Casey's Dog Life - Chapter 03: Boy Who Cried Woof

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Casey takes the first step towards a brighter future.

Casey wakes up feeling like a kid on Christmas morning - though it’s only a Friday in September. His package has arrived, and he runs it back to his apartment to see what it is!

He ordered it, he knows that much, but he can’t remember what it is…

A leather collar? It’s sturdy and padded, and feels very comfortable. It’s the right size for him, and fits him quite snugly, and as he tries it on in front of the tall mirror on his bathroom door, he feels confident and at peace. Like wearing it finishes a puzzle that has for the past 18 years gone incomplete.

There’s a shiny metal tag with a mirror finish dangling from it, that says simply ‘Casey’.

It’s what he ordered alright… but why?

Rather than think about it much, he tries it on, and steps in front of the mirror to check himself out.

He flexes and poses with it on, the little tag dangling off the front like a pendant. But something isn’t right…

… perhaps it clashes with the shirt?

“I should take it off.” he says to himself, under his breath, and even though this tight gray V-neck makes his broad shoulders and sculpted chest look amazing, he removes it, and throws it back on the bed.

That looks much better, but something still isn’t right…

The shoes. It clashes with the shoes as well.

He steps on his own heels to remove them, and then pulls off the socks with little ceremony.

Much, much improved… but not perfect.

The pants! Of course! This tight denim just won’t match the leather of the collar! In fact, it looks downright silly!

So he removes his pants, standing there in his black designer boxer briefs and poses.

… but still…

Just standing there in boxer briefs and a collar looks a little off. It’s a million times better than how he started, but perhaps it looks even better without the underwear!

Can’t hurt to try.

Once they’re off, he poses and flexes in front of the mirror. He’s never felt more confident, more attractive, more certain that he’s finally found his ‘look’.

The way the shiny tag draws attention to his naked body, how the light coming in the side window plays in brights and darks against those rock hard abs - it’s as if his shoulders seem broader and fuller and his waist is even thinner and tighter than before!

It’s giving him an erection so massive and lively it’s hard to think about anything at all!

He snaps a few selfies wearing nothing but the collar, and sends them to Rock.

But then, as they’re sent, he snaps out of it.

“Right. Focus.” he says to himself, looking around his dormitory flat.

He removes the collar and puts it neatly back in the box so it doesn’t get scuffed, and put the box in his backpack along with his phone and laptop and chargers. And while he’s packing his bag, might as well pack his toothbrush and a towel and some clothes and…

… mustn’t forget the jar of cash…

… and soon he’s basically packed everything he still owns. Then he puts on the clothes he took off to pose, and gets ready to head out.

It’s almost time to turn in his key, anyway.

Wait, turn in the key? Why would he need to turn in his key?

He can’t think of an answer even though the trip to the main office is a good ten minutes. The harder he tries to think, the more the answer seems to elude him.

Before he knows it, he’s turned in his key and signed… something. It’s so early on in the year it’s no trouble, and the lease… this or that. The guy says something about trying again next year, but Casey doesn’t reply. He just realized he has to get to the bank!

Luckily it’s not far.

In fact, the walk there seems take no longer than a flash! He suddenly finds himself in front of some lady making him sign a bunch of documents and really bumming his vibe because of silly things like ‘it’s a lot of money’ and ‘you won’t be able to get it back if you change your mind’.

Man, the nerve of some people! As if he doesn’t know what he’s doing!

Luckily it doesn’t take too long, and he gets to leave - which perks up his mood again.

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping. Not a cloud in the sky!

He takes the time while he waits for Rock to get home to get a bite to eat. There’s a sandwich bar he really likes just off-campus and as luck would have it, it’s really close to Rock’s place.

Wait, how does he know where Rock lives?

Every time such a strange, confusing thought enters his mind, Casey stares blankly for a moment and then shakes his head to clear it.

Like shaking an Etch-A-Sketch, after a good shake there’s nothing left, a blank slate with a smile on his face.

He tries paying for his sandwich with his card, but the machine beeps in error.

“Right.” he smiles to the waiter, “my bad, there’s nothing on there anymore.” He gets a bit of cash from the jar and pays with that, paying his financial situation not a single thought as he enjoys his grilled tandoori sandwich.

