The Roommate

By The Boy On The Moon
published May 6, 2020
2346 words

Travis meets his new roommate at Astor Academy.

The Roommate

When the boys had stopped moaning from Doctor Baker’s Glory attack, they had all looked confused at each other, but no one said a thing. Apparently, they were all too embarrassed, probably because all of them were rock hard and had clearly visible bulges.

Without saying anything to each other, they left the classroom. Because the teacher had let them go early, Travis and the other boys had to wait for quite a while until it was time for dinner, so Travis decided to go check on his room in the academy’s dormitory. On the back of his schedule his room number was printed: “069” and underneath it read:

The door to your room is unlocked and the keys are inside on the coffee table. You will share your room with one roommate. You can decide on rules for your room together, but the following academy rules have to be followed:

  1. No parties or large gatherings after midnight.

  2. No smoking in your room.

  3. No pets

  4. Visitors from outside the academy are not allowed to stay for longer than 3 days.

  5. It is expected of you that you keep your room tidy. Once a month, a staff member will come to inspect your room.

Travis made his way back through the confusing hallways and walked down the grand staircase, before going through the large front door of the academy building. For a few minutes, he just admired the beautiful garden. There were lots of big trees, hedges in all shapes and sizes, colorful flowers that were in full bloom, and small lakes with big fish swimming in them. It was all so beautiful that the large strong gate around the academy grounds was barely noticeable.

Next to the Greek Temple like structure that was the academy building was a smaller, simpler looking one. The dorm building matched the academy in its hue because it was also made out of white marble, but it was a lot less decorated, except for some blue accents around the windows and front door. Travis had entered the dormitory and, because this building wasn’t a maze like the academy, quickly found his room.

The room was empty, so Travis guessed his roommate wasn’t finished with his class yet. He was quite nervous to meet his roommate because his dad said: “Everyone at Astor will become your family, and your roommate will be your brother.”

His dorm room looked really nice though. It had a dark wooden floor and clean white walls. There was a large leather couch with a wooden coffee table in front of it. Travis grabbed one of the two keys that lay on that small table and went into one of the two bedrooms.

He had made a lucky guess because his own suitcase was standing in this bedroom. The room was small but fine. It had a desk, a bed and a shelve for books. There was storing space underneath the bed, and Travis started taking his clothes out of his trunk and store them. He was almost halfway when he heard the front door open and close.

Travis went back into the living room part of his apartment and saw his new roommate. The guy was tall. Roughly six foot five if Travis had to guess. However, his height wasn’t the first thing Travis noticed. No, that was the boy’s hair. The roommate had dyed his hair bright blue. His hair on top was longer and blue, his hair on the sides was very short and showed that his real hair color was a dirty blond. He was wearing a white button up, black dress pants and a dark blue tie. His eyes were a blueish gray, though they looked a bit off. It looked like he was looking straight through Travis.

“Hey there,” Travis said with a friendly smile. He wanted to make a good first impression.

The boy didn’t respond. He just had an empty look in his eyes and stood completely still.

“Are you okay?” Travis asked nervously.

The boy grabbed something from his pocket, his phone, and Travis noticed he was whispering something.

“Go to your room, wait until your roommate arrives, go to your roommate, grab your phone and play the video. Go to your room, wait until your roommate arrives, go to your…” The boy repeated over and over again.

Travis was now really freaked out and wanted to walk away from the creep. However, the boy pressed play and a clear low voice came from his phone.

Omega, if you listen to this, you’re an Omega.” The voice said and Travis froze. The roommate was holding up his phone, so Travis could look at the screen. He saw a big muscular man in a suit.

“I am Professor McAllen,” the voice continued, “and I teach Leaders and Workers. The person showing you this video has just had his first class and his been assigned to be a leader, that means you will have to be his worker for now.”

Travis his mind was blank. The muscular man’s voice echoed in his brain. “I have to be his worker; I have to be his worker; I have to be his worker.” Travis couldn’t think for himself. That was so difficult. He needed other people to think for him. He needed teachers to think for him. “I have to be his worker; I have to be his worker.”

“You will be his worker until you have your own class from me. You’re an Omega worker and you will be a good worker. ‘But what does it mean to be a worker?’ You might want to ask if you could think and actually ask questions. It means that you will obey all orders your leader gives you. Anything your roommate will say becomes the law for you. You won’t be able to disobey. You are a worker, and your job is to serve your leader. I will count back from five and when I reach zero, both of you will both wake up from your trance. When you wake up, you will forget about being shown this video. Good. 5…4…3…2…1…0.”

Travis shook his head and rubbed his eyes. He must have spaced out for a minute there because he felt really weird. He didn’t remember what he had been doing until he saw his roommate. “Hi” said the blue-haired guy and he smiled happily.

“Hey! Sorry I don’t know what happened to me. I was just gone for a few seconds haha.” Travis replied as he shook his roommate’s hand. “Hi, I’m Travis.” He said kindly.

“Nice to meet you Travis! I’m Anthony,” The boy said as he looked Travis up and down while he shook his hand. “Though you should call me Master Anthony.” He added with a mischievous grin.

“Okay Master Anthony” Travis said cheerfully without any complaints. He didn’t even realize that it was weird to call this guy he just met his master.

