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Experimental Edits

By MasterJerker -
published December 12, 2018
3880 words

After his first conquest of a hero the Editor is ready to try out his powers on others, though he’s not quite as strong as he thinks he is.

Thank you to everyone who read my prior story, I hope this one lives up to the excitement everyone got from the first story! I hope this one lives up to expectations, and especially thanks to Bibimbap for their suggestions which I used part of in this story. :D

Experimental Edits

“Damn it!” Jean growled, The Editor persona dropped for the moment as he stomped through his house. Before his Editing of Lightningstrikes he’d been living in a shitty apartment downtown, but now he was in the lap of luxury in his husband’s mansion.

Walking behind his husband eying Jean’s ass, Greg looked ready to jump out of his rubber suit to fuck the other man silly. “C’mon honey, it’s not that bad, so you couldn’t Edit them, it’s not like we can’t try again in the future,” the villain soothed his partner. Jean wanted to be angry… but just glancing at his partner got him too horny to argue, with his muscled physique and that rubber outfit that hugged every inch of his body… well he was hard to say the least.

Shaking his head in exasperation Jean flopped into a couch, leaning into his hand with a look of irritation. “I was sure I’d be able to Edit anyone, but it looks like the stronger the super the better they can fight my power,” he groaned. Either Lightningstrikes had been weak as a hero, or he hadn’t been paying too much attention to his changes to fight against them. “Thanks for getting me out of that situation, hun,” Jean said before his husband leaned to give him a deep kiss. Reaching up to pinch the rubberclad nipple of Greg Jean was tempted to give in to an absurd amount of sex… but he resisted for the moment, after all they’d just escaped from a group of supers who had been dead set on catching the infamous pair, The Editor and Lightningstrikes.

According to his new memories, Jean and Greg had been married for three years now and had made a name for themselves as a pair of dastardly villains that nobody had been able to catch. The Editor had been thought to be powerless for the longest time, just a tagalong to aid in carrying any loot they snatched. Now the heroes would be aware of his power as one of them had strongly fought against it, telling the others that The Editor had been trying to change him. If not for his husband they would’ve been captured, but with a powerful strike of lightning destroying the library along with much of the information within they would’ve been captured. Greg had picked up his husband and had transformed them both into electricity and flew off with the heroes in the process of trying to preserve the information. While that happened the villainous pair had returned to their estate allowing them to resume their civilian identities.

Greg had returned to his persona of being a power mogul for the nearby cities, before his change he’d been using rods in the basement to pump a ton of energy into them to power the cities while earning himself money. Now though with the changes he’d become the mogul he’d pretended to be, pumping pollution into the environment via coal burning factories. Meanwhile Jean was just a doting husband who worked as an editor, so while his husband had become a proper villain, Jean had stayed mostly consistent. “Not interested in some fun?” Greg breathed, obviously eager to fuck his partner silly.

“While I’d love that… really,” Jean promised, “I have to get more things done as The Editor. If I’m going to be outed as the super I really am, I can’t let people get too overly prepared to defend themselves against my power. I need to get stronger, and that can only happen if I test my power. Why don’t you relax for a bit, hun? I’ll be back tonight and then we can really get down to the fun… I definitely want to come home to you wearing that rubber jockstrap I bought you,” he said with a devious wink.While he spoke he’d pulled out his paper and scribbled on it quickly, causing a tiny jockstrap to form in Greg’s underwear drawer which contained several other rubber items now after The Editor’s machinations.

A sly grin slid up Greg’s face, he laid another kiss on his husband’s lips, his facial hair tickling Jean’s skin. “Sounds good, but don’t be home too late, or else I’ll be putting you into a rubber straightjacket,” he chuckled with a wink. Jean had learned while perusing Greg’s backstory before Editing it that the man was a serious BDSM kinkster, so he’d left that in while adding the rubber kink.

Chuckling to himself as he prepared himself to leave out the front door again Jean smiled back at his husband. “Of course, hun, I’ll be home as soon as possible,” he promised.

Strolling through the city streets The Editor was prepared at any moment to run into any villain or hero, after all there were a plethora in this part of the world… so he was a bit surprised when he’d run into who didn’t go either way. When he felt the familiar weight of the scroll in his jacket pocket he pulled it out to reveal a man in his early forties, neither hero nor villain, just a man who happened to have a power that he didn’t much care to use. That stroked The Editor’s interest, he hadn’t given much thought to people like that, ones who had powers but didn’t actively use them. “Interesting…” he murmured.