He never goes for the vegetarian option, but Rock’s a vegetarian, so now Casey wants to be one as well…

Casey checks his reflection in the front window of the sandwich bar, as he relaxes, waiting for time to pass. He makes sure his hair looks good, because he wants to make a good impression on Rock when he sees him again.

He gets a text at ten to two, and as he checks it his heart speeds up in glorious delight! It’s from Rock, saying: Got home early, come over right now.

He replies: Yes, sir, thank you so much! and picks up his bags to head over right away.

Cross one street. Down one block, and take a right. He doesn’t need to check the house numbers, he knows exactly where he’s going; the apartment block rising up over the other buildings.

When he gets to the front door, he knows exactly which buzzer to press - though like most things he knows now, he doesn’t know why he knows, or how he learned them. All he’s sure if is that he’s super into cooking and cleaning and doing whatever it is Rock tells him to.

The buzzer sounds, and he pushes open the front door. Most people turn left to the elevator once past the letterboxes, but Casey takes a right to the door all alone opposite the maintenance access, with the plaque that reads ‘landlord’ over a doorbell.

Rock opens up just as Casey gets to the door, and they smile at each other.

“So good to see you again!” the needy twink lets out cheerfully, when he suddenly feels a bit unwell.

“Find the place okay?” Rock asks, standing in the doorway, and taking Casey’s bags on.

Casey rubs his head, as a headache is forming in his mind. Suddenly everything seems so different. Not just Rock, but the whole world seems to be slightly slanted. “I… I spent some money from the jar to buy a sandwich.”

“That’s fine, buddy.” Rock smiles. “You okay?”

“Yeah. Just a little lightheaded.”

“It’s the programming coming to a close. It brought you here, so you’re regaining control of your thoughts. Of course, not all of them. I don’t want a robot, but I do need you to be obedient.” Rock chuckles. “Don’t worry about it.”

For a moment, Casey was filled with worries - but at the mere mention of ‘don’t worry about it’ all Casey’s questions and concerns and confusion vanish without a trace in the blink of an eye.

Right.” Casey nods, in fact not thinking about it at all. “Doesn’t matter anyway.”

“Yeah, besides, by tomorrow morning you’ll be back to your old self… although, you’ll be significantly improved, but not radically changed. I want you as you are, after all.”

Right.” Casey nods again, having no clue what Rock’s talking about. “So I’ll be fine, is what you’re saying?”

“Yup!” Rock continues, explaining “The exposure was pretty harsh the past few days, but it’ll wear off basically completely in a few months.”

Casey stands there, a blank, dull expression in his beautiful baby blue eyes, unable to think of something to say. So he just asks “Can I please come in, sir?”

“Not just yet. You remember those favors you owe me?”

Casey is certain he owes Rock a basically unlimited amount of favors, so he nods his head. “Yeah. Something I can do for you?”

“Sign these. I marked where you gotta sign them with post-it strips.” the giant hunk replies, putting on an excited smile as he hands his twinky toy a clipboard full of serious documents in small print.

In fact, try as hard as he might, Casey can’t make heads or tails of the documents. They’re in English, sure, but he has no idea what they say. They’re certainly not gibberish, but he finds himself unable to decipher even a single word.

But there’s a dotted line by the post-it strips so he signs, and signs, and signs, without giving it much thought - none at all, in fact.

Every time he signs his name, he gets a little happier, because he’s doing as he’s told, and doing as he’s told puts a smile on his face.

As he signs, he can feel his thoughts returning to him, though he still does as he’s told.

“That’s everything.” Casey says, handing back the clipboard and the pen when he’s finished.

Meanwhile, Rock got Casey’s collar out of his bag and hands it over. “Put this on.”

Immediately the blond -albeit dyed- twink takes the leather strap and puts it around his neck, fixing it snug in place and smiling. “I look good, right?”

“Really good. Still, before I let you in, you have to swear that you’ll do anything and everything I say, for the rest of your life.”

Of course!” Casey smiles, giving it no thought at all. “That’s exactly why I’m here!”

“That also means you need my permission for anything and everything, even concerning dating and even flirting, and you’ll obey me, whenever and wherever without question or hesitation, or I’ll have to discipline you.”

“Yeah, man, I’m totally up for it!” Casey promises, getting really excited.

“You’re not to wear any clothes in the house, and you’re not allowed on the furniture.” Rock commands right away. “In fact, you’re only to wear what I tell you to when I tell you to.”

