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Rewriting Marshall Ace

By Somnius -
published September 15, 2019
1984 words

The Editor tries out more subtle approach, will he succeed?

Hello guys, I really love this series so when i saw that it’s now a community series i decided to contribute. I hope someone would continue this story and who knows, maybe the Master Jerker himself.

Long time reader, First time poster. English is also not my native language, so please don’t be harsh on me.

Thanks in advance and Enjoy !

Jean laughed as he read the news while he laid in bed. “The Black Furs Robbed National Bank!” Apparently the incestuous bear family had chosen The Black Furs as their new villain name. The once virtuous heroes having fallen so low.

Greg pulled Jean into a kiss. “Stop looking at your phone and let’s fuck,” before he continued to pinch Jean’s nipple. Everyday with his husband was filled with kinky sex and it was wonderful. They continued the make out session as Greg started to finger Jean’s ass. “It’s my turn to top, honey.” Then Greg powered his finger with a tiny electric jolt causing Jean to shudder from the sudden tingling in his rear, touching all of the right spots. With his other hand Greg poured more lube and aligned his dick with Jean’s hole. Jean started to see white as Greg penetrated his hole. “I’m gonna start moving, honey.” And Greg pounded his hole. “Oh fuck, I really love your dick.” Jean said as Greg moved more intensely, bringing him closer and closer to climax. They keep going at it as Jean played with Greg’s nipples and pinched those pink, swollen nipples hard. They kissed and came together at the same time with Greg’s dick still deep in Jean’s ass.

With his latest converts, Jean was growing increasingly confident about his ability as The Editor. But the same problem still persisted, stronger heroes having a better mental fortitude and Jean needed to find a way to solve this problem. An idea finally came to his mind, that if directly confronting superheroes to change them doesn’t work, maybe he should do a more subtle approach. Maybe he needs to weaken their guard first before making any drastic changes.

And so, to test his method Jean goes into the city, strolling to find any test subject. It was early in the evening and Jean found himself walking into a bar when he found something weighing down his pocket. A scroll having materialized in his pocket, signaling that a hero was near. After taking a seat at a table, he subtly slipped the scroll from his pocket to pour over the information.

Name : Evan Roger

(Superhero identity : Marshall Ace)

Age : 28

Jackpot! If it wasn’t the leader of the Hero Union himself, Jean thought. Before reading more about Marshall Ace, Jean decided to change the scroll into notepad for easier use, and so to avoid suspicion.

The Marshall can be easily seen sitting at the counter and beside him is one of his close aide, Robert Barnes. Jean smiles as he finds himself a spot in a table on the corner.

He couldn’t help but admire Marshall Ace’s physique. Even without his superhero costume, Marshall Ace still looked attractive with his short immaculate blonde hair and a plain white shirt that doesn’t really hide his sculpted body.

Jean flipped a few pages on his notepad to search for any information necessary to his plan. There are his power, his description, his hometown, childhood, his virtue and there it is, his likes and dislikes.

" …due to his Superhuman metabolism, he is resistant to being drunk."

Jean crossed a line and adds a new word, crossed his finger and hopes it’s subtle enough that he won’t notice anything.

" …due to his Superhuman metabolism, he is weak to being drunk."

Jean looks at Evan’s table. The hero drinks a glass of beer and his face turns redder, He seems to lose more inhibition as he laughs when Robert cracks a joke. Jean smiles, thankfully the hero doesn’t notice anything wrong with the situation. And he continues to read into his dislike and finds an interesting line.

" …Evan Roger love Robert Barnes and treats him like family since childhood"

Since Evan is drunk now, maybe it’s time to step up a bit and add more bold changes.

“…Evan Roger lusts after Robert Barnes and treats him like a lover since childhood”

The air between the two seems to change a little, where there was a look of trust in Evan’s eye, there is definitely an adoration when Evan looks at Robert now. Robert puts his hand on Evan’s shoulder and they locked eyes for a second. Jean smiles even wider, since things start to get more fun.

There’s a visible tent in Evan’s pants now, and he gets even closer to Robert, eventually kissing him. To Jean’s surprise, Robert doesn’t reject the sudden invasion and starts kissing back, before suddenly stopping flustered about this development.

Jean looks back to his notepad. This is an opportunity he must not miss.

“…Evan enjoys public service, he feels satisfaction from helping people”

Jean changes more lines, he smiles with excitement.

*“…Evan enjoys public sex, he feels satisfaction from helping people reaching orgasm”

At the hero’s table, Evan’s expression changes from embarrassment, to lust and Evan laughs as he cues to Robert, inviting him to the bathroom. Jean starts to get hard, he can’t believe the virtuous hero is going to have sex in public bathroom. He wants to see but this is the perfect time to write more drastic changes, while the hero is drunk on lust. And so he’s going back to page one.

Name : Evan Roger

(Superhero identity : Marshall Ace)

Age : 28

Superpower : Superhuman strength, speed, durability, agility, reflexes, senses, and mental processing.

Sexuality : Bisexual

Evan Roger is an ideal role model in his community, he believes that every person is equal and there’s a purpose in life. He wants to create a world to his idealism where everyone can feel secure and safe in the protection of heroes.

