Keeping It In The Family, Chapter 1: Welcome to the Neighbourhood

By Hypnotic Subjugation
published November 4, 2015
3854 words

Nate should be enjoying his last summer before college, instead he’s enslaved by the new neighbour…

It was the first day of what would be his final summer before he headed off to college and Nate was determined to make the most of it, so, after a couple of days of sleeping in – naturally – he got himself up early to hang out with the guys. His best friend Jake had been talking his ear off about how Kelly Dwyer, one of the hottest girls on the cheer squad, wanted to bang him so of course he couldn’t miss out on that opportunity.

As he padded across the floor of his room naked except for his tight-fitting underwear Nate couldn’t help but to admire his own reflection when he caught sight of it in the mirror: six feet of muscle built as a result of several years now playing football. He was the quarterback – obviously – just like his older brother Lucas before him, and their father, Hank, before that when he had attended their school years ago.

Running a hand through his short-cut brown hair and grinning smugly at himself Nate whistled as he dressed and headed on down stairs and came upon his father in the kitchen as the man was getting ready to head off to the auto shop their family had owned for years.

‘Up before noon. Color me impressed.’ His father chuckled as he rolled up the sleeves of his overalls over his muscular forearms while Nate pulled up a stool at kitchen counter.

‘Ha-ha. There’s a method to this madness though, pops.’ He replied as he snagged an apple and took a bite.

‘Oh really? Let me guess…a girl?’


His father rolled his eyes and scratched at his beard.

‘And let me venture another guess. You’d like the Mustang?’

Nate did his best to appear innocent by casually munching on his mouthful of fruit and pretending to be interested in sight of a new neighbour moving in across the road.

‘Hadn’t given it any thought. But…if you were to be so inclined…’

His father closed the lid of his toolbox and smirked knowingly.

‘Got a list of chores needs doin’. Get ‘em done and it’s yours for the weekend.’

Nate sighed as though his old man was driving a hard bargain.

‘I suppose I could take time out of my busy schedule…’

Two hours later and Nate wiped away the sweat beaded on his brow with his forearm as he turned the lawnmower off and surveyed the work he’d done on the front yard.

The mower was old and near to falling apart but he’d managed to get it done.

‘Not bad.’ He murmured, licking the salt from his top lip. The heat had set in a while ago so he’d doffed his shirt and tucked it into his back-pocket as he worked. The sun beating down on his tanned, glistening, muscular upper-body, Nate was fully aware of the site he presented. He’d caught a couple of the soccer moms looking as they moved about their daily routines and grinned to himself.

Feeling parched he’d been just about to head inside to snag one of his dad’s beers when the sound of a man gruffly clearing his throat caused him to turn around, coming face-to-face with the guy he’d seen moving in earlier in the day.

The guy was as tall as Nate and his own father but lean instead of muscular and, despite the heat, dressed in suit pants with a vest over his crisp white shirt, the sleeves of which he’d currently rolled up. He held two longnecks beaded with condensation, one of which he was currently holding out.

‘Wow dude…thanks.’ Nate said as he gratefully took the bottle, cracked it open and took a pull, ‘But I guarantee you the Real Housewives are watching. You’ll be persona non grata now, giving booze to a minor…’

The man chuckled and opened his own bottle and took a sip.

‘Boy, I stopped caring about what women think a long time ago. Besides, in Germany the drinking age’s eighteen. Twenty-one’s absurd, you all do it anyway.’

Nate was a little peeved he’d just been called “boy” but nonetheless grinned good-naturedly in response to what the man had said.

‘Max Gehirn.’ The man said after a moment and held out his hand which Nate took. His grip was surprisingly firm, domineering even…

‘Nate Taylor.’

After that they got to talking. Mr. Gehirn specialized in “olfactory science” whatever that meant and had apparently accepted a job at UT, but preferred the space and affordability of a house in the suburbs over a place in the city.

‘Yeah I hear that. My brother Lucas joined TKE so he wouldn’t have to cut off an arm to pay for an apartment.’ Nate replied easily, leaning on the mower as they chatted.

‘Tau Kappa…no offense meant towards your brother, but I heard that they have a bit of a reputation?’

Nate frowned a little, feeling offended for his brother regardless.

‘I mean…they’re pretty enthusiastic about stuff. A lot people hate that I guess…’ He replied shortly.

‘I see.’ Mr. Gehirn replied, clearly not convinced by Nate’s explanation which only served to rile him up more.

