Casey's Dog Life - Chapter 04: Path Of Leashed Resistance

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Casey acclimates to his new life as Rock’s dog slave as he starts to regain his ability to think for himself and make his own decisions.

Casey’s tight ass has never been as sore as it is when he wakes up in the closed kennel under the television. It’s Saturday morning, and the delicious twink is comfortable on his dog bed, with the door to the kennel locked.

It’s nothing special, just a simple bolt that keeps the door from coming open unattended - he could easily reach between the wide bars and open it himself.

But he doesn’t want to.

Anyway, Rock will come let him out once he’s up. And if he has to go to the bathroom, he can let himself out and get back in afterwards. And on top of that, he feels surprisingly comfortable on his plush mat.

The morning solitude gives Casey some time to think. About the past week, and especially the day before. Questions start to rise. Why did he do the things he did, and why does he feel good for doing them?

And why does he get so hard when he thinks about Rock? He’s straight, for fuck’s sake! And yet…

Well, now that he’s hard… he might as well see to his morning wood. He grips that thick rod firmly with both hands -needing both hands to manipulate it well- and pumps it like there’s no tomorrow, groaning and grunting as he arches in place.

But he can’t bring himself to climax. He needs permission from his owner for that.

And for some reason, no matter how hard he tries to think of beautiful women, his thoughts drift to Rock mounting him from behind, though he’s probably still asleep in his bedroom down the hall. He could go check on him… but why leave the kennel?

It’s such a nice pen, and all his! There’s enough room for him to stretch his legs, and the mattress put down is quite comfortable. He’s got a nice pillow and a soft warm blanket, and it fills him with a sense of security, like being indoors during a storm.

He lays there, perfectly content, for about an hour, alone with his thoughts, until finally there’s a thump from Rock’s room.

He quietly opens the door and comes into the living room, where he sees Casey is awake already.

“You’re up!” he smiles, coming over to open the bolt and let his pet out. “How do you feel?”

“Like I got tied to a bench and had my ass fucked raw by your massive throbbing cock for about an hour or two.” Casey replies, climbing out through the open door in the middle of the kennel cabinet.

“Four hours, actually, but you went into a state for the latter half.” Rock explains. “Maybe I should have captured the magic on video so we could watch it together now.”

“Rather not…” the delicious twink groans, stretching his arms and back. “Was it… really necessary to cum inside me?”

“Absolutely.” Rock smiles, licking his lips at the memory. “It was unavoidable. Pumping my whole load deep inside you was my way of staking claim over you. You understand that, right?”

Casey sighs weakly. “I… guess that makes sense.”

“Am I gonna get a ‘thank you’?”

The delicious twink immediately lets out a slightly flat “Thank you, master, for pumping your hot load up my tight ass.”

It makes the huge fella smile ear-to-ear.

“Joking aside… How do you feel?” Rock asks.

Casey takes a moment before replying “I feel… different.”

“Better or worse?”

Different.” Casey returns.

Rock leans in with a serious tone of voice. “Happy or unhappy?”

“Not unhappy…” Casey sighs. “I dunno. I feel weird. But certainly not unhappy, or bad.”

“Alright. Seems you’re reverting back to your thinking self. That’s good - didn’t want you to be a robot.” the huge hunk goes on. “And I’m glad you’re not mad.”

“Well, cards on the table, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy what you did on and inside me last night. But I did, sort of, but only a little bit, and now I feel… I don’t know how I feel. I know I don’t feel up to being mounted.” the delicious twink replies. “If there’s to be any more playing around it’s gotta be baby-steps.”

Rock is delighted that Casey seems up for ‘more playing’, whatever that may entail. “That’s fair. I want to build a strong relationship and I don’t mind putting in the time to make it work.”

Relationship?” Casey blinks. “It’s not anything if one of us can’t say ‘no’…”

“Alright.” Rock allows immediately. “That’s no more than fair. If you feel really strongly, I won’t push the issue. But aside from those moments you should still do everything else I say. Agreed?”

Agreed.” Casey promises. “Anything… reasonable.”

“Like… can I make you straddle my lap?” Rock grins, snapping his finger.

Casey sighs, though immediately moves to climb onto Rock’s large, muscular legs, his large cock and balls rubbing against his owner’s huge bulge, with only the fabric of his boxers to separate their warm, swelling bits.

“How about a kiss?” Rock asks.

