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Edits in the Sly

By MasterJerker -
published December 20, 2018
3779 words

The Editor is on the rampage with his Edits, and he brings more people along with his own enjoyment~

Edits in the Sly Written by: Masterjerker

Dressed in casual clothes glancing down at his cell phone as his husband was sending him saucy pictures of the supervillain stripping out of his rubber suit Jean, or rather The Editor as he was known in his secret identity. Strolling through a strip mall nearing the middle of the night, Jean was trying to find some good deals for new clothing he might wear as the Editor. Jean was so wrapped up in the pictures that he very nearly missed the new weight of a scroll in his pocket. Jean didn’t want to look at the scroll… or rather he did, but the pictures were getting more and more interesting as he saw his husband was wearing a rubber thong… but those could wait much as he wanted to continue watching. “Who’s sexting me now?” he purred as he pulled the scroll from his pocket. Thankfully he was able to modify the looks of the scroll, he’d only learned this recently when he’d been playing around with his husband’s backstory, he made the scrolls into notepads now, far easier to carry around than the lumbering scrolls.

Name: Hayden Rochell

Age: 27

Power: Desire Enhancer: While unaware of his own power, Hayden’s power is to enhance people’s’ desires. He increases the likelihood of desires through his presence alone, while not 100% effective, tends to help a lot of people in little ways.

Job: Police Officer

Sexuality: In the closet gay

Marital status: Hoping for Brad Pitt to one day be at his door with flowers (secretly at least)

“Interesting…” Jean purred. A super who wasn’t aware of his own power, to be fair the ability to randomly increase the chances of something wouldn’t be something easily definable. Regardless, he couldn’t help but feel interested, the guy sounded like he might be able to be Edited into something far more intriguing. So he focused his power on creating an image of the man, and within short order he found the man he was looking for. Hayden was leaning against a light pole, pretending to look at his phone, but was secretly ogling a hot guy who was busy ordering a coffee at a nearby kiosk.

Hayden was cute, a bit boyish for Jean’s tastes, but he certainly could see some attractiveness there, though he couldn’t for the life of him imagine how anybody could imagine Hayden was anything but gay. He was slim like a twig, with a little muscle definition on his arms, but nowhere near what a proper police officer needed. He imagined that Hayden must’ve unconsciously used his powers to allow his chances to get into the job to increase, though he wasn’t certain. Regardless, Hayden was about 5’7, 120 pounds, and had his brown hair trimmed down to an almost military looking cut. “Enjoying the view?” Jean asked, drawing up next to the other man.

Almost jumping out of his skin Hayden’s eyes flicked to Jean in horror, realizing he’d been found out as a blush spread through his cheeks. “I… uh… what are you talking about?!” Already he looked ready to bolt, but Jean was already scribbling away in the notepad, watching as Jean froze in place.

Though Hayden was shy about being gay in his youth, when he left high school he found his wings as a very proud gay man. He is open about his sexuality, and is confident about coming on to men.

For a few moments Hayden actually resisted, the words burned on the page for a moment much to Jean’s own shock, he was sure that the police officer would’ve been rather weak willed. Regardless, Jean caved within moments and… flourished would be the best work Jean could think of. The polo shirt Jean was wearing suddenly changed into a muscle shirt showing the light muscle definition there, and his nervous expression grew far more confident as he leaned against the poole once more with a lustful smile. “Hell yeah, do you see the ass on that guy?” he purred. It was a bit shocking, and almost comical as Jean still had a rather effeminate tone, but the confidence of a jock.

“He’s a real cutie,” Jean admitted. The man was good looking, long black hair tied back in a braid, he appeared to have some native american heritage from his facial features and darker skin. “You gonna go ask him out?” Jean inquired.

“Probably, he seems like he’d be worth a few rides,” Hayden laughed. Jean smirked to himself, he liked this guy better than the half-in whimp from earlier, but he had more plans than that for the police officer. Scribbling once more in the notebook while Hayden continued to eye his next piece of meat the Editor felt his dick harden within his pants, excited by the changes he made.

Hayden is a six foot tall two hundred pound police officer, always working out in his off time, unless he’s picking up a man. He’s tanned from walking the beat, and wears his hair far longer than protocol requires, but gets away with it with his charm.

