Casey's Dog Life - Chapter 05: Remaining Neuter-al Is Ruff

By Daisy I. B. de Melcker -
published September 6, 2020
4918 words

Casey and Rock get a visit from their caseworker.

Casey is watching the video of himself jerking off and covering himself in whipped cream and chocolate sauce, staring in confusion. His brain is utterly unable to connect the dots, unable to link the boy on the screen with his own identity. It might very well be an attractive stranger that looks nothing like him.

Still, watching his deeply entranced self jerk off on the screen makes Casey, quite focused on the video, grip his large, long cock firmly and pump along gently as if merely from instinct, as he’s kneeling on the carpet in front of the large television, watching those videos of himself on repeat.

“You’re really enjoying those clips, aren’t you?” Rock smiles, joining Casey in the living room with a coffee for himself, and sits down behind his dog.

“I do!” Casey admits. “He’s pretty cute for a guy, and I love how he does everything he’s told by his unseen owner. It’s like he doesn’t even have a mind of his own, it’s terrific! I’m actually quite jealous!”

“Do you think he’d make a good role model for you?” Rock teases, picking up the newspaper from the seat next to him as he looks his naked property up and down from behind.

“Yeah! He’s so good at doing what he’s told, I wish I could be that brainlessly obedient. Just turn my silly brain off and do everything I’m told without a thought of my own to get in the way!” Casey replies, then turns around to look at his owner. “You’ll keep practicing with me and training me until I’m just as good as he is, right?”

The huge hunk chuckles. “Of course! Might take a while but I’ll turn you into the perfect pet one day!”

Casey turns back to look at the video being displayed, moaning and groaning as he arches his back and increases the speed of his pumping. He seems very into the experience, and this pleases Rock greatly.

“Would you suck his dick?” he asks his scrumptious toy.

“I might.” Casey admits right away. “But not because I’m gay or anything, because I’m not… I just… would if you told me to.”

“Would you rather suck his dick or mine?”

Yours, of course, master.” Casey puffs without any hint of hesitation. “That’s a really weird thing to even ask. Obviously I’d much prefer to suck your cock, master, without any hesitation or doubt I’d choose yours.”

It pleases Rock to hear his pet reply with such vigor. “Well, you could suck it right now if you want.” he grins. “I don’t have anything else to do…”

Casey turns around with an obvious look of discomfort. “If… If I really gotta… I guess I could give it a try…” he says. It’s clear he’s not into it.

He does come closer, on hands and knees, as Rock whips his intimidating cock out of his pants, letting it rise in front of his obedient slave’s cute face.

“What do you think?” Rock teases.

“It’s way too big. Like, scary big.” Casey groans. “My jaw starts to ache just looking at it.”

“Would you rather have it in your mouth or up your ass?”

“Mouth. Definitely.” Casey reveals right away. “But that doesn’t make the thought of it any easier to swallow - pardon the pun.”

“Just give it a go. Everybody’s gotta start somewhere.”

“I don’t even know where to start.” Casey groans, biting his lip, looking at that colossal cock with obvious hesitation and concern. The sight of that massive slab of man meat does excite him, sending a tingling down his sculpted, muscular body down into the depth of his large sack and the length of his own impressive erection. Being so near it makes Casey feel so alive… yet tremble with uncertainty at the same time.

Rock puts his coffee aside on the little cabinet next to the couch. “Well, you’re already playing with yourself, so… why don’t you grip your cock with one hand and mine with the other, and you pump both the same way? If it feels good for you it’ll probably feel good for me, right?”

I guess.” Casey sighs, reaching up to grip Rock’s rock hard wood in his left hand, his right on his own erection. The grip tightens slowly but firmly, and he nervously starts to pump up and down, just watching that huge cock move along, as he starts to play with both cocks at the same time.

“That’s a good start.” Rock smiles, as he relaxes into place, his slave playing with his rising cock. “Don’t forget, you should feel grateful whenever your owner lets you play with him or gets hard for you.”