Now Casey makes a sour face. “I… really don’t wanna.”

“How about a peck on the cheek?”

Right away, the blonde twink leans down, hands flat against Rock’s massive chiseled chest and puts his lips against the dark haired hunk’s side bristle.

Rock’s large hands grab Casey by the hips and rubs the boy against his lap, chuckling as those hands then slide up those bare sides, feeling his dog’s body up.

Those greedy paws touch the twink’s bulging pectorals, and the huge hunk licks his lips, rubbing himself up against the naked boy.

“Oh, come on…” Casey whines, though remaining obediently in place.

Spoilsport.” he teases back. “Alright, on your feet.”

Casey jumps to his feet, worked up in a full blush. He’s breathing heavy, his heart is racing, but his regains his cool quickly, and clears his throat - even though his intimidating erection is impossible to hide. “So, uh, what’re we gonna do today?”

“It’s Saturday, there’s no class… I wanna go somewhere. We have to be back in the afternoon because someone important is coming to visit you, but, I wanna spend some time with you.” Rock grins. “Let’s go to the park. I know something fun to do there, you’re gonna love it! In fact, I’m sure you’re gonna love it so much you’re gonna thank me afterwards!”

Casey squirms at the thought of going outside, and the red of his blush intensifies. “Can I wear some clothes?”

“Sure.” his owner allows with a smile. “If you promise to be a good boy, that is.”

“I promise.” Casey nods agreeably. “Didn’t plan on misbehaving.”

“Are you going to keep your collar on?” Rock asks. “You look so cute in it.”

“Yeah. Of course.” Casey nods casually. “I promised I wouldn’t take it off, didn’t I?”

“You weren’t yourself yesterday, though.”

“Yeah, well… I still promised. It’s no big deal, right?” the delicious twink admits. “Besides, I do look cute in it.”

“Have you checked the back of your tag at all?” the dark haired hunk chuckles. “Do you know what it says?”

Casey walks to the mirror by the front door and turns his bone shaped tag around. On the front it says ‘Casey’ in big letters, and on the back…

‘This dog slave is property of Rock Hardwood. If found, please call 9-868-26-26-34’

He’s reading it in mirror reverse, but it’s clear to him.

“I… I hadn’t noticed. Didn’t bother to check, really.”

“What do you think?” Rock grins.

“It’s a good idea.” Casey blinks. “In case I ever get lost or something.”

“And of course, I wanna keep you on a leash. Strictly speaking it’s not necessary but for now I wanna keep you close so you don’t get distracted and wander off.”

“Alright.” the delicious twink agrees again. “Sounds good.”

“And what if we come across someone who asks what we’re doing and why you’re on a leash?”

Casey doesn’t need even a second to think about his owner’s question. “I’ll explain to them that you’re my master and you own me as your obedient and completely willing dog slave.”

It seems the concept doesn’t strike Casey as strange at all, which excites the massive hunk.

“And you don’t mind telling people that?”

Of course not, why would it? It’s perfectly normal; we’re just two regular guys, except I voluntarily relinquished all control over myself to you to be my master and owner because I trust and respect you so much!” Casey insists, biting his lip a little. “I’m kinda hoping someone -anyone- asks so I can tell them I’m your property and domestic companion slave. It’s… exciting.”

“Well, I’m gonna introduce you to someone, I’m sure she’ll ask - and if she doesn’t I’ll ask her to ask.” Rock chuckles. “You can then tell her all about us, and feel free to take as long as you want in telling her how much you love being my obedient slave, and how excited you are to be my property for the rest of your life.”

Ooh…” Casey says, blushing a little. “I’m really looking forward to it, master!”

Wonderful!” Rock chuckles, a mischievous glint in his eyes. “I got some new clothes in your size yesterday, and I know exactly what I want you to wear for our first little outing.”

Casey could not expect that the outfit he’d be presented with would be a tight black jockstrap, tight denim shorts that emphasize his massive bulge and show the jockstrap underneath, and a tight pink crop top with the phrase ‘I ♥ COCK’ in bold print on the front.

It’s much, much more than a little bit humiliating, sure, but it’s better than nothing, and once he’s got it on and sees his reflection in the mirror, Casey even starts to think he looks really cute.

Finally, a pair of black ankle socks and a set of white tennis shoes.

“How do you feel?” Rock asks, as he catches Casey checking himself out in the mirror.

