glad you asked. Your father and uncle already know, of course. But I’ll be only too happy to explain to you and your brother. Of course…to do that, I’ll need the appropriate story-telling prop. Troy, Hank, can you inform the young buck of just what – or rather, who – I am referring to?’


‘Fuck you.’

Max just grinned and opened up the appropriate program on his phone and hit a few buttons, causing the light he’d had positioned just so to illuminate the space behind him.

Nate felt his jaw drop open when the light behind Mr. Gehirn revealed his naked, unconscious grandfather bound to a hospital bed – the same kind women gave birth on – with his feet up in stirrups. Between his upraised legs his hole had been plugged with a dildo that, when the light came on above him, began to vibrate loudly.

‘Mmm…’ His grandfather hummed pleasurably in his sleep, grinning slightly. To his horror, Nate saw the cock of the figure of ultimate authority in his life begin to twitch and lengthen.

‘Oh, sweet Jesus…’ Nate dimly heard Lucas whisper, ‘Grandpa Clint, too…?’

‘Oh, yes…’ Mr. Gehirn murmured, seemingly only to himself as he blatantly looked over the unconscious man’s body before playfully tickling the soles of his large feet and causing his toes to curl reflexively.

‘…He…he…he…’ Came a sleepy chuckle.

‘…Grandpa Clint, too. You can thank your father and uncle for him being here. My two willing stooges were all too eager to ambush him when he came barging in here caught up in that predictably exploitative blind rage of his.’ He finished, turning around to look at them all before viciously jabbing at the screen of his smart phone.

Suddenly, all four walls of the room lit up with a multitude of LCD monitors. The light from them was enough to slightly light up the rest of the space, revealing that it was different from the basement he’d woken up in what now seemed like ages ago. On each screen Nate could make out himself and the members of his family as they did all of the filthy, whorish, slutty, desperate things Mr. Gehirn had made them do while under his control. Nate could even spot himself out mounting his father’s cock for the first time after, by his own doing, his old man had woken up from being chloroformed into unconsciousness.

‘Oh, God, Nate…’ He heard his father wheeze and realized he must of seen it too. Nate felt his cheeks burn with shame and yet, still, his goddamn cock was rock-hard…

‘So, now that we’ve dealt with the ambience. Some backstory.’ Mr. Gehirn announced as he walked behind the head of his grandfather’s bed and immediately began to play with his nipples, causing him to squirm pleasurably in his sleep.

‘Yes, Nate. Your father and I went to school together. We were friends. Or at least, I thought we were.’

‘You were no friend to our family, you fucking fag.’ His uncle spat.

‘Why yes, Troy. Thank you for clearing that up. I had known I was gay for a while at the point. I’d crushed on good, old Clint here for many a year. Imagine that, my best friend’s father!’

‘Naturally, your uncle found out. He always was so jealous of how I was closer to your father than he was. After that, of course, he informed Clint and that’s when shit really hit the fan.’

‘Nothin’ less than what you deser – ‘ His uncle tried to savagely bite off but Lucas interrupted him.

‘You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!? You did all of this shit because of that!?’ He shouted, sounding like he was halfway out of his mind with anger. Nate had to agree with him when he thought of all the things he’d been put through for something so damn petty!

Mr. Gehirn raised an eyebrow at their outrage and ceased pinching his grandfather’s tits to speak to his father.

‘Perhaps you ought to finish the story, Hank?’ He asked politely, a strange smile appearing on his face that made him look slightly crazy behind his glasses.

Nate looked at his father and in his peripheral vision saw Lucas and his uncle do the same. His old man let out a long, drawn-out sigh and opened his mouth, not bothering to look up from his lap as shame palpably rolled off of him.