I do, master. I’m super grateful…” Casey replies, his unease obvious. “… I’m just nervous.”

“Don’t be nervous. Just focus on my cock and your cock… nothing else matters.”

“I’ll try, master.” Casey says, half panting, as his pumping is noticeably faster than when he started. “Thanks for being so patient with me.”

“Don’t worry about it, pup.” Rock smiles, and pets Casey on the head. “You wanna try putting the tip in your mouth? Or maybe give it a nice little kiss?”

Casey’s expression turns a bit sour and he shakes his head like a little boy refusing to eat his greens. “Nuh-uh.” he lets out.

“That’s okay. We’ll work our way up to it very soon.” Rock allows. “But you know, as my pet, it’s your duty to pleasure your owner. I’ll be lenient with you for the time being, but like it or not you’re not going to get away with disobeying an order for long.”

“But… it wasn’t an order.” Casey puffs. “You offered.”

“You’re right!” Rock chuckles, and licks his lips. “Here is an order… open your mouth above my cock and jerk me off hard! I order you to do whatever you can to make me shoot a load into your mouth! … Think of it as a fun new game to play.”

Casey groans but immediately leans over and opens wide, his mouth helpless as that huge dick throbs right below his dripping tongue just out of reach, as Casey jerks off his master’s intimidating erection with both hands. Pumping hard and fast, Rock has to grab at the cushions of the bench as his obedient pet slave shows that cock not a hint of mercy.

His balls twist and roll. He’s ready to squirt a hot, wet reward right up into the delicious twink’s mouth… when the doorbell rings.

It feels like stumbling at the final hurdle.

“Saved by the bell…” Rock groans, as he waves down Casey to stop. Then he tucks back his impressive erection and zips up, straightening out his clothes before going to open the door.

There’s a short, slender, and very pretty young woman there in a business dress, with a small brown leather briefcase, giving Rock a straight look. Her hair is long and soft, reaching down just past the hem of her short pencil skirt, and her bright blue eyes stand out through her dark-rimmed butterfly glasses.

“Good afternoon.” Rock starts. He’s a little worried that Casey might make a pass at her, as she’s quite cute - though she does seem like the no-nonsense type.

“Did you file a permanent slave application for one… Casey Barker?” she asks without any small talk, taking a clipboard with documents and a pen out of her briefcase, spying on the document to check for Casey’s name.

“Yes, I did. I’m Rock Hardwood, Casey’s owner.”

“Good afternoon.” she says politely, though she foregoes the smile she once used to add to it. “I’m Jenna Page of the Feather Harbor town council office, I’m the caseworker assigned to this pairing.”

“Come in.” Rock offers, stepping out of the way.

She glances at the clipboard as she steps inside in between both the guys and immediately asks “Where does Casey sleep?”

Both of the men point at the kennel under the television.

She spies the latch on it right away. “When he sleeps in the kennel… does the door stay open?” she asks. “Matter of fire safety.”

“It’s very easy to open.” Casey points out, diving into the cabinet to show how simple and quick it is to lock and unlock the bolt from inside.

“Plus, there are smoke detectors in every room -and I mean every room- in this building. I’m the landlord for this building and I’ve made them mandatory to all residents. I’m allowed to do surprise checks according to contract.” Rock piles on. “Non-compliance is grounds for immediate eviction.”

“Alright.” the caseworker nods, and scribbles something down on her clipboard, her eyes glancing between it and the kennel. “Alright. Alright.” she repeats a few times, marking things off on the document. “The application was complete and in order, so we don’t have much to go over today.

“Okay.” Rock replies. “So what are we g-?”

“I’d like to talk to Casey alone.” she says, cutting Rock off. Though the words are phrased like a request, the tone of the statement makes it clear it’s not a suggestion.

Right.” Rock nods a little uneasy. “I’ll be in the yard.” he adds, picks up a textbook from the cabinet, and heads out into the yard for revisions. His college exams aren’t going to ace themselves after all.