“It looks good, don’t get me wrong… but for some reason I feel a little awkward wearing clothes. Not just these clothes… I don’t think I wanna wear any clothes.”

“Would you rather go nude?” the huge hunk teases. “I’m up for it if you are, it’s one of the perks of being my dog…”

“I’ll pass for now.” Casey says after giving it a little thought, though softly adding “Maybe some day… in the summer.”

Rock grabs his keys from the bowl by the door and clips the leash, the loop already hanging around his wrist, to Casey’s collar. “Come now. Let’s go.”

“So, where are we going?” Casey asks as they descend the stairs in the hallway to reach the underground parking garage.

“I’m friends with someone who lives in the building. She’s nice, you’ll like her.” his owner explains. “We’re gonna pay her a visit at work.”

“I thought we were going to the park.”

“We are.” Rock nods. “She works there.” He uses the remote on his key chain to unlock the doors to his car, and the lights flash, showing Casey which car to approach.

“She works at the park?” Casey blinks, as he gets into Rock’s car. “As a custodian?”

“You’ll see.” Rock teases, grinning as he gets behind the wheel.

He’s mum the rest of the trip, and Casey’s excitement only grows as they get closer to their destination.

Rather than go to the part of the park he was expecting, with the eatery, the playground and the lake with ducks, he takes his pet around the other side, onto a parking lot to a gymnasium.

“Oh… is your friend into sports?” Casey blinks.

“Nope.” Rock chuckles, getting out of the car and coming around to open Casey’s door as the twink waits patiently to be let out.

He clips the leash on quickly, and gives it a brief tug to make the handsome boy follow.

Rock signs up at the front desk, leaving Casey tied by the front door, his leash clipped around a handrail, just to keep him in suspense.

Finally he leads his delicious twink into a changing room, where he opens the predetermined locker with a key he got from the front desk. “Leave your clothes here.” Rock instructs.

Casey immediately complies, though he looks a bit flustered. “Won’t people mind?”

Rock chuckles. “You’ll see. I’m sure you’re gonna love it!”

Casey puts his things neatly in the locker and follows his owner, fully nude and unashamed, into the large gymnasium itself, where a bunch of people are spread out in pairs on large colorful mats, one on all fours and the other standing by them, holding a leash and a small fob that clicks.

The woman in front speaks to them, “Keep practicing. I’ll be right back.” and walks over to Rock and Casey.

“Here she comes.” Rock chuckles. “Be very nice to her.”

The woman is Rock’s age, with long red hair and a slim, athletic build. She’s the kind of girl who’d go running not just to start to day but to wind down in the evening, too.

“Casey, this is my friend; Clara Price. She runs a pet training class five times a week for lucky people like us.” Rock says, introducing the beautiful young woman to his dog slave. “She lives in our building, she’s one of my tenants on the eighth floor.”

Clara smiles brightly as she looks Casey up and down. “Nice catch. Finally found someone you clicked with, huh? Only took you, what, three whole years?”

“A little over four, actually.” Rock nods. “Come on, Casey, introduce yourself.”

Hello.” the delicious twink smiles at Clara. “I’m Casey, Master Rock’s obedient dog slave. I’ve only been his property since yesterday but I can’t express in words how really, really, really excited I am to do everything he says for the rest of my life…”

Clara notices that as Casey explains his desire to be an obedient dog for his owner, he gets rock hard, and she seems pleased with it. “That’s a good reaction. He seems really into it.”

“Of course I’m super into it!” Casey blinks. “I get to obey my owner and do everything he says! Why wouldn’t I be into it? I’m living my dream life!”

“The way I understand it is that Rock’s been trying to find the right pet for the past four years but kept striking out again and again.” Clara explains. “You’ve tried, seven times? Eight?”

“This is lucky number fourteen.” Rock sighs. “Honestly after the fifth I thought I was ready to give up forever but…”

“Well, aren’t you glad you didn’t?” she smiles. “This one looks quite the prize.”

“And the treatment worked so well. Perhaps too well! He seems super into most things, but not everything.” the huge handsome hunk explains. “He’s still himself, just… better in every way that matters.”

“Sounds like we got a case of someone freed from a long life of self-denial…” she giggles. “Those are the lucky ones - they would’ve been miserable left to their own choices, spending their days desperately trying to trick themselves into believing they’re living their best life.”

“I don’t understand.” Casey says. “What do you mean, self-denial?”