The words are barely spoken and already Casey is removing his clothes, to stand nude in front of his best friend. “Sounds good.” Casey says, stripping down fast.

Finally Rock stands aside and lets Casey enter his place.

“So, you own the building, right?”

“Got it from my dad after finishing my Master’s in Business, as a graduation present. I still wanted to get a Bachelor in Economy first, but, yeah, the place is mine!” Rock lets out, as he checks out Casey’s tight, muscular body from up close.

Casey sees an indoor kennel built into a long wooden cabinet supporting a rather massive television. It looks exactly like the television Casey just sold, and even though he doesn’t remember who he sold it to, he’s pretty sure he’d remember if he sold it to Rock… right?

There’s a blanket and a mat and a pillow in the kennel, and two empty, shiny bowls - brand new. He doesn’t know what to say, letting the moment just sink into this mind, so he tries to make small talk. “Oh, you got a dog?”

Rock chuckles and also turns to look at the kennel that perfectly matches the rest of his interior design - a lick of white paint on the sides, black steel bars, a black latch and teak tabletop and feet. “Well, I didn’t… but now I do!” he says, bursting out in a smile.

Casey smiles along, nodding his head absentmindedly. “Haha, yeah…” he says, and lets his words trail off.

The television itself is showing a hunky twink that looks exactly like Casey, covering himself in chocolate sauce and whipped cream, jerking off his massive cock as he pants Rock’s name under his breath again and again, rubbing himself up with the condiments and sucking the flavor off his fingers. Although Casey gets a good long look at it, he doesn’t put two-and-two together by himself. He can’t.

“Cool video, right?”

“He’s cute, I guess. I’m not into guys, though.” Casey nods blankly, quite uninterested. “So, uh, what’s up?”

“Well, for starters, I got a list of chores for you. Cooking and cleaning, and errands to run. You’ll be happy to do every last one, right?”

“Yeah! Sounds great!” Casey smiles, quite glad to be given something to do. “Thanks so much!”

“But let’s start off with a tour of the apartment.” Rock says, one hand on Casey’s bare shoulder and the other showing him forward.

First there’s the kitchen, fairly plain. Nothing fancy, but big enough for some serious cooking.

He shows the flawless twink his bedroom, the only bedroom in the apartment. It’s got a King size bed, though at no point does Casey ask where he’ll be sleeping.

The room next to that is the ‘play room’, with a whole bunch of toys about, from whips and paddles to a large adjustable bench in the middle. “I’ll bend you over that bench very soon. Probably tonight.” he says, and Casey just nods blankly.

To try and coax a reaction out of his flawless twink, Rock tries pushing his luck a bit more.

“I’ve already stocked up on a ton of lube. The way I’m going to work you, we’re gonna go through bottles faster than free booze at a frat party!”


Again, Casey’s reaction is utterly minimal, and Rock continues with the tour.

A storage space, with everything Casey needs to clean the apartment. There’s also a large box freezer and a full sized washer and a dryer in there.

A bathroom with a large shower easily big enough for both of them. However, Casey is more interested in all the places he’ll clean and what to be mindful of. It’s tiled, and it looks like it’ll be easy enough to maintain - if just time consuming.

Finally, a study, with several completely packed bookcases on both opposing walls and an impressive desk in the middle, where Rock does his studying.

He chuckles “I think there’s just barely enough room under that desk for you to kneel when I’m sitting at it.” but he doesn’t get a reaction from his new toy.

And that brings them back to the living room, which has a large comfortable couch -that Casey isn’t allowed on- and the large kennel with the TV on it in the middle, with various decorative pieces around including a thick but sturdy low wooden coffee table in dark wood finish, and a dining table between the living space and the half-open kitchen.

There’s a yard outside, one of the perks of being on the ground floor of an apartment building, and there’s three things of note: a bench by a lone tree in the middle of the yard, a stone barbecue, and a decently sized hot tub at the end of the patio.

“Alright, that’s everything. I’m going to turn in these documents… I won’t be gone too long hopefully, but I want to see you hard at work with plenty of chores done by the time I get back, okay? When I walk through my front door I expect to find you working your tight little ass off!” Rock smiles, and winks, giving his twink toy a firm smack on the rear.

“Yes, sir, of course! You can count on me!” Casey smiles. He’s excited to get started, and doesn’t wait for Rock to leave to pull a bunch of cleaning supplies out of storage.