The moment Rock leaves the living room, Jenna sits down on the couch.

“Why don’t you have a seat?” she offers.

“I’m not allowed on the furniture.” Casey replies right away, and stays in place. “Master’s orders.”

“Alright. Sit wherever you like. Or stand, it won’t make this any shorter though.”

Casey takes a seat on the carpet in front of her.

He feels weird with her around. He’d love to be rid of her, though she does seem nice enough. Casey feels a little worried that he’ll say or do something that’ll reflect poorly on Rock, and get him in trouble, so he’s devoted to leaving a good impression for his owner’s sake at least.

And if that means telling this lady what she wants to hear, so be it.

“Tell me about your relationship with Rock. I assume it’s a romantic, or perhaps simply a sexual relationship?”

“What? No.” Casey starts. “It’s… We’re not lovers. Just best friends, we’re really tight. I’m straight after all.”

“You’re straight?” she blinks, though she writes it down all the same. “And yet you choose a man to be your owner. A gay man at that.”

“Yeah.” Casey shrugs. “We just really click, you know?”

“You… click?” she presses on. “Can you clarify?”

“Yeah. Like, he really gets me, you know?” Casey tries to explain. “And I really, really enjoy him telling me what to do. It’s exciting.”

“And if he tells you to get on all fours so he can fuck you?”

“Oh, we’ve done that. Just last night, in fact.” Casey dismisses her concern immediately. “He came really hard up my ass, and it was really fun for me to receive.”

“And you don’t mind that? As a straight man?”

Nah, I enjoyed it a lot.” Casey shrugs. “Just happy to be a part of the relationship.”

“Any… issues with boundaries at all?”

“Well, I do get to say ‘no’ if I’m really not feeling it.” Casey explains. “But on the other hand, I do enjoy exploring my limits with him a lot. It’s thrilling to have my boundaries explored and broadened by him.”

“Can you give me an example of that?”

“Well, right before you rang the doorbell I was jerking him off. Just guys playing around, you know? He could have told me to suck his dick, but instead, it was an offer, so I could refuse it. And I refused it, and he respected that, so it was just a hand job - and it was very different and exciting for me. He’s really patient with me too, he knows I get really nervous about some stuff. It’s clear that he really cares about me whenever we’re doing anything.”

“Do you think he’d get mad at you for sitting on the couch?” she asks, moving on to another page.

“Not really mad - never. But we’ve agreed I’m not allowed on the furniture so… he’ll ‘punish’ me if I do.” Casey explains, using his fingers to flag air quotes.

That catches her attention. “What kind of punishments?”

“Nothing serious. Just, fun stuff, you know?” Casey shrugs. “We’ve agreed on stuff like… maybe he’ll make me lie down on the coffee table and he’ll put his feet up on my body, or he puts me over his lap and spanks me… or I have to lick his abs for a certain amount of time, or give him a foot rub. Nothing weird, just… fun stuff.”

“And you’d enjoy that, even though you’re straight and this is obviously homoerotic?” she asks.

“Yeah, it’s really cool!” Casey insists with a big smile. “I was planning on ‘misbehaving’ a little later tonight so Rock’ll have to discipline me.” he reveals, flagging another pair of air quotes. “I mean… it’s just guys having fun. Doesn’t have to be sexual. Although, yeah, some of it is, but that doesn’t bother me at all!”

“And… what do you hope the ‘punishment’ will be?” she asks.

“I don’t have a favorite, they’re all really fun.” the delicious twink shrugs. “Whatever it is he’ll pick, I’m sure I’ll love it a lot!”

“Do you have even the slightest worry Rock might ever mistreat you? Keep you from eating or drinking or going to the bathroom, or keep you locked up, or hit you, or-?”

Never.” Casey insists firmly. “I know him. He’s my best friend, I trust him with my life. He’d never treat me poorly, let alone badly. I trust him to keep me happy and content. He’s very responsible.”