“Well, conditioning can’t work if there’s nothing to work with. You can’t plant a beautiful flower garden in concrete.” Clara explains. “If you really take to the new you without issue or question… then you must have been pretty miserable the way you used to be, keeping up a constant facade to keep everyone at arms length from who you really are.”

“Are you saying… deep down, I always wanted to be someone’s slave?”

“Well, that’s perhaps oversimplifying a complex concept, but, yeah, that’s sort of right.” Clara replies. “Don’t you feel some form of relief now that you’re a dog slave?”

“I… I do feel quite a bit more… liberated. As in, I’m super psyched that my owner came and rescued me.” he admits quietly. “Is that normal? I’m worried it’s because I’m made to feel this way and… that I’m not really a voluntary participant in all this.”

“Honey, everyone here is a willing participant. If they weren’t they’d have to be tied down and you’d see them kicking and screaming and swearing up a storm! Conditioning doesn’t change people fundamentally, it just helps them be who they really are, it helps undo the damage that society has caused them by offering a fresh start.” she giggles. “Sometimes people do try in devious ways to train unwilling pets but we spot those quick and turn ‘em over to the authorities. Anyway, ‘honeymoon jitters’ are normal, they’ll go away over time. Just need some trust, faith, and obedience, and honey, we can train you to have all three in spades!”

“Don’t worry, pup.” Rock chuckles. “I know it’s all new and exciting - it’s exciting for me too! But I’m as prepared as anyone can be so try to relax and just trust me. It’s gonna be great.”

“So what’re those clicky things for?” the delicious twink wonders out loud, as he watches the rest of the class practice with keychain-like devices that produce a loud click when used.

“We use clickers for obedience training.” Clara explains. “It’s a distinct and consistent signal, marking desired behavior exactly when it’s being displayed so the slave can link their owner’s approval with whatever it is they’re doing at the time. You can pick up new tricks quick and easy like that.”

“What’s the point of obedience training if every sub here is a willing participant? If they’re here by choice then they obviously must choose to want to obey, right?” Casey wonders out loud, his mind wandering as he looks out over the class practicing in the gymnasium, one upright by a kneeling sub, leash in one hand and clicker in the other. Practicing simple commands in random order.

“Do you stop going to the gym once you’re in shape? No, you keep going to keep the shape up.” Clara explains with a smile. “With regular training, everything becomes easier and things go smoother, and obedience comes naturally. You stop having to think about it and you’re just doing whatever your owner commands from reflex. It strengthens the bond between slave and master, so I better see both of you here regularly from now on! I’ll make sure you get the family and friends discount if you come every week, in fact, I have one spot left in my Sunday morning class from half past seven until half past eleven…”

We’ll take it.” Rock decides. “We’ll be here bright and early tomorrow morning.”

“Might as well stay for today. Call it a freebie.” she smiles, and hands Rock a spare clicker to help train Casey with. “Have you thought of a dog name for Casey yet?”

“Yeah, but it’s nothing fancy.” Rock smiles. “Pup.”

Immediately Casey turns his head. “Yes?”

“Good. But don’t forget to click.” Clara smiles. “As soon as he’s flawless with one thing, cycle in a new trick and phase out clicking for whatever he’s got down pat. From there on regular praise and the occasional treat will suffice. We’ll go over the rest tomorrow at the start of class. I always begin a session going over the basics, a little more in-depth whenever we get newcomers.”

“Thanks for having us over.” Casey smiles. “Sorry for just showing up unannounced.”

“It’s my pleasure, doggy.” Clara smiles back, reaching over to pet the back of Casey’s head. “Just follow along and pay close attention and we’ll have you trained well enough to compete in dog shows in no time flat.”

With that encouragement, Clara returns to her students, stepping over to a pair of them to guide them through some trust exercises. Rock and Casey look her on as she goes.

“Clara’s pretty, isn’t she?” Rock grins, looking over his slave on a leash. “Big tits, cute face, thin waist, jiggly round butt. That’s your type, isn’t it?”

Casey doesn’t seem at all excited about Clara’s beauty. “Uh, yeah, I guess, but… she seems nice.”

“Is that all?” the dark haired hunk chuckles. “No other thoughts?”

“Uh, no.” Casey shrugs. “Should there be?”

“I was honestly worried you might try to hump her leg or something…”

The twink puffs, feeling slightly offended. “That’d be very rude.”