‘Listen, thanks for the beer and everything but I should get back to work.’ Nate said a little more roughly than intended.

‘Of course.’ Mr. Gehirn said, taking Nate’s empty bottle from him and raising an eyebrow, ‘You have somewhere to be?’

‘Yeah. Got a date.’ Nate answered distractedly as he fished his phone out of his pocket when he heard it chirp with a text and swore when he dropped it.

‘Shit – hey! Dude what the hell!?’ Nate demanded angrily after straightening up from picking his phone up and seeing, reflected on the screen, Mr. Gehirn blatantly ogling his ass.

‘I beg your pardon?’ The man replied, playing dumb and looking at him quizzically.

‘Okay man, you need to get lost. I got nothin’ against fags but I’m not one. Understand?’ Nate bit off as he hurriedly removed his shirt from his back pocket and pulled it over his head. He was suddenly uncomfortably aware that the guy had probably been checking him out this entire time, that he’d come over just cause he wanted to stick his dick in his ass or something.

‘If you insist.’ Mr. Gehirn replied icily as he turned on his heel and crossed Nate’s lawn and then the street.

‘Fuckin’ fruit…’ Nate muttered under his breath as he unlocked his phone and read over the text he’d gotten from Jake.

A grin suddenly pulled at the corners of his mouth when he saw the Kelly was going to be at the party Jake was planning later in the week.

“Bro, u got 2 get over here. Kelly’s bringing her friend Rachel. We’ll plan our attack!”

Nate smirked as he put his phone back in his pocket and headed for his house. Kelly Dwyer and her double D’s where just the thing he needed to forget about the fact that he’d just had some queer looking him over…

‘I’m home!’ Nate shouted as he got in later that evening when he spotted his father’s pickup in the driveway. He was just about to head upstairs when he heard his father’s angry voice come from the living room.

‘Nate, get in here!’

‘Shit, what the hell is he so pissed about?’ Nate said to himself as he entered the room and found his father sitting on the couch with a beer in hand and his feet up as he watched the news.

‘Heard you met the new neighbour today.’

Nate’s eyebrows rose. Could one of the soccer moms have tattled on him and told his father that Mr. Gehirn had given him a beer? It wasn’t like his old man to actually care about things like that…

‘…Yeah.’ Nate answered hesitantly as he stood in the doorway.

‘Mrs Baird heard you were kind of a little shit to him.’

That was what he was pissed about!?

‘Dad, the guy’s a queer! He was checking me out!’ Nate defended himself incredulously, hardly believing he was having this conversation.

‘Mrs. Baird was uppity about the beer, but that’s not how she tells it Nate. You’re not gonna weasel outta this. You’re gonna get your ass across the street and apologise.’ His father growled threateningly.


‘Seriously. Unless you want me t’start dockin’ privileges. I’ll start with the Mustang.’

Nate’s jaw dropped.

‘I can’t believe I’m hearing this!’

‘Well believe it kid. In this family manners matter. That’s what my old man taught me and damn it that’s what I thought I taught you and Lucas. Get over there now!’

Nate grumbled angrily to himself as he knocked on Mr. Gehirn’s door five minutes later, he knew better than to sass his father but he hardly believed that at eighteen he was being made to do what he was.

‘Hello Nate. What can I do for you?’ Mr. Gehirn answered coolly once he’d opened the door, this time wearing a pair of glasses that he adjusted fussily.

Nate grit his teeth and swallowed his pride. He wanted to use the damn car after all…

‘I wanted to apologise about earlier.’ He replied quickly.

Obviously too quickly because Mr. Gehirn tilted his head confusedly to one side.

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t quite…’

‘I apologise for this morning, sir.’ Nate said slower than before.

Mr. Gehirn nodded slowly after a moment and, thinking he was free to go, Nate began to turn but stopped when the man cleared his throat.

‘Earlier, I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong impression Nate. I was actually looking at your mower. I saw that it had a part missing, I think that’s why you were having such a tough time with it.’

‘Oh.’ Nate replied blankly. Was Mr. Gehirn covering his ass? The mower had been near where he’d been standing, within line of sight…maybe he was telling the truth?

Suddenly Nate felt pretty embarrassed.

‘I – shit man. I’m really sorry. Shouldn’t have run my mouth like that.’

Mr. Gehirn smiled forgivingly.

‘Not to worry. Before I was going to ask if you needed a spare part. I recently bought a new lawnmower myself to replace my old one. Similar make and model to yours funnily enough.’