‘He was living with his step-father at the time, his mother had passed. Once Dad told the guy what was what he threw him out onto the street. Not the end of it though. The guy told everyone in town his step-son was a fag, no one would help him. He lived on the streets for…I don’t know how long. I thought he died. I didn’t care then though, not after what I’d found out what he’d been keeping from me all those years…’

His uncle scoffed but Nate didn’t know how to respond to that. He didn’t like fags, but even he thought that was going too damn far…

‘Well, obviously I’m still here,’ Mr. Gehirn said brightly, chuckling seemingly at the silence Hank’s explanation had brought on in he and Lucas, ‘I took my mother’s name and eventually skipped town. There were some hard years but eventually I’d obtained an appropriately comfortable lifestyle. It was never really enough though…’

He looked at them all meaningfully as his hands went back to his grandfather’s pecs, massaging the hairy, bulging mounds and producing pleasured rumbling sounds from the bound, sleeping man in the process.

‘Incidentally, how do you like my dear old departed Pa’s basement? I thought it was a fitting place for this whole sordid affair to come to a close…’

Suddenly, Nate knew he wasn’t going to like what was coming next.

‘L-listen, man,’ Lucas stuttered, ‘You d-don’t have to do this, you know? My b-bro and I, we didn’t do anything to you!’

‘The boy’s right, let ‘em go, freak.’ His uncle snapped angrily.

‘Yeah…no. I mean, I’ll let you all go eventually but not yet. Not until I’ve had my absolute fill of you all…’

Nate barely had enough time to register that Mr. Gehirn was tapping on his phone again before he smelt the familiar scent of the man he’d been made to call “master” for the past few weeks as well as a new one…his grandfather’s.

‘Oh, God!’ He gasped, drawing his family members’ concerned attention to him as he tumbled back down into the familiar submissive, horny darkness…

‘You son of a bitch!’

‘I’ll fuckin’ kill you, asshole!’

‘Leave my son alone!’

Max ignored the commotion from the peanut gallery as he prepped Nate’s tight little coin-slot with a thumb, pushing a few stray dollops of lube into the hairless, fluttering pucker as the boy placidly straddled his grandfather’s unconscious body, knees kneeling on either side of Clint’s waist, his hands resting on the man’s broad, muscular shoulders. Beneath him, Clint shuddered in his sleep as the excess liquid that ran over his grandson’s perineum and drawn-up sack fell in strings to his own twitching cock, kept hard and waiting by the vibrating dildo stimulating his prostate.

‘There. I think we’re just about ready and raring to go, eh, fellas?’ Max smirked over his shoulder and payed no mind to the Taylor’s continued shouting as he stood back to admire his handiwork.

They made quite the picture, the jock’s fit, supple body draped over his grandfather’s hairier, bulkier, more muscular one. It was Nate’s pert, bubble butt backside that was the real star of the show though: the firm, hairless, twin globes of his ass were cocked and parted teasingly just enough to see his leaking, thoroughly lubed up hole.

‘You know, I have to admit, Hank…when I was younger, this was somewhat of a recurring fantasy of mine…’ Max opined over the ranting and swearing coming from his captive audience as he turned around and grinned smugly at his former friend.

‘…What the fuck do you mean?’ Hank asked uncertainly after a moment as the other two ceased their noisemaking and looked at him warily.

‘Your boy looks a lot like you did during senior year,’ Max explained as he licked his lips in anticipation, ‘I confess that when…thinking about Clint by myself, you may of entered the picture occasionally as well. My best friend, the gorgeous lady-killer, big man on campus? And his DILF father? Quite the…combination.’

Max laughed when Hank looked like he was just about ready to throw up and turned his attention back to his patiently waiting slave and noted with amusement that Nate had begun to rut his turgid cock against his sleeping grandfather’s hairy, muscular stomach as he looked over the man’s head and stared off in the vague direction of the wall.

‘Looks like someone’s eager,’ He told the Taylor men cheekily, ‘what do you guys think? Should I keep them waiting?’

‘Fuck you. Just…fuck you.’ Hank sighed in resigned despair as he took in his son’s glazed over, moronic expression hopelessly, the poignancy of the moment somewhat ruined by the fact that he himself was still at full sail and, in fact, had been the entire time.