Still, there’s something to what Rock’s saying. Clara is very attractive… though for some reason, Casey no longer feels excited at the sight of someone like her, certainly not like he used to be.

The feeling of confusion increases when they settle in on an empty mat in the back on the far side of their half of the gymnasium - the other half is taken up by a bunch of senior citizens playing chess quietly with only the occasional cough or a chuckle to accompany a winning move, followed by a barely audible grumble from the other party. A large dividing wall made of colored cloth held up by tall poles separates the two halves, giving each the peace to do their own thing on their own time.

“Haven’t seen you at any of the meets before.” the man handling a gorgeous girl Casey’s age mentions, on the mat next to him and Rock.

“We’re new.” Rock explains. “I’m Rock, this is Casey.”

“Reginald Sharpe. Friends call me Reggie.” the man with the gray mustache replies warmly. “This is my stepdaughter Savannah.”

Savannah and Casey smile at each other in greeting.

She’s pretty enough to worry Rock - she’s just Casey’s type. The most adorable face, and such bright blue eyes. Long blonde hair in wild ponytails, and such large, round, shapely breasts and perfectly big butt and thighs with that wasp waist to separate them. She looks perfect… and Casey might get ideas.

The pair of pets are on their knees, facing each other, fully nude as they shake hands.

“Pleasure to meet you.” Casey offers.

“The pleasure is all mind, I assure you.” Savannah returns, those plush lips up in a smile. “I hope we can be friends.”

“I’d like that.” Casey replies.

The beauty crawls over and puts her soft lips on Casey’s cheek, then lets out a giggle.

“Might not see each other much I’m afraid.” Rock mentions. “We’re usually in the Sunday class…”

“We’re in the Sunday class as well, but we’re going on a trip so we switched this one time. She does so love coming here and socializing with the other pets… even if a lot of them seem intimidated by her.” Reggie explains. “What luck, Casey seems to like her just fine.”

“They seem to get along quite well.” Rock nods, a little uncomfortably. It’s not jealousy he’s feeling - it’s concern. He wants to win Casey over for himself, not let some outrageously beautiful girl snatch him away now that Rock’s so close to having a boy all his own…

She eyes Casey’s incredible body up and down, including his nervous erection. It’s large… but not as large as it was before she approached. Rock spots her staring at Casey’s hefty sausage and lick her lips.

“I’d love her to have a dog friend her age to play with but so far she’s been very picky.” the stepfather explains. “You know how girls are.”

I really don’t.” Rock chuckles. “I’ll leave that decision to Casey.”

Rock looks his pet over. From their nightly talks in the past week, Casey has next to no secrets left from Rock. Still…

Savannah should be Casey’s perfect girlfriend - she’s eager to do as she’s told, and she’s mind-meltingly beautiful, from her kissable lips to her adorable face and her utterly flawless body.

In fact, Rock feels very intimidated by Savannah, even though she seems quite docile and subservient… what if she steals Casey away?

Still, the delicious twink doesn’t seem at all interested in her - remaining merely polite to her, and playing along because it’s fun, without any agenda of progressing their standing into a more physical way.

Clara smiles as she walks up to check in on them, having her eye on them for a while now. “If Casey and Savannah get along, you’re both in my Sunday class… You finally have someone to do pair exercises with, right, Reg?”

“Looks like it.” the nice older gentleman nods. “Might be fun.”

“Casey and Rock are new so could you help them get started? Maybe run them through some basic exercises to start with?” Clara asks. “Show off what Savannah does best.”

“Right!” Reggie nods. “Leave it to us.”

As Clara returns to another pair having an off day, Reggie smiles to both Rock and Casey. “Don’t worry, Savannah’s a good example. I’ve entered her in a few contests and she’s always won prizes!”

“So…” Rock starts awkwardly, and clears his throat. “Your stepdaughter, huh?”

“Yeah. After the divorce her sister went with their mother, but Savannah wanted to stay with me.” Reggie explains. “In fact, her mother left me because I decided I really wanted a pet, and she thought it was degrading to bring someone into the house to own. And then Savannah showed interest in being my pet and, well, her mother gave me an ultimatum. I didn’t have to think very long about it, though…”

Rock nods along, finding it difficult to put himself in Reggie’s shoes for a variety of reasons. “That’s rough, buddy. But I think you probably made the right choice.”

“Never been happier.” Reggie smiles. “I’m sure Casey is gonna make you happier than you’ve ever been before, too!”