He’s so focused on cleaning, he forgets all other things. His phone rings, missing a call from someone wanting to ask if he’s still selling those game consoles, but he doesn’t even hear it. Time passes as if in an instant, speeding by as he cleans and tidies up the place, which was already in pretty good condition, mopping the floors, dusting the furniture, doing some light straightening up, fluffing the pillows on the bed, and so much more tiny little things. He enjoys doing each and every one of them, and works with a smile on his face.

Without realizing it, over two hours pass, though he’s only pulled out of his focus by Rock returning home, to the sound of the door closing and him dropping his keys in the glass bowl next to the entrance.

“I’m home!” the buff bear announces.

“Welcome back!” Casey calls out. “I’m in the bathroom.”

Rock is quite pleased. Everything looks spotless. He’d made small messes around the place to test Casey, like leaving out a bunch of magazines and foregoing loading the dishwasher the previous night, but Casey seems to have corrected everything. He’s even done the windows, inside and out!

The huge hunk joins his handsome slave in the bathroom, standing in the doorway with a brown paper bag in one hand.

“I like what you’ve done with the place.” he chuckles. “You must have been working non-stop.”

The naked twink doesn’t stop scrubbing. “I have! It’s been a lot of fun!”

“Oh? You’re having fun?” Rock chuckles.

“Yeah, cleaning’s put me in a really good mood.” Casey replies. “Doing chores is the best way to take my minds off things. I was so stressed before, but now I’m just so glad to have a purpose…”

“I’m happy to hear that, buddy! You almost finished cleaning?”

“Yeah, just about. Ten, fifteen minutes and I’ll be done.” the obedient pet replies.

“I was wondering…” the tall, handsome mountain grins, “… any second thoughts about emptying your bank account? You had quite a pretty penny in life savings stocked up…”

Casey doesn’t stop scrubbing, using a spare toothbrush to get everywhere he couldn’t otherwise get at. “Nah. Why would I think twice about that? You’re a lot more responsible than I am, anyway.”

“I can have your laptop, right? And your phone?”

“Yeah. You’ve earned ‘em.” Casey agrees, focused on the cleaning. “Besides, I don’t need them anymore.”

“I might get you a nice old fashioned flip phone just so I can keep tabs on you, with a new number that only I know.” Rock continues. “Just in case.”

“Sounds good.” Casey says in a flat tone.

With his power over that delicious boy absolute, Rock puts on his serious face. “Hey, stop and look at me for a moment.”

Casey does as he’s told, without hesitation.

“I want you to know that, all joking aside, I’m gonna take the best care of you. Okay?” He’s fully sincere, making an honest promise to his new flatmate.

“Yeah.” Casey says, a blank stare in his eyes. He’s still quite subdued by the brainwashing sessions, and the message doesn’t click at all. “I know.”

“I mean it. I’m gonna treat you as good as you deserve.” he tries again.

Casey doesn’t know how to respond, so he doesn’t. With the brainwashing still fresh on the mind, Casey will probably need at least a good night’s rest to get the bulk of it out of his system.

“Sounds good, Rock.” Casey agrees flatly.

“And, also, from now on you’ll address me as ‘master’, and if anyone asks you what our relationship is, you’ll explain briefly but politely, without hesitation, that I own you.”

Of course, master.” Casey nods. It makes so much sense to him that any contrary thought would seem pure madness. “That sounds really good, I’d love to!”

“You’re completely sure?” Rock tries.

Of course, master, it’d be my pleasure! I’m looking forward to it already!”

The dark haired hunk teases mid-smile “I dunno… you don’t seem at all into it…”

“I’m ten thousand million percent on board with this, honest! I’m probably way more on board with it than you are!” Casey insists firmly. “I swear, I can’t wait to let everyone know I’m your property.”

Everyone, huh?” Rock chuckles. “You sure about that, pup?”

“Yeah! It’s not some secret, is it?” the delicious twink with the dyed blonde locks smiles. “I finally feel so good about myself and my place in life, and I feel like telling everyone I meet!”

Good boy.” Rock smiles, petting Casey from the back of the head down his neck.

The touch, the raw sensation of master’s hand touching him in such a casual manner -along with the praise from his owner- makes Casey rock hard. Suddenly his fat dick rises up tall and proud, aching with need as the swelling makes him feel tight and awkward.