Jean cross most of the sentences, the changes he make are no longer subtle, he want to see if this method works or not, even if it fails.

Name : Evan Roger

(Superhero identity : Marshall Ace)

Age : 28

Superpower : Superhuman strength, speed, durability, agility, reflexes, senses, libido, dick and mental processing.

Sexuality : Gay

Evan Roger is an ideal role model in gay fetish community, he believes that everyone else is equally inferior to him and the purpose in life is sex and pleasure. He wants to create a world to his ideals where everyone can have sex whenever and wherever they want.

Jean feels a wave of change. Transforming the leader of Hero Union would have a huge impact upon the world, and he certainly would want to see the transformation with his eyes, and he runs into the bathroom.

Robert is giving Evan a blowjob in the corner of the bathroom as he feels something hard on his tongue. He spits the dick out of his mouth and surprised that Evan’s dick is suddenly pierced with a big Prince Albert.

He blinks his eyes, as he sees the air around them seems to distort, then he looks into Evan. Evan’s hair grow upwards, stylizing itself into a pompadour, while his sideburns grow into mutton chops. He smiles to Robert, “Fuck, Robert you’re so sexy with that collar.” Evan, still lost in the feeling of pleasure doesn’t realize a septum ring materialized on his nose.

Evan’s white shirt twists, wrapping Evan’s plump, solid pecs as it morphs into a leather harness. He absentmindedly plays with his nipples when two hoops materializes on his nipples. Evan feels a rush of pleasure from playing with his new rings.

Robert sense something is very wrong, but a sudden wave of dizziness invades his mind, fogging it with lust to suck his master’s cock. Master? …yes, master’s juicy super-sized cock, waiting for him to suck on. He starts to lick on his bulbing head, tasting a drip of tasty precum and he sucks on his cock feverishly, not realizing that his clothes disappeared, leaving him only wearing a leather jockstrap and a leather band on his right arm.

Jean entered the bathroom, wondering for a second where is Marshall Ace until he realized that this pierced leather daddy in front of him is actually the former superhero whose expression twisted into perverse lust.

Evan tugs at Robert’s hair. “Yeah, suck it boy.” Robert’s hair turns into a mohawk, leaving the sides of his head completely hairless. All the while Evan’s own pants shorten into leather shorts and his shoes spreads up, becoming leather boots. His boxer shorts morphed into a leather jockstrap with a star on its cock pouch.

Evan, surprised with the new stranger barging into the bathroom shouts to Jean. “Hey fucker, what the fuck you looking at? You want to join me breeding this pig?” His voice is deep and hoarse, in a commanding tone.

Jean is lost for words, he can’t believe what he’s hearing from the person who used to be Marshall Ace. “Turn around Pig, I want to fuck your hole.” It was not a request but an order. The man on the ground turns around, showing his collar with a name tag that reads ‘Bobby’. He smiles dumbly, no sign of intelligence on his eyes. “This pig has another hole to use.” Bobby yelped as Evan spanks him hard.

Fuck. A hero transformed into exhibitionist pervert inviting Jean for sex. How can he say no? He opens his pants, showing a hard on that Bobby eagerly licks. Bobby starts sucking on Jean’s dick when he suddenly whimper at Evan’s raw dick penetrating his hole.

Evan keeps fucking him with his superhuman dick that makes Bobby moan in pleasure. Evan’s dick is huge that it’s painful but it’s also so fucking good. All the while Jean fucks Bobby’s face while admiring the leather daddy’s obscenely bulging muscles and pierced nipples, inviting him to have a taste.

Evan notices Jean practically drooling at his pecs and grins. “You like my nipples? Come suck ’em.” Evan pulls Jean’s face towards his nipples. It was heavenly and Evan’s smell is so masculine.

Evan gets even more in lust and fucks Bobby more intensely, a muffled moan can be heard from Bobby. Jean moves upward and kisses Evan, making out passionately. Jean feels his orgasm coming and he let out a flood of cum into the boy’s mouth, who savours the taste of the cum and swallows eagerly. The boy tightens his hole even more, and the overwhelming pleasure triggers the daddy and the boy to cum simultaneously.

“I’m not usually into smaller guys but fuck, you’re hot.” Evan taps Jean’s shoulder while he’s putting on his pants. “What’s your name, boy?” Jean grins, feeling satisfied that his plan had worked. “My name’s Jean,”

“Oh, are you Greg’s husband? I think he mentioned something about you,” Evan laughs. “People call me Master, or Master Ace, the leader of Homo Union.” Jean chuckled, his edits was changing more than what he expected. The three of them walk out from the bathroom, with Bobby down in all fours. He walks behind Master Ace who pulls him with a leash.

The bar’s patrons sneer at them at disgust, clearly knowing what happened in the bathroom. Master Ace looks at them back with dominating presence. He clearly knows he’s superior from them.

Jean can’t hold his laugh at the sight before him. Excited to think about who’s next to corrupt.

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Author's & Reviewer's Panel
This is a community series!
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Additional Owners: Somnius