“I hope so too.” Rock admits. “We’re just trying to make it click.”

“Yeah, it’s always a little weird at first. But if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be, and it’ll work out.” the older gentleman insists. “He looks like a good pup. Don’t worry about it.”

“Are you ready to begin, pup?” Rock asks, to which Casey nods, both dogs facing each other, kneeling on their mats.

Reggie instructs “Just look at Savannah and do what she does.”

Casey is nervous, but very excited. The thought of Rock telling him what to do is getting to him even before Rock has issued his first command.


With the grace of a gymnast Savannah bounces off her knees and onto her feet, her long hair and hefty breasts bounding along as she comes up with a smile, and gets a click from her owner.

“Stand.” Rock repeats, and though Casey can’t make that enthusiastic bounce happen, he quickly rises to his feet, and gets a click for himself.

The sound of Rock’s clicker is much lower than the on Reggie uses, so Casey can easily tell when Savannah is being appreciated and when he is.

And to hear it for the first time makes his raging erection twitch. It’s a good feeling, and he needs to hear it again.


Savannah doesn’t just drop to her knees, even though the mat provides plenty of padding. She lowers herself quickly but gracefully one knee at a time, and gets another click.

“Kneel.” Rock instructs, and Casey repeats the basic motion to get himself another yummy click that makes him feel good.

They do just those two commands for a while, until Casey just moves from reflex, happy to realize it does get easier the less he thinks about it.

They throw in ‘spin’, making the pet turn quickly in place. It’s silly but quite enjoyable to perform, as is anything that is master’s wish.

Soon Savannah and Casey aren’t just doing the same exercise, but rather Reggie and Rock toss in different motions to see if they listen to master or just do what the other does.

Casey takes remarkably well to doing what Rock says without thinking about it much if at all.

They add ‘kiss’, to which Savannah kisses her owner’s extended hand.

Casey follows along, kissing Rock’s large palm.

Rock gets a little nervous when Reggie points to Casey and instructs Savannah for another kiss, to which she jumps over and happily kisses Casey on the cheek.

Not wanting to throw a wrench into things, Rock points at Savannah and instructs Casey to kiss her back.

He pecks her on the cheek, but it’s with a noticeable lack of enthusiasm.

He gets to kiss perhaps the single most gorgeous girl he’s ever seen and he shows less excitement than he did when he got to put his lips on his owner’s hand…

As they progress, the pecks on the cheek become pecks on the lips, but Casey’s kisses remain perfunctory, smiling only when Rock extends his hand for his obedient slave to press his lips to.

“Speak.” Reggie instructs.

“Hello!” Savannah smiles cheerfully to Casey and Rock, and gets a click.

“Speak.” Rock carries on.

“Hello!” Casey smiles right back to Savannah and Reggie, getting a click all his own.

They add more tricks into the mix, like ‘present’, where the dog puts their chest down against the mat and their ass up as high as they can, for master to mount them as they wish. Another is ‘sit’, to which they squat with their feet together, and their knees apart, their hands flat against the ground - sitting like a dog.

There’s ‘roll over’, which needs no further clarification, as there is no need to clarify ‘fetch’ - which they perform with large plastic rings provided for the class.

One thing they do practice on more than just simple mimicry is ‘display’, in which the pet assumes a display pose.

Savannah poses for it, getting on her knees with her legs spread and her heels together, her ass arched back and her chest perked up, her arms up high and her hands clasped on the back of her head. Finally, her mouth wide open and her eyes up at master, with her tongue out as she waits for him to do whatever it is he wants to her.

Casey assumes the position as well, his large sack dangling so close to the ground he can feel almost feel the mat underneath him, his erection sticking straight out hard, long and proud.

He follows simple correction from Reggie, further straightening his pose to perfection, doing as he’s told like the good dog he is.

Casey doesn’t get nervous until Reggie whips his dick out and slides it into Savannah’s wide open mouth over her tongue as if it were a red carpet.

Rock steps up and grips his fly, but seeing Casey’s eyes he stops, and shakes his head.

“Oh. Right. This is your first day, right?” Reggie chuckles, and pulls his cock out of his stepdaughter’s mouth - who moans briefly in complaint. “Sorry about that.”

“Yeah, no, it’s just… we’re still getting used to things.” Rock offers. “Baby-steps.”

Clara claps, and gets everyone’s attention. It’s the end of class, and she calls on everyone to practice throughout the week, not just during weekly sessions.