Lucas just closed his eyes tightly, evidently wanting to be anywhere except where he was even as, Max amusedly observed, the muscular frat boy’s cock was quickly bloating up again in spite of the evidence of its previous explosion still being wet and coating his chest and abs.

Troy just looked at him with an expression that Max could only surmise he was meant to take as “murderous” even though, like his brother and nephew, his huge, hard, meaty column jutted from his lap. Max had to give it to the man: Troy didn’t let his appearance or current aroused state affect his air of dignified righteous anger in any way whatsoever.

‘Oh no, Hank,’ He chuckled as he took out his phone, stripped down and walked over to Nate and Clint, ‘I fuck. I don’t get fucked. Not anymore. Not by you or your family. Not by anyone.’

Hitting a few buttons on the app to send the correct stimulant Clint’s way to wake him up, Max reached under Nate’s waist and pulled the boy’s cock back between his legs, giving it a few strokes and causing the mindless jock to shudder before he added his grandfather’s cock to his handful so he could pump both at once.

‘Oh! Mmm! Yes, master…so…good…’ Nate slurred, mouth gaping open stupidly and a flush rising in his cheeks as Max did his best to keep a handle on both the boy and his grandfather’s respectively impressive pieces of meat.

Beneath Nate, Clint began to stir as the nasal cannula in his nose fed him the necessary gas to reverse his sedation.

‘Shit…where…am I…? What…feels…so damn good…?’ He moaned sleepily and grinned, still not entirely aware of his situation as his hips thrust up into Max’s grasp, cock slipping and sliding up against his own grandson’s.

As he fondled Clint’s bulging nards with his free hand Max leaned over the bed and spoke into Nate’s ear as the boy moaned and whimpered like a dog.

‘Now my slave, it’s time for you to really demonstrate your obedience to me…’

‘Anything…master…’ Nate panted lustfully and looking up into the jock’s face Max could see the boy’s eyes rolling in his head pleasurably.

‘Good boy. Now…lower yourself down…’

Max let go of Nate’s length and lined up the head of Clint’s leaking cock with his grandson’s pouting asshole, his other hand ceasing to toy with the former marine’s balls as he traced a finger along the underside of his sack before allowing it to come to a rest on the protruding base of the dildo buzzing away deep inside his rectum.

‘Oh, fuck!’ Clint shouted, his eyes snapping open immediately, the pleasant, horny drowsiness he’d been stewing in evaporating as he was startled awake by the sensation of his cock feeling as though it were being engulfed by something amazingly hot and tight.

‘What in the…?’ He mumbled confusedly when his vision focused and he found himself staring at a set of sweaty, flexing, tanned abs that sure as hell didn’t look like they belonged on a woman…

His blood ran colder with every inch of skin his eyes looked over as they moved upwards and when they came to the muscular chest of whoever was on top of him Clint felt his breath catch in his throat.

Definitely not a woman.

‘Oh…God, master…it’s so…big…nearly as big as…Uncle Troy’s…’ Came a wanton, whorish whine as whatever his cock was currently sinking into near-enveloped his steel-hard length.

Clint moaned at the undeniably pleasurable sensation even as his eyes snapped upwards in total dumbfounded shock when he heard the familiar voice of his grandson.

‘Nate!?’ He yelped in shock and immediately tried to move to throw him off only to discover that his arms wouldn’t respond. Clint’s head immediately whipped from left to right and he found that he was bound down tightly to whatever bed it was he’d awoken on by thick hospital-grade straps.

‘Hi…Grandpa…Clint…’ The boy panted down at him, his face slack, mouth drooling and eyes far away as he gyrated his hips and Clint experienced another shock when his grandson’s movements coincided with the tight pleasure he felt on his cock…as well as that of a slick, insistent prodding at his stomach.

Dread threatening to overcome him even as his body thrummed with pleasure, Clint looked down only to immediately wish he hadn’t.