There was a shift when Jean looked up to see that the wimpy looking man from earlier had vanished, in his place was a hunk, a little taller than Jean himself the police officer that stood there took his breath away. Hayden looked like a stud, his hair tied back in a simple ponytail, and his smile showing off bright white teeth. “I think I’ll ask him out on a date, after all, what stud wouldn’t want to be with me?” the officer chuckled. His voice had deepend, his skin now glimmering with a golden tan, and his pants tight around a nearly lewd bulge there.

“Go get him, copper,” Jean chuckled. He swatted the man’s nice bubble ass, excited that so much had changed about the officer, either his power was adapting his thoughts, or the world really liked their tall muscled guys with even nicer asses. That wasn’t the end though as Jean picked up his notebook one last time, scribbling away in it, this time taking his time and really developing it.

During the day Hayden is a kind and honorable police officer, doing his best to keep the peace and projecting his power to enhance people’s chances, but as night rises and Hayden falls asleep he rises as another persona with a different power. The man that rises at night dawns the uniform once more, but his smile has a darker meaning behind it. During the night he prowls the streets in uniform, known only as Twister, his power affecting any man he chooses, twisting their fantasies and desires in a darker direction. He doesn’t have complete control over how the changes occur, but with one hundred percent certainty if the man wasn’t gay before, he likes cock now.

Jean was about ready to look up when he had a though pass through his head, he didn’t exactly want someone else morphing him against his will. So with a quick flourish he added in that Hayden’s power didn’t affect him nor any affiliates of the villain’s, and then looked up to see the new and improved Twister. The cop had stopped mid-stride, his face blank for a few moments before a dark smile spread up his lips, his expression having become voracious for the man he had his eyes on. As the man at the kiosk started to turn he met eyes with the Twister, eyes widening in surprise as he realized that Twister was watching him, and then something passed from Twister into the man. Jean didn’t know how to describe it, if he hadn’t been watching he wouldn’t have noticed anything wrong, but one minute the man was plain… and then he changed.

When the native american made had first been seen, he was wearing a t-shirt and slacks, but whatever fantasies he hid from the world came all out. His clothes shifted from plain wear into a leather vest over a bare chest, leather pants that hugged in all the right places, and piercings formed in his ears along with a septum ring. Most of all though, his shocked expression became horny beyond belief as he started towards Twister, his pants revealing the erection that had sprung up underneath. “Looks like the nights will be a lot more interesting soon enough,” Jean chuckled. He had one more thought though, he didn’t want Twister getting hung up on one man, so he did a quick rewrite.

Twister is a one night stand kind of man, once he’s slept with someone he’s on to his next conquest, always looking for the next man to twist and fuck.

With that Jean was off once more, pulling his phone out to catch up on the several pictures that had been uploaded. The most recent one had Greg pulling several anal beads from his rear, he had some catching up to do… and a husband to fuck when he got home. Meanwhile in the background Twister was talking dirty with his first of many dreamboats, reaching underneath the man’s leather vest to pinch the nipples underneath.

Getting dragged into his husband’s schemes wasn’t exactly the Editor’s idea of fun, he tended to like sticking to the background, but due to the way the world had interpreted his Edits the Editor had become Lightningstrikes’ partner in crime. So despite his own reluctance to joining such adventures he tended to get dragged into them, and the only reason he hadn’t Edited things more was because they had a habit of running into supers whenever they went out on their little excursions. Today would be no exception as the Editor stood back, wearing a special mask over his eyes, obscuring his eyes with prescription black lenses that allowed him to go unknown while also allowing him to see.

This particular foray into villainy was due to a new business opening up in their city that was promoting cheap solar powered panelling. So Greg did as he always did whenever a new power based company opened up in their fair city, he told them to pay him a percentage of the profit for protection. The company declined though, stating that they wouldn’t be strong armed by any larger companies, they had the law on their side after all. Greg had just smirked when he’d received the response, and now here they were, the Editor watching on while Lightningstrikes destroyed the building with several large lightning bolts falling from the sky. “Perhaps you should be a little less obvious, my dear?” the Editor suggested. To be fair he didn’t really care all that much, more attention meant more heroes, but sometimes Lightningstrikes complained about how many heroes attacked him.

“Where’s the fun in that? I have to show that I mean business after all, can’t have rivaling businesses stepping in!” Lightningstrikes laughed in a deep throated chuckle. That only caused the Editor to want his husband dearly, if he weren’t wary for heroes he might’ve commanded his husband to strip down and fuck him right there… but he was more intelligent than that. Good thing too as a hero decided to pop up no too long after the sixth bolt of lightning struck the building that was already burning, Lightningstrikes just making sure that he destroyed every inch of the building.