*Name: Ray Jenks

Age: 43

Power: Appendage Growth: Capable of making any singular part of his body to expand, and strengthen that body part’s capabilities.

Job: Foreman

Sexuality: Straight

Marital Status: Dating a 20 something babe he coerced with promises of riches and great sex.*

There was more than went into detail about his life, but quite frankly it was all rather ordinary aside from the fact that he had a power at all. That power though he paused on, the ability to expand any appendage would certainly make sex interesting if nothing else. The Editor was a bit frustrated as he had the description of the man, but he didn’t have any idea of what the man looked like. The scroll quickly contributed to that as an illustration of the man formed in the upper right corner that showed a balding greasy looking man, he was thick, though he’d certainly put on plenty of fat. “Well at least there’s something to work with,” The Editor chuckled.

Looking around it took The Editor a little while to find Ray, but soon enough he was peering into a small sandwich shop chowing down on a club sandwich. He looked to be an irritable man from the way he was scowling at his food as if it had personally insulted him, but that didn’t much matter to the Editor as he felt an idea stir in his head. “Alright, Ray, you sound to be in a boring job, so let’s shake things up,” he said to himself. Anybody walking by shot him some odd glances and picked up their pace, more often than not words like that lead to some villain suddenly bursting through a wall or something equally terrible.

Picking up his pen The Editor started to rewrite aspects of Ray’s life, this man didn’t even realize anything was wrong as long as The Editor wrote down the new details of his life. Whenever he scribbled through a line of information it would quickly be replaced by new words that he wrote underneath the details, he felt his pants tighten at the words he wrote. Already the world was starting to make minute changes, shifting towards the new fate of the man that sat within the shop. His writing was scribbling, a little rough, but it wasn’t dependant on the legibility of the edits but rather the intention behind the words, so finally The Editor finished and let out a moan as he looked at the words.

*Name: Papa Ray

Age: 48

Power: Arousal Growth: Dependant on how erect Papa Ray is he gets stronger, his body growing accordingly along with his shaft. Once he cums he slowly weakens, but he has near infinite stamina when it comes to sex.

Job: The owner of the gayest leather bar in the city which was converted from a small sandwich shop and has a staff of gay leather daddies.

Sexuality: Gay as sin

Marital Status: Married to Elastic Stretch, the rubber hero who is one of the few people who can fit all of his husband’s cock in his rear. Though the hero tries to hide it, he has a major leather fetish that comes out when he’s around his husband.*

The world shifted around the building, what was once a small quaint sandwich shop suddenly shifted, becoming larger with blackened windows and a new clientele gathering about the shop consisting of leather wearing men. The Editor groaned deep in his chest at the sight of so many hairy men, though there were plenty of men who were trying to look the part of leather otters, and that just sent shivers down his spine. The bar itself was large, loud, and carried the name of “Papa Ray’s Wet Dream” proudly. With a smile on his face The Editor slid the scroll back into his jacket as a man slipped out from the club, slipping past the bouncers at the door.

The part that had been the most questionable was adding in a hero to the super’s backstory, he had no idea if it would take as Elastic Stretch was a hero from another city, and yet as he tried to slip away unnoticed by the crowd The Editor felt himself growing excited at the sight. The doors to the club swung open shortly after allowing Papa Ray to come stomping out, gone was the regular foreman that The Editor had seen in the scroll moments before, this man was HUGE and seemed to possess pure sexual energy. He’d shaved his head completely and was wearing clothing that very nearly infringed on public indecency. “Hey!” the man roared. His voice was the kind that commanded attention, and though the fleeing man obviously had somewhere to go he froze at the sound and turned. “You were trying to get away without saying goodbye?” Papa Ray growled.

Everyone in the area had their eyes glued on the man, whether they were straight or gay, he commanded attention and a healthy fear. “H… hun, I have something I have to do,” Elastic said obviously concerned about the onlookers. He didn’t move as Papa Ray stomped towards him, his leather pants creaking ominously from the erection pressed tightly against the material… one that scared even The Editor at the thought of being fucked by that stick.