‘Jesus-fucking-Christ, boy! Get offa me!’ He roared when he found Nate’s seeping, rock-hard length rutting against his torso as his waist came to finally rest on his lap, the last few inches of Clint’s cock disappearing up his grandson’s greedy little behind.

‘Ah, Clint! Glad you’re back with us.’ Came a smug-sounding voice from behind Nate, the very same one he’d heard on the disk’s footage that Hank had –

Hank. And Troy. He’d been too shocked at waking up to find his grandson sitting on his cock to think of much of anything but now remembered: he’d driven straight from the shop to the old house on Birch Street in a blind rage, flown out of the car once he’d parked messily in the driveway and blown through the front door only to be immediately jumped by his own sons. The last thing he remembered was a strange-smelling rag being pressed to his face…

‘All coming back, is it?’ Spoke the voice again and Clint looked up to see fingers winding themselves into Nate’s messy dark hair before gripping tightly and pulling his grandson’s head back to reveal the nude speaker.

Blake Masters’ son. The faggot from years ago. The one who’d been Hank’s friend. The one he’d let into his house, eat at his table! Clint cursed himself for not having the mental wherewithal to realize it when he’d been instructed to go to the very same house Masters had lived in as a boy.

‘Get offa me, Nate! I’ll kill him, I’ll fuckin’ kill – Oh! Oh, shit! What’s happen – hng! Ugh! Fuck me…God!’ Clint groaned uncontrollably as his rant was interrupted by a what felt like a massive vibration coming from inside of his lower half. Again, he hadn’t noticed the sensation due to his predicament but realised that it had to of been happening all along and, in all likelihood, was responsible for the pleasured sensations he’d felt upon waking up. But where? It felt so damn good, like nothing else he’d ever experienced…it couldn’t be inside of –

‘Your ass?’ Masters gloated, seemingly reading his mind and Clint glared up at him with every ounce of hate he could muster even as he tried to bite back a treacherously pleasurable moan as Nate milked his cock with his sinfully tight ass and whatever it was that had been shoved up inside of him vibrated against a part of his anatomy he’d never thought much, if anything, of.

‘Like that, huh?’ Masters chuckled as he nipped and suckled at the exposed skin of Nate’s neck, ‘I think you’ll find that, with regards to the anus, it’s a new world where pleasure’s concerned…just ask Nate.’

‘So good…in me…so…thick…’ His grandson slurred and grinned as the he began to toy with his own nipples and, to Clint’s horror, suddenly he felt Nate’s hole spasm around his cock as if in emphasis and had to bite back another moan.

‘Or maybe the other members of your family? Thanks to the events of the last few weeks, each is an old hat at taking dick and taking it well.’ His captor grinned and suddenly shoved Nate forward, the boy submissively collapsing against his chest so that Clint could see over his shoulder and yet continuing to pleasure them both with his ass by grinding his cock against his gut and, in the process, moving his hips up and down.

‘Oh my God…’ He whispered when Masters stepped to the side and revealed the scene behind him. At first, Clint realized his legs were upraised and seemed to be locked into what looked like stirrups, leaving his rear humiliatingly exposed for complete and total access. Through the space between them, Clint could see his sons, Hank and Troy, and his remaining grandson, Lucas, bound tightly in straight-backed chairs and illuminated by a single light each above them. On each of the walls that he could see were screens and on them his family were depicted engaging in all manner of revolting faggotry.

But that wasn’t all. All three of them were naked. All three of them were rock-hard. And all three of them had covered their sweaty torsos in come.

‘…I’m…sorry…Dad…’ Hank panted, cheeks flushed red and hairy, muscular chest dripping heavily and matted with spunk.

‘Can’t…stop…Grandpa Clint…’ Lucas moaned and twitched, his cock burping up what seemed to be the boy’s umpteenth load.