Anthony grinned as he noticed his new powers working. Fuck he hadn’t expected it to be true what his professor had told him, but it really worked. Anthony had been chosen as a leader during his Leaders and Workers class because, according to his professor, gay guys made the best leaders.

“Now Travis… you should probably take of your suit, we walk around this apartment naked from now on, that’s okay with you right?”

Travis nodded and started taking of his jacket and unbuttoning his shirt. “Yeah of course that’s okay Master Anthony,” he said as he revealed his chest to his roommate.

Anthony grinned and reached out, slowly caressing Travis’s pecks.

Travis took a step back “Uuuhm Master Anthony… what are you doing? I’m not gay so I am sorry if I gave you the wrong vibe or whatever.” However, even though he said that, the boy still stripped down completely. He pulled his pants down and then his white briefs to reveal his five-inch soft cock.

Anthony looked a bit annoyed when his boytoy moved away from his touch. “But Travis, you like it when I touch you, right? Normally you don’t like it when guys do that because you’re straight of course… but I am special, right?” He said and he started rubbing the boy’s chest again.

This time Travis let it happen, and he even moaned a bit as Anthony’s skilled fingers rubbed his nipples. “Yeah, you’re right.” He said slowly. Anthony his hands carefully traveled down Travis’s body, and they came closer and closer towards the jock’s cock.

“You love being naked for me, don’t you? You love showing off for your gay roommate.” Anthony whispered in Travis’s ear.

Everything Anthony said immediately became the truth for Travis. Not only that, it felt like it had always been the truth. Of course, he loved showing off for people. Of course, he liked it when a special guy like Master Anthony touched him. He had always been like that. Right?

Just before Anthony reached Travis’s cock, the blue-haired hottie pulled back and started taking off his clothes. Anthony was athletic but Travis was more muscular. His best feature was definitely his firm pecks. Followed close by his wonderful cock. Anthony was already hard and excited, and that meant Travis could see his leader’s nine incher. Anthony also had rather big low hanging balls, that looked perfect with his big thick cock. “Now, I know you’re straight, but you do love to serve me, don’t you? You’re a straight boy, but you love your master’s cock. You love making me happy. You live to make me happy. You wanna do all the naughty things with my cock because I am your leader. For me and only for me, you are a little gay bitch. You’re in love with my cock”

Travis looked confused, and for a few seconds Anthony was scared the boy had snapped out of the hypnosis. However, quickly Travis started grinning and wrapped his hand around Anthony his cock. “You’re so big Master Anthony,” the boytoy said.

Travis stroked his master’s cock, and he didn’t think it was weird. He loved his master, and he especially loved his cock. That was normal, right? Every straight guy had a master whose cock they loved. It was only normal.

“Good boy! Stroke our cocks together for your master,” Anthony said. and he loved to see Travis grow hard while he worshipped his cock. Travis his lovely dick soon got to its full seven inches and Anthony loved to see that he was quite a bit bigger than the jock.

Anthony pulled away from Travis and went to the couch. He turned on the tv and started watching a show. “C’mon Travis. Be a good boy and stroke your master’s cock. I know you love it.” Travis nodded excitedly and sat down next to Anthony, taking that big cock in his warm hands again and rubbing it. He had never touched another man’s penis, but it just felt right to do this.

Anthony moaned excitedly but he wanted to see how far he could go with his toy. “Now listen up Travis, get on the ground. You’re so horny, aren’t you? Just looking at me makes you horny. You’re a horny little pup. I am sure you are so horny that you just want to hump my leg and grind against it until you cum.”

Normal Travis would have ran away screaming. Worker Travis obeyed. He immediately got on the ground and Anthony was right. He was so fucking horny. Thoughts of girls with huge tits and wet pussies went through his mind and made his cock throb. Fuck he needed to fuck something. But there wasn’t anything near him. Travis eyes fell on his master’s leg, and it suddenly looked like the best thing ever. He grabbed Anthony’s long leg and started humping against it. Rubbing his leaking cock all over it, while he moaned excitedly.

“Good boy! You’re such a horny mess,” Anthony said while he started some gay porn on the tv and stroked his cock while Travis went crazy on his leg.

This continued for quite a while. At least half an hour later, Travis was drooling and moaning, and he was clearly close. He had been leaking a lot of precum all over Anthony his leg and he was finally throbbing and ready to cum.

Anthony had already cummed all over his own chest and was now watching a tv show. He just casually enjoyed his freedom while Travis was being a naughty dirty dog. He could feel how Travis was getting very close to an orgasm by the way his cock throbbed against him. “Travis, be a good boy. You want to cum all over my face. You want to stroke your cock and give me a facial.”

The little slut didn’t need to be told twice. He got up and stroked his leaking dick quickly. He grunted and moaned and after just ten seconds he exploded. A huge orgasm was launched at Anthony his face. Strings of cum shot out of Travis’s cock and coated his Master’s nose, lips and some of his blue hair.

Anthony grinned and he licked his dirty lips. “Now I want you to take a good long shower and you will forget what we did the last hour.”

Travis turned around and completely naked he walked into the hallway of the dormitory and walked towards the showers.

Anthony grinned. “I’m gonna love this school,” He whispered to himself as he scooped up his straight boy’s cum with his fingers and then sucked it off them.

to be continued

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