Ow…” he lets out in a whine, squirming in place.

“Something wrong?” Rock asks, trying to conceal his grin.

“Lately I’ve been getting much, much harder than before. My cock’s out of control…”

“Don’t worry, I plan to keep it -and you- on a very tight leash.” Rock says, leaning in to kiss Casey on the forehead. “Speaking of which, I picked one up while I was out.”

He takes a leather leash out of the bag, one that matches Casey’s collar perfectly. It’s got writing stamped into it, with on the clip end an arrow pointing to it with the word ‘slave’ and on the other end an arrow pointing to the loop with the word ‘master’.

“Wow! It’s so cool, I love it!” Casey lets out, completely excited by the item, though he can barely put his finger on why - at least his mind’s cleared up enough that he realizes the leash is for him, and he’ll be made to be walked on it. “Thanks! I owe you one!”

He catches himself saying it, and Rock notices right away… and he decides to push his luck again, just to see if Casey fights back.

“I’m glad you’re so excited about getting to be kept on a leash! So, how does it feel finding out your place in life is beneath me, both literally and figuratively?”

“It’s, uh…” Casey starts, but he’s distracted by the thoughts swirling in his head. For a moment he goes quiet as he considers what to reply. “It’s… great, I mean, you know? Liberating! Exciting! I’m very, very happy to have finally figured out where I belong. Plus I’m stoked that I get to serve you without question, which is everything I ever wanted!”

“You’re seriously happy to leave your old life behind to be my dog?” Rock smiles. “Tell me how you feel about me owning you…”

“Yeah, of course! Why wouldn’t I be?” Casey replies, albeit somewhat confused. “I was miserable before. I can finally be happy now! My life sucked, but now it’s like living an actual dream, and I’ve never been happier, and my future’s never looked brighter!”

“I wanna hear you say it.” the giant slab of muscle and chest hair teases. “Convince me.”

“I’m super pumped to be your dog slave, master! It’s all I ever dreamed of and I want you to tell me what to do for the rest of my life!” Casey lets out right away in a firm tone.

“What would you need most of all to be a good dog for me?”

The yummy twink gives it a little thought. “I’d say… obedience.”

“And… how do you feel about obedience?”

“Being obedient is the only thing I want, master!” Casey insists firmly. “I ache to serve you! I need you to tell me what to do.”

“Good. I’m glad.” Rock smiles, and lets the conversation come to a slow stop.

“Wait, what’re we talking about again?” Casey asks, confusion setting in. This time it doesn’t just go away on its own like before.

“Does it matter?” Rock asks, resuming his casual tone.

“Uh… No? I guess not.”

The massive hunk smiles. “You guess?”

Casey sighs. “It doesn’t matter… does it? I don’t care. I just wanna get back to work. I’m almost finished scrubbing between the tiles, and then I wanna go over everything one last time so it’s shiny.”

“Alright. Don’t forget to thank me for putting you to work when you’re done.” Rock chuckles.

“I will, I promise!” Casey smiles as if he’s truly looking forward to it - and he is! “Won’t be much longer now!”

“Okay. Once you’re done, come thank me, and we’ll take a shower together.” Rock smiles. “You’ve been working hard, and that’s super hot, so you’ve earned a reward - and I’ll even let you give me a hand job.”

Casey is left to continue his efforts, though after that grilling, and those strange questions, his thoughts start to mess with his focus. He starts to wonder, and wonder, if what’s going on is really on the level, but as he wonders, his body keeps scrubbing, and working, and doing as his master told him to.

Time no longer passes quickly, and concern takes him.

Still, once he finishes up with the bathroom, he puts the cleaning products away and takes a last look at the spotless bathroom, feeling satisfied with his excellent work.

Rock is sitting on the couch watching a documentary on television.

Casey walks up and says “Thanks for letting me clean your place, master, I really enjoyed it! But…”

“Oh? There’s a ‘but’?” Rock asks, muting the television and turning to give his dog his full attention.

“I was thinking… and I’m confused.”

“About what?”

Casey lets out a difficult sigh. “I know I want to be your dog and I want to be obedient and do what I’m told, but I don’t know why.”

“Because I told you to.”

“Oh!” Casey blinks. “Right! That makes sense.”

Rock can tell the gears in Casey’s head are turning. Slowly, but they’re at least no longer at a dead stop like they were when he arrived at the apartment.