‘…Look…away…’ Troy just gritted out, refusing to look at him, his son’s enormous cock red and fit to burst and shining slickly covered in come as it was.

‘H-how?’ Was all Clint could splutter. None of it made any sense.

‘Oh, don’t blame them,’ Masters answered as he casually lent against one of Clint’s upraised legs, ‘they’re just suffering the aftereffects of the substance I dose them with to make them subby, slutty, gay whores is all. The…audio-visual stimulation of watching Nate mount you like a prized bull was clearly a little much for them.’

Masters fixed him with a piercing stare then.

‘I don’t suppose you’ll be lacking in perspective enough to ask “why” now?’

He knew it would be useless. He knew it wouldn’t make a lick of difference. But Clint raged then. He shouted and swore as loud as he could, thrashed against his bonds and the weight of his mind-fucked, horny, rutting grandson, yelled all manner of obscenities and threats until his voice became hoarse and before he finally fell silent, at a loss as to what more he could do.

Masters just waited him out, a satisfied look on his face.

‘Done? Good. I’m happy. Now I’m going to dose you up and give you a thorough dicking, soldier.’

In the past, when Max had dosed a member of the Taylor family with his pheromones, he’d never used a mixture containing extracts from more than three people. The more people the brain was rewired to respond in the appropriate ways to, the greater the initial shock to the subject. When he’d re-dosed Lucas weeks ago with a mixture of Nate’s, Hank’s and his own pheromones, the boy’s mind had seemed to momentarily short out.

But with Clint, Max was feeling…less than charitable. He wanted to blow the son of a bitch’s mind apart.

‘D-dose? What the hell do you mean?’ Clint demanded as Max chuckled and took hold of Nate’s shoulder, pulling the boy back up into sitting position and setting him to a steady pace of riding his grandfather’s dick.

‘I mean that shortly I’m going to make you like your family members were on that rather engaging disk I had Hank deliver to you.’ Max informed his studly captive as he picked up his phone and accessed the appropriate app while he lubed up and gave his cock a few indulgent strokes.

‘No! You piece of shit if you – OH, FUCK!’ Clint was interrupted as the pheromones hit him and Max watched and licked his lips as his former crush’s eyes immediately rolled up in their sockets, mouth gaping open and gasping for breath as his studly body spasmed violently in his restraints, every impressive muscle flexing and cording in an attempt to get free.

Max didn’t even bother to wait for Clint to come to or even until the aftershocks of his drugging had worn off as he carelessly yanked the lubed up vibrator from his hole – totally clean, a task he’d taken some joy in ordering Troy to see to – as he lined up his cock and rammed home.

Clint’s whole body jumped as he awakened and a long, drawn-out, guttural moan was loosed from the helpless, bound, bear of a man.

Like an animal in heat.

‘How do you like this fellas? Big, badass Clint Taylor mind-fucked and bitched!’ Max gloated out loud, the shamed, uncontrollable moans in the background followed by the sound of come splattering the floor all the answer he needed.

For a moment Max simply thrilled in the feeling of being seated inside of Clint’s snug, (largely) untouched, virgin hole and plastered himself to Nate’s back, wrapping his arms around the boy as he bounced up and down on his grandfather’s dick.

‘Look at him, Nate.’ Max whispered into his ear as he rested his chin on the jock’s shoulder, ‘You helped me do this, boy. All of it. I have your family in the palm of my hand and my revenge is within a hair’s breadth of completion. All because of you.’

‘I…live…to…ugh! Oh…! Serve…master…’ The boy predictable panted as Max toyed with his nipples and they both looked down into Clint’s face as his eyes fluttered rapidly before opening. The change in him was nothing short of dramatic: Clint’s whole face had softened and gone slack (although the signature stupid-looking grin associated with his pheromones was beginning to form) and an aroused flush was beginning to climb his cheekbones – but it was his eyes that turned Max on the most, his crystal-clear baby blues had nearly been swallowed by the dark of his pupils.