‘You’re father’s a mechanic, I’ve seen the side of his car. Surely he can put it together?’

Nate thought for a moment.

‘I guess?’

Mr. Gehirn told Nate to wait a moment and walked further into his house, leaving him waiting on the front porch.

Nate sighed and looked across the road to his own house where he could clearly see his father watching him through their front windows, grinning smugly and giving him a thumbs up. He shook his head and flipped his old man the bird, causing him laugh and walk away from the glass.

When ten minutes passed Nate was starting to get antsy. What was taking Mr. Gehirn so long?

‘Sir!’ He called into his neighbour’s house, ‘Never mind about the part. It’s okay! Really!’

Suddenly there was a shout, a crash and moan, causing Nate to jump and grab the doorframe.

‘Mr. Gehirn? Are you alright? Shit!’ Nate swore as he entered the house and walked towards the direction of the crash.

As he reached the living room and found broken lamp on the floor but no sight of Mr. Gehirn, Nate had just enough time to think that something seemed vaguely off about the whole situation before he felt a cloth pressed to his face.

‘Jocks. You really are all morons, aren’t you? Just like your father really.’ Nate heard Mr. Gehirn sneer as he made the mistake of inhaling as he struggled and felt a wave of dizziness overcome him and went limp in the man’s arms…

Nate groggily opened his eyes and found himself staring at his lap. Blinking confusedly he looked up and found himself in what looked to be some kind of basement, filled with beakers of fluid and other scientific-looking equipment. For a moment he was dumbfounded, but then he remembered.

Mr. Gehirn! He’d kill him! He’d –

Nate realised he was gagged and tied quite tightly to a chair.

‘Awake are you? Good. I do so like to monologue. And it’d be no fun if you woke up wholly mine, I like to observe the process.’ Came Mr. Gehirn’s voice from behind him as Nate struggled against his bonds, fear beginning to mix in with his anger.

Mr. Gehirn suddenly appeared in his field of view and grinned patronizingly down at him, before reaching out and teasingly running a hand through Nate’s hair.

Nate shook his hand off and swore around his gag causing his captor to laugh.

‘Do you know what pheromones are, Nate?’ He asked suddenly as turned around and began messing with his equipment while Nate used the opportunity that he was distracted to search for some way – any – that would get him out of the mess he’d found himself in but it was no good. He was bound too tightly and there was only one exit.

‘I wouldn’t expect you to being a football player. Allow me to explain.’ Mr. Gehirn said turning around and shaking what looked like a bottle of cologne.

‘They’re chemicals given off by the body that affect the behaviour of others.’

Nate stared at the man with pure hate, not knowing or caring what he was saying.

‘Normally the effect is subtle and humans don’t even produce them in any meaningful amount. Recently though…I’ve solved that problem.’ He said holding up the bottle and looking at it significantly.

‘Appropriate I think, that a Taylor should be my first guinea pig…’

Suddenly without knowing the details of whatever that mixture would do to him Nate knew though that one sniff would spell his end and so he held breath and renewed his struggle against the ropes tying him up with every ounce of strength he possessed as Mr. Gehirn advanced on him.

‘You’ll have to breath sometime, boy.’ Mr. Gehirn chuckled as he held Nate’s struggling head still with surprising strength and inserted the nozzle of the bottle into his left nostril.

Time ticked by and Nate began to get light headed. Maybe if he feinted? The bastard was right after all, he did need to breath. Surely only a little exposure to whatever it was wouldn’t have a big effect? He’d play along and then when the fucker was least expecting it…

Nate breathed in and realized his mistake only too late when Mr. Gehirn gave a shout of triumph and depressed the nozzle of the bottle.

Once the foolish boy breathed in Max saw his chance and depressed the nozzle. Nate grunted abruptly – in surprise, Max was sure – and little by little his struggles ceased until he was entirely docile.

Max pulled the boy’s head up by his hair and felt his cock give a powerful throb from within the confines of his pants when he saw the vapid, dazed and aroused expression that had suffused his new toy jock’s handsome features. That look of arousal on Nate’s face only intensified when he blearily spied Max and grinned goofily around his gag, a flush beginning to appear climb his cheeks as though he were drunk.

To be sure Max gave the boy another dose and palmed himself through his pants as he watched the jock twitch fitfully in his bonds, his eyelids fluttering as a deep, guttural moan welled up from his chest.

‘There.’ Max said, slightly shakily, ‘Now you’re mine.’

