Travis's First Day

By The Boy On The Moon
published May 3, 2020
1687 words

Travis goes to the academy his father went to when he was young. However, this is no ordinary school.

Chapter One: Travis’s First Day

Travis was standing next to his father in front of the large building. It was pretty clearly inspired by Greek architecture, for it had big pillars at the entrance and it was mostly made out of white marble. A sign above a large wooden door read in golden letters: “Astor Academy for Men.” Travis was obviously nervous; he had just finished high school and his father had insisted he’d go to Astor Academy. Astor was not an ordinary college or university; young men went to the academy for just a year after high school. According to Travis’s dad, universities would basically beg for you after they’d read you had gone to Astor.

“Are you ready?” Travis’s dad asked. He was a large man with a big brown mustache. He was a simple man with three passions in his life, his work as a lawyer, working out, his family. He was wearing a gray suit that was made for him, so it hugged his large muscular arms and legs perfectly. He had an arm wrapped around his son’s shoulder, and he was grinning as he looked at the academy. It had been 20 years since his time at Astor but he had still fun memories of it.

Travis nodded at his father, but when he noticed his dad was looking at the academy and not at him, he said: “Yeah, I’m ready dad.” Travis was 6 foot 1 which made him only one inch shorter than his father. He was muscular from his time on his high school’s swim team and from working out (though not as much as his father did). He wasn’t as hairy as his dad though, Travis had his mother’s blond hair and blue eyes, and he was clean-shaven. He was tan from his time on the family private island during the summer, and his freckles had come true a bit thanks to the sun. He felt a bit uncomfortable in the black suit he was wearing. His father had basically forced him to dress up, by saying he would disown him if he wore one of those stupid sleeveless things (by which he meant tank tops).

The two men entered through the large dark wooden door and Travis looked amazed at the big hall. The hall was beautiful; the wooden floors were shiny and perfectly smooth, and the white walls were decorated with paintings that depicted various stories from Greek mythology. On Travis’s left, for example, was a large painting of a huge muscular man that was completely naked except for a lion skin on his back, and on his right was a handsome boy with flowers in his hair looking at his own reflection in a lake.

A boy that looked about Travis’s age walked up to father and son. The boy was wearing a pink sweater with AAM on it in black letters. “Hi there!” He said enthusiastically “I am David, could you give me your names please?” He had a big perfect smile as he spoke.

“This is Travis Stephenson” Travis’s father replied, “and I am his father.” Mr. Stephenson looked around the big hall as memories came back to him. Meanwhile, the boy was checking a large list of names until he found the S for Stephenson.

“Ah yeah, there it is! Okay Travis, please say goodbye to your father, and then I can take you to your classroom where your introduction will start.” David explained.

Travis his father grinned and hugged his son tightly. “Your mom and I are so proud of you.” He said as he patted Travis on his back. “Don’t worry about your bags, I’ll get them from the car and make sure they end up in your room. You just have fun on your orientation, and call us this weekend okay?”

Travis nodded awkwardly. He was normally really confident because he had always been the popular jock at high school. But this was a new environment, and he didn’t know where he stood in the social order.

“Okay follow me,” David said who was still showing off his perfect white teeth when he smiled, and he started walking up the grand staircase. David was about as muscular as Travis was and had dark black hair with gray eyes. Travis followed him, sometimes looking back at his dad who was grinning happily.

David guided Travis through the halls and the massive academy until they reached room 101. “Okay, you’re actually the last one for this group, so now we can get started” David explained cheerfully as he opened the door and the two of them entered the classroom where 9 other boys were sitting.

An older man was also sitting in the room behind a large desk. “Ah David, glad to see you’ve brought…” he checked a list of names in front of him “Travis”

“No problem Professor Smith” David answered. He smiled at Travis and whispered “enjoy” before leaving the room.

Travis looked awkwardly around the room and everyone was staring at him. “Please sit Travis,” said the professor and pointed at an empty chair. There were ten chairs in two rows of five, nine of which were taken. They were all facing the teacher’s desk behind which Professor Smith was sitting.

Travis sat down, and Professor Smith grinned and stood up in front of the class. “Now that we are complete, I will start by showing you all a little movie that will explain how life works here at Astor. He turned on the projector and a large pink spiral on a neon green background appeared. The spiral started moving and when the professor turned on the speakers a weird low humming filled the room.

Travis was confused, what was he looking at? But even though he was questioning what was happening, he couldn’t look away from the spiral. It had caught his eye and it was slowly moving further and further down.

All the boys were completely entranced by the spiral. Some started drooling all over themselves because their mouths were hanging open. The professor was grinning as he looked at the young men in his classroom. “Good morning boys,” he said slowly “welcome to Astor Academy for Men, here we will learn you all to become proper real men.” He explained carefully to the group of drooling nineteen-year-olds.

Travis was falling, or no he was floating. Floating in nothingness. The voice of the professor was echoing inside his brain. Travis couldn’t think, he needed to focus on the spiral and that meant he couldn’t think for himself. The professor would think for him, yes, the professor would take care of the thinking while he focused on that beautiful spiral.

“Now I have to tell you that Astor is rather different from other schools.” Professor Smith continued. “Here we know that real men need to be able to work together with other men. Relationships between powerful men are the most important thing. Which is why we all train you here in those relationships. To do this properly, some… things will happen that you might think are weird, but we promise that you’ll leave this academy an improved person.”

The professor stopped talking for a bit and checked out the ten boys, they were all really handsome. Well, that was no surprise because the academy only allowed attractive men. Most students were big muscular jocks, and some were cute twinks, but everyone was hot.

“Now to ensure the best education, we use some hypnosis to make sure you all really work to the best of your ability. I will now install some triggers so the teachers will be able to do their work as effectively as possible.

Homework. When a teacher tells you an assignment is homework, you won’t be able to sleep until you’ve completed that assignment. No matter how hard you try, toss and turn, count thousands of sheep, you won’t fall asleep until you’ve completed your homework.

"Penalty. When a teacher says Penalty, you will feel like you’ve been kicked in the balls. It will be painful even though physically nothing changes. Teachers will be allowed to use this as a punishment.

Glory. When a teacher says Glory, you will feel an incredibly arousing pleasure. It will feels as if you cum without actually having an orgasm. You will love this, and it will eventually become addicting. Teachers will be allowed to use this as a reward.

Omega. When a teacher calls you an Omega, you will immediately obey the order he gives you. You don’t have a choice; your body will move, and you will do whatever he asked you to do.

“And finally, Alpha. When a teacher calls you an Alpha, you will become incredibly horny. It’s like you’re in heat. You want to be fucked or fuck something, you will become rock hard and unable to think about anything but sex.”

The professor had read the triggers from a small piece of paper, so he was sure everything went exactly according to plan.

“Now when I stop the video of the spiral, you will all wake up. Though the triggers will still work, you will forget you know them. You will all think you just watched an introduction video, but it was very boring, so you don’t remember anything.”

Professor Smith turned off the speakers and then shut down the projector. All boys woke up from the trance. The once that had been drooling quickly wiped at their lips and shirts.

Travis was a bit annoyed the intro movie had been so boring, he had probably even fallen asleep, he thought because he had been drooling quite a bit over his suit.

“Now boys,” Professor Smith said, “I have printed your schedules, grab one and then go to the correct classroom, your new life… I mean class… will begin in a few minutes.”

To be continued…

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