‘How do you feel, Clint?’ Max prompted, actually having to hold back a moan as Clint’s hole spasmed around and gripped his cock.

‘…So…good…uh?’ His newly created fuck-hole mumbled unintelligently before stopping, unsure of how to address him.

‘Master. I am your master and you will call and obey me as such. You are my slave.’


‘Good boy. Nate, work your grandfather’s nipples while I work over his hole.’

His…master’s cock filled him. Completed him. Stretched him so good. It dominated and controlled his mind. The heat of it seemed to of taken root in his hole and radiated outwards into his gut and, from there, up and into his cock.

Clint loved it.

He loved it more than anything else he’d experienced in his entire life. Gone were all the draining emotions and pesky thoughts he’d had only a few moments ago. All he wanted to do now was submit. Obey. Fuck.

Nate’s hands ran his hands over his pecs, fingers gliding through his chest hair before the boy began to cheekily tweak his nipples.

‘Oh…shit…! That’s it, boy…work your Granddaddy’s nips…so…good…’ Clint found himself moaning as his grandson rolled and pinched and pulled at the nubs, sending electric shocks directly to his cock and making it flex and twitch inside Nate’s rectum.

‘God, Grandpa Clint – oh fuck! I can…feel it…your cock…goin’ nuts in me…’ Nate moaned in ecstasy and increased the speed at which he stuffed his tight, little ring piece full of Clint’s dick.

‘Oh, I can feel how much he loves it too, Nate,’ Their master panted over Nate’s shoulder and Clint felt the man who owned his family’s bodies, minds and souls increase the rate at which he pounded into him – to his own pleasure, ‘His hole spazzes out with just the simplest touch of his teats. Your grandfather might act like a total hardass but I think he’s secretly just a big ol’ pussy-bottom!’

His master slammed into him then and made him see stars, in the process causing Nate to accidentally pinch his tits as the boy steadied himself on his cock, driving Clint even wilder.

‘Oh, fuck yes, master! I’m just your hole! Use me, fill me, fuck me! Oh – shit! Fuck! Yes…So! Fuckin’! Good!’ He loudly babbled uncontrollably, feeling nearly overwhelmed by the pleasure: his grandson fucking himself on his cock, his sensitive pec-nubs being worked over and his hole in the process of being completely and utterly reamed out.

In the background Clint could make out the sounds of his sons and remaining grandson uncontrollably moaning in pleasure followed by that of their come hitting the floor with a series of thick, wet splats. He grinned in the knowledge that, even though his master hadn’t yet dosed them back up, the example of submission he and Nate were setting was bringing them so much pleasure – whether they wanted it or not!

His master thrust to the hilt before go still and keeping himself seated inside of Clint’s hole and then wound his arms around Nate’s straining, sweaty, muscular body to bring his grandson’s movements to a halt.

Clint watched on heatedly as Nate simply stared forward and drooled as the fingertips of their master’s hands down over his heaving abs, gathering up droplets of sweat as they traced the grooves of his grandson’s muscles and coming up just short of grazing where the head of the boy’s bloated, seeping dick rested against his stomach.

Clint found the sight incredibly erotic and panted like the dumb, horned-up animal he was so glad he’d been turned into, feeling his cock twitch excitedly in the boy’s hole. He wished his master would untie him from the bed so he could put his body to better use…but if that was where he was wanted, bound, his body totally open for access, then that was where he would stay.

‘Do you like it, Clint…Nate’s body?’ His master panted as he once again leaned his chin against his grandson’s muscular shoulder, ‘So like Hank’s when he was young, isn’t it? You’d fuck him too if asked, wouldn’t you?’

‘O-oh, shit! No…you wouldn’t? Oh, fuck! Coming…I’m coming again! Fu-shit!’ Hank bellowed in objection in the background. Clint didn’t understand why…surely his son would want to please their master? Surely the thought of him bending his hairy, muscular body over and railing his ass was as appealing to Hank as it was to him?