When Nate had come back to himself he moaned slavishly in the affirmative, worshipful, submissive, glazed-over eyes pleading with him for more contact.

Max wound himself around the bound jock and pressed himself to the boy’s back, licking and nipping at his neck and earlobe knowing it would drive him crazy and sure enough Nate gave another, louder moan and strained even harder against his bonds.

‘This is just the beginning boy.’ Max whispered hotly into Nate’s ear as he reached over his broad shoulders and into his lap and groped the steel-hard outline of the enthralled jock’s cock through his pants.

This time Nate thrashed fiercely and Max took pity on his new acquisition. Ever so slowly and, watching Nate’s reactions as the blown wide open pupils of the boy’s eyes became riveted to his crotch, Max popped the top button of his jeans and, bit by bit by bit, pulled the zipper down.

‘Mmm…!’ Came another throaty moan.

Nate’s cock, a deliciously meaty tool of seven inches sprang free from its prison, already leaking pre-come – and in copious doses too Max noted with glee – and stuck straight up protruding from his pelvis, such was the strength of the boy’s induced arousal.

‘Let’s have some fun shall we, Nate?’ Max asked pulling the boy’s gag free and stuffing a couple of fingers into his drooling mouth, knowing the answer he’d get as he wrapped a hand around Nate’s twitching length.

‘Yes! Yes! Fuck yes!’

It filled his mouth. The length, the girth. Several inches easily clearing the back of his throat, the head leaking delicious salty cream down his eager throat.

When his eyes weren’t rolled up back into his head Nate gazed up at Mr. Gehirn. The man he loved, the man he adored. He’d do anything he said. Think anything. Say anything. Nate would submit totally to Mr. Gehirn’s will. All previous attraction to women, to anyone, had totally fled his mind. He knew his body would react solely to Mr. Gehirn now.

He knelt naked on the stone floor of Mr. Gehirn’s basement, sweat-slick muscles shining bronze in the dim light, the man’s hands in his hair, his strong grip guiding him repeatedly up and down the length he’d resolved to worship for the rest of his life. Nate’s own cock hung hard, twitching and leaking onto the floor between his legs, totally forgotten. Mr. Gehirn’s hand’s on his cock felt indescribable, but the man’s own cock, in his mouth, felt even better.

‘Mmm…yes. Good boy. Deep down now, yes…’ Mr. Gehirn moaned and his pleasure brought Nate pleasure. His eyes fluttered shut and he enjoyed the feeling of being used, of simply being a place for the man to put his cock. Mr. Gehirn’s every touch intoxicated him, drove him wild, his scent, his musk – especially strong about his crotch – short-circuited Nate’s brain as his nose was buried in the man’s pubes.

‘Open your eyes boy.’

Nate did. Of course he did. To do otherwise was unthinkable.

Mr. Gehirn gazed down at him over the length of his lean, hairy body. His piercing green eyes seized Nate’s own and seared into and claimed his mind.

‘You are a slave. You will call me “master” from now on.’

‘Mmm…!’ Nate moaned around the meat in his mouth. Of course he was. Of course he would.

The vibration of his moans had apparently been too much for his master. He seized Nate’s head gloriously choked him his cock.

‘Yes! Yes! Take my cock boy! Take my load!’

Breathing didn’t matter so long as he had that delicious slab of meat in his mouth. Breathing didn’t matter at all when it started hosing down his gullet with his hot, creamy spunk.

As he began to black-out he dimly felt his own cock give one final jerk before exploding, hands-free, all over the floor as his master held his limp body up by his head, muscular arms swaying uselessly as his throat was used as a glorified cock-sheath.

Max gave a grunt as dumped Nate’s unconscious body on a gurney he had wheeled out from storage and strapped the muscular teen down, pausing briefly to run his hands over the slick, muscular flesh he now owned, paying special attention to the jock’s delectable abs. The boy’s spent cock twitched and he began to moan in his sleep.

‘An excellent response. I hope you enjoyed yourself Nate, soon you’ll have company to compete with for your master’s attention…’ Max chuckled at the unconscious youth’s expense as he fitted the boy with a cock-ring and began to soak up his sweat with an absorbent towel.

Eventually, Max wheeled out the milker and inserted Nate’s rapidly re-hardening cock into the length of rubber tubing. When he turned the machine on and it began to suck and slurp, the sleepy moans soon started back up.

‘About on hour on that should do it for now, we can’t have your father getting suspicious. This second scenario must play out very specifically…’ Max murmured as he took the boy’s sweat and squeezed it into a beaker…

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