“I’m still not entirely clear on the nature of your relationship. What you get out of it, specifically.” she considers out loud. “You insist you’re heterosexual but you do admit that you enjoyed him anally penetrating you and climaxing inside you.”

“Well, it’s…” Casey starts, but then has a good think about it. “It’s not about sexual attraction. It’s about connection. I feel good when I’m with him. He’s a top, I’m a bottom. He’s a dominant, I’m a submissive. And we gel really well together. When he tells me what to do and I can follow through with it, it just makes me feel incredible. And just like I have needs and Rock sees to them, Rock has needs and I do my best to see to them as well.”

“So the relationship is pseudosexual, albeit with definite sexual elements?”

Yes.” Casey confirms. “At least, for me. It’s at least partly sexual for Rock. Perhaps half, not sure how to rate it for him.”

“But you’re on board with that?” she asks, still seeming a bit confused. “You’re content with being his submissive sexual partner even though you’re straight?”

“Look.” Casey sighs. “I’ve never been happier. I love what I have going on here. I hope me being unable to adequately explain my position to you won’t work against me here.”

“As long as you’re here of your own free will…”

I was the one who pursued Rock.” Casey says; in his mind it’s the truth after all. “I had to convince him too, and that took me longer than I care for. But now I’m here and I’m really happy. I had to earn this collar… and I’m ready to do whatever it takes to keep it.”

Finally, a faint smile appears on Jenna’s lips. “Alright. Now, this is normally the part where I examine you for marks or bruises or anything out of the ordinary but I’ve already gotten a really good look at you. I may or may not decide to have you submit for a physical examination by a medical professional, which will be mandatory if I so choose.”

“Okay.” Casey nods. “Sounds reasonable.”

“Are you lacking in anything at all? Food, drink, social contact, sleep, …?”

“No. We’ve actually signed up for a pet training class once a week so I can hang out with other people like me.” the delicious twink explains. “Life is good for me now.”

“What if you meet a nice girl? And… you know?”

“Well, I would have to ask Rock for permission.” Casey shrugs. “But that’s reasonable, because he’s responsible for me.”

“Well, yes, if you get someone pregnant Rock would be the responsible party, not you.” she agrees. “It’s a sensible arrangement.”

“He’s really smart. I’m not that great with being responsible for myself… so it’s great to have him do the thinking for me.”

“Speaking of which…” she says, adjusting her glasses, “… you understand and consent to being his property means giving up your legal status as an individual? You won’t be allowed to marry or vote, get a driver’s license, have your address separate from him…?”

“I know. I understand what it entails and I’m totally on board with it. This is what I really want.” Casey insists firmly. “It’s why I pursued Rock in particular. I understand how this must look to you, a straight guy bonding with a gay guy and doing things that to you seem gay… but Rock always makes sure my needs are met.”

Casey speaks with such conviction, he almost convinces himself.

“Well, there’s still time for you to change your mind later on.” she mentions. “Until the follow-up interview in a few months at least.”

“Right.” Casey nods. “I’ll be fine, though.”

“In that case, you can call your master back inside. I want to ask him a few questions too!”

Casey runs outside quickly to get Rock, whose masculine features are focused on his textbook. The huge hunk is quick to jump in sudden surprise as his nerves are suddenly jolted by Casey calling out to him. It appears he’s far more nervous than he lets on.

Once inside, Rock and Jenna take a seat at the dining table, spread out some documents, cut to the heart of the matter.

Casey’s owner and caseworker go over quite a few things, most of them quite boring, and Casey’s attention drifts as time passes. In fact, her second question is about insurance, and Casey completely zones out.

That’s until she asks a very particular question…

“Are you going to have him castrated?” she asks in the most casual fashion. “Or even snipped?”

Instinctively, Casey reaches both hands to his impressive masculinity, cupping the massive tackle protectively. His concern is evident.

“I… hadn’t even thought of it.” Rock explains, obviously more than a little uneasy. “I like him the way he is.”

“If he gets someone pregnant, or he acts out from frustration and causes harm or damage, you’ll be held accountable.”