‘Yes, master. I love Nate’s body…so strong…supple…pliant…proud of his…development…’ Clint panted in response to his owner’s original question, ‘I’d fuck Hank for you, master…breed him…full of the spunk…that made him…’

‘I-I can’t…anymore…it’s all too much…oh, fuck…here it comes again…!’ Hank shouted behind their master’s back in pain and pleasure.

‘Good boy,’ His master praised and Hank felt a thrill of pleasure go through him at having pleased him, ‘I’ll have you fuck them all. Pump and plant your seed in every last one of their slave-boy holes. I’ll make sure your meat stuffed up their asses feels as natural to them as breathing. They won’t want to go without it.’

Troy and Lucas joined Hank in moaning.

‘But for now…I think it’s about time we wrapped this show up. Nate, why don’t you jerk your jock-boy cock for me and make-out with your grandfather? Nice and sloppy, show him how much you love him, tell him how hot you think he is in between tongue-fucking his mouth. And, of course, make sure to milk that delicious, fat, slab of dick of his with that talented fuck-slot of yours for all it’s worth.’ Their master commanded and placed and authoritative hand on his obedient grandson’s shoulder and pushed him down again as Nate wrapped a hand around his leaky length and began to pump.

‘Yes…master…God, you’re so hot, Grandpa Clint…so huge…muscles…giant cock…pecs…fuckin’ love your body, Grandpa Clint…’ The boy slurred as he bent over and claimed Clint’s mouth in a filthy, spit-laden kiss that made his toes curl. Nate’s other hand slipped in between their rutting bodies as they gasped and groaned together and ran up his furred abs, over his right pec and settled on playing with his nip.

‘Yes…boy…fuck…so hot…’ He could only groan into his grandson’s mouth.

Clint felt his master run his hands teasingly up his shaking, furry, muscular upraised thighs before he gripped his bound ankles and withdrew his cock near fully before slamming roughly back in and then repeating the process. Again. And again. Over and over.

Clint’s head began to spin, his sense of reality beginning to breakdown. The moans of Hank, Troy and Lucas intermingling with his master’s as Nate sucked on his tongue, the boy’s fingers travelling from his nipple, over his heaving chest and tangling in his hair.

‘Oh, yes, here it comes!’ His master bellowed as he pile-drove his ass, the squelching sounds he made making Clint realize he could feel lube seeping out of his hole and collecting in a puddle at his lower back where it intermingled with his sweat.

‘I’m going to come in you, Clint! I’m going to seed your worthless, fucking hole! I win! You hear me you dumb, redneck motherfucker!? I’ve won! Take my load, you fucking bitch and know that my revenge is complete!’ His master bellowed and Clint’s eyes shot open when he felt it.

Come. Jet after jet of wet, searing, hot warmth flooding his ass, so much that Clint felt like he was going to be filled to capacity.

The sensation put him over the edge.

‘OH, FUCKING JESUS YES!’ He bellowed, breaking the kiss with his grandson and gasping for air as his cock practically exploded deep inside of Nate’s hole, the muscles of the boy’s ass seemingly vacuuming his enormous load directly out of the engorged head of his overstimulated dick.

‘Oh, God! In…my ass…so hot…can’t hold on…oh, fuck me!’ Nate shouted, spittle and drool spraying all over Clint’s face before he felt his grandson’s voluminous load coat his abs, the slip and slide of their bodies causing the milky slop to run over his sides, tickling him and making him twitch.

Darkness closed in and Clint felt his eyes drift shut and roll up into his head as he passed out, his own grandson lying unconscious and come-splattered on his chest, his cock buried in the Nate’s ruined, spooge-filled boy-pussy, his own hole still spasming, leaking and loosened as it weakly tried to hold in his master’s length as it withdrew, making an obscene sucking sound.

This was to be his life now for the foreseeable future and Clint couldn’t think of a better way to spend it.

He fell down into oblivion with a dopey, content smile on his face.

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