Grabbing the chin of the hero Papa Ray gazed down with a mixture of dominance and love on the hero, pulling him into a deep kiss before breaking it off and giving the hero a commanding glare. “Be home within three hours, I need to get rid of some of this excess energy,” he growled. The way he groped his crotch it was plainly obvious what he meant, and many of the men around them let out a variety of moans and sighs at the desire of getting that pounding, but none of them said such as Elastic blushed.

“Y… yeah, Papa,” Elastic whimpered. The hero’s erection was clear as he broke away from his husband and ran past The Editor, not paying him any attention as he rushed to address the emergency he’d been call away to take care of. The Editor watched as Papa Ray strut past the crowd once more to enter his building, but not before giving them a burning glance that told every one of them how strong he was before he stepped back into the building.

“Perfect,” The Editor giggled. He hadn’t been sure how much of an effect he had on the world around the subject of his Edits, but obviously his power had a major impact. The only downside was that the willpower of the affected party should be taken in account, that was extremely important. So the Editor went on his way to find somebody to affect next, though he intended on coming back to write himself as a friend of Papa Ray so he could get a quick pass into the building, after all there was a lot of fun to be had within… hell, maybe his husband would look hot in leather once in a while.

Wrapped up in his thoughts about his newest Edits the Editor allowed himself to get complacent, so much so that he very nearly walked right into a hero’s chest. “Halt, Editor!” a commanding voice shouted. Jerked out of his own thoughts the Editor glanced up to see a man wearing a casual pair of pants, a form fitting t-shirt, and had several balls of water floating about him.

“Shit… Hydration,” the Editor growled. It wasn’t so much that he wasn’t excited to test out his abilities on another hero, but more so that he didn’t know the extents of his powers yet. Lightningstrikes had been strong, but certainly wasn’t the mental equivalent of a genius, but Hydration had always been one who planned things out. Just to prove that fact the Editor looked around to see that the streets were cleared and several walls of water were now blocking any exits that the villain might use. “Well then… can’t say I was expecting you,” The Editor said slowly. Hydration was a well known hero who was more often used for missions about large bodies of water as that made him extremely powerful, but the hero was also capable of drawing the water straight out of the air.

For that very reason the Editor could feel the air was drier than normal, he was dearly thankful that the man wasn’t capable of pulling the water and moisture out of people or that could be dangerous. “I was in town for a convention, and while I was on my way to that very convention I was informed that you and your partner launched an attack on a library along with a fellow hero. We don’t know what you were attempting to do, but it’s obvious that you have a power, one that you chose to hide for a very long time,” Hydration growled while he eyed the Editor carefully.

The Editor held his hand out, he felt the scroll in his jacket pocket, and though he hadn’t attempted this yet he focused on having the scroll in his hand. Suddenly the scroll was in his right hand and he sighed in relief, he was certain if he’d reached into his pocket he would’ve been assaulted. “Do you mind if I read this real quick?” he questioned. Without awaiting Hydration’s answer he pulled the scroll open and read its contents while Hydration answered in the negative, but since it didn’t immediately do anything the hero observed their surroundings to make sure there were no civilians in their vicinity.

*Name: Parshall Hexton (Superhero Identity: Hydration)

Age: 30

Power: Water Manipulation: Capable of manipulating any water, be it in the air, in a large body of water, or even within a living body.*

Freezing up the Editor stared at those words, so he WAS capable of using the moisture in a human body, but he apparently restrained himself from doing so. Such things were often a defining line between being a hero and a villain, and Hydration was a staunch hero who had used his powers to often put out many fires earning himself quite a bit of praise from firefighters. Regardless he was aware that he was running on short time as Hydration was starting to focus on him once more, so he whipped out his quill and quickly scribbled down something below the relevant information.

Jumping to the Editor’s aid, Lightningstrikes had heard rumors that Hydration was attacking his partner, so he attacked Hydration in a sneak attack.

Just like that a bolt of electricity flew out and struck Hydration, the water based hero yelling out in pain as he was launched sideways. The Editor’s husband standing where Hydration had moments before, standing tall with his erection and rubber clad body. “Are you alright, the Editor?” he said in his dramatic voice.

“I’m fine, Lightning, can you please keep Hydration busy? I have some business to do,” The Editor said as he was skimming the last of the information on the paper. Lightningstrikes didn’t have to be told twice as Hydration was already forming his protective barriers, forming several walls of water between himself and the electric villain. He needed to get some backup, but Lightningstrikes wasn’t one to lollygag as he started to toss waves of electricity that the hero needed to avoid.