“We’ll skip the sexy shower for now. In fact, I might need to take you into the play room for some deep, thorough disciplining.” Rock says.

“Whatever you say, master.” Casey agrees.

“For now… lay on the table.” Rock says, pointing to the coffee table right in front of him. “Facing up.”

The order strikes Casey as odd. He does as he’s told, but it’s clear to Rock those gears are turning, and they’re turning faster with every new question that passes through his brain.

“You don’t mind if I use you as a footstool, do you?” Rock asks, but rather than wait for an answer he does exactly that, resting his bare feet on Casey’s tight, hard abs.

“Not at all.” the obedient albeit slightly conflicted twink toy lets out casually.

“So, what’s going on, champ?”

“I dunno.” Casey sighs, staring up at the ceiling. “I sort of feel like lately not all my dogs are barking.”

The expression makes Rock chuckle. “How’s that?”

“It’s like I’m acting weird. I’m not behaving like I usually do.”

“People can change. Hopefully most change for the better. Do you… think you’re changing for the better?”

“I might be.” Casey shrugs. “I don’t really know.”

“You know… I should discipline you.” Rock sighs, albeit somewhat playfully. In truth, there’s one last thing he wants to do to Casey while he’s still lost in the haze of the hypnotic influence he subjected his pet twink to over the past few days, and he doesn’t want to miss his opportunity. “You agreed that you’d do anything I say without hesitation… or question. And you seem quite hesitant now, and you’re certainly asking questions.”

“I’m sorry, master.” Casey offers.

“No, it’s my fault.” Rock admits. “I’m not perfect… but don’t you worry. Over time we’re gonna get really close, you and I. I’m gonna win you over for real, and when all’s said and done, the two of us are gonna be inseparable!”

Casey turns his head to look at Rock. It’s not the haze of obedience that the tall handsome slab of man sees, but some sort of yearning, a desire inside Casey that wants to connect with his master. An urge, or even ache, to reach out.

“Go to the play room. It’s time I mount you.” Rock says, lifting his feet off his slave. “I’ll join you in a moment.”

Casey gets up off the table and enters the play room. Aside from some organizing and a quick go-over with the mop, he’s barely spent any time in this room until now. And the sight of that bench in the center of the room, with its padded cushion and the leather straps on the sides, feels particularly ominous to the young man.

Just a minute later, Rock joins him in the play room, fully nude, and semi erect. “Face down on the bench.” he instructs, leaning down to strap Casey’s arms and legs to the steel supports, and making sure the boy doesn’t rest on his own raging erection.

Once he’s secure in place, Rock lifts up the back end, adjusting its height, leaving Casey propped up at an angle with his ass on offer, as the tall bear takes a moment to enjoy the view.

That beautiful, perfect boy, completely at his mercy. In fact, there needn’t be any mercy if he so chooses.

He leans in, and touches Casey all over. His soft chin, his round biceps, those wide shoulders, his sculpted back, that tight, amazing ass, those runner’s thighs… It doesn’t take long to get himself to full mast.

“These are nice.” Rock smiles, rubbing the palm of his hand against Casey’s large, round, hairless balls. “You should be very proud of them, they’re perfect.”

Casey squirms. He wants to say something, but he doesn’t.

“Not having fun?”

“I liked scrubbing the bathroom tiles.” he says, unable to bring himself to say more, unwilling to finish the thought. He can’t speak out against his master just yet it seems.

“How about this?” Rock asks, as he firmly grips and pumps his twinky dog’s fat erection pointing down to the floor, straight against the backside of the padded bench. “Do you like that?”

“Not particularly, no.” Casey admits, panting and groaning as his heart starts to race. “It feels wrong…” His inner conflict grows, burning like a powerful flame.

Rock starts to pump it faster and faster. “What’s wrong about it?”

“I… I don’t…” Casey starts, but just groans out in whichever ineffable emotion he finds himself bound. “I can’t… please… I don’t want to like it.”

Rock lets go, but only to pick up a bottle of lube and rub up his massive erection, and then rub his wet hand between Casey’s tight buttocks. “I know you’re scared. But I need you to trust me, okay? You’re gonna enjoy this… sooner or later.”

Casey groans out, struggling weakly at the restraints, making the bench rattle a bit.

Suddenly, Rock’s large, powerful hands slide up Casey’s bare sides, feeling those hard muscles tighten at the touch. He leans in to kiss a path from the slave’s lower back to his shoulder, and then onto his neck.