“I’m sure I can keep him under control.” Rock insists.

“I’m going to need you to answer a direct ‘yes’ or ‘no’.” she insists. “Just your plans at this time, even if they may change in the future.”

No.” Rock clarifies firmly. “I wouldn’t do that to him.”

“I see.” she continues without pause. “I’m not entirely clear on his stance on things, pertaining to intimacy. So as I understand it, you’ve had penetrative anal sex with orgasm but it’s not sexual.”

“It’s sexual to me.” Rock tries his turn to explain. “To him, it’s not about the sex but the connection, the obedience. He loves nothing more than doing what I tell him to… when it’s within his limits, which he begs to explore and loves to expand. Taking it up the ass is to him just like the command to sit or bark. He wants it because I want it, he enjoys it because I enjoy it, but aside from that it’s just… nothing to him.”

“I see.” she says, and writes something down. It takes her quite a while to finish writing, as Casey and Rock look on nervously. “I think I’ve heard all I need to hear. For now I’ll recommend a provisional license be granted until the end of the legally mandated minimum period has expired and we can schedule a follow-up.”

“Th-Thank you.” Rock lets out nervously.

Jenna gets up and reaches out her hand to shake with Rock, and pets Casey on the head.

“Thank you for your time. Good evening.” she offers as she leaves. “Bye Casey.”

“Bye!” the delicious twink lets out with a smile.

“Thanks for coming. Good evening.” Rock returns, as he closes the door behind her.

Then he leans against the closed door and lets out a long, weary sigh.

“I was so nervous!” Casey lets out. “She seems nice enough but part of me is really glad she’s gone.”

You were nervous?” Rock chuckles, still a bit shaken. “I’m a wreck! In fact… I was honestly worried you’d reconsider our arrangement when pressed.”

I almost did.” Casey lets out, feeling a little embarrassed about it. “But I didn’t want to in the end.”

Rock smiles and comes closer. “Why didn’t you?”

“Honestly, I’m still confused about a lot of things… For the first time ever my future is so unknown and terrifying… but also so bright!” Casey admits. “I don’t wanna throw everything away because of some silly honeymoon jitters. I still have time to back out of things, she said so herself. And for now, I’m still totally on board with staying and being your obedient, brainless dog slave for the rest of my life, doing everything you say for as long as I live.”

The huge hunk is relieved. Still, he’s heard and understood his pet clearly.

“Do you wanna talk about your doubts?”

“Yeah. Of course.” Casey nods. “But not tonight. I’m spent. It’s been such a busy day. We’ll talk tomorrow when you get home from classes.”

“If you have doubts… Maybe we should challenge them.” Rock says, and opens the front door. “You’re free to go.”

“What?” Casey asks, doing a double-take. “I don’t want to go.”

“But it sounds like you’re not sure about staying.”

“I am!” Casey insists. “I’m just… It’s complicated, okay?”

“How can it be complicated if you’re sure?” Rock asks. “If any part of you wants your old life back… it’s yours. Just walk out this door, and I’ll pay back every cent, and we’ll forget this whole thing. No hard feelings.”

“I don’t want my old life.” Casey huffs right back. “I want to stay here! Please don’t make me go, Rock! Please! I wanna stay! Please don’t make me leave!”

“So you’re sure?” Rock asks directly. “You’re sure you’re sure?”

“I’ll do anything, Rock! I just… Just be patient with me! I’ll make this work, I promise! Please!”

“Alright.” Rock smiles and closes the door. “But only because you’re so eager to beg for it.”

Casey sighs in relief. “Thanks, Rock. You won’t regret this.”

“It’s fine, pup. You wanna watch those videos of that guy that looks like you with master?” Rock chuckles, turning on the TV and taking a seat on the couch.

“Wait, Rock… make me beg a little more. Please?”

Rock blinks. “What?”

“I… I enjoyed thata lot!” Casey admits, blushing a deep red as he bites his lip. “Please, master, make me beg a little more.”