*Job: Bartender for a very prestigious bar, but primarily works as a superhero earning a lot of money from commercials he records.

Sexuality: Bi-curious, prefers women but admires the male form though he isn’t sure if he is attracted to them.

Marital status: Married to his right hand*

A snort ripped itself from The Editor despite himself, apparently his power had a sense of humor, but he needed to keep himself focused. While Lightningstrikes had the upper hand power-wise, Hydration was an agile hero who was able to use his power to redirect the electricity away from himself.

Hydration never graduated high school, dropping out early since he’d never been able to get high grades in any class. Instead he’d become a lifeguard, one who oggled men and women both and didn’t much worry about excelling in his mental faculties.

Pulling his quill away from the paper Hydration jerked unconsciously, suddenly his skin started to darken like he spent a lot of time tanning, and his outfit also became a bit more revealing. He was suddenly wearing shorts that showed off his rather impressive calves, and his shirt was a tubetop showing off his ripped arms. “W… what happened?” Hydration said, shaking his head in confusion. He was struck by lightning in his sudden confusion sending him sprawling, Lightningstrikes didn’t seem to notice his adversarie’s change as he continued to fling electricity without a concern.

Rolling out of the way of his enemy’s bolts Hydration got back to his feet, and though a lot of his intelligence had been bled away he was still fast and was able to dodge a lot of the attacks. “You two should give up, I’m sure my friends will be showing up soon,” Hydration shouted. He looked ridiculous in his current clothing, looking more like a lifeguard than a hero, but he still wielded a firm grasp of his powers.

Hydration never admits it to anyone, but he is a huge fan of watersports, and it’s for this reason he prefers men as their dicks are great to spray all over his face. He often falters during fights against men for this reason, images of cocks spraying piss all over him making him erect.

This change was far more disarming as Hydration’s eyes widened, his pants immediately tenting as he oggled the bulge within Lightningstrikes’ pants. He yelled as he was struck by yet another bolt of electricity, quite frankly the Editor was shocked he was still standing. “Perhaps you should just give up, Hydration, I doubt you’ll win!” the Editor tried. He wanted to experiment more with this hero, but part of him felt guilty that he was putting a hero through all of this torture. He gestured for his husband to back up for the moment, many of the water walls that the hero had built up had faded as he’d been able keep up his forethought from earlier.

Slowly climbing to his feet Hydration shook away the effects of the bolts from earlier, his eyes glazed for a moment before he pushed his chest out. “I… I am a hero, I will do my duty, there is no giving up!” he announced. Letting out a sigh the Editor decided his fun was done as he did an extensive edit, a smile playing across his lips despite his apparent reluctance.

Yellowwater the piss hero is easily one of the most avoided heroes in the city, though he is dedicated to the cause as a hero he is also one of the most disgusting heroes. Only able to use untreated piss water, Yellowwater is always seen chugging waters and whipping out his dick to let out a stream of piss to manipulate it. The hero is only capable of manipulating piss, which while disgusting isn’t exactly the most noble of hero powers, and more often than once he’s been thrown in jail for public indecency. The piss hero can be decently effective, if not extremely disgusting, when around sewer drains, able to draw out the piss water within. He is also a watersports fiend, having his sexual partners piss all over him, he uses such liquids to drain into a bladder for further use against his enemies in the future.

The world shuddered with the power of this Edit, several events of the world turning out different due to Hydration’s sudden change, many things he’d been able to alter were undone by Yellowwater’s very specific power, and suddenly Yellowwater was only wearing a speedo to allow easy access to his dick. His shirt looked to be stained with piss as well causing both the Editor and his husband to assume several things about the perverted hero, while Yellowwater stared at them with anger. “You two are going to go down! Then perhaps I can get some piss out of you just to make up for the urine I’m going to have to use to defeat you both!” he announced proudly. It was like the hero was completely unaware how ridiculous his powers truly were, though since the Editor wrote him like that he shouldn’t have been too shocked.

“Knock him down, honey, I think we should go home,” the Editor sighed. It was an easy task as Lightningstrikes sent a bolt of electricity out at the controversial hero, and just like that Yellowwater was sent sprawling and unconscious. The Editor was gathered up in his lover’s arms before the pair turned into electricity, rushing off towards home once more while The Editor contemplated what he might do in the future with his powers.

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