Casey shakes in fright as he feels that massive throbbing rod radiate heat between his buttocks, the tip spreading his cheeks and pressing against his tightly clenching hole.

He groans, squirming sharply, pulling at the leather straps.

“I know.” Rock shushes his toy. “I’m nervous too. But I promise, pup, this is gonna bring us closer together. Just relax and let daddy in.”

Casey isn’t just nervous, or scared; he’s plain terrified! He feels the hulking bear’s massive body rub against his bare back, their warm cores sharing heat, their skin pressing together.

That huge cock ready to invade…

Teeth clenched, limbs pulling, he’s shoving himself into that bench… but then he starts to slowly let go, in tiny little steps. More and more at ease.

His body understands that Rock isn’t going to hurt him.

“Good dog.” he praises in a soft voice, kissing Casey gently on the cheek.

Casey’s heart is racing. Even in his current state, he’s aware of what’s about to happen.

Like sitting at the wheel of a car and realizing he’s too drunk to drive, that strange in-between of yes and no challenges him.

He takes a deep breath, and lets out a long sigh. Then, very quietly, he agrees “Okay.”

Gently, Rock eases his massive dick forward, pressing against his trapped slave’s terrified ring, and with enough time and lube, the tip manages its way inside.

Fuck!” Casey groans out. “You’re way too big!”

“Just relax, pup.” Rock shushes softly. “You’re doing so well.”

“Be gentle.” Casey pants, the room spinning from excitement. He still can’t decide if he’s into it or not. All he knows is he’s willing to be open to the experience, both literally and figuratively.

Rock lifts himself up off Casey’s perfect body and grips the boy by the hips, and eases his large, throbbing boy breaker deeper into that tight, struggling hole.

Casey’s body isn’t resisting, merely reacting to new stimuli - and every part of it feels amazing to Rock. Not as perfectly welcoming as he had hoped, but certainly a case of reality being so much better than fantasy.

“I’ve been aching to mount you since the first time I saw you in the gym back in the middle of August…” he admits. “I’ve thought about chatting you up all week until I finally gathered up the courage to approach you…”

More of the large man slides into the tight boy, slowly but surely. Thrusting back and forth. Two steps forward, one step back.

Casey doesn’t reply, he merely holds on tight and tries not to tense up as he drools onto the bench. His groaning is almost like a singing, directed by Rock’s pulsating conductor’s baton.

“And with our nightly talks, and you revealing every last bit of yourself, I knew I needed to own you.” he goes on, half of his massive dick now snug inside Casey’s tight, warm guts. “And I swear, pup, I’m gonna make you happy! I’m gonna make you the kind of happy you never could have been in your old life.”

His large hands move to Casey’s broad shoulders, gripping firmly and pulling gently, as he thrusts his hips forward, tunneling into the lad.

Suddenly he starts to pull away, and for a moment Casey thinks it’s all over, until Rock plunges deep inside again, making the twink groan out loud as all the air is pressed out of his lungs.

And again, and again, and again, he plunges deep into the boy, his hefty sack slapping against the twink’s plums with every forward lunge.

He shushes Casey gently, caressing his head. “Don’t worry, pup, daddy will teach you to enjoy this. No matter how long it takes… I won’t let up until you’re desperately begging for more!”

Tears stream down Casey’s fiery red cheeks. He can’t speak up, not a single word, until finally that entire cock has made its way deep inside him. Then, with the last bit of might he has left, he lets out “Rock…”

His toes curl, his eyes cross, and he lets out an absolutely profane groan while his entire body trembles around that huge dick stuck inside him.

Rock lies down onto Casey, pinning him to the bench as he furiously pumps deep into the tight boy’s soft guts. The bench rattles in place as the sound of both of them groaning because almost a melody of raw lust. Rock leans in to press his lips to those of the boy, kissing and lunging and thrusting, balls slapping together, until finally he can fill him with hot, thick seed, draining those hefty, hairy nuts deep inside the needy pup.

And at that moment, as his guts fill with his owner’s hot, wet love, Casey’s body can’t hold it anymore, and his aching erection blasts downward, splashing audibly against the thick plastic mat on the floor, as Casey’s large, swollen balls drain in an instant and his mind is ravaged by an orgasm so intense he blacks out.

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