Even though it seems to Casey and Rock they had only just arrived, they’d been there for well over an hour and a half.

“Right. Savannah and I have a boat to catch.” Reggie chuckles. “Nice meeting you! See you next week!”

Savannah goes over to kiss Casey on the lips with a smile, though he receives it quite unenthusiastically.

The pair make their way into the locker room as Casey and Rock watch the gymnasium clear. Even the seniors playing chess are calling it quits.

“See you two tomorrow.” Clara smiles. “Bright and early.”

“We’ll be here.” Casey smiles back.

They leave the hall and Casey gets dressed again - in what little he has to wear. Rock doesn’t say a thing until they get back in the car.

First Rock clears his throat. “I, uh, noticed you got along with Savannah.”

Casey’s reply is utterly casual. “She’s nice, I guess.”

“Just nice?” the huge hunk wonders, a little nervous. “Do you like her?”

Casey shrugs in the most casual fashion. “I mean… she’s nice, I guess.”

“Do you… look forward to seeing her every week?”

“Well, I’m really looking forward to go to training again! It’ll be fun having something exciting to look forward to every week.” he smiles, though Rock’s concern about Casey’s wants go out the window when he adds “I look forward to some quality time with you, master!”

“I knew you’d come to love your new life right away…” Rock smiles. “I’m glad.”

“Look, I’m… I’m confused.” Casey sighs. “I have all these feelings now and I’m not sure what to do.”

“Do you… miss your old life?”

“Not really.” he shrugs. “I was pretty unhappy before, to be honest with you.I’m glad to be away from my family stressing me out at every turn… but this is also a big step.”

“We can take it slow… I can be patient.”

“Look, I had fun, and I feel like I really wanna give this dog thing a chance.” Casey admits. His bulge swells as he continues “I even enjoyed taking orders from you… it was so very exciting. So, for the time being, let’s just carry on from here, see where it goes.”

Rock starts the car, but doesn’t leave the parking spot right away. There’s something on his mind… and he might as well ask.

“I have a question.” Rock grins. “Call it a thought exercise.”

“Okay.” Casey nods. “Shoot.”

“First, who’s the prettiest, most attractive girl you know?”

“Well, that has got to be Savannah.” he replies quickly. “Don’t even have to think long or hard about it.”

“Okay. Well, if you had the chance to either suck my dick or have Savannah suck your dick… which’d you choose?”

Casey doesn’t answer right away. It seems like it’s hard for him to decide.

“I guess…. I’d go with…” he starts, his words trailing off as he tries to think up an answer. “… uh… suck your dick.”

“Really?” Rock blinks, pleasantly surprised. “Why?”

“Because it’d make you happy.” Casey shrugs. “I mean, it’s a difficult question. There’s a lot of very strange feelings involved.”

“Would you suck my dick right now?”

Right now?” Casey groans awkwardly. “I mean… if you really need me to I might give it a try but…”

“But you won’t enjoy it.” Rock finishes his pet’s sentence.

Of course I wouldn’t.” Casey insists. “I’m not gay after all.”

“Of course you aren’t.” Rock chuckles. “But… didn’t you say you enjoyed getting your ass pounded raw by my big sexy cock?”

“First off,” Casey puffs, crossing his arms, “I didn’t use those words and secondly, I didn’t wanna like it so me liking it doesn’t count. Finally, just because, yes, the thought excites me, doesn’t mean it also doesn’t terrify me. I’ve never thought about having someone enter me… and you’re so big, master.”

“But you’d still pick sucking my dick over getting sucked off by Savannah, who is -by your own admission- the most attractive girl you’ve ever met?”

“Of course I would! What kind of question is that even? You know I wouldn’t lie to you!” Casey puffs, getting a little agitated. “Why are you making such a big deal of this? I barely know her, I don’t know if I like her like that yet…”

“Alright!” Rock chuckles. “So you’d suck my dick, you just wouldn’t enjoy it. Fair enough. But now I wanna know… would you spit or swallow?”

“Swallow of course.” Casey puffs right away. “Spitting is gross!”

“Swallowing sounds like a very gay choice.” tall, dark and hunky winks at his property.

“I wouldn’t spit!” Casey insists passionately. “I’m not gay, I swear! Just… obedient and well-mannered!”

Rock lets out a boisterous laugh. “Whatever you say… Now let’s go home. We’re expecting company.”

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