Before he could get too close to the pair the Editor felt the familiar weight in his pocket, and he pulled out the scroll from his jacket pocket and glanced at it. A smile forming on his face while the hero sprung into sight, thrusting his chest out as he glared at the villains. “Halt, Lightningstrikes, you have done more than enough damage!” the man roared. Turning around Lightningstrikes and the Editor faced the new hero who was being followed by two younger men, both of which struck similar poses. On the Editor’s scroll there were two additional files as well, fitting since the trio were a well known superhero team in the city.

“Look what we have here, Editor, it looks like a bear and his cubs have come to stop us! How quaint,” Lightningstrikes laughed. The hero that stood before them was a famous older superhero, a shifting type hero named Growl, he shifted into a huge bear with impressive strength to boot. The two young men who accompanied him were his sons, Claws and Fangs, the trio were well known through the city as they were one of few hero groups who didn’t bother to hide their identities, only showing up to crimes in nothing but shorts. That was because their clothes never survived the transformation, and it was rather well known that they had a provider who made their shorts for free for them as they were constantly advertising for them.

Names: Bertam, Hale, & Wesley Gant (Superhero Identities respectively: Growl, Claws, and Fangs)

Ages: 48, 25, and 24

Power: Form shift: The ability to transform into a large bear form, the power and size of the bear is equivalent to age and experience.

Job: Professional Superheroes

Sexuality: All straight as a nail, what a shame.

Marital Status: Bertam is a widower, sons are seeing girlfriends

Finishing up reading over the details the Editor looked up to see his husband trading barbs with the family, all of whom looked offended and irritated. “Don’t hurt them too much, hun, I have a fun idea for this family,” he said with a sinister grin. Though they’d been married for three years now Lightningstrikes didn’t know how his husband’s power worked, but whenever he tried to think on them he found himself thinking about much he loved his husband and how much he wanted to fuck him. The Editor while he loved his husband figured the supervillain was better in the dark than knowing anything about his power, so whenever he brought up any details about his power Lightningstrikes’ eyes would glaze over while he smiled and nodded.

“We should beat these two fast, pa! You know that they’re pretty strong!” Claws growled. The trio were already shifting, taking on thicker looking appearances, dark brown fair spreading over all of their bodies, Growl by far being the largest and strongest. The bear’s sons weren’t weak by any means though, their fur well groomed, eyes sharp, and claws ready to rend into their enemies. It wasn’t uncommon for their enemies to be rather torn up after the fight when their more feral sides took over, though they tried to avoid that as they became nothing more than beasts in their rage.

Puffing out his furred chest, Growl glared at the supervillain duo with the intent to do some serious harm. “Sounds good to me, Claws, you two follow my lead!” he growled in a deep bass. Most villains who heard the bears’ voices often trembled as the trio were truly intimidating, but the Editor was busy scribbling in the scroll while Lightningstrikes rushed forward. The villain striking their father in the chest, though it wasn’t as effective as it might be against a normal human fighter, the bear let out a growl of pain as some of his fur singed. “You… you aren’t anything, Lightning,” the bear growled.

Claws and Fangs are closeted gay young men, always trying to prove how masculine they are to their father while having cute boyfriends on the side. They often use their hairy bodies as attractors towards young men at gay clubs, though they both have a beard to pretend they’re straight for their father.

There was a shift as both Claws and Fangs hesitated, suddenly their certainty was robbed from them, no longer were they capable of being the all-out heroes they’d been before. Suddenly the pair were nervous about their father, a new need to prove their straightness instilled in their heads, they couldn’t let their father know that they loved sucking dick and fucking men’s asses. “C’mon, bro, we have to help dad,” Claws finally managed. It was like the two powerful young heroes had been replaced by awkward teenagers, they’d been in the closet longer than most.

“R… right?” Fangs growled. The younger brother was by far the smallest of the trio, not to say that he was small, but the definition of the bear’s muscled body wasn’t nearly as impressive. The pair rushed forwards to attack Lightningstrikes, but due to the rubberclad hero wearing skin tight wear his body distracted the pair causing their attacks to be less than effective.