Rock chuckles, caught completely off-guard. “Are you serious?”

Casey squirms in place. “Please, Rock… make me beg… for anything.”

“Alright…” Rock agrees, putting on a playful grin. “Does puppy want to beg to suck master’s big fat cock?”

“I… I…” Casey starts, but bites his lip and his hesitation is clear. “I’m not there… yet.”

Immediately his owner suggests “I’ve changed my mind. Beg… to be master’s footstool!”

A big smile appears on Casey’s beautiful face as he rubs his bare chest against his master’s knee and moans “Please, master, will you put your bare feet up on my naked body? I really, really, really wanna be your footstool super bad…”

A big grin on Rock’s face. “I dunno… I’m not sure if you want it hard enough…” he teases.

“I do!” Casey groans in obvious need, rubbing himself up against his owner’s thick, muscular leg, his erection rising hard against Rock’s thick, sculpted calf. “I do, master, I swear! I want nothing more than for you to rest your weary feet on my naked body for however long you want! It’s so fun for me, I love it so much! Please, master, plea-ea-ease!”

“Show master how much you want it.” Rock says, playfully biting at his eager pet.

Casey smiles and leans in right away, pulling up Rock’s shirt with one hand to expose those marble abs, and pulling at his fly with the other, pulling free that big fat cock, pumping it until it’s nice and hard. The delicious twink comes in close and whispers “I need it… so bad…” as he kisses his soft lips down Rock’s rock hard abdomen until he finally reaches that fresh erection.

A bit of the lip. A flutter in his eyes. And then Casey plants his lips on the base of that huge dick, his hand still pumping the shaft as Rock clings to the couch cushions by his fingertips.

And it’s clear from the heavy breathing and the moaning and the squirming that Casey is feeling just as frisky as he’s making Rock feel.

“Open… your mouth…” he groans, his unwieldy erection pulsating with need.

“I’m nervous… it’s too big.” Casey pants, all excited.

“I won’t put it in.” the huge hunk promises, petting Casey across the head. “But I am gonna give you a yummy treat…”

Casey obediently offers his open mouth as instructed, and Rock takes over pumping duty as he aims for that prime target.

Rock gets on his feet and beats himself off hard and fast, that huge cock aimed right as Casey’s pretty little face.

“Don’t swallow until I say so.” Rock chuckles, looking down at his obedient pet, who’s rock hard just like his owner.

“Yes, master!” Casey agrees, licking his lips.

Rock tilts Casey’s head back with the palm of his left hand on his dog’s forehead, and his right slapping that hefty meat log down on Casey’s chin, the tip resting just on Casey’s bottom lip.

Then it erupts, and a hefty portion of sexual pleasure shoots out, splashing against the roof of Casey’s wide open mouth and filling up his gullet.

Rock groans loudly as his balls drain into his pet’s ready maw. Then he makes sure Casey receives every last drop of spunk.

“There you go.” the huge hunk chuckles, a little worn out.

“Thank you, master!” Casey just about manages to speak out loud without spilling a single drop of his owner’s seed, his mouth full of master’s hot, fresh, slimy load. It’s a lot saltier than he imagined it would be, and he didn’t expect there to be as much of it as there is.

“Now you can be my footstool.” he winks. “Get on the coffee table… your owner wants to watch a movie with his feet up.”

Casey smiles and nods, his cheeks swollen with master’s hot load as he gets on his back on the low oak coffee table as instructed, happy and excited his owner will relax a little more comfortable thanks to him.

Rock stuffs his spent erection back in his boxers and takes the remote to the television, switching on a movie as he leans back in his seas, his big bare feet up on his delicious twink’s washboard abs.

Casey is rock hard, and Rock can see that erection twitch and ache. But Casey can only climax when Rock is inside his ass… and he’s not about to make an exception for his pet.

“Good boy. Now you may swallow!” he smiles, settling in to watch some television as Casey lies there, happier than he’s ever been.

Just a cozy, quiet night in with his best friend. What more could he want?

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