“What are you doing?! Hit him!” Growl snarled. Since the pair had never fought Lightingstrikes before they hadn’t been expecting for him to be so attractive, but for a villain his package was very suckable looking even through the rubber, and his muscles… well the pair had to put many unattractive thoughts in their heads to avoid any awkward erections in bear form. Growl was struck by a powerful blow accompanied by electricity coursing through Lightningstrikes’ body, the villain easily sending the elder hero sprawling.

Growl the bear hero following his wife’s passing took to the leather community wholeheartedly, having leather gear made for his bear form particularly. The gear allows him to transform from human to bear without a moment where he isn’t wearing leather, and though he tries to hide his fetish he often is aroused whenever he is in leather gear.

Suddenly Growl was wearing a large leather hat that covered his ursine head, he was wearing a leather strap that made an x over his chest, a ring in the middle connecting the straps. He also wore assless chaps that showed off plenty of his rear, and though the shifter was obviously awkward about his interests he was wearing leather gear without a comment. “Wow… pa looks hot,” Fangs mentioned. His brother shot him a disapproving look, they’d made a promise early on in their career that they wouldn’t fantasize about their father’s bear form. Though both very much enjoyed large men, and their father’s hairy third form often rose confusing questions that they avoided like the plague.

Growl following his wife’s passing discovered that he preferred men, spending many years trying to hide his interest in cock from his sons. Once they reached eighteen though he divulged his interests in muscled and hairy men. They in turn revealed their own interest in penis, causing the trio to connect through their shared homosexuality.

All three members of the bear shifting family groaned as their pasts changed, suddenly they were eying one another with a renewed respect. Growl was still attacking Lightningstrikes, though now he was fighting with an obvious erection in his new leather jockstrap. “Get that out of my face!” Lightningstrikes snapped at his opponent as the bear’s junk swung past his face.

“Sorry, but I can’t help it, you’re pretty good looking,” Growl snorted. None of them were paying attention as he made several Edits to their family, though as of yet nobody had raised too much of a fuss about their change. Much to Lightningstrikes’ distress the trio had suddenly become stronger, attacking in tandem with seamless power. The bears were now all wearing leather wear, the sons seeming to wear it out of a sense of obligation to their father. During the battle the trio had forgotten about the Editor, his powers so subversive that they didn’t notice their own changes despite their own awareness of the situation.

*Early on in their career Growl along with his sons realized that many heroes didn’t agree with their extremely incestuous relationship, so the trio decided that villainy fit their personal beliefs betters. The trio of handsome men decided that they enjoyed committing crimes along with fucking men, though they always preferred the company of one another to strangers. They often help Lightningstrikes along with his husband in crimes as they often feel Lightningstrikes is right, along with the fact that their fellow villain has helped them out of several bad situations.

There was a large shift as across the world the heroes’ change was felt, several crimes never occuring as the villains committing them were suddenly loaded as the heroic trio had been turned into villains. The Editor watched as his husband was aided by a trio of leather wearing bears all of which were only too glad to show off their junk, grinning whenever anybody mentioned that. The Editor along with his husband grinned eagerly as the trio were only too happy to show off their new sexualities. Before where the heroes had been opposing him, suddenly the new villains were aiding them in his destruction of the power saving companies. With the trio of leather wearing bears standing at his back the Editor felt empowered, feeling like he could beat far more heroes than he could’ve before.

Once the group had completely demolished the new energy companies the Editor was allowed to relax, relief spreading over his body as he said to his husband along with his new trio of allies. “Looks like we succeeded,” he purred.

“We won, sure, but I have have some fun ideas for celebrating,” Growl said as he eyed his sons with lustful eyes. With an hungry grin he drew his sons into a fuckfest that would’ve left most normal couples feeling extremely awkward, but the brothers went at it like they were in the thrall of their hormones. Heedless of the fucking trio The Editor throw himself into his husband’s arms, kissing the villain deeply, Lightningstrikes’ erection prodding into his husband’s side.

“Shall we celebrate at home, honey?” Lightningstrikes purred. Glancing back at the trio of fucking bears who were deep in each other’s asses, the Editor chuckled before nodding. More than likely the three would be picked up when they had reverted to their human form, but as usual they would probably escape in a day before committing more crimes. The power couple disappeared in a streak of lightning towards their home, preparing themselves for another night of fucking while the Editor planned more heroes